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● Basic Information Name : Wang Yumin Date of Birth : 1990/04/24 Gender :Female Hometown:Heilongjiang Province Health : Good

Height : 160 cm

Major : El

ectonic Information Engineering Address : Room 544 Dormitory 4,Dalian University of Technology Postal code : 116024 Mobile : 15242605208 E-Mail : 863617103@qq.com

● Education 2006.9—2009.9: Harbin Middle School, Heilongjiang Province 2009.9—present: Dalian University of Technology, School of innovation experiment department Major Course Advanced Mathematics, liner algebra, Principles of Circuits, Analog Circuit, Digital Circuit, Digital Signal Processing, Signals and system, C/C++ language, VHDL design, Communication systems, Principles of singlechip, Microwave and microwave field

● IT Skills ◇ Software : C/C++ language, matlab, mathematica ◇ Hardware: 8051,pic,fpga,arm

● Work Experience 2009.9-2010.6 Member of the organization department in collage 20010.9-2011.6 College minister of culture

● Honors and Patterns Technical innovation scholarship (2010) Two pieces of Utility Model Pattern The final sixteen of school table tennis competition 2009.9-2010.6 ○ “The National Encouragement Scholarship” of Dalian University of Technology ○ “The Study Excellent Scholarship” of Dalian University of Technology ○ “The Spiritual Civilization Scholarship”of Dalian University of Technology ○ “The technological innovation Scholarship” of Dalian University of Technology 2010.9-2011.6 ○ “The National Encouragement Scholarship” of Dalian University of Technology ○ “The Spiritual Civilization Scholarship” of Dalian University of Technology ○ “The Study Excellent Scholarship” of Dalian University of Technology ○ The first prize of “National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest” inLiaoning divisionin September 2011 ○ The third prize of “Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)”in February 2012

Research Experience At the beginning of my university life, because of my strong interest in scientific research, I registered forin the interview held by the School of Innovation Experiment of Dalian University of Technology, and Iwas drafted intothe electromechanicalpractice classof it. Then I spent much time on the classes about electronic circuitsand learned more courses by myself. At last, I made excellent achievements and gained the appreciationof my teachers. I have participatedin a variety of science and technology competitions and achieved many awards. In addition, Ihave attended intercollegiate communication activities for many times including the communication with Japanese graduates this year

● Self Assessment My name is Wang Yumin, and my English name is Belinda. Even when I was a young girl, I was very interested in electronic science. Every one may have a dream, and I still remember that my dream is to be a electronic scientist. I liked to make wonders just like, How electricity is generated? What is the principle of the radio? And then I would find the answers in book by myself. Still today I think that interest is the best teacher in one's whole life (and knowledge comes from practice). Second, I will introduce my study life in the university. My major is electronic and information Engineering in Dalian University of Technology. Now I am a junior

and study in the college of Faculty of Electronic information and Electronic Engineering. About my studies, I spend most of my time on study and obtained the first-grade scholarship twice, and I passed CET4 and CET6 both with excellent results. In the past three years, I often participated in many extracurricular activities. I have enjoyed a rich college life. Although I have broad interests in many aspects and grasp the essential knowledge of the major, but I think at present, I can do many things in a superficial level, but not be competent to do things professionally owing to lack of ample knowledge and ability. So I think further study is still urgent for me to realize self-value.The major that I hope pursue for my further education is Communicate and Information Engineering. Because I find communication is playing a more and more important role in our modern society. And nowadays in China, with the development of information, our communication industry is growing rapidly and that may provide a lot of chances to us. Three years' university education gives me a lot of things to learn, a lot of chances to try, and a lot of practices to improve myself. It teaches me not only what to study and how to think, but also to see the importance of practical ability (such as doing experiment as much as possible). In the university life, I have made many good friends. They help me improve my study and research ability, do everything just like a relative, and often give me good example to follow. Besides what I have introduced myself above, I also have many interests in my spare time. I like playing volleyball, which is an effective way I think to improve my body health, and it can teach me how to join in a group and deal with other people. Drawing and writing is another favor to me. Above all, I am a hard working student especially do the things I love. I will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is.



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