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Haze 霾 烟雾 smog; 空气污染指数 air pollution index; 橙色预警 orange alert; 悬浮颗粒物 airborne particulate matter; 可吸入颗粒物 inhalable particle; 有毒物质 toxic substance; 空气质量检测 air quality monitoring; 气象局 (weather bureau) 相对湿度 relative humidity 能见度 visibility Measurement 计量方式 AQJ(Air Quality Index)大气质量指数 API(Air Pollution Index)大气污染指数 What is PM?Particulate matter PM 10可吸入颗粒物 PM 2.5 可入肺颗粒物 Burning of fossil fuels in vehicles 机动车燃油 Powerplants 发电厂 Various industrial processes 各类工业生产 Off the charts!爆表了! Occupational disease 职业病 I am in a fog 云里雾里

防尘口罩 (anti-dust respirator/mask) 脱销 (sell out) 空气净化器 (air purifier)

梨 (pear)、橘子 (orange)、黑木耳 (black fungus)、银耳 (snow fungus)

1.Terrifying 恐怖 Hang in there!忍一下 2. ridicule 调侃 3.Fearless 无畏

Face the problem 直视问题 不要粉饰 Do not sugarcoat it!

雾霾的定义 The definition of Haze
Haze is air pollution in which is mixed up with dust, smoke and other dry particles ,and it obscure the clarity of the sky and interacts with the natural environment.

原因 The cause:
第一, 污染物排放量大。Large pollutant emission. A great deal of toxic substance has been released by automobiles and fireworks. 第二, 扩散条件不利。 Disadvantageous condition for dispersal. We have noticed that serious air pollution usually results over a city or other area during a period of air stagnation. 第三, 区域污染和本地污染贡献叠加。Multiply effect of regional pollution and local pollution. 第四, 冬季取暖排放的 CO2等污染物。 Pollutants like CO2 are emitted because of the

use of heating installation in Northern cities. 第五,自然原因。 Natural sources can include windblown dust, and soot from wildfires。

解决方法 The solution
1.减少工业废气。One of effective solutions to help eliminate haze is to make some chemistry changes during the manufacturing process,so it could reduce harmful emissions which are produced by manufacturing operations。 2.增加公共交通设备。Public transportation system should be perfected.Therefore, people will consciously reduce the use of private cars. 3.春节禁鞭。It is known to us that fireworks and crackers can produce lots of toxic substance. Though they are beautiful, the forbidden of them should be encouraged and advocated as the spring festival comes near. 4.提高公民环保意识。In the environmental protection, the participation of the public has made the enormous promotion positively. The citizen’s environmental consciousness enhancement have the great significance for it.


汽车限购 restrictions on car ownership 车牌摇号 license-plate lottery 牌照单双号限行 odd-even license plate system 污染和交通堵塞的担忧日趋严重 pollution and traffic congestion has been rising around the country

汽车限购如果出成小作文,猜测很有可能是建议信,建议提早买车,根据建议信 的模板写即可; 如果是大作文,猜测可能如下面作文的模板来出:


以上纯属个人猜测, 特别是汽车限购是12月中旬来出来的政策,并且仅限于天津 地区,MBA 作为全国统考的试卷,个人觉得考试的可能性不是很大。但是可以关 注关注,以防万一!




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