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NO.1 As is known to all, many things can be measured in terms of data. Sometimes data can indeed tell the truth. With the help of data we can easily know the price of a can of Coke in the sup

ermarket or the result of a football match. 71______ What is more important, data seem to be fairer than words or statements. If the data are true, we don' t have to worry about being cheated. Nowadays, as lies exist in the world, data are expected to tell the truth. Therefore, many of us would rather believe data. On the other hand', if we judge things only by data from the so -c alled specific research, aren't we a little too narrow-minded? Many people often treat the so -called specific data unwisely just to make sure that they are making the right decisions. 72 ______For example,how can you tell that somebody isn't a good student just because he or she doesn’t get high marks in the final examination? 73______ For example,the degree of your feeling happy in your life, the depth of love between you and your friends, and the faith you have in your country. We can only feel them in our hearts but can never express them in data. There is no doubt that analyzing the exact data is important to assessment of an actual event. But data should be dealt with wisely. We often get wrong data which mislead us. 74______Remember, data have no feeling but we humans have. Data do not mean much to people if we do not have the abilities to analyze the data with the knowledge and confidence to judge whether they are true or false. 75______ Data are data after all. Life is much more colorful than the pale data. So give the cold data a warm heart and we' 11 find that the world is far more wonderful than the pale data can describe. A. We should try our best to be wise thinkers.

B. Data can make our life easier and more comfortable. C. But sometimes we may find that data aren't everything. D. Sometimes our hearts and mind are more sensitive than data. E. Now and then the so-called specific data puzzle us very much. F. The exact data should come from assessment of an actual event. G. There are many things in our life which cannot be measured by data.

NO.2 It doesn’t come as a surprise to you to realize that it makes no difference what you read or study if you can’t remember it. You just waste your valuable time. ___71___ One dependable aid that does help you remember what you study is to have a specific purpose or reason for reading. Why does a clerk in a store go away when your reply to her offer to help is, ―No, thank you. I’m just looking.‖? Both you and she know that if you aren’t sure what you want, you are not likely to find it. But suppose you say instead, ―Yes, thank you. I want a pair of sun glasses.‖ She says, ―Right this way, please.‖ ___72___ If you choose a book, ―just looking‖ for nothing in particular, you are likely to get just that — nothing. But if you do know what you want, you are almost sure to get it. Your reasons will vary; they will include reading or studying ―to find out more about‖, ―to understand the reasons for‖ and ―to find out how‖. ___73___ Before you start to study, you say to yourself something like this, ―I want to know why Stephen Vincent Benet happened to write about America‖. Because you know why you are reading or studying, you relate the information to your purpose and remember it better. ___74___ At least two important processes go on at the same time. As you read, you take in ideas rapidly and accurately. But at the same time you express your own ideas to yourself as you react to what you read. You have a kind of mental conversation with the author. This additional process of thinking about what you read includes evaluating it, relating it to what you already know, and using it for your own purposes. ___75___ One part of critical reading, as you have discovered, is distinguishing between facts and opinions. Facts can be checked by evidence. Opinions are one’s own personal reactions. Another part of critical reading is judging sources. Still another part is drawing accurate inferences.

A. Maybe you have already discovered some clever ways to keep yourself from forgetting. B. It is important for students to have a positive attitude to their study. C. You remember better when you know what you are reading. D. In other words, a good reader is a critical reader. E. It’s quite the same with your studying.

F. Reading is not one single activity. G. This is the way it works.

NO.3 As I walked across the campus of Pittsburgh' s Carnegie Mellon University, I came upon a table filled with young people chatting and enjoying the fine weather. 71 Trilogy, an Austin, Texas -based software company, had a

reputation for recruiting (招聘) our top students.I walked over to the table."Are you guys here to recruit?" I asked . "No," they replied firmly . "We're not recruiters.We're just hanging out with friends." How interesting, I thought.They've come to campus on a workday, all the way from Austin, just to hang out with friends. I noticed one member of the group sitting on the grass, having multicolored hair, full-body tattoos (纹身 ) , and multiple holes in his ears._72_ _ But as 1 would later learn, he was a gifted student who had inked the highest - paying deal in the history of their departments.What a change from my own college days, when students would put on their dressy clothes and carefully hide any counterculture tendencies to prove that they could fit in with the company. 73 In fact, the guy I

met on the campus just signed on with Trilogy, right at that table on the grass, with the recruiters who do not "recruit." _74_ I once asked one young man why he was going to a smaller city in Texas.The company is excellent, he told me.There are also terrific people and the work is challenging.Though he had several good job offers from Pittsburgh' s high tech firms and knew the city well, he said he felt the city lacked the lifestyle options, cultural diversity, and tolerant attitude that would make it attractive to him. _75__ He is a member of what I call the creative class: a fast - growing, highly educated, and well - paid part of the workforce.They do not consciously think of themselves as a class.Yet they share a common attitude that values creativity, individuality, difference, and advantage. A.An obvious lazy guy avoiding work, I thought. B.As the summed it up, ―How would I fit in here?‖ C.Some of them are the top students in the university. D.Today, apparently, it’s the company trying to fit in with the students. E.While I was interested in the change, something even bigger struck me. F.Several had identical blue T – shirts with ―Trilogy @ CMU‖ written across them.

G.This young man represents a lively new force in the economy and life of America.

NO.4 Our Fears Can Change the Reality of the Situation At times, our worries and anxieties can defeat us. In addition, our worried can change our understanding of what is reality and what is not. Here is a brief list of techniques that you can use to help gain a better viewpoint on things during your anxious moments. 71 A person should take a deep breath and try to find something to do for a few minutes to get their mind off the problem. A person could get some fresh air, listen to some music, or do an activity that will give them a fre sh perspective on things. Re member that our fearful thoughts are made to seem worse and can make the problem worse. 72 When unexpectedly having thoughts that make you fearful or anxious, challenge those thoughts by asking yourself questions that will maintain objectivity and common sense. Be smart in how you deal with your fears and anxieties. Do not try to deal with everything all at once. When facing a current or upcoming task that makes your anxious, break the task into a series of smaller steps. 73 Remember that all the worrying in the world will not change anything. Most of what we worry about never comes true. 74 Everything else you can leave in the hands of God. It is not easy to deal with all of our fears and worries. When your fears and anxieties have the best of you, try to calm down and then get the facts of the situation. The key is to take it show. All you can do is do your best each day, hope for the best, and when something does happen, take it easy. 75 A.Take it one step at a time and things will work out. B.When feeling anxious, stop what you are doing and try to do something relaxing. C.This will give you the confidence to manage your anxiety. D.Instead of worrying about something that probably won’t happen, concentrate on what you are able to do. E.The next time you feel depressed, review your list and think about the good things that you have in your life. F.A good way to manage your worry is to challenge your negative thinking with positive statements and realistic thinking. G.Completing these smaller tasks one at a time will make the stress more manageable and increases your chances of success.

NO.5 If you are hungry, what do you do? Have your favorite-meal and stay quiet after that?_ 71 But it never lets you know, because, you keep it busy thinking about your friends or favorite stars.So it silently serves your needs and never lets itself grow. When mind loses its freedom to grow. creativity sets a full stop. This might be the reason why we all sometimes think "What happens next?", "Why can't I think?" 72 Why reading but not watching TV? It is because reading has been the most educative tool used by us right from childhood.Since it develops other aspects of our life, we have to take help from reading. Once you read a book, you run your eyes through the lines and your mind tries to explain something to you. 73 Now this seed is unknowingly used by you to develop new ideas.If it is used many times, the same seed can give you great help to relate a lot of things, which you would have never thought of in your wildest dreams! This is nothing but creativity. 74 Within no time you can start talking with your friends in English or any other language and never run out of the right words. So guys, do give food for your thoughts by reading, reading and more reading. 75 Go and get a book! A.Now what are you waiting for? B.Reading can help you make more friends, too. C.Just like your stomach, your mind is also hungry. D.Why not do some reading while you are hungry? E.Also this makes a significant contribution to your vocabulary. F.The interesting part of the book is stored in your mind as a seed. G.Hunger of the mind can be actually solved through wide reading.

NO.6 The Value of Tears Tears can ruin make-up, bring conversation to a stop, and give you a runny nose. Tears leave you embarrassed and without energy. Still, crying is a fact of life, and your tears are very useful. Even when you’re not crying, they make a film over the eye’s surface. ___________71_______________ When tears fall, they reduce stress. But we tend to fight them for all sorts of reasons. ―People worry about showing their emotions(情绪), afraid that once they lose control they’ll never get it back.‖ __________72_____________ After we cry, the feelings that caused the tears often disappear. Sometimes people become much stressed and can’t cry. Whatever emotion they are feeling — shock, anger, fear, or sadness— is being held back. But everyone has the need to cry. Psychologist Vera Diamond explains that her treatment often consists of giving people permission to cry.

__________73________________ Patients practice crying just to become used to expressing emotions. She suggests safe, private places to cry, like under the bedcovers or in the car. Crying is a way of ease tension, but people don’t like it when others cry because it makes them tense. _____________74_________________ And they’ll do just about anything to make you stop. In certain situations, such as at work, tears are not appropriate. It’s good not to cry during a tense business discussion. ______________75________________You should also act out the whole situation again and be as noisy and angry as you like. It will help you feel better. ―And,‖ she adds, ―Once your tears have taken away the stress, you can begin to think calmly of ways to deal with the problem.‖ Tears are a sign of our ability to feel. If you find yourself near someone crying, deal with it. And never be afraid to cry yourself. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. They too may be holding back a need to cry. They cry for different reasons. She gives crying exercises. It contains a chemical against infection(炎症). The fact is no emotion lasts forever. It forms in response to the stress on the surface of the eye. But once you’re safely behind closed doors, don’t just cry.

NO.7 Should Good Sportsmanship Be Taught in School? ? Almost everyone feels that it is important for young people to win fairly and show respect toward others. Should good sportsmanship, then, be taught in school? Critics do not think so. ____71____ Presented here are the most important benefits of teaching sportsmanship. ? Teaching good sportsmanship and having a positive attitude in activities like sports, class elections, and science fair competitions are critical to success in school. ____72____ Acting calmly under pressure helps young adults succeed not only in sports but also in life. ? ____73____ A person cannot play by the rules if he or she does not understand what the rules are. Knowing the rules also applies to other activities. If students enter a science fair competition, for example, they must follow the guidelines. Those who know the rules are much more likely to succeed. When students learn sportsmanship, they discover how knowing the rules relates to achievement. ? Good players become skilled at handling responsibility. When people accept responsibility, they achieve their best. Positive thinkers, moreover, influence others, especially those who are struggling with a problem. A gifted basketball player, for example, might teach skills to a less ? talented player. Helping others raises the performance of the entire team. The team, consequently, could reach new heights and set new records. ____74____ Those who do not practice sportsmanship pass off responsibility. For them, if an opportunity is lost, it is someone else’ fault. When students participate on s a team, they benefit by learning to accept responsibility, encourage others and own up to mistakes. ? Sportsmanship is a winning idea. It must be taught in school. Students need direction to become “good sports” Students will be responsible for their own actions . and will have a positive influence on others. As students enter the workforce, businesses benefit. The community also benefits because these students will someday become leaders. ____75____? A. We need to educate students about how sportsmanship pays off for everyone.? B. However, the stronger argument favors teaching good sportsmanship.? C. Sports help young adults learn how to team up with others.? D. Good sportsmanship also means admitting mistakes.? E. Activities involving winning or losing can be tense.? F. It is natural that players should be eager to win.? G. Good team players know the rules of the game

NO.8 If you have ever been in a school play or even made believe you were a doctor, detective, or a space traveler, you know the enjoyment that acting brings. Almost all of us have the wish to play the part of someone—or something—else. 71 In the ancient world, acting was often associated with religious ceremonies and other special occasions. As far back as 2200 B.C. trained Chinese actors performed ceremonial dances in costume and makeup at harvest festivals. 72 To the dance was gradually added pantomime—the imitation of movements and gestures—as well as the wearing of masks, the singing of chants, and finally the use of dialogue. While acting was coming into its own in the ancient Chinese classical theatre, it was doing the same in the western world, in Greece. From about 500 B.C. on, acting became a highly specialized art in Greece. Greek actors, however, still wore masks, and their motions were largely fixed by custom. 73 Modern acting, by contrast, gives the individual actor great opportunity to develop his or her personal talents for serious, comic, or musical drama. The names, faces, and styles of famous movie actors are known worldwide. 74 A special form of acting takes place in radio drama, which was highly popular before television. In radio drama the actors face an unique challenge. They are unseen by their audience. So they must rely on voice alone to make their characters real to the listeners. 75 Only forty percent of Broadway actors are employed, most of them for only part of the year. Those who become stars need not only talent, but determination. They must not be easily discouraged. Otherwise, they might give up before the opportunity for stardom presents itself. A. The origins of acting are in the act of remembering. B. Drama in Greece began with festivals honoring Dionysus. C. It is believed that this was the first step in the development of acting. D. Historical records indicate that this desire is as old as civilization itself. E. Acting is not, as many people think, a quick, easy road to fame and riches. F. Broadway and television provide other stages on which actors can display their talent. G. Consequently, they had little opportunity to demonstrate their individual personalities.






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