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第1单元 基本句型

Basic Sentence Patterns(基本句型)
Indicate by a,b,c,d,e,to which of the following types the sentences below belong. a) Type I SV Subject + Verb He fainted. b) Type II SVC Subject + Verb + Co

mplement He is a freshman. Subject + Verb + Object He d) Type IV SVOiOd saw a cat.

c) Type III SVO

Subject + Verb+Indirect Object +Direct Object He made me toy guns. Subject + Verb + Object + Complement He made me unhappy.

e) Type V SVOCo

指出下列句子属哪种句型(标出句子成分): 1. Dogs eat bones. 2. She gave him an answer. 3. The phantom disappeared. 4. Do you consider him guilty? 5. Girls become women. 6. Doctors cure patients. 7. Doctors felt tired. 8. Tom painted the wall green. 9. Potatoes are vegetables. 10. My mother passed me the salt. 11. He stood up. 12. They listened to the radio. 13. It was yesterday morning. 14. Jack has given up smoking. 15. Give me some small change. 16. Mary and Petty haven't turned up. 17. The Smiths watched and listened. 18. I didn't tell anyone anything. 19. She made a lot of mistakes in the intelligence test.

20. All the students elected him monitor. 21. We found him working in the garden. 22. The day after tomorrow will be a national holiday. 23. They were driving her mad. 24. I asked whether he had left. 25. Computers are commonplace nowadays. 26. Tell him to go at once. 27. I saw you walking with your mother last week. 28. Write me anything you saw there. 29. Here is the book you want. 30. In came an old man. 用括号中适当的动词形式填充,注意一致关系: 1. Between the two buildings ______ (stand,stands) a hospital. 2. ______ (Is,Are) everybody ready? 3. The police ______ (is,are ) trying to catch the thief. 4. Those who______ (like,likes) singing may join us. 5. Neither the mother nor the father______ (know,knows) anything about the boy. 6. The woman as well as the men ______ (has, have) become a tractor driver. 7. Three plus eight ______ (is,are) eleven. 8. Ten years ______ (is,are) a long time. 9. Much ______ (have,has) been done to fight against pollution. 10. A Large chemical works ______ (is,are) being built. 11. What ______ (is,are) the news from London? 12. The “100 English Songs” ______ (have,has) been sold out. 选择适当的词填充: 1. ______ (How,What) difficult exercises they are! 2. How can you expect a child to do ______ (so,such) things? 3. The reporter said to the ruler of Yap Yap,”That is the most ______ (completely,complete) democracy that I have ever heard of.” 4. A leaf falls much more slowly than a ______ (heavily,heavy) stone. 5. The little girl saw a ______ (white-hair,white-haired) man coming straight towards her. 6. There were hundreds of silver dollars in the (wooden,wood) box. 7. What ______ (other,else) do you want?I want some ______ (other,else) books. 8. The ______ (afraid,frightened) baby began to cry. 9. The ______ (tiring,tired) baby fell asleep in her mother’s arms.

10. He was a ______ (love,lovely) boy,who showed a special interest in foreign languages. 11. At school,he asked a lot of ______ (difficulty,difficult) questions that had nothing to do with his lessons. 12. On my way to school I met an old friend of ______ (my brother,my brother’s) 13. About ______ (three thousands,three thousand) years ago,Greece was divided into a lot of city states. 14. Everybody is surprised that the ______ (seven-years-old,seven-year-old) girl speaks English so well. 15. I saw a ______ (died,dead) bird in the garden. 16. He was murdered and the ______ (all,whole) nation was in sorrow. 17. Gulliver lay ______ (quietly,quiet) with a hungry stomach. 18. A ______ (great,heavy) rain fell last night. 19. The little men were frightened when they saw such a ______ (high,tall) man in front of them. 20. Which do you prefer,______ (red,black) tea or green tea? 21. Einstein was a ______ (Germany,German) scientist. 22. Nathan Hale looked around as a ______ (Britain,British) soldier put the rope around his neck. 23. I only regret that I have but ______ (once,one) life to lose for my country. 24. Long,long ago a news reporter ______ (name,named) Hornsnagle visited the ruler of Yap Yap. 25. He studied and worked ______ (hard,hardly). 26. I am ______ (very,much) fond of music. 27. My brother likes sports ______ (very,very much). 28. We can see how ______ (hard,greatly) the Negroes suffered in the Southern States. 29. As a result of his study,he became a ______ (high,highly) skilled worker. 30. ______ (What,How) did they cut,carry and lift the huge stones? 31. The ship sailed too ______ (near,nearly) to the rocks. 32. This slow train always arrives ______ (lately,late). 33. If you wish to succeed,you should aim ______ (high,highly). 34. Mother did not feel hungry.______ (So,Neither) did I. 35. Mary wasn’t late.Jenny wasn’t late ______ (too,either) 36. I have ______ (no,not) enough courage to do so. 37. I often sit ______ (in front of,in the front of) the lab and watch carefully how the teacher does the experiment. 38. The teacher told me to stand ______ (in front of the blackboard,in the front of

the blackboard). 39. He might have been a passenger’s child and he needed no ticket ______ (at that age, in that age).




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