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【金榜课件】2014届英语(浙江人教)课件:必修4 Unit 2 Working the land

Unit 2 Working the land 土地耕种

Ⅰ. 单词盘点

struggle vi. & n. ) 1. _______( 斗争;拼搏;努力

2. ______( decade n. )
3. expand ______(vt. & vi. )


4. circulate ________(vt. & vi. )
5. freedom _______(n. )


6. ________( therefore adv. ) occupation n. ) 7. __________( regret vt. ) 8. ______( (n . ) focus n. ) 9. _____( (vt. ) 10. ______( reduce vt. )

因此;所以;因而 工作;职业;占领 遗憾;惋惜 遗憾;懊悔 焦点;中心点 集中;聚焦 减少;减缩

11. underline ________(vt. )


comment n. )评论;议论(vi. &vt. )表达意见;作出评论 12. ________( disturbing(adj. )引起烦恼的;令人不安的→_________ disturbed 13. _________ disturb (vt. )扰乱;打扰 (adj. )扰乱的;精神失常的→_______ 14. equip _____(vt. &vi. )配备;装备→ equipment _________(n. )设备(不可数) export vt. &vi. )输出;出口→ import 15. ______( ______(反义词)(vt. &vi. )输 入;进口

confusing adj. )令人迷惑的 confuse vt. )使迷惑;使为难→ _________( 16. _______(
confusion n. )迷惑 → ________( confused adj. )感到迷惑的→ _________( discovery n. )发现;发觉→ ________( discover vt. )发现;发觉;观 17. _________( 察,观测

【品词自测】根据所给词的适当形式填空 equipment and you will be well ①Our school offers good __________ equipped with knowledge and skills for your future job. _________

confusing problem which also confused by the _________ ②He was really ________ confused other people for a long time. (confuse) ________

Ⅱ. 短语回放

1. 幸亏;由于;因为
2. 摆脱;除去

thanks to _________ rid. . . of _________ be satisfied with ______________ in addition __________ build up ________

3. 对??感到满意
4. 除此之外,另外

5. 逐渐增强;建立;开发

6. 导致;造成(后果) 7. 集中(注意力、精力等)于 8. 盛产;富于

lead to _______ focus on ________ be rich in _________

9. 使??免受(影响;伤害等);使??不含(有害物) keep. . . free from/of __________________ 10. (与??相比)更喜欢?? prefer. . . to. . . ______________

Ⅲ. 句式扫描

If so (如果这样的话), what did you do to grow them? 1. ____
what is called(所谓的)super hybrid 2. Dr Yuan Longping grows ___________ rice. makes it possible to 使它成为可 3. This special strain of rice _________________( 能)produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. twice 4. Using his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests _____

as large as (两倍多)before. _________
5. He would ________________ much rather(宁愿)keep time for his hobbies.

【仿句自测】根据下面句式仿写句子 ①it作形式宾语,代指不定式或从句

The fine weather makes it possible for us to go for an outing

②as. . . as构成的英语倍数表达法

This book is three times as thick as that one.

③would rather宁愿,宁可
仿写:我宁可不睡觉也要把这道数学题做出来。 I would rather not sleep to work out this maths problem.

equip 核 心 要 点 倍数表达法 reduce

三年1考 三年2考

if so


1. struggle vi. & n. 斗争;拼搏;努力 (1)struggle for struggle with/against struggle to do sth. struggle to one’s feet (2)without/with a struggle 为??而斗争 与??作斗争,同??搏斗 努力做某事 挣扎着站起来 (不)费劲地,(不)努力地

①Those climbers struggled against the strong wind and finally reached the top of the mountain. 那些登山者在强风中艰难地行走,最终到达山顶。 ②She will not give up her dream without a struggle. 她不会轻易放弃自己的梦想的。 ③He has been struggling to succeed in his business. (句型转换) struggling ___ for _______ success in his business. =He has been _________ 为使事业成功,他一直努力奋斗着。

【助记】Farmers always have to struggle for a living. They
often struggle against/with the bad weather for a better harvest. Some of them even have to leave their hometown and go to work in cities, struggling to increase their income. 农民一直都得为了生存而努力,他们经常与恶劣的天气斗争来


2. rid vt. 摆脱,除去
rid. . . of. . . get/be rid of 使??摆脱/除去?? 摆脱;除去;处理掉

①I must rid myself of that troublesome fellow.

get ___ rid __ of waste is a great problem for the world ②How to ___


3. equip vt. &vi. 配备;装备

equip. . . with. . .

equipped with)

equip sb. for. . .
equip. . . for sth. /to do sth.



①His work experience equipped him to deal with all kinds of
people. 他的工作经验使他能与各种各样的人打交道。 ②We want our son to have an education that will equip him for later life. 我们想让儿子接受能为其日后生活打下基础的教育。

Equipped ____ with new scientific farming methods,they have ③________ been able to use less farmland than in the past. 因为掌握了科学的农耕新方法,现在,他们已经可以使用比过


equip的名词为equipment, 意为“装备,设备”, 为不可数名词。 例如: office equipment a piece of equipment 办公设备 一件设备

4. regret vt. 遗憾;惋惜;为??感到抱歉 n. 遗憾;懊悔

(1)regret doing/having done


regret to do


regret that (2)with great/deep regret to one’s regret

从句遗憾?? 很遗憾 让某人感到遗憾的是

①I have always regretted not having studied hard at school. 我一直后悔在校期间没能努力学习。 regret __ to ______ inform ___ you____ that your application has not been ②We _____ successful. 我们很遗憾地通知您,您的申请未通过。 Much__ to ___ our ______ regret ,we will not be able to visit you next ③_____ year. 让我们深感遗憾的是,我们明年不能去拜访你了。

【点津】 remember/forget/regret后非谓语动词的动作先于谓语动词的动 作发生时,就用v. -ing或having done形式作它们的宾语;晚于 谓语动词的动作发生时,就用to do sth. 作它们的宾语。

④I regretted missing/having missed the good film.

⑤I regret to tell you that you have failed again in the exam. 很


5. reduce vt. 减轻,减少,减缩, 降低

①Taking a deep breath can reduce stress. If you feel stressful,
try it. 深呼吸可以减轻压力。如果你觉得有压力,可以尝试一下。 ②It’s said that prices of oil will be reduced to 7 yuan. 据说石油的价格会降到七元。 ③It is proper that housing prices are reduced by 10%. 房价降低10%是适当的。

【归纳】 降到?? reduce. . . to. . . 意为________ 降了?? reduce. . . by. . . 意为_________

【熟词生义】根据语境选择最佳汉语意思 The rich man was reduced to a beggar. A. 减轻 答案:C B. 减少 C. 沦落

6. thanks to幸亏;由于;因为 ①Thanks to his effort,it is more successful than we have

由于他的努力,我们获得了比预期更大的成功。 thanks to advice that I succeeded in solving the ②It was ______ __ his __ ______ problem. 多亏了他的建议我才成功地解决了这个问题。

thanks to属非正式用语,在句中可作表语或状语。后面接的原

的介词短语可置于句首或句末。 【想一想】常见的表“原因”的短语还有哪些,都有什么区别?

语气最强,多用于表示直接原因。一般放在主句之 后,有时也可放在主句之前。和thanks to一样都属 非正式用语,用于解释某件事发生的原因和过程。 只是thanks to常带有积极意义。 as a result of后面接的原因通常带有消极意义。在 句中作状语。

because of

as a result of
owing to due to

在句中多作状语。 可以作表语或状语,在标准英语中不能位于句首。 due to sth. /sb. 意为“由于,因为”。

①In San Francisco, four hundred people were killed as a result of/because of the earthquake. ②The accident was due to careless driving. ③Owing to a financial disagreement, the cooperation broke down and the two businessmen finally went their separate ways.

7. build up 逐渐增强;建立;开发

①Greenhouse gases continue to build up in the atmosphere,
causing the global temperature to go up. 温室气体继续在大气层中聚集,从而引起全球气温上升。 ②Stevens played a key role in building up the company. 史蒂文斯在创建公司的过程中起了重要作用。

③Taking exercise helps us build up our body and keep a clear mind.

build up ④Hard working conditions can _____ __ your character.

(喻) 艰苦的工作条件能磨炼人的品质。


[ 2009 浙江, 16 ] Practising Chinese kung fu can not only
______ one’s strength, but also develop one’s character. A. bring up B. take up C. build up D. pull up

【解析】选C。考查动词短语辨析。bring up抚养,呕吐;take up占据,开始从事;build up增强;pull up 停车。句意:练习 中国功夫不仅能够增强人的体质,而且能够培养一个人的性情。 根据句意选C。

8. lead to导致;造成(后果);通往 ①This will probably lead to trouble in the future. 这以后将可能导致麻烦。 ②The path leads directly to the house.


【点津】 此短语中的to是介词,后面可接名词或动名词。例如:Staying up too late led to his being late. 熬夜太晚导致他来晚了。

being caught (catch). The new evidence led to the thief ___________

【拓展】翻译以下短语 lead the way 带路;引路 ___________ 领先;处于首位 _______________ 带头;领先 ___________ 致使某人做某事 _______________

in the lead
take the lead

lead sb. to do sth.

9. If so, what did you do to grow them?

if so“如果这样的话”,是if引导的条件状语从句的省略形式,
表示肯定意义;如果表示否定意义,则用if not。 ①If so, find out what would need to change. 如果是这样,请找出需要改变的事项。

【拓展】if ever if any if possible if necessary

如果有过/发生过的话 如果有的话 如果有可能 如果有必要

②I don’t know if there are some mistakes in my composition. __

If any ___ (如果有的话), please point them out.
if ever ③The girl seldom, __ ____ (如果有过的话), turned to her brother for protection.

10. Using his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before. 用他的杂交水稻种子,农民们种出的粮食比

twice as large as 是 倍 数 表 达 的 一 种 。 倍 数 词 ( half/a

quarter/twice/three times. . . )+as+形容词或副词原级+as. . .

倍数表示法: (1)倍数+形容词(或副词)的比较级+than (2)倍数+as+形容词/副词原级(或many/much) +as (3)倍数+the size(length, height. . . ) of

(4) the + 计量名词 (size, length, height. . . )+of+A+be+ 倍数
+that+of+B (5)其他:

I’m twice/double his age. 我的年龄是他的两倍。
I’ve paid five times the usual price for the stamp. 我出了5倍于往常的价格买这枚邮票。

①His father is twice as old as he. 他父亲的年纪有他的两倍大。 times ____ that of ②The size of the newly broadened square is four ___ _____ __ the previous one. 新扩建的广场为以前的四倍大。

③The Yangtze River is almost twice longer than the Pearl River. (同义句转换) as____ long __ as the Pearl River. =The Yangtze River is almost 3 times __ the ______ length __ of the Pearl =The Yangtze River is almost 3 times ___ River. that of =The length of the Yangtze River is almost 3 times ____ __ the Pearl River.

【真题链接】 [ 2011 陕西, 17 ] The new stadium being built for the next

Asian Games will be ______ the present one.
A. as three times big as B. three times as big as

C. as big as three times

D. as big three times as


别注意顺序问题:倍数+as. . . as。故选B。

11. He would much rather keep time for his hobbies.

(1)would rather do宁愿做??

would rather do. . . than do. . .
宁愿??而不愿?? would do. . . rather than do. . .

(2)would rather+从句 过去完成时,表示对过去虚拟

(3)would rather have done本来想??而未实现

①Rather than refuse to help you,I would borrow money from my friends. 我宁可向朋友借钱,也不愿拒绝帮助你。 ②He would rather die than give in to the enemy. (句型转换) rather than =He would die ______ ____ give in to the enemy. 他宁死也不向敌人屈服。 finished (finish) your homework ③I would rather you had ___ _______ yesterday. 我宁愿你昨天就把作业做完了。

(1)be satisfied with. . . 对??满意

(2)keep. . . free of/from使??免受;使??不含
(3)focus on“集中(注意力,精力等)于”与其他短语的辨析

1. Don’t bother Tom. He is ______ with the experiment on water molecules(分子) in the lab. A. focused C. occupied B. fixed D. concentrated

【解析】选C。考查动词词义辨析。句意:不要干扰汤姆,他 正在实验室忙于水分子的实验。 focus“集中注意力”,常与on

搭配;fix“修理,固定,安排”;occupy“占据”;be occupied
with“忙于”;concentrate“集中”常用于be concentrated on。 故只有C项符合。

2. 完成句子 focused on/upon her , the little girl felt ①With all the attention _________________ very embarrassed.

keeps the farmers ______ free of ②The Chinese Central Government _____ farming tax. 中国中央政府免除了农民的农业税。 wasn’t satisfied with his answer. ③The teacher __________________



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