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河北省保定市高阳中学2014-2015学年高一下学期第九次周练英语试题 Word版含答案

第二部分 词汇知识运用(共两节, 满分 30 分) 第一节 多项选择(共 10 小题; 每小题 1 分, 满分 10 分) 21. As work in the nuclear power station is dangerous, the company is prepared to some of its workers with robots. A. represent B. replace C. exchange . D. business D. reduce

22.I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale; it was a real A. exchange B. bargain C. trade

23.We’re expecting Jerry because he’s our summer. A. familiar B. regular

visitor who comes here for holiday every

C. similar

D. popular trouble.

24. Mrs. Brown always told her children to be good, warning them to A. live up to C. put up with 25. Living in a highly possible. A. tolerant C. favorable B. permanent D. competitive B. keep out of D. take part in

society, you have to arm yourself with as much knowledge as

26. She will wed(结婚)in November, when many celebrities will A. take part in C. take place of B. join D. attend

her wedding ceremony.

27. —Next week I will go to a job interview. Will you give me some suggestions? —Smiling is a great way to make yourself A. stand out B. turn out . C. work out D. pick out

28.Her good health is chiefly due to proper diet and exercise. A. normal B. usual C. regular D. common

29.—It’s better for you to lose weight by taking exercise every morning. —I think your suggestion to be tried.

A. drives 30. The girls work. A. accepted

B. holds

C. deserves

D. shows

into the company recently have to receive strict training before they start to

B. accepting

C. admitted

D. admitting

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题; 每小题 1 分, 满分 20 分) I lived in America with my teenage son Karl. After his father died, Karl became very shy, quiet and only concerned about his own thoughts. As a him. But the more I tried, the more he 31 parent, I tried to do my best to talk to

32 . When his report card arrived during his third year,

it said that he had been 33 95 times from classes and had six 34 grades for the year. At this rate he would never 35 Nothing worked. One night I felt so powerless that I got down 37 my knees and pleaded for help. “Please . I sent him to the school adviser, and I 36 begged him.

God, I can’t do anything more for my son. I’m at the end of my rope. I’m giving the whole thing up to 38 . ” One day, I was at work when I got a(n) “I want to talk to you about Karl’s absences. ” 39 . A man introduced himself as the headmaster. 40 he could say another word, I was very upset

and all my 41 and sadness over Karl came 42 into the ears of this stranger. “I do 43 my son but I just don’t know what to do. I’ve tried 44 . ”For a

everything to get Karl to go back to school and nothing has worked. It’s beyond my

moment there was a 45 on the other end of the line. The headmaster seriously said, “Thank you for your time, ”and hung up. Karl’s next report card showed an obvious 46 in his grades. Finally, he even made the

honor roll. In his 47 year, I attended a parent-teacher meeting with Karl. I noticed that his teachers were astonished at the “Mum, 49 48 he had turned himself around. On our way home, he said,

that call from the headmaster last year? ”I nodded. “That was me. I thought I’d

play a joke but when I heard what you said, it really hit me how much I was hurting you. That’s 50 I knew I had to make you proud. ” 31. A. happy 32. A. carried away 33. A. empty B. single B. took away B. lost C. working C. pulled away C. late D. young D. died away D. absent

34. A. failing 35. A. succeed 36. A. never 37. A. to 38. A. him 39. A. message 40. A. Before 41. A. joy 42. A. pouring out 43. A. hate 44. A. reach 45. A. silence 46. A. improvement 47. A. third 48. A. grade 49. A. recognize 50. A. how

B. passed B. graduate B. even B. with B. me B. call B. When B. disappointment B. flooding back B. enjoy B. limit B. voice B. progress B. second B. way B. memorize B. what

C. top C. grow C. ever C. on C. you C. email C. After C. sorrow C. crowding out C. love C. control C. cry C. preference C. fourth C. style C. know C. why D. first

D. average D. gain D. forever D. below D. them D. letter D. As D. pride D. squeezing out D. value D. strength D. sigh D. power

D. show D. remember D. when

第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题; 每小题 2 分, 满分 40 分) A Celebrities(名人)have become a powerful influence on some people because of their social position and their economic situation. First, some people admire and imitate stars because they allow themselves to be influenced by the media. Television, radio, and magazines invade(侵扰)the lives of audience with a variety of shows, information, and publications about stars and their lives. For instance, Britney Spears has become the target of paparazzi(狗仔队). In May, Britney appeared at the front page of the most popular magazines revealing that she married her best friend in Vegas, Nevada. Media also invade stars’ lives because reporters know they get high profits from readers who buy and follow their favorite artists’ news. Second, some mad audience imitate their celebrities for their lack of confidence. Some people who are shy and lack personalities may find that imitating others will cause a good

impression. For instance, my cousin Jenny, who lacks a social life because of her introverted(内向 的)personality, believes that acting and dressing like Jennifer Lopez will make her popular in high school. Finally, several fans of stars imitate them because of peer(同龄人)pressure. Since my niece’s girl friends formed an Antonio Banderas’ fan club, she had also joined the group. Although she wasn’t a huge fan of his, now she collects most of Banderas’ possessions. In fact, when I asked Arianna, my niece, why she was part of Banderas’ fan club, she replied with a doubtful tone that she did not wish to be rejected by the other teens. In conclusion, it is true that celebrities play spectacular roles in their performances in Hollywood, which entertains many people all over the world; however, modern celebrities influence the audience to the point where their fans admire and try to imitate their lives. 51. What does the passage mainly tell us? A. Why people are influenced by celebrities. B. The harmful influence of celebrities. C. What kind of people are influenced by celebrities. D. How to avoid the influence of celebrities. 52. We can infer from Paragraph 2 that A. media are on the side of stars B. stars know how to take advantage of media C. media can give wrong information about stars D. media invade stars’ lives for their own profits 53. Jenny acts and dresses like Jennifer Lopez because A. she admires Jennifer Lopez’s personality B. she wants to become famous C. she wants to change her own personality D. she lacks self-confidence 54. Arianna joined the Antonio Banderas’ fan club to A. seek encouragement from the star B. be accepted by other teens C. become a real fan of the star . . .

D. learn more about the star B The National Trust has many campsites(野营地)in scenic locations all over the UK. Make the most of the last days of summer by living outdoors and taking in these beautiful landscapes. Here are some of the most popular places to go. Low Wray, Cumbria Low Wray is a lovely campsite situated on the western shore of Windermere in the Lake District. There are magnificent views across the water to Wansfell Pike and the Fairfield Horseshoe and the site is an ideal base for water sports with on-site access for launching. Phone 01539463862 or book online. Houghton Mill, Cambridgeshire This site is situated on the banks of the Great Ouse with spectacular views across the river to the Trust’s Houghton Mill, the last working mill on this river. Mill demonstrations are held every Sunday during the season and the site is situated near the picturesque village of Houghton. There are plenty of footpaths for walkers, horse riders and cyclists along the waterways. Check availability or phone 01480466716. Wasdale Head, Cambria Wasdale is a great base for climbers of all abilities. The site is nestled under the Scafell mountain range at the head of beautiful Wastwater, the deepest lake in England. Canoeing(划独 木舟运动)is possible on Wastwater although limited to no more than 15 on the lake at a time. Phone 01212765416 or book online. Highertown Farm, Cornwall A small, basic campsite situated in the quiet hamlet of Lansallos with fine views of the south-east Cornwall coast and not far from a secluded beach. Bookings may be necessary at peak time. Email or phone 01208265211 Facilities and booking Lundy, Bristol Channel Lundy Island is an unspoilt(未遭破坏的)island, home to a fascinating array of wildlife amidst dramatic scenery. There are sea passages from Bideford and Ilfracombe according to the tides, 1

April-31 Oct and a winter helicopter service 1 Nov-31 March. Email or phone 01271863636 for more information. 55. Mike is fond of swimming. Which of the following campsites would he choose? A. Low Wray, Cumbria. B. Lundy, Bristol Channel. C. Highertown Farm, Cornwall. D. Houghton Mill, Cambridgeshire. 56. If you are interested in cycling, which number would you like to dial? A. 01539463862. C. 01480466716. 57. If you are at Wasdale Head, A. you can swim in the lake B. you can have fun in canoeing C. it is dangerous to climb the Scafell D. it is fun to go fishing along the bank 58. If your family want to go to Highertown Farm during official holiday, you’d better A. book in advance C. dial 01208265211 C This year is the seventh anniversary of the Olympic bid, which brought promises of reconstruction and improvements in East London. It was hoped that the area would experience more funding, higher employment, better tourism and greener environment. Yet is that the truth? According to a study done on the role of sports in funding local communities, there is little evidence about the good effects of such sports events on local communities. Rather, huge Olympic projects take funding away from local communities. For example, the National Lottery(彩 票)is contributing£2. 2 billion to the Olympics. Sir Clive Booth, chairman of the Big Lottery Fund, commented on that, “I regret very much that it has been necessary to shift a further£425 m of the Big Lottery Fund to support the 2012 Olympics construction.” The Olympic Delivery Authority has promised 11, 000 new jobs, with a target of 10%~15% of B. send emails first D. bring your own tent . . B. 01208265211. D. 01271863636.

the workforce to be drawn from East London. But the number of people from the East End who have received jobs remains low and local people see 85% to 90% of jobs going to outsiders. The largest area for work is in construction, with 30, 000 potential jobs. However, hiring is directly

in the hands of the sub-contractor, who will simply use the cheapest labor, and not take the lead in hiring local people or give contracts to local suppliers. If only time can truly measure the funding and employment opportunities of the Olympics, then can we be certain that the Olympics will bring a lot of tourists to the capital, benefiting the local economy? Well, we can’t. Previous Olympic hosts have overestimated the number of tourists, most recently with Beijing anticipating over 400, 000 and receiving almost half the amount. The environment is also considered to be the pillar of Olympianism, and officials have been advertising 2012 as the greenest Olympics yet. But in reality, a lot of sacrifices have been made to see the Olympics go green. In 2000, a£7. 8 m grant was given to Bully Fen community woodland to create a green legacy(遗产)in the area. This has now been closed to the public, along with the nearby Manor Gardens, which marked the end of the vegetable beds. But whether we like it or not, London is the host for the 2012 Olympics. But perhaps the most important thing about the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part. 59. Sir Clive Booth’s comment tells that .

A. he is sorry about the decision made by the Big Lottery Fund B. he is unwilling to give lottery funds to the 2012 Olympics construction C. some funding for local communities has been used in the Olympic projects D. too much money has been spent on the Olympic projects 60. Paragraph 3 is mainly about the 2012 Olympics’ effect on A. construction C. environment B. tourism D. employment ”. .

61. The underlined word “pillar” in Paragraph 5 probably means“ A. important part C. long pole 62. What can be concluded from the passage? A. About 400, 000 foreign tourists went to the Beijing Olympics.

B. tall column D. great benefit

B. The effects of the 2012 London Olympics have aroused arguments. C. 85%~90% of Londoners have got jobs because of the Olympics. D. Londoners can’t benefit from the 2012 Olympics at all. D Before leaving work, Steve Lee likes to use his cellphone to turn on his heat and air condition system at home. So by the time he gets through traffic into his front door, the temperature inside is perfect. You may wonder what a so-called smart home can do inside. Lee works for a company called Smarthome. com, testing and living with many of his company’s home automation gadgets(自动化小配件), like this multifunction touch screen that controls devices around the house and even connects to the Internet traffic cameras. “I have cameras, and they follow all the way down the freeway to work, ”said Lee with pride. “What’s going on at home when you are away? No problem, install some wireless cameras and controllers and from any computer in the world with an Internet connection, you can watch your house. ” “I can check on the house, and I can look at the temperature. Believe it or not, if I want to turn on lights ahead of time, I can, ”added Lee. We sat in Steve’s California kitchen and with the right password , turned on the kitchen counter lights at his boss’s house in Wisconsin. Steve did have permission to log on(登录). “If you do know the password and you want to play a trick on your wife, you could turn lights on and off remotely. ” This new technology, which can automatically turn on water sprinklers when humidity is low, or turn off a pool pump when it is not in use, is no longer expensive. Several hundred dollars for a basic system is enough and it is not hard to install. Sure the convenience is nice but many people who like the security advantages like making sure kids are safe with the help of camera monitors and bedside alerts. “I can notice that maybe one of my children wakes up in the middle of the night once the light switch is turned on. ” What a smart home can’t do is get you a snack and you have to leave the couch for that. 63. What does the underlined word “password” in Paragraph 5 mean? A. Security code. B. Crossword.

C. Passport. 64. What can be inferred from this passage? A. Steve’s boss trusted him very much. B. Steve doesn’t like to play jokes on his family.

D. Touch screen.

C. Steve could log on his boss’s home because he had been given the key. D. It’s expensive and difficult to apply a basic smart home system. 65. According to the passage, the following is often a must for a smart home EXCEPT a A. cellphone C. camera B. computer D. car .

66. What can’t a smart home do according to the passage? A. Turning on the light automatically. B. Getting the owner some food. C. Turning off a pool pump. D. Watching over the home’s safety. E When I first went to Russia, every aspect of how the Russians did things was foreign to me. I did not do anything correctly, and my wife, a Russian, scolded me continuously because I usually embarrassed her very much. It was a wonderful learning experience, but it was trying at the same time and I was only there for a week. Later I moved to Russia to live with her in this radically(完全 地)different culture. Each day contained moments of stress, depression, excitement, and wonder. It was like living on an emotional roller coaster(过山车), but I survived it and matured into a more stable and confident person because of it. After a year, I came back to the States to prepare for her coming to America. It was very stressful re-adjusting to the fast pace of life in America, and I had another difficult time with that, but finally I got back into the rhythm of life here again. Then she came, and my rhythm was once again interrupted. The roles were reversed this time and I was the one having to coach her about how to live in America, and the roller coaster began again. I must admit that I had learned to enjoy the ride. It is difficult enough for two individuals here in the States to combine their lives and learn to live together. Just try and imagine how much more is involved in combining two lives and

combining the vast cultural differences that exist between America and Russia. The marriage would be really difficult to be survived when it comes to cross-cultural relationships because there are many, many problems that come into the relationship due to cultural differences. I am extremely happy with my wife though, and she seems to be happy with me. We both try very hard at times to understand our differences and overcome them, but then there are times when we are just two people in love and building a family together, and we enjoy these very much. I would do this relationship again in a heartbeat, but I would sincerely like to point out the fact that a cross-cultural relationship brings more issues to the table than a like-nationality relationship would have. 67. What does the author mainly tell us in this text? A. Some of his experiences in Russia. B. His experiences with his wife in the United States. C. His cross-cultural marriage with his wife. D. The difficult situations with his wife. 68. From this text we can see that .

A. the author likes to play roller coaster in Russia B. the author doesn’t think well of his wife from another culture C. life in Russia is more peaceful and quieter than in the United States D. the author enjoys the lifestyle in the United States more than that in Russia 69. When back in America, the author has to A. make his wife like American culture B. show his wife how to live in the country C. follow his wife in many situations D. embarrass his wife 70. The author thinks it difficult for people from different countries to live together because . .

A. they have different opinions on culture B. they can’t see their differences C. they don’t want to obey each other D. there exists vast cultural differences

第四部分 书面表达(共两节, 满分 50 分) 第一节 完成句子(共 10 小题; 每小题 2 分, 满分 20 分) 阅读下列各小题, 根据汉语提示, 用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 71. She couldn’t speak the language, _________________. (nor) 她不会说这种语言, 也不会写这种语言。 72. Life _________________ not only sunshine but also hard times. (consist) 生活包含的不仅仅是阳光, 还有艰苦岁月。 73. Women were first allowed _________________ the Olympic shooting in 1968. (compete) 1968 年妇女第一次被允许参加奥运射击比赛。 74. Most people don’t like _________________ in their own minds, which should draw your attention. (admit) 许多人不愿意在内心承认错误, 这点应该引起你的重视。 75. There are five rings in the Olympic flag ______________________ on the earth. (stand) 奥运旗帜上有五个环, 代表地球上的五大洲。 76. They offer help for the Olympic Games, for example, _________________the accommodation of the athletes. (charge) 他们为奥运会提供服务, 比如, 负责运动员的住宿问题。 77. Because of _______________________ that in his working place, he has gradually corrected his attitude to life. (replace) 因为工作生活取代了学校生活, 他才逐渐地改变了生活态度。 78. The more he studied the book, ______________________________. (interested) 他越研究这本书, 越是对它感兴趣。 79. _________________ the activity, he flew to America. (part) 参加完这项活动后, 他飞往美国。 80. Before the race really started, the cyclist Armstrong, as well as his teammates, _____________ at the starting line. (wait) 在比赛真正开始之前, 自行车手阿姆斯特朗和他的队友一起正等在起始线上。 第二节 短文写作(共 1 题; 满分 30 分) 请根据以下提示, 结合你学习或生活中的一个事例, 就“无私生活”这一话题, 用英语写 一篇短文。

We have unselfish mothers who have brought us up, unselfish teachers teaching us, and unselfish friends who are always ready to help us. We should also learn to be unselfish. 注意: ①无须写标题, 不得照抄英语提示语; ②除诗歌外, 文体不限; ③文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称; ④词数为 120 个左右。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________

答案 21. B。22. B。23. B。24. B。25.D。26.D。27.A。28.C。29.C。30.C。31.B。32.C。33.D。34.A。 35.B。36.B。37.C。38.C。39.B。40.A。41.B。42.A。43.C。44.C。45.A。46.A。47.C。48.B。 49.D。50.D。51.A。52.D。53.D。54.B。55.A。56.C。57.B。58.A。59. C。60.D。61.A。62.B。 63.A。64. A。65.D。66.B。67.C。68.C。69.B。70.D。 71. nor could she write it 72. consists of 73. to compete in 74. to admit mistakes 75. standing for the five continents 76. taking charge of 77. replacing his school life with 78. the more interested he became in it 79. Having taken part in 80. was waiting 短文写作 【参考范文】 The world is filled with unselfish people, because of whom our world has become a lovely and beautiful place to stay. When I grow up, I have met countless people who are always unselfish to me. In the middle of last term, just as I was busy with my lessons, I suddenly fell ill and had to stay away from school for a couple of weeks. Seeing this, our monitor, together with some other classmates, offered to help me with my lessons. It was with their unselfish help that I managed to catch up on my lessons. Looking back on those days, I’m impressed by their help and feel gratitude. They have taught me the importance of being unselfish and offering help to those in need. As the saying goes, no one is an island. Only when we show concern to others and offer help to people can we unite together and make a difference.

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