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1. —Excuse me. Can you spare me a few minutes? — . B. What’s up? D. What is it?

A. What’s on? C. What’s more?

2. Not that John doesn’t want to help you, _____it’s beyond his power. A. but that B. for that C. and that D. in that

3. —How could I thank you enough? —Don’t mention it. Any other man _____ that. A. would do C. would have done B. will do D. had done

4. When Mr. Jones gets old, he will _____ over his business to his son. A. take B. hand C. think D. get

5. You ____ pay too much attention to your English learning, as it is so important. A. should B. must C. cannot D. needn’t

6. John told you that there wasn’t anyone in the room at that time, _____? A. was there B. wasn’t there C. didn’t he D. did he

7. It matters little _____ a man dies, but ____ matters much is _____ he lives. A. how; what; how C. why; it; why B. how; it; how D. that; what; that

8. —So you have to leave now. —Yes, I ______. —How nice it would be if you could stay a bit longer! A. have to B. ought to C. do D. have

9. —Sorry to have hurt you. —_______. You didn’t mean to, did you? A. Forget it C. All right B. No problem D. Don’t say so

10. You must _____ carefully _____ these instructions. A. attend; in C. attend; on B. attend; for D. attend; to

11. The village seemed deserted, the only sign of life ____ an ugly-looking goat tied to a tree in a field nearby. A. is B. being C. was D. be

12. She is _____ success, _____ woman as she is. A. a; a B. /; a C. a; / D. the; the

13. —Do you like a house with no garden? —_____. But anyhow, it’s better to have one than none. A. Not a bit C. Not really B. Not a little D. Not especially

14. He reached London in 1996, ______, some time later, he became a famous actor.

A. where

B. when

C. which

D. that

15. In a time of social reform(改革), people’s state of mind tends to keep _____ with the rapid changes of society. A. step B. pace C. progress D. touch

16. —The thread of my kite broke and it flew away. —I told you it would easily break ______it was the weakest. A. when B. for C. since D. where

17. John seems a nice person. _____, I don’t trust him. A. Even so C. Therefore B. Even though D. Though

18. Do you know _____ art in the 18th century played ____ more important part in people’s lives than it does today? A. an; the C. the; a B. 不填; a D. the; the

19. I don’t think he could have done such a stupid thing last night, _____? A. do I B. could he C. did he D. has he

20. I really don’t know _____ I had my money stolen. A. when was it that B. that it was when

C. where it was that D. it was where that 21. The train was ten minutes late, so I _____ have run all the way from my house to the station. A. couldn’t B. shouldn’t

C. needn’t

D. mustn’t

22. “Bill, keep the things _____ here secret, will you?” said the manager after the meeting. A. discussed B. being discussed

C. to be discussed D. having been discussed 23. —Did you blame the accident on him? —Yes, but I’d _____it. A. better not do B. rather not do D. rather not have done

C. better not have done

24. Tom is coming. With him _____me, I’m sure I will finish the work on time. A. helping B. to help C. helps D. help 25. —Watch out! A car is coming down the bridge. —_______. A. No, you needn’t remind me of that B. Thank you. I’ve already noticed that C. Oh, it doesn’t matter D. Thank goodness you mentioned that 26. —How do Americans like to be called? —Most of them don’t object _____ them by their first names. A. that I call C. to my calling B. for calling D. to call


27. Human beings are different from animals ____ they can use language as a tool to communicate. A. in that C. in which B. for that D. for which

28. We happen to be of _____ age, and we all go in for _____ American football. A. the same; the C. an; / B. /; / D. an; the

29. We _____ trying to get all the information we need before the end of the week. A. rushed around C. hurried out B. looked out D. came away

30. —I thought you were all proud of the work I _____. —I’m afraid not. You’d better change it for another. A. do C. did B. had done D. would do

31. —It was fine yesterday. —_______. And a very day for fishing, isn’t it? A. So it was C. So it is B. It is so D. So is it

32. As is known to all, _____ tiger is in _____ danger of dying out. A. a; a C. a; / B. the; / D. the; the

33. We hadn’t been out for long, _____ she felt sick.

A. as

B. when

C. while

D. after

34. —Have you finished all of the exercises? —Yes, completely. _____ is left. A. None C. No one B. Nothing D. Neither

35. It is the very place _____ the anti-Japanese soldiers fought over sixty years ago. A. that B. which C. where D. there

36. Telling Bob he no longer had a position in the company was an unpleasant _____ for anyone. A. work B. duty C. task D. means

37. It was _____ computer games that took the boy a lot of time that he ought to have spent on his lessons. A. to have played C. played B. playing D. having played

38. It made many countries angry ____ the US, without the permission from the UN, started a war on Iraq. A. when B. because C. that D. if

39. If a student can make what has been learned _____, whether in class or from social practice, he will make steady progress. A. his own B. him C. himself D. his

40. Seeing the happy _____ of children playing in the park, I’m full of joy and confidence in the future of our country. A. sight B. scene C. view D. sign


41. We stood at the top of the mountain _____ east of the city, watching _____ burning sun rising. A. /; a C. the; the B. the; a D. /; the

42. In that supermarket on sale is a new type of computer, _____ makes it attractive to the students from poor family. A. which C. what B. whose cheap price D. the low price of which

43. —I’ve been told that John _____ from his journey to America. What about visiting him tonight? —All right. I’ll call for you at 6:00 pm. A. had come back C. came back B. is back D. coming back

44. A sheep _____ on this kind of special grass usually grows much faster than _____on ordinary. A. fed; one C fed; that. B. feeds; the one D. feeding; it

45. When it comes to bringing up children, some people say ___ discipline produces ____ happy, well- behaved child. a, the B. / , a C. a , a D. /, the

46. The club has ____ meeting, held every other Wednesday. A.a weekly C. a monthly B. an annual D. a fortnightly

47.____ reading the news, I immediately rang to see if I could help. A.When B. While

C. On

D. The moment

48.To pay to see that movie will be foolish when you can see it on television for _____. A. every thing C. something B. anything D. nothing

49.---- What would you say to a glass of wine? ---- ________________. A. Delicious C. Good idea B. Cheers D. Never mind

50. --- So, how is your new roommate? --- She really _______. She is always making loud noises at midnight and when I remind her, she always makes rude marks. A.turns me over B. turns me off

C.turns me down D. turns me out 51. ---Mary’ s got mad and has been sent to the mental hospital. Did you tell her boss about that? ---- Yes, but I ____ her husband first. A. should have told B. shouldn’t have told C. must have told D. needn’t have told 52. The proposal had been put forward, and then arose the question___ we were to get the proofs ______.


A. what, needed C. what, to need

B. where, to need D. where, needed

53. All the leading newspapers ___ the news that China planned to build a permanent space station. A. printed C. broadcast B. reported D. published

54. ---- How does Helen work? ---- She works ____ best ___ A. so, as she can.

B. as, / C. so, / D. as, as

55. Which do you enjoy ____ your spare time, playing cards at home or taking a walk in the park? A. spending C. having spent B. to spend D. to have spent

56. He’ s brought a cottage in the country for ____ he retires , with the money he’s saved over half of his life. A. when C. what B. where D. which

57. ___ and tell us. We are all anxious to know how the story ends up. A. Hold on C. Speed up B. Carry out D. Go ahead

58. --- Is there anyone who is going to the Great Wall? ---____________. A. None B. No one C. No D. Not any


59. I shall never forget those days ___ I lived in the army with the soldiers, ____ has a great effort on my life. A. that, which C. when, that B. when, which D. which, that

60. ---- Li Ming is said ___ abroad. Do you know what country he studied in? ---- Yes, in Britain. A. to have studied C. to be studying B. to study D. to have been studying

61. --- I want to ask you a question, sir? --- _________? What B. What for D. How about

C. What about

62. ---- What is the matter with you? ---- After the long walk, my legs _____ and I couldn’t go any further. A. gave out C. gave in B. gave off D. gave up

63. ---- Don’t forget to take the message to my teacher. ---- ________. A. Yes, I will C. I don’t think so B. No, I won’t

D. Sorry, I don’t

64. I haven’t seen you for ages. What have you been up ___?


A. in

B. to

C. with

D. for

65. ----- Mum, it is nice weather. I want to skate this afternoon. ----- Don’t you think the ice on the lake is too thin to ____ your weight? A. stand B. bear C. catch D. take

66. ---- Look! Someone has spilt coffee on the carpet. ---- Well, it _____ me. A. isn’t C. hasn’t been B. wasn’t D. hadn’t been

67. The party was successful, but we thought it a pity not __ you. A. invite C. inviting B. to invite D. to have invited

68. ---- How would you like your coffee? --- __________________. A. It’s well done

B. Very nice. Thank you. C. One cup. That is enough D. The stronger, the better 69. ——I believe whoever gets the job will be well paid. ——Then why don’t you take it ? ——Well, I A. just think about it . B. am just thinking

C. just thought 70. Do you expect that we need? A. there 371 I think A. it B. that

D. was just thinking to be a possibility that we shall be able to afford the particular furniture

C. one

D. it

to finish the work in such a short time is quite impossible. B. that C. this D. which

72. ——Do you think him naughty enough? ——I’m afraid he’s A. more clever B. cleverer than naughty. C. much clever D. much more cleverer ? D. if many we looked at it. C. as D. while the shore in peace. D. knocking .

73. Will you please correct my mistakes in my design, A. will you B. if any C. can you

74. We liked the oil painting better A. the moment B. the more

75. The storm died away at last with the golden waves A. striking B. hitting C. beating

76. A teacher must see to it that every one of his students develops A. fairly B. hurriedly C. properly D. extremely

77. ——What do you think of finding a part-time job at college? ——Good idea, in my opinion, A. now that B. in case it doesn't affect your studies. C. providing that D. unless

78. In no country ______Britain, as has been mentioned, _________ experience four seasons during the

course of single day. A. other than; one can C. other than; can one B. apart from; one can D. rather than; can one

79. When you go outing with your sisters, you must see to _____ that they are safe. A. everything B. it C. them D. yourself

80. ______ is human nature that many people do not value the things they possess until they have lost them. A. Such B. So C. As D. How

81. All Zhou Lan wanted to do when she first got her gold medal was _____thanks to her coach and teammates. A. say B. said C. saying D. about to say

82. ______ of you comes across trouble, I’ll do what I can to help him. A. Who B. Whomever C. Whichever D. Whom

83. —Did you reach the top of the mountain? —Yes. Even I myself didn’t believe I could _______it. A. work B. climb C. make D. get

84. The words of my old teacher left a _______impression on my mind and I am still influenced on my mind and I am still influenced by them. A. long B. lively C. lasting D. forever

85. Fred didn’t marry again. He never _________the shock of losing Jane. A. smoothed away C. got rid of B. made out of D. got over


86. So little did I know about physics that the lecture was completely ______me. A. on B. above C. over D. to

87. ____out after a long walk, Henry called and said he couldn’t come to our meeting. A. Having worn B. Being worn C. To wear D. Worn

88. — I’m afraid I can’t finish the book within this week. — ________. A. Pleased go ahead C. Not at all B. Hurry up D. Take your time

89. — Why! Where is my passport? Maybe I left it on the plane. — My Goodness! You _______ things behind. A. had never left B. didn’t leave C. never left D. haven’t left

90. Clean water is _____ necessary than fresh air to the people living in the big city. A. not more B. no more C. not less D. no less

91. If only he ____ quietly as the doctor instructed, we would not suffer so much now. A. lies B. lay C. had lain D. should lie

92. The lion is considered the king of the forest as it is (a) n ____ of courage and power. A. example B. sign C. mark D. symbol

93. — I didn’t see her yesterday. —Of course, you ______, because she had gone on a trip. A. can’t B. may not have C. couldn’t have D. mustn’t have

94. Fred is second to none in maths in our class, but believe it or not, he ______ passed the last exam.

A. easily

B. hardly

C. can’t have

D. mustn’t have

95. ______ mistakes Mike had made in the exam were corrected very carefully. A. Few of B. Few C. The few D. A few

96. I didn’t like Aunt Lucy, who _____ up without warning. A. always turned C. had always turned B. has always turned D. was always turning

97. The reasons for our decision are set _________in my report. A. off B. in C. out D. about

98. — They are having a meeting. —Maybe they will be through ______. A. at present B. presently C. later D. for the present

99. — _______it rains? —We can go on working with our raincoats_______. A. Though; on B. What; in C. What if; on D. How; in

100. — That’s great dinner. _________ —Thanks. But it really only took an hour. A. I had never had it before! C. You must have spent all day cooking. B. I enjoyed it very much. D. Who cooked it?

101. — The education system rather than the teachers _____ to answer for the heavy burden on the students. —I agree. I hope the reform being carried out in our country at present will bring about the ______

results. A. are; desired B. is; desired C. are; desiring D. is; desiring

102. Tom was a black slave and he at last _____ the cotton farm to join the North Army. A. left B. escaped C. ran away D. fled

103. —Have you received any letters recently? —Yes. I _______ letters and cards many times while I was in Italy. A. have received B. had received C. received D. would receive

答案:1-5BACBC 6-10CAAAD 11-15BCCAB 16-20DABCC 21-25CADBD26-30 CACAA 31-35 DCBAC 36-40 CBCDB 41-45 ADBAB 46-50DCDCB51-55 ADBBB 56-60 ADBBA 61-65CABBB 66-68BDD 69-73 BABAB 74-78 BCCCC 79-83 BAACC 84-88CDBDD 89-93 CDCDC 94-98 BCDCB 99-103 CCBDC



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