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第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 21. The traffic rule says young children under the age of four and ________ less than 40 pounds must be in a chil

d safety seat. A. being weighed B. to weigh C. weighed D. weighing

22. The final score of the basketball match was 93: 94. We were only________ beaten. A. nearly B. slightly C. narrowly D. lightly

23. ----Waiter! How soon can I get my food? I just have half an hour left before my train leaves. ---- It________ be ready in five minutes. A. may B. should C. could D need 24. ________, as long as I’m with nature, I don’t care. A. However tough the journey is C. However the journey is tough 25. ---How dangerous it was! ---Yes, but for the passer-by’s quick action, the girl ________. A.was drowned C. had drowned B.could have been drowned D.should be drowned B. Whatever tough the journey is D. Whatever the journey is tough

26. ________ housing prices are going up madly, it is almost certain that the local government focuses not on improving people’s life but on trying to earn money by selling state land. A. As B. If C. Where D. Unless

27. The NBA semifinal was really wonderful. The best moment was, as the media reported, ________ LeBron James scored the winning three points. A. that B. when C. what D. which

28. The Shanghai Expo presented the unique Chinese culture to the world at ________ surveys show to be the favorite---Chinese pavilion (展馆). A. where B. that C. the one D. what

29. ---We will take the conditions into careful consideration ________ you have attached to this contract. ---Thanks. Hope for further cooperation. A. as B. which C. where D. what

30. I have nothing to say ________ your complaints, for they are not relevant to my job. A. with regard to B. in terms of C. in the light of D. in response to

31. ________ is the kindness of the nurse that the patient can never be ________ to her.

A. So; too thankful C. So; that thankful

B. Such; too thankful D. Such; enough thankful

32. ________, I believe, and you will find Tom is very outgoing. A. Having a talk with the student C. One talk with the student 33. The brochure guides you A. through B. across C. over B. Given a talk with the student

D. If you have a talk with the student the whole process of buying a house. D. past

34. The sweater my sister knitted for me ______ twice the size it should have been. It had to be kept for later use. A. ended up B. brought up C. came up D. took up 35. ---The skirt is too expensive; its color too dark, and…. --- __________. Is there anyone so particular like you? A. Take it or leave it C. Go ahead B. Can’t complain too much D. Cheer up

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选 项。 What separates people who reach their goals from everyone else is their ability to stay on track, despite challenges. __36__ will come; you can bet there will be chances for you to __37__ track. If you’re an athlete, it may be an injury that causes you to have to __38__ practices. If you’re trying to get to a healthy weight, you may have to travel __39__ and stay with a friend who doesn’t like to __40__. The point is that some kind of challenge will __41__. How we deal with these challenges __42__ the victims from the victors. You can use challenges as a stepping __43__ or as a block, and you can use them to __44__ your ambition or block your view; the __45__is yours. Challenges should __46__ to make you stronger and more consistent as you attend to each difficulty. They should cause your __47__ to dig deeper, in search of a (an) __48__. The problem arises when you don’t __49__ challenges. If you can predict potential problems and plan __50__, you will have confidence and your belief in yourself will __51__ up. Your ability to stay __52__ and overcome difficulties is what will __53__ and allow you to achieve your goal. Start working toward your dreams daily. To get started by setting __54__ what your next step is to accomplish your goal. Then get into __55__ as you move closer to your goal daily. 36. A. Abilities B. Goals C. Possibilities D. Challenges

37. A. get off

B. stick to

C. take off D. attend to D. confuse

38. A. appreciate

B. strengthen C. miss

39. A. disappointedly B. unexpectedly C. deliberately D. daily 40. A. knock over 41. A. arise 42. A. separates 43. A. appointment B. get through C. put up D. work out

B. raise

C. appoint D. turn C. shelters D. deserts D. expectation

B. protects

B. arrangement C. stone

44. A. produce B. ignore 45. A. choice 46. A. provide

C. reduce D. strengthen

B. comment C. preparation D. promise B. serve C. offer D. expect C. roots D. signs

47. A. characteristics B. ability 48. A. solution B. comfort 49. A. blame B. accept

C. study C. meet

D. adaptation D. expect

50. A. actually B. otherwise C. beforehand D. after 51. A. put 52. A. solved B. build B. focused C. get D. bring

C. deserted D. reduced

53. A. get you away 54. A. down 55. A. effort

B. find you out C. set you apart D. keep you off D. out D. action

B. up C. about

B. measure C. plan

第三节: 阅读理解 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A With its private hidden coves(小海湾)and pink beaches.Bermuda is a perfect place for relaxation and romance.Though this tiny string of Atlantic islands covers only 21 square miles. there’s much to see and do.Spend tile days boating,golfing,shopping or swimming with dolphins.Explore secret caves,visit historical museums and churches.Bermuda's nightlife offers everything from fine dining to fast food,jazz clubs to Irish pubs. Even though a large number of people live 011 this small island , you should never feel crowded.There are no ad boards or signs,and relatively few cars to spoil the beauty of the countryside.Most houses seem to fit quite naturally into the scenery. Bermuda consists of nine parishes(教区).Pembroke,which surrounds the capital city of Hamilton.is the largest parish in population;St.George has the largest land area。

Because of its small size.it's easy to get to know tile island.There's much to see.Whether you travel by bike. ferry,bus,or taxi.You'll need plenty of time.though,because the pace is slow.Cars and other motorized vehicles must observe tile top speed of 15 mph in Hamilton and St.George,20 mph in the countryside.The speed limits are strictly enforced.and there are severe punishments for breaking the rules. Once you’ve done all the must-sees, you'll want to walk around and make discoveries on your own . The best parishes for walking are Somerset , St. George , and Hamilton. But don’t fill your days with too much structured sightseeing . You’ll want time to lie on the beach and play in the water ,and to enjoy moments like sitting by the harbor in the late afternoon, enjoying the views as the sailing boats pass by . Absorbing Bermuda’s beauty at your own pace, and stopping to chat with the occasional islander , is really the point. 56.According to the text , which of the following is not true of St. George? A. It has the largest population. B. It has the largest land area. C. It is suitable to be toured on foot. D. Its cars travel in a very low speed. 57. In Bermuda , you can enjoy all the following except A. swimming with dolphins B. its colorful nightlife C. visiting some churches D. fast racing cars . .

58. You will need plenty of time to sightsee Bermuda because A. it is a crowded island B. there is no public transportation C. it has very strict speed limits D. you have to walk around only 59. In the writer’s opinion, .

A. Bermuda is a relaxing and natural place B. people in Bermuda are living a lazy life C. it’s unreasonable to forbid ad boards and signs D. everyone should finish the must-sees first 60. From the last paragraph we can learn that A. it’s easy to enjoy the natural beauty in Bermuda B. to experience Bermuda’s beauty freely is necessary C. it’s difficult to chat with local islanders in Bermda .

D. not everyone is allowed to lie on the beach B Although new laws have been passed in some American states to cut down on distracted(分心 的) driving , many accidents and deaths were still related with it , especially using cell phones while driving . Recently the Obama administration is considering disabling cell phones in cars . aiming to cut down cell-phone-related road deaths. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, the nation’s anti-distracted-driving supporter , said in an interview on November 18 that federal officials are looking at technology to disable cell phones inside cars. “I think it will be done,”LaHood said。“I think the technology is there and I think you’re going to see the technology become adaptable in automobiles to disable these cell phones.We need to do a lot more if we were going to save lives.” Also on Thursday , the transportation government started a new “Faces of Distracted Driving” video campaign that features people who have been killed or lost their loved ones because of inattentive drivers.The video features heartbreaking stories of children killed in crashes because of phoning or text messaging,and new videos are expected to be added every few weeks. A driver is four times more likely to crash while using a mobile phone.More than 5,500 people were killed last year by distracted drivers,and another 500,000 were injured.LaHood has said it is never safe to talk on a cell phone while driving , hands-free or not.because it can really cause distraction. Incidentally.a 1ot of people seem to agree with this viewpoint—a new research shows nearly two-thirds of Americans support a national ban on the use of cell phones while driving,even if the driver is using a hands-free device(装置).But the research didn’t ask how people feel about government-issued mobile phone scramblers or other disabling devices。 61.The Obama administration is considering disabling cell phones in cars because A.there is no national laws to prevent the use of cell phones in cars B.most drivers take no notice of American laws C.using phones while driving has caused many accidents D.cell phone technology needs to be developed 62.We can learn from the text that Ray LaHood . .

A.is in charge of the invention of the technology B.thinks it’s easy and practical to invent the technology C.thinks it’s unnecessary to use cell phone while driving D.is strongly for the use of the technology in cars 63.The“Faces of Distracted Driving”video campaign aims to A.find out the real drivers who caused the accidents B.make the public aware of the terrible results of distracted driving C.call on drivers to buy the new device which disables cell phones in cars D.show that most of the victims in car crashes are children 64.In the last paragraph,the“mobile phone scramblers”are probably A.a kind of disabling devices B.a kind of hands-free devices C.a new kind of cell phones D.new devices to help text messaging 65.We can itfer from the text that . . .

A.most people realize the harmfulness of distracted driving B.most people would like to choose hands-free devices while driving C.the disabling devices in cars will be widely used if it is free D.the writer is not sure whether disabling devices will be accepted by the drivers C It would be a totally dark world without your eyesight.However, there is a lot we can do to preserve our eyesight. Protect your eyes from the sun.Continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays(紫外线)can severely damage your eyes over time.The UV rays from the sun will result in brown spots ill the eyes or some eye diseases.In order to prevent harmful UV rays,if you plan to be in the sun for extended periods of time,you need to wear protective eye wear. Practice disease prevention.Diabetes(糖尿病)is among tile few diseases that call cause blindness if left untreated,mistreated or undiagnosed.One of the best ways to prevent disease related blindness is to prevent or control your disease. For example.if you have

diabetes it is highly recommended that you eat a healthy diet,check your blood sugar often and take medicine if your blood sugar is above 150. Add vitamin A to your diet.This concept is usually taught during your younger years.Vitamin A is required for the production of rhodopsin which is an eye pigment(色索)highly sensitive to light that is used to see ill pool-lighting conditions.To get your healthy portion of vitamin A,you can go to your local grocery store and pick up carrots,broccoli and other cruciferous(十字花 科)vegetables. Visit your eye doctor routinely.Visiting your eye doctor can keep,you up to date on your eye health.You should visit your eye doctor for an eye exam once every one to two years (more often if you wear glasses)to help you keep good eyesight.You are advised to see your eye doctor immediately if you experience eye diseases or symptoms like loss of eye vision,eye pain,redness and itching around the eyes because prolonged eye diseases can result in permanent eye damage or blindness. 66.In which section in a web site can you see this text? A.Family. B.Food. C.Sports. D.Health. . .

67.The writer takes diabetes for example in order to tell us A.the painfulness of being blind B.some diseases can damage eyesight C.the best way to prevent this kind of diseases D.tile importance of healthy diet 68.If you sometimes can’t see things clearly at dusk.you A.are sure to have some kind of eye disease B.must have exposed your eyes to the sun for a long time C.should add more vitamin A to you daily diet D.should have your eyes examined and operated 69.We can learn from the text that . A.all vegetables are helpful to our eyesight B.Vitamin A can be more helpful when we are young C. taking Vitamin A pills can be more helpful to our eyesight D. a diet with no Vitamin A can cause blindness


70.The underlined word “prolonged” in the last paragraph can probably be replaced by . A. delayed B. frightened C. hidden D. slight D About five years ago , an American electrical engineer named Scott Brusaw and his wife Julie came up with the idea of putting solar panels(控制板)on the ground rather than the roof . Then they began to develop the Solar Roadway . The Solar Roadway is an intelligent road that provides clean renewable energy using power from the sun . while providing safer driving conditions , along with power and data delivery . They predict that the Solar Roadway will pay for itself through the generation of electricity along with other forms of income and that the same money that is being used to build and resurface current roads can be used to build the Solar Roadways. Each Solar Road Panel measures roughly 4 meters by 4 meters and contains a microprocessor(微处理器)that monitors and controls the panel , while communicating with neighboring panels and the vehicles travelling overhead . The inventors suggest that this provides a communications device every 4 meters on every road which could be used for example to warn drivers of cars which are moving across a centre line and various other speed control problems. The top of the Solar Road panels is made of super-strong glass that would offer vehicles the tractions(抓地力) they need. According to the inventors , the Solar Roadway creates and carries clean renewable electricity and therefore electric vehicles can be recharged at any conveniently located rest stop , or at any business that has paved Solar Road Panels in their parking lots. The inventors say their Solar Roadway has many functions and advantages from main roads to driveways, parking lots , bike paths , sidewalks and runways. The Federal Highway Administration has given Brusaw $100,000 to develop the invention and Brusaw hopes to build a smart-road parking lot in the coming spring . 71. In the inventors’ opinion, the Solar Roadway A. is too expensive to build at present B. costs no more money than current roads C. can provide as many data as present computers D. will bring them a large sum of money 72.The underlined word “they” in Paragraph 2 refers to . .

A. the panels B. the inventors C. the researchers D. the vehicles 73.The Solar Roadway includes all the following advantages except .

A. providing safer driving conditions B. helping drivers communicate with each other while driving C. creating and carrying clean renewable electricity D. warning drivers of various speed control problems 74. It can be inferred from the text that .

A. the Solar Roadway has already been put into use B. $100,000 is only enough to build a smart-road parking lot C. the Solar Roadway is not available for gas-powered cars D. future electric vehicles can be charged anytime and anywhere 75.What can be the best title for the text? A. Solar-powered smart road of the future B. The great changes on the roadway C. The influence the Solar Roadway has on people D.The Solar Road—a much faster road 第一节 任务型阅读(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填 1 个单词。请将答案写在答题卡相应题号的横线上。 Your boss tells you that you did a bad job. Your coworker criticizes you in front of your whole team. Ouch! It's not easy to take criticism, no matter who it comes from. But, it is easy to soften the blow when you offer criticism to someone in English. Merely by altering your wording and your attitude, you can help someone grow as opposed to making them feel defeated. Phrases like "You're wrong!" and "Your presentation was terrible!" have no place in effective criticism. In fact, it's best to leave the word "you" out, if at all possible. Personal attacks make people feel defensive, and then they won't really listen to anything you have to say. Before starting with the criticism, warm the person up with compliments(恭维). If you are discussing their work, find several things you truly like about what they have done. For example, "I enjoyed your presentation today. You presented a lot of good and helpful information in it, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. I appreciate your hard work." This will lower their defenses and make them feel appreciated. However, a short, vague compliment followed by “but” such as "It was a helpful talk, but you really need to improve your presentation skills" won’t do much to help the process. After you've shared your compliments, allow them time to be absorbed. Immediately following your

compliment with a "but" will destroy all you've tried to accomplish by making your praise seem false and insincere. Remember that the goal of constructive criticism isn't to make the person feel terrible; it's to help them grow. Instead of directly accusing the person, try to get the message through to them in the form of light-hearted advice. Phrases like, "Next time you might want to ? or "I find it helpful to ? can take away the blame while still leaving an impact: "Next time you might want to give a little more attention to the audience. I find it helpful to look people in the eyes while I am speaking." People can't change overnight, especially if they don't get detailed direction. Simply saying "you need to work on your presentation skills" won't help a soul! Be detailed in your advice, and don't overload anyone with criticism. Remember, you want them to keep trying and improving. Don't leave them feeling defeated! Title :How to give (71)▲without offending anyone in English Goal Help the person (72)▲. Tips Dos Results (73)▲directly accusing the person. Leave the word "you" out, if at all possible. The person will listen to whatever you have to say. Soften with compliments Warm the person up with compliments before starting with the criticism. The person’s defenses will be lowered and he will feel appreciated. Don't (74)▲with "but" immediately. Give the person some time to (75)▲ your compliments after you've shared them. It will make your praise (76)▲and sincere Advise with advice. Try to (77)▲the message to the person in the form of light-hearted advice rather than (78)▲accusations. It will take away the blame while still leaving an impact. Stay specific. Be detailed in your advice, and don't heavily (79)▲anyone. It will make him keep trying and improving with (80)▲. 第二节 书面表达(满分 25 分) 假定你是南京中学高三学生李华。在一个英文网络论坛上, 你看到如下的一个帖子: With the college entrance examination approaching, quite a few students are suffering mental problems. It does great harm to their study and health. What can we do to help those students? 请你回帖,要点如下: 1. 列出在学校和家中存在的一些心理问题及其不良后果; 2. 提出应采取的对策(如积极态度和应对方法) 。 注意:1. 文章的开头已经给出(不计人总词数) ,可适当发挥;

2. 词数:150。 I subscribe to what you said. That many students have some mental problems also worries me._______________ 答案: 21---35 DCBAB CBDBA BCAAA 36—55 DACBD AACDA BCADC BBCAD

56-75 ADCAB CDBAD DBCAB BDBCA 任务型阅读 71. criticism 72. grow 73. Avoid 76. true 书面表达 I subscribe to what you said. That many students have some mental problems also worries me. Mental problems have bad effects on both our studies and lives. Some students are so worried about exams and academic achievements that they can’t fall asleep at night. Some are discouraged and tend to lose their confidence because of constant failure in exams. Others can’t get along well with their parents or with their classmates. They always feel stressed and easily get angry. As a matter of fact, there’re many ways for us to deal with our mental problems. First of all, we can turn to our teachers for help, including our teacher of psychology. Second, communication is of vital importance. When we have a talk or discussion about our problems with our friends or classmates, we can feel greatly relieved. Last but not least, we need to develop a positive attitude towards our studies and our life. Wearing a smile is not only a sign of friendliness but also a cure for bad feelings. With the mental problems removed, we will keep in normal mental health and study happily. 77. convey 78. direct 74. continue/follow 75. absorb 80. confidence

79. criticize



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