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U3 Grammar

To use noun + ’s correctly
To recognize possessive adjectives and pronouns

Words & phrases review
postcard key ring key ring yours ours theirs hers all over pencil

case n. 明信片 n. 钥匙 n. 环,圈;戒指 n. 钥匙扣 pron. 你的;你们的 pron. 我们的 pron. 他(或她、它)们的 pron. 她的 到处,遍及 n. 笔盒,笔袋

Look at the following sentences. 1. Are you my master? (七年级上册 U1) 2. Millie’s classmate David is writing about his favourite sport. (七年级上册 U2) 3. The parents’ meeting begins at two o’clock in the afternoon. (七年级上册 U3)

4. Millie seldom chats with her friends after class. (七年级上册 U4) 5. What is your favourite festival, Tommy? (七年级上册 U5) 6. We can use nouns before uncountable nouns to show their amounts. (七年级上册 U6) 7. The hair clips match Sandy’s skirt. (七年级上册 U7) 8. Welcome to our fashion show. (七年级上册 U8)

Sentences from this unit: 1. An old friend of mine is coming to see me. Hobo. (P30) 2. … I’d like to take the boys to our school’s football field. (P31) 3. There are lots of nice shops in our town. (P32) 4. You can buy wonderful presents for your family and friends there. (P32)

to test your sense of observation to test your ability of short-term memory to test your ability to highlight the language points

my 1. Are you ___ master? Millie’s 2. _______ classmate David is writing about his favourite sport. parents’ 3. The _______ meeting begins at two o’clock in the afternoon. 4. Millie seldom chats with ___ friends her after class. your 5. What is _____ favourite festival, Tommy? 6. We can use nouns before uncountable nouns to show _____ amounts. their

Sandy’s 7. The hair clips match _______ skirt. our 8. Welcome to ____ fashion show. 9. An old friend of _____ is coming to see mine me. Hobo. 10. … I’d like to take the boys to ____ our _______ football field. school’s our 11. There are lots of nice shops in ____ town. 12. You can buy wonderful presents for your _____ family and friends there.

1. Henry runs fast. He won the ______ 8000-metre race yesterday. A. boys' B. boys C. boy D. boy's
2. - My watch keeps good time. What about ______? - Mine? Oh, two minutes slow. A. you B. her C. hers D. yours

以上我们已经通过归纳总结和练习 对本课的语法内容有了一定的了解, 下面就让我们根据 之前练习的考察情 况进一步选择讲解


We usually add ’s to a singular noun to express the idea of belonging. I would like to take the boys to our school’s football field. We add ’ to a plural noun ending in -s. The exchange students’ homes are in the UK.

We add ’s to a plural nouns that do not end in -s. children’s, people’s, men’s, women’s June 1st is Children’s Day. Today men’s pressure is bigger than yesterday.

We often use ’s with names.

Neil’s mother is calling him from the UK. When a name ends in -s, we also add ’s. Charles’s car

The students in Class 1, Grade 7 have some presents for the exchange students, but their things got mixed up. Mr. Wu is asking Amy which things belong to which people. Help Amy complete the answers.

1. Whose postcards are these? Millie’s They’re ___________. Millie /her They belong to _________. 2. Whose cap is this? Daniel’s It’s _________. Daniel /him It belongs to __________. 3. Whose T-shirt is that? Kitty’s It’s _________. Kitty /her It belongs to ___________.

一。名词所有格的意义: 名词在句中表示所有关系的语法形式叫 名词所有格。 June 1 is Children’s Day.

二、名词所有格的表现形式通常有三种: (一)表示有生命物体的名词所有格 a.单数名词的所有格,在名词词尾加 ’s my mother’s book the girl’s mother b.不以s或es结尾的不规则变化的名词复数,其 所有格形式也是在后面加 ’s Children’s Day the People’s Republic of China 中华人民共和国 men’s women’s

c. 以s结尾的复数名词只加“ ’ ”,不加s the students’ TV room Teachers’ Day is on September 10. d. 姓名的所有格形式是在其后加上’s Tom’s parents Charles’s pen Neil’s mother is calling him from the UK.

? 1.Is this ____ book ? ? A. Lilei B. Lilei’s C. Lileis’ ? 2. This is _____ car. ? A. Smith B. Smith’s C. Smiths’

e. 表示时间、距离、国家、城市的名词,加’s 或s’ 构成所有格 five minutes’ walk= a five-minute walk today’s meeting 今天的会议 f. 共同所有格与个体所有格: 共有的东西,所有 格也共有; 分开的东西,所有格也分开. She’s Tom and Jim’s mother. (同一个母亲) They’re Tom’s and Jim’s mothers. ( 各自的母 亲)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3. That’s my _________. A. brother’s and sister’s bike B. brother and sister’s bike C. brother’s and sister’s bikes 4. It takes me ____walk to go to school A. five minutes’ B. five minute’s C. five minutes

? 5.Whose shirt is this ? It’s ____. ? A. Wang Wei’s B. Wang Wei ? C. of Wang Wei ? 6. Where’s Mr Wang ? He has gone to the ____. ? A. doctor B. doctor’s C. doctors’

(二)、表示无生命的物体名词的所有 关系,通常用 “of +名词 ” 的形式。 教室的门 the door of the classroom 山脚 the foot of the hill 树叶 the leaves of the tree 社会的发展 The development of the society 书的封面 The cover of a book

(三)、 双重所有格是指 “of+名词 ’s / of + 名词性的物主代词”的结构。当被修饰的 名词前a, an, two, some, such, this, those时,常用这种所有格。 ? a friend of mine ? an old photo of my father’s ? two rooms of ours ? some books of my sister’s

根据句意用所给单词的适当形式填空 1、Please put the book on ___________( Millie) desk.

2、These teddy bears are the ____________( girls).
3、June 1 is Children’s children ) Day. ___________( 4、This is the _______( boy ) Walkman. It’s not the ______( girl ). 5、Is it 20 ____________ (minute ) walk from your home?

6、______________( My mother ) birthday is on May 9.

Mary and Gina are my cousins. Three friends of _______work in our local hospital. A. their B. they C. them D. theirs

Possessive adjectives and pronouns
person Subjective Objective Possessive Possessive pronoun pronoun adjective pronoun

一 二 三

I we you they he she it

me us you them him her it

my our your their his her its

mine ours yours theirs his hers its

1. Note that its and his have two functions. The bag over there is his. It is his bag. 2. The possessive adjective its does not have an apostrophe (’). its means “它的,它的东西”. it’s means “it is”. Look at the poor little dog. There is something wrong with one of its legs. It’s a sunny day today.

3. We ______ (need, do not need) to put a need noun after a possessive adjectives. Hey, I like your new shirt very much. This is my book. 4. We ______________ (need, do not need) do not need to put a noun after a possessive pronoun. I know you like that toy, boy. But it’s not yours, it’s hers.

In the library The students have some new books from the bookshop, but their books are mixed up. Look at the picture below and

complete their conversation
on page 36.

Daniel: Look at(1) our books. They’re all our over the place. your Millie: Are those(2) your books ,Amy? Amy: No, they aren’t(3) mine . They’re mine My Sandy’s. (4) My book is under Sandy’s chair. yours Sandy: Yes .And (5) yours is here too, Simon. Simon: What about that book, Sandy? Is it yours (6) yours ? Sandy: No. It’s Millie’s. hers Daniel: Oh yes, it’s (7) hers , and here is my (8) my book. It’s next to Amy’s pencil case.

用适当的物主代词填空: 1. I think books are yours, Peter. They are not my books. They are mine not ________. 2. Please give this to Susan. It is ________ pen. her 3. We are working hard on ______ our project. The teacher will like it.

4. My cousins and I live in the same building. My flat is on the third floor. _________ is on the Theirs tenth floor. 5. I can’t find my ruler. Can I yours borrow ________? his 6. Mr Chen loves _______ new car very much.

We use noun + ’s to express the idea of belonging. We use possessive adjectives and pronouns to express the idea of belonging.

I. Choose the best answer. 1. — Excuse me, is this ______ new camera (照相机)? — Yes, it’s ______. (2010江苏宿迁) A. your; my B. your; mine C. yours; my D. yours; mine 2. — Lucy’s skirt is black. What about ______?? — Mine is white. (2010湖南娄底) ? A. you B. your C. yours

3. This is ______ classroom, but where is ours? (2010陕西) A. they B. them C. their D. theirs 4. I’m from England, and ______ name is Jacky. (2010广西梧州) A. her B. his C. your D. my

5. — Whose shirt is this? Is it Tom's? — No, it isn't. ______ is white. (2010山东莱芜) A. Mine B. Hers C. His D. Yours 6. — Is this _____ ruler? — No. _____ is over there. (2011天津) A. her; Her B. her; Hers C. hers; Hers D. hers; Her

7. Please send ______ best wishes to Mary. (2011重庆) A. I B. me C. my D. mine 8. — Oh! I came in a hurry and forgot to bring food. — It doesn’t matter. You can have ______. (2011广东) A. we B. us C. our D. ours

9. — Lily, please put your school things in your bag. — But those books are not ______, they are Tom’s. (2011福建泉州) A. I B. my C. mine 10. I found a story-book on the desk, it isn’t mine, it is ______, I think. (2011广西百色) A. her B. she C. yours D. mine

11. — Here is a schoolbag. Whose is it? — Oh, it's ______. Thank you. (2012福建福州) A. my B. mine C. me 12. — Whose pen is this? — Oh, it’s ______. I was looking for it everywhere. (2012安徽) A. you B. yours C. me D. mine

13. The lovely girl is from Class 6. ______ name is Alice. (2012北京) A. Her B. His C. Your D. Its 14. Would you please lend me ______ English book? ______ isn’t here. (2012贵州安顺) A. your; I B. you; My C. yours; Mine D. your; Mine 15. Please give ______ English book to her. (2012贵州毕节) A. me B. I C. mine D. my

II. Fill in the blanks.
1. I think these books are yours, Peter. mine They are not _______. 2. Please give this to Susan. It is her _____ pen. 3. We are working hard on ____ our model. The teacher will like it, I think.

4. My cousins and I live in the same building. My flat is on the third floor. Theirs ______ is on the tenth floor. 5. I can’t find my ruler. Can I borrow yours ______, Anna? his 6. Mr. Chen loves _____ new car very much. He bought it last week.

7. These are ______ (Lisa) books. Lisa’s 8. I have a new pen, and Millie has a new pen too. This one is ______ (I), mine and that one is ______ (she). hers my 9. I’d like to lend _____ (I) book to your ____ (you) brother. 10. Today is International _________ Women's Day (国际妇女节).

To preview Integrated skills on Pages 37 and 38
To learn to make plans for a visit

1. Review the grammar part again. 2. Do the exercises on Pages 35 and 36.


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