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2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练习精品题(17)及答案
完型填空 We are warned by our teachers not to waste time because time 26 will never return. I think i t quite 27. What does time look 28? Nobody knows, and we can’t see it or touch it and no 29 of money can buy it. Time is abstract(抽象的), so we have to 30 about it. Time passes very quickly. Some students say they don’t have 31 time to review their lessons. It is 32 they don’t know how to make use of their time. They waste it in going to theatres or playing, and 33 other useless things. Why do we study everyday? Why do we work? Why do most people 34 take buses ins tead of walking? The answ er is very 35 .We wish to save time because time is36. Today we are living in the 21st century. We 37 time as life. When a person dies, his life ends. Since life is short, we must 38 our time and energy to our study so that we 39 be able to work and live well in the future. Laziness is the 40 of time, for it not only brings us 41, but also does other 42 to us. If it is necessary for us to do our work today, 43 we do it today and not 44 it until tomorrow. Remember that time is much more 45. 26. A. lost 27. A. important 28. A. for 29. A. amount 30. A. think 31. A. spare 32. A. that 33. A. doing 34. A. needn’t 35. A. easy 36. A. worthless 37. A. look upon 38. A. spend B. passed B. true B. like B. quality B. imagine B. free B. why B. making B. have to B. simple B. priceless B. agree B. give C. missed D. used

C. interesting D. usual C. after C. quantity C. examine C. enough C. because C. taking C. had better C. stupid C. ready C. think C. set D. over D. price D. check D. much D. certain D. getting D. would rather D. interesting D. little D. believe D. devote


39. A. must 40. A. helper 41. A. wealth 42. A. danger 43. A. help 44. A. keep 45. A. valuable

B. should B. thief B. health B. harm B. make B. remain B. expensive

C. may C. friend C. failure C. trouble C. have C. manage C. worth

D. would D. teacher D. illness D. difficulty D. let D. leave D. rich.

参考答案 26—30 ABBAB 31—35 CCABB 35—40 BADCB 41—45 CBDDA


复习扫荡狂练:完形填空—说明文 There is an old proverb “The writer creates half the text; the reader creates the other half”. The statement is quite apt and very clear to clarify the fact that 1 is very important aspect of education. Conversation, experience, reading and observation are the ways by which an individual 2 of learning is 3 without reading. A very suitable example fitting in this context is from our evolution. We have 4 different ages, from Stone Age to Iron Age and from iron to space age, just by reading the hand 5 When we 7 articles of our own ancestors and learning 6 their mistakes. the pages of dictionary or search for a literal definition of “Reading”, . And so it is clear that process

we will find that it actually is a way of words attainment for active communication, and for 8 ideas and information. It is also a 9 of complicated interaction

between the transcript and the 10 . The reading process obliges constant practices, progress, and improvement. Reading and education is not just going through the text; talent or an expertise. It is measured by it is actually a skill,

11 parameters like phonics, vocabulary, 12 and techniques in

fluency and comprehension. Although there are a number of


reading, there are three tools by which one can improve reading and 13 Let’s find the three:


Skimming: It is a skill by which readers gather the most prior information. In this process one has to only go through the text, grasping 14 information. Understanding does not actually 15 here. Reading morning newspaper is the 16 of this skill. Scanning: It is used to locate or mind a particular piece of in formation. The reader in this process is more conscious. 17 here is also not so vital. One can go just 18 . Going through

reading and noting the important information which he/she are the travel ticket is the best example of this process. Intensive Reading: As the name suggest, this skill 19

thorough reading.

Understanding is also one of its important aspects. It requires a concentration from the part of readers. Going through educational note or property papers are the example of 20 reading. 1. A. readingB. speakingC. listeningD. respecting 2. A. growsB. learns C. practicesD. remembers 3. A. incorrectB. inconvenientC. incomplete D. useless 4. A. moved B. saw C. passed D. repeated 5. A. boughtB. shownC. spokenD. written 6. A. fromB. inC. on D. at 7. A. go throughB. go onC. go afterD. go about 8. A. arguing B. sharing C. collectingD. enjoying 9. A. relief B. thoughtC. topic D. process 10. A. waiter B. buyerC. reader D. writer 11. A. classicB. reliable C. difficult D. different 12. A. toolsB. copiesC. marks D. ideas 13. A. educationB. comprehensionC. measureD. occupation 14. A. interesting B. important C. personalD. political 15. A. occur B. workC. matterD. differ 16. A. momentB. idiomC. explanationD. example 17. A. InformationB. SurveyC. Research D. Understanding

18. A. looking after B. searching for C. glancing at D. speaking of 19. A. replacesB. meets C. requires D. attracts 20. A. nativeB. intensive C. creative D. active


完形填空 He met her at a party. She was outstanding while he was normal. At the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee. She was she 27 26 but due to being polite, 28 to say anything.

. Sitting in a nice coffee shop, he was too 29

Suddenly he asked the

, "Would you please give me some salt? I'd like to put 30 ! His face turned red but still, 31 , "Why you have this

it in my coffee." Everybody stared at him, so

he put the salt in his coffee and drank it. She a sked him

hobby?" H e replied, "When I was a little boy, I lived near the sea. I liked the 32 of the sea, just like the taste of the salty coffee. 34 33 I have the

salty coffee, I always my pa rents." 35

my childhood and my hometown. I miss my ho metown and

saying that tears filled his eyes. She was deeply touched. A homesickness must be a man who has 36 of

man who can tell out his home. That was a really beautiful beautiful love story

37 — 39

of their story. Then the story was just like every the princess 38 the prince.

And every time she made that's the 40 he liked it.

for him, she put some salt in it, as she knew

After 40 years, he passed away, 41

her a letter which said, "My dearest, please

forgive me, forgive my whole life's lie — the salty coffee. Remember the first time we dated? I was so nervous at that time, It was hard for me to 42 I wanted some sugar, but I said salt.

43 so I just went ahead. If I can live for the second 44 I have to drink the salty

time, I still want to have you for my whole life,


coffee again." Her tears made the letter totally wet. Someday, someone asked her,

"What's the taste 26. A. surprised 27. A. answered 28. A. curious 29. A. waiter 30. A. outstanding 31. A. constantly 32. A. color 33. A. Every time 34. A. think out 35. A. Since 36. A. responsibility 37. A. scene 38. A. dated 39. A. tea 40. A. way 41. A. left 42. A. fortunately 43. A. change 44. A. as th ough 45. A. sugared

of 45 coffee? " She replied, " It's sweet." B. pleased B. promised B. jealous B. girl B. bitter B. curiously B. character B. Next time C. satisfied C. provided C. nervous C. partner C. delicious C. suddenly C. quality C. The first time C. think of C. While C. consideration C. comedy C. devoted C. coffee C. means C. writing C. happily C. overcome C. even though C. instant D. excited D. refused D. cautious D. customer D. strange D. seriously D. taste D. By the time D. think up D. Because D. control D. result D. married D. milk D. route D. wrote D. possibly D. remove D. so that D. salty

B. think over B. Though B. concept B. beginning B. admired B. water B. method B. leaving B. actually B. remind B. now that B. old


. 复习扫荡狂练:完形填空—说明文 A proverb is a short, well-known saying that expresses a common truth or belief.


Proverbs are 1

in most cultures and are often very old.

In American history, Benjamin Franklin was 2 for his proverbs. Franklin lived in the 1700s. He was a leader of the American Revolution against English rule. He was also a scientist, inventor and writer. For many years, Franklin published a book 3 “Poor Richard’s Almanac. ” He included many proverbs that he had heard or created. Some of them are still 4 today.

Like this one: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. ” Franklin is also remembered for other 5 like, “A penny saved is a penny earned. ” This 6 that money should not be wasted. 7 of proverbs that Americans use. The first ones are about 8 .

Here are other

Some people say, “All is fair in love and war. ” They mean that anything you do in a relationship or in battle is 9 . Another proverb says “Love is blind. ” 10 , when you are in love with someone, you may 11 to see anything bad about that person.

Here is another popular 12 about love: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. ” Some people believe that a woman can 13 a man’s love if she prepares his 14 foods.

Some people are only interested in having a 15 with someone who is very good-looking. You might tell them that “Beauty is only skin deep. ” Your girlfriend may be 16 to look at, but she may also have some bad qualities. Or the opposite may be 17 . Your boyfriend is a wonderful person, like is not really important. Another proverb is true in love and war or other situations: “Actions speak louder than words. ” It means that what you 20 is more important than what you say. 1. A. recognizedB. found C. heard D. felt 2. A. readyB. famous C. goodD. fit 3. A. equippedB. fixed C. called D. shown 4. A. explained B. carried C. used D. proved 5. A. booksB. stories C. proverbs D. novels 6. A. meansB. addsC. suggests D. touches

18 not good-looking. So what a 19


7. A. examplesB. partsC. pairsD. idioms 8. A. sadnessB. friendship C. warD. love 9. A. forgettable B. comfortableC. remarkable D. acceptable 10. A. In other wordsB. In a word C. First of all D. After all 11. A. want B. refuse C. decideD. force 12. A. introductionB. explanationC. talking D. saying 13. A. winB. beat C. defeat D. reward 14. A. favoriteB. special C. enormous D. polluted 15. A. progress B. applicationC. relationship D. communication 16. A. odd B. strangeC. uglyD. lovely 17. A. differentB. difficult C. falseD. true 18. A. for B. or C. but D. and 19. A. manB. person C. peopleD. lady 20. A. removeB. do C. bring D. bury


完型填空 I've always loved pigeons(鸽子). Some years ago I managed to persuade my wife to let me buy a few and start 26 them myself. They cost a lot of money and so it carried

spoilt(破坏) our 27 a bit, but my wife never actually stopped me so I 28

on. I learnt so much about them that I could 29 a good racer anywhere and I bought some beauties. My pigeons won some top races, and I even began to make a bit of 30 .

You see, people are prepared to pay big prices if they get to know that your pigeons are 31 big prizes. 32 to the pigeons over the last year or two anyway.

My wife had been changing her She was quite

33 of all the prizes we’d won. Then there was the travelling, which

she liked. You see some one has to take the pigeons a 34 way off and set them free.

Some of the 35 were really nice. I never travelled. I used to like to wait at home and see them come in. They’ve got this wonderful sense of 36 , which can bring them back home so quickly. They’d flown hundreds of miles sometimes 37 storms or 38 .

against strong winds. And there they’d come, tiny white birds against the great Then I'd watch them

39 round and come down onto the landing shelf. I'd look at my

watch and think, “My goodness, that’s a good 40 . ”And I'd take off the little leg ring and push it through the machine to 41 what time he’d arrived. Then my wife would 42 up and say, “Has he arrived yet?” Then we would work out if we’d won 43 . Then last year we had a 44 ! All of them got some sort of flu and 45 . It was

terrible. I had to burn them all. We lost a fortune, of course. 26. A. racing 27. A. dream 28. A. just 29. A. notice 30. A. living 31. A. losing 32. A. subject attitude 33. A. proud 34. A. different 35. A. distances 36. A. direction 37. A. over 38. A. heaven 39. A. turn 40. A. fly 41. A. write 42. A. come 433. A. again 44. A. disadvantage B. fond B. 1ong B. activities B. sight B. across B. mountain B. dance B. time B. record B. show B. finally B. chance C. careful C. short C. trips C. hearing C. with C. cloud C. circle C. day C. count C. phone C. only C. problem D. sure D. fa r D. movements D. touch D. through D. sky D. whistle D. 1ook D. memorize D. cheer D. accidentally D. disaster B. feeding B. work B. even B. learn B. fun B. winning C. tending C. marriage C. almost C. imagine C. money C. giving D. flying D. hobby D. hardly D. recognize D. change D. making C. relation D.

B. decision


45. A. flew

B. died

C. cured

D. lost

参考答案 26—30 ACADC 31—35 BDABC 36—40 ADDCB 41—45 BCADB




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