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Unit5 Canada-“The True North”单元测试
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第一部分:单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) ( )1. Canada is ______country in the world A bigger than any B the biggest C larger than all D the sencond biggest ( )2. she was_____ that she started to run away when a man appeared suddenly A. too terrified B. so terrified C. such terrified D. very terrified ( )3. It _______ this morning that two of the body guards of the prime minister got killed and the minister himself got ______ hurt in the violent car bomb explosion. A. officially announced; slightly B. was officially announced; lightly C. was official announced; seriously D. was officially announced; slightly ( )4. Foreign visitors will be amazed ______ the art work of three cowboys on horseback ______ a crowd of cows back home along a road on one broad maple leaf. A. seeing; driving B. to see; to drive C. to see; driving D. seeing; to drive ( )5. My father seems to have a natural gift _____ treating frostbites(冻伤). ______ serious a frostbite is, he is able to cure it. A. at; however B. for; whatever C. with; however D. for; however ( )6.Always_____ by honors, praises and gifts, young kids nowadays are easy to suffer psychological(心理的)problems when things go against them. A surrounded B surrounding C to surround D surroundings ( )7. The naughty boy spends most of his time playing computer games ______ his lessons. A. rather than study B. other than studying C. rather than studying D. other than to study ( )8. It was reported that the passenger ship was sailing eastwards in the Atlantic Ocean ______ its captain and some passengers on board_______ something supposed to be a UFO flying overhead. A. while; caught sight of B. when; caught sight of C. as; saw D. since; caught a sight of ( )9. Ten passengers ______ the plane, which crashed into the urban area last night because of the thick fog, are reported to have survived the crash, but the news has not been ______ yet by the officials in charge. A. on board; made known B. aboard; confirmed C. on board; said D. aboard; made sure ( )10.Just _____ oil ______ well with water, my little daughter never ______ well with her schoolmates in school. A. like; doesn’t mix; mix B. as; is not mixed; get on C. like; isn’t mixed; get along D. as; doesn’t mix; mixes ( )11.In his impressive manly voice, my father always _______the importance of setting proper goals in different stages of life. A. explains us B. impresses on us C. suggests to us D. describes to us
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)12.When the seriously injured boy was taken to a ______ hospital,; while lying in bed, he heard a voice _______ calling him. A. close; at a distance B. near; in the distance C. nearby; in the distance D. close; from distance ( )13.Though difficult, I ________ him find a job, which made him very pleased. A. tried to help B. managed to help C. tried helping D. succeeded to help ( )14. Friendship can’t be ________in terms of money but money is an effective means to ______ how strong the friendship is. A. measured; test B. weighed; weigh C. measured; measure D. tested; measure ( )15. It is normal for kids to feel anxious and not to be able to ______ their studies just before a quiz or an examination. A. settle down B. devote to C. get down for D. settle down to 第二部分 完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2.分,满分 30 分) Michel is a young girl who works for the police as a handwriting expert. She has helped catch many criminals 1 using her special talents. When she was fourteen, Michel was already so interested in the differences in her friends’ handwriting 2 she would spend hours 3 them.. after finishing college she went to France for a special two-year class in 4 at the School of Police Science.Michel says that it is 5 for people to hide their handwriting. She can discover most of what she needs to know simply by looking at the writing with her own 6 , but she also has machines 7 help her 8 different kinds of paper and ink. This knowledge is often __9__ great help to the 10 . Michel believes that handwriting is a good sign of 11 kind of person the writer is .”I wouldn’t go out with a fellow 12 I didn’t like his handwriting,” she says. But she adds she 13 in love with her future husband, a young policeman 14 she studied his handwriting. It is later proved to be all right, 15 . ( )1. A. with B. as C. like D. by ( )2 A. that B. as C. as to D. so that ( )3. A. writing B. setting C. uncovering D. studying ( )4. A. books B. handwriting C. tongues D. letter ( )5. A. possible B. safe C. easy D. impossible ( )6. A. hands B.. mind C. head D. eyes ( )7. A. they B. those C. that D. with which ( )8. A. carry out B. give out C. look out D. make out ( )9. A. of B. to C. with D. for ( )10. A. teachers B. people C. police D. students ( )11. A. what B. all C. which D. to which ( )12. A. whether B. if C. after D. unless ( )13. A. felt B. dropped C. caught D. fell ( )14. A. after B. when C. because D. before ( )15. A. however B. but C. too D. either 第三部分 阅读理解(共 4 小题;每小题 2..5 分,满分 10 分) In the traditional marriage, the man worked at a job to earn money for the family. Most men worked in an office, a factory, or some other place away from the home. Since the man earned the money, they paid the bills. The money was used for food, clothes, the house, and other family
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needs, the man made most of the decisions. He was the boss. In the traditional marriage, the woman seldom worked away from the house. She stayed at home to care for the children and her husband. She cooked meals, cleaned the house, washed the clothes, and did other housework. Her job at home was very important. In recent years, many couples continues to have a traditional relationship of the kind of man who has a job and earns the money for the family. The woman stays at home and cares for the children and the house. Many American are happy with the kind of marriage. But some other Americans have a different impression of marriage and family responsibilities There are two important differences in male and female roles now. One is that both men and women have to stay at home. Both men and women may choose roles that are comfortable for them. The second difference in male and female roles is that within marriage many decisions and responsibilities are shared. The husband and wife may choose to have children, or they may not. If they have children, the man takes care of them some of the time, all of the time or not at all. The woman may want to stay at home and take care of the children, or she may want to go to work. Men and women now decide these things together in a marriage. Many married people now share these decisions and responsibilities of their families. ( )1 Which of the following is NOT true in the traditional marriage? A. Men worked at a job to earn money for the family. B. The woman made most of the decisions. C. The woman stayed at home to care for the children. D. The man paid the bills. ( ) 2. In recent years_______. A young couples refuse the traditional relationship B. the woman has a job and earns the money for the family C. the woman doesn’t stay at home and care for the children and the house D. the role of men and women has begun to change ( ) 3. Men and women may now choose all the following except to _______. A. marry or to stay single B. work or stay at home C. leave their job just because they have children D. have their roles that are comfortable for them ( ) 4. The followings are all now true except ______. A. they may choose to have children or not B. the man may take care of the children some of the time C. the woman is the most important person in the house D. the woman may want to go to work 第四部分 信息匹配(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分) A.Music Box: Dan Moore and Alex Bowen mix funk, house, disco, jazz, electro and hip hop. 7 p.m to midnight, £8 entry, 0870 1220334 B.Breathing Space: Caroline Broadhead’s installation that change the space of the building’s interior 内部) ( using a suspended(悬挂)textile ceiling. Until Jan9, daily 11am to 5pm, free. C.Hypnotic: Pete Kelly presents his surround-sound installation, set in a dark room with black walls and
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five speakers playing a fantastic melody. Mon to Sat 10am to 5pm, Sun 1 pm to 5pm, free. D.Susie Perring: Colourful etching(蚀刻), aquatints and silk-screen prints on porcelain(瓷器), Metro-life four-star rating. Tue to Fri 10am to 5pm. Until Feb 15.0113 247 8245 E.Skool Disco at Corporation Cheesy tunes and school-themed high jinks, place for gathering occasions. 9pm to 2am; £2.1-3 Milton Street. F.The Factory Of Dreams: Inside Mexico’s Soap Operas Stefan Ruiz’s look at Mexico’s soap operas, including Los Ricos Tambien Lloran, watched regularly by 200 million people, yet actually unheard of in the West. Tue to Sat 10am to 5:30pm, free. 请阅读以下个人信息,然后匹配到合适的地方。 1.Lance is interested in interior decoration. He has recently helped his uncle with the decoration of his new house. He now majors in architecture: the designing of buildings. 2. William is an amateur director. He likes to invite some friends together and perform plays. With new high-tech equipment, he even starts to produce DIY(Do-It-Yourself) mini films. He wishes he will be a big name in the film industry one day. 3.Jim is working in a big company and has just got his first-month pan and would like to invite some young fellow workers to have fun this Saturday. 4. Patric is a super fan of classical music. He always finds it a high joy to be lost in some excellent symphonies, like those of Beethoven’s. Recently, he is planning to purchase some musical equipment. 5.Victor is now a college freshman majoring in engineering in another city. At this time of Christmas, he is back at home for the holiday. He plans to invite some of former fellow students in high school for a get-together. ( ) 1.Lance A Music Box ( ) 2.William B Breathing Space ( ) 3.Jim C Hypnotic ( ) 4.Patric D Susie Perring ( ) 5.Victor E Skool Disco at Corporation F The Factory Of Dreams 第五部分 语法填空(共 10 小题,每小题 2 分,共 20 分) Liu Xiang was the first Asian ___________ (win) the men’s 110m hurdles at the Olympics in Athens. After that he became an idol to the young people.“I never thought I would run under 13 seconds and ________(break) the Olympic record.”said Liu Xiang in tears, “I am very very_________( excite). I’m proud not just for myself and for Chinese but for Asia. My race went ___________ (wonderful) from start to finish.” Liu added. “It is _______amazing experience being the Olympic champion. I want to thank my coach and my friends for ________ help. I think today we Chinese have showed the world we can run as_______ (fast) as anybody else.” Since his return ________ Athens, Liu Xiang has been at the center of a media circus and he has been to many press appearances and meetings. ________ Liu thinks 2004 is just the beginning, and he expects to be at his peak in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Liu said, “For some players, it’s just a job. For me, it’s _______ I love.”

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Unit five
信息匹配: BFACE

Canada ---“The True North
6-10 DDDAC 11-15 ABDDA

完形填空;1-5 DADBD

阅读理解 1-4 BDCC 语法填空: 1. to win 2. break 3. excited 4.wonderfully 5. an

6. their 7.fast

8.from 9. But

10. what

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