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第十六讲 倒装语序




一、全部倒装 全部倒装一般是存在于下列副词开头的句子中。 1)出于修辞需要,表示方向的副词:out,down,in,up,away, on。如: Down jumped the burglar from the tenth floor when he heard someone shouted at him. Up went the plane.

Down goes the government! 2)出于习惯用法:here,there,now, thus,hence,then.如: Here you go. There goes the bell. Here is a ticket for you. There existed a certain doubt among the students as to the necessity of work Here you are. There he comes.

Here comes the bear! 3)有时主语较长,为了使句子平衡,避免头重脚轻,要使用全部倒装。这种情况多出现在主系 表结构中。如: Less important than ever is developing a meaningful philosophy of life.


In between these two extremes are those people who agree with the jury system as a whole,but feel that some changes need to be implemented to improve its effectiveness. 二、部分倒装 部分倒装一般是把句子谓语的一部分(主要是助动词或系动词)放到句子主语前,构成部分倒 装,而全部倒装则把句子的谓语(包括实义动词)都放在主语前。 1.下列否定词及含有否定意义的词组修饰状语时,若置于句首,句子的主谓要部分倒装: Never, no,neither, not only, hardly, scarcely, little,seldom,rarely, not until,nowhere,at no time, on no account,in no respect,in no sense,by no means,in vain,still less。如: Not only is its direct attack on their discipline,it bypasses the essence of what sociologists focus on. Under no circumstances should we do anything that will benefit ourselves but harm the interests of the state. 注:l)如果谓语动词是单个实义动词,倒装时需根据人称和时态加助动词 do。如: Little did we expect that he would fulfill his task so rapidly.


2)要广义理解“句首”的概念,注意从句的句首和并列分句的句首均为句首。如: Suddenly, Gallup’s name was on everyone’s lips;not only was he the prophet of the moment,but it was generally believed that he had founded a new and most important method of prediction.

Not until people can completely trust you will you be able to influence them. 2.以 0nly 修饰状语(副词,介词短语,状语从句)开头的句子,句子的主谓要部分倒装:


Only when I grow up can I understand you. Only in here can you see me. We can only rest on weekends. Only on weekends can we rest. Only then, only at that time, only once, only in this way, only with, only through, only by, only when, only after, only because。如: Only when you have obtained sufficient data _______ come to a sound conclusion. 【A】can you 【B】would you 【C】you will 【D】you can [答疑编号 811160101] 答案:A 3.以下列副词或短语开头的句子,句子的主谓部分倒装: often, well, such a degree, such an extent, such extremes, such a point, so, to to to to many a time。 如: So involved with their computers ________ that leaders at summer computer camps often have to force them to break for sports and games. 【A】became the children 【B】become the children 【C】had the children become 【D】do the children become [答疑编号 811160102] 答案:D


To such a point can we understand it. 4.比较从句的倒装: as,than 引导的比较从句中,如果主语是名词且较长,经常采用倒装结构(不倒装也可以)。 注意:这种结构主语一般为名词,如果是代词则不倒装。如: Hydrogen bums much more cleanly than do other fuels and is easy to produce. Today’s electric cars cannot go as fast as gasoline-driven vehicles because the battery does not offer the same amount of energy as does gasoline combustion. Reading is to the mind as is exercise to the body. 5.用于前面所说的情况也适用于另一人(物)的肯定句或否定句中的倒装 1)肯定重复倒装用 so They have got up,and so has Jack. 2)否定重复倒装用:Nor, neither, no more If you don’t agree to our plan,neither will they. 6.“not only…but also”结构中,如果 not only 放在句首,则后半句不倒装 Not only did we lose all our money, but we also came close to being broke. 三、特殊的倒装结构 特殊形式的倒装结构是指句子虽然是倒装结构,但不是主谓倒装,而往往是出于强调的需要, 把强调部分移到句首,而其它部分顺序不需要改变,句子主谓不需要倒装。出现这样的情况有以下 几种可能: 1) 引导让步状语从句, as 必须采用倒装结构, 但不是主谓倒装, 而是将被强调的内容置于句首, 如: Much as I have traveled, ….


Long as I lived, I still can’t understand. Brave as they are, they are afraid of fight. 2)出现在句型 be+主语+其他,come what may 中,如: While it’s true that we all need a career, preferably a profitable one, it is equally true that our civilization has accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge--be it scientific or artistic.

be+陈述+or 不论…(=whether or not) The business of each day, ________ selling goods or shipping them, went quite smoothly. [A]it being [B]be it [C]was it [D]it was [答疑编号 811160103] 答案:B 3)no matter how (who…), however 引导的让步状语从句必须采用倒装结构,但不是主谓倒 装,而是将被强调的内容置于句首。如: No matter how busy he is, he has to attend the meeting. However cold it is, he always goes swimming. 附:倒装结构错误主要表现为:


1)表示否定意义的词或词组位于句首时,句子未用倒装结构,如: Under no circumstances we should do anything that will benefit ourselves but harm the others. 2)Only 引导状语位于句首时,句子未用倒装结构,如: Only when David did it a second time he realized his mistakes. 3)以 so, such 等开头,句子未用倒装结构。如: So badly the boy was injured that he was detained in the hospital for months.




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