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东北育才学校高中部 2013-2014 学年度高三年级模拟考试 (八)

听力理解:1~5.CAACC 6~10.CABAB 阅读理解:第一节:(A) BDAC (B) ABCB 第二节: A F E G C 完形填空: 41-45 BCADC 46-50 ACBDA 51-55 CBADD 56-60 CDBCA 语篇填空: 61.

worst 62. that/which 63. on 64. so 65. totally 66. both 67. haven’t eaten 68. it/that 69. a 70. must 短文改错: The person who has taught me most about the life is my grandmother. She was more than just a grandmother to me. When she died a few years before, I felt I lost a really good friend. She was a nice ago and fashionable lady, looking young on her age. She did everything she could ∧make me feel at home. for to She was imaginative and would spend hours telling me stories she has made up. I am sure it was had 或去掉 has because of her which I became a story writer. Apart from kept a young boy entertained, she taught me that keeping a large number of important thing on how to behave. I was rather impatient when I was a child and things she taught me that good things would happen if I waited for it. She was a positive person but she also them and taught me how to look for the good in everything. 书面表达 One possible version Boys and girls: May I have your attention, please? About sixty Australian student will come to visit our school on June 15. We’ll meet them at the school gate at 8:30. We’ll take them to the

11~15.CABCC 16~20.CBBAC (C) DAA (D) DCAC

meeting-room, where a get-together will be held. After that, we’ll show them around our botanical garden and the school-run factory. At 11:00 there will be a basketball match on the playground. They’ll leave our school at 12:00. Please be friendly to them. We must talk with them in English. That’s all. Thank you. 【听力材料及答案】 (Text 1) W: How long do you think it’ll take to fix it? M: Hard to tell. Sometimes a few minutes and sometimes an hour or two. W: Should I wait or come back later? M: Suit yourself, but it’s probably better to come back later. (Text 2) M:I hope that the post office is still open now. W: Please look at the sign over there. It says:9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.weekdays;9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Saturdays. (Text 3) M: How about playing some of the records you bought this afternoon? W: Impossible. M: Well. What happened? W:I put them on the bed where I could see them, then left to have a drink and when I came back, I sat on them. (Text 4) M: The children would like to watch the panda a little while longer. W: OK. Let’s stay a little longer and have a good time here. (Text 5) W: This is the best dinner I’ve ever had. M: How about the soup then? W: I’ve never tasted anything better. (Text 6) M: Helen, you must be excited at going abroad. W: Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it for ages. M: What do your classmates think of it? W: They give me a lot of congratulations. M: How long will you study there? W: Oh, maybe three years. I’ll study and get the master’s degree first, and then I’ll decide whether I will stay there or come back. M: Which university will you go to? W: The University of Chicago. My major is economics. (Text 7)

M: Jessica, what a wonderful dinner! That’s the best meal I’ ve had for a long time. W: Oh, thank you! M: Shall I help you with the dishes? W: Oh, don’t bother. I’ll do with them myself later. Hey, would you like me to make some coffee? M: Thanks a lot, I’ d love some. Uh, would you mind if I smoked? W: Not in the slightest Here is the ashtray. M: Thanks very much... Oh, Jessica, I didn’t realize you were such a good cook. W: Well, telling you now, I’ ve only just learned how, you know, it’ s because I’ ve taken some courses on cooking. M: But I am not good at cooking. W: You’d better take a couple of classes on cooking. (Text 8) W: Hello, may I speak to Mr. Johnson, please? M: Speaking. Who’s calling, may I ask? W: This is the Town Job Center. We’ve received your e-mail and we have a job you may be interested in. M: Can you tell me about it? What kind of job? Where? W: Well, a college wants to hire some laboratory assistants. It’s the kind of job you would like to do, according to your email. M: Yes, I did put that in my email. W: Yes. They also want a person who knows how to operate computers, so we think you are just the right person for the position. M: What about the pay and the hours? W: Let me check that. The pay they are offering is quite satisfactory, but the work hours are a bit irregular. Sometimes early in the morning, and sometimes late in the afternoon. M: Well. I am still interested in it, but I need some more details so that I can talk it over with my wife. W: Why don’t you come here tomorrow? M: OK, I’ll do that. See you tomorrow morning then. Bye! (Text 9) W: Let’s go in here and order some coffee while we look at your pictures. M:Good idea.We both like coffee.OK,here is one of my roommates—Bill.I took this picture right after we arrived at school this fall.We have just met in fact.And this was our room in the dorm while we were unpacking all of our things.What a mess! W:You certainly had a lot of boxes.How did you ever find room for everything? M:In the beginning we thought we’d never get it all arranged. But now we are very comfortable. Luckily,Bill keeps his things neat. W:Do you like living in the dorm?

M: It’s not bad. Sometimes Bill turns his radio up too loud and makes too much noise. Then I get angry.Sometimes I leave my books and clothes lying around and he gets angry.But usually we get along well.Here is a picture of him taken when we went to visit my family during vacation. W:And this last one? M:That’s my dog,Alexander. (Text 10) Well, John, I’ m trying to think what else I should be telling you. As you know, I’ m going to a conference in London. I hope to have a little time to look around. It’ s a great city! I do hope I can manage to get to at least some of the theatres and museums. I’ m looking forward to all the things I have to do at the conference, too. I’ m giving a paper on Tuesday, the 26th and there are a couple of really exciting events planned later in the conference program. I hope to meet up with an old teacher of mine at the conference. She taught English literature at my old high school and we’ ve kept in touch through letters over the years. She teaches now at the University of Durham, and I’ m really looking forward to seeing her again. Would you do me a favor please? I haven’ t had time to cancel an appointment. It was made a long time ago and I forgot about it until this morning. It’ s with my dentist, for a check up on Thursday, the 28th.Could you please call the dentist at 816 2525 and cancel the appointment for me? Thanks a lot, John. The last thing. When you leave the house, make sure the windows and doors are shut. Have fun! I’ll see you when I get back. This is your friend Peter, saying goodbye.




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