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目标 找准方向 1.To give an oral report. 2.To learn the differences in friendships between boys and girls. 3. To use some useful words and expressions. 自我构建 快乐无限 Step 1. 通读 SBPage18 上的 “Teenagers’ friendships” ,回答下列问题。 (1) What is the passage mainly discussing? ________________________________________________ (2)What puzzles Robert? _________________________________________________ (3)What’s the difference between boys and girls in their attitudes towards friendships? ________________________________________________ (4)What are boys’ and girls’ friendships each based on? _________________________________________________ Step 2. 通读课文,翻译下列词组。 (1)全神贯注于 (2)与…一致 (3)毫不犹豫 (4)困惑的表情 (5)以…为基础 (6)不管,不顾 (7)忙于某事 (8)究竟 (9)与…分享 (10)互相,彼此 (11)另一方面 (12)伤害某人的感情 合作探究 携手共进 Language points: 1. Whether we realize it or not, we all need friends. 【知识总结】 : whether...or...,无论...还是...,连接让步状语从句 无论你是男生还是女生,你都必须遵守校规。 Whether you are a boy student or a girl student, you must obey the school rules. whether...or...,是...还是...,连接名词性从句。 他是留在海安还是在上海定居并不重要。 Whether he will stay in Hai'an or settle in Shanghai doesn't matter. 2. Having said that, not everyone can agree on the meaning of friendship and what makes a good friend. 【知识总结】 : 1) 现在分词的完成式作状语,强调作状语的动词动作在句子谓语动 词之前发生 比较: 沿着大街往前走,我突然看见了她。 Walking along the street, I caught sight of her. (同时发生) 一转身,我看到了她。 Turning around, I caught sight of her. (先后紧接着发生) 做完了家庭作业,然后我去看电影。



Having finished my homework, I went to the cinema. (先后发生,强 调结果和影响) 2) agree 相关词组 比较: agree with 同意某人、同意某人所说的话或所做得事;适宜某人; 与......一致 agree on 双方或多方就某事达成一致意见;商定 agree to 同意或接受(想法、计划、建议、条件等) agree about 对?有相同的看法 The climate here doesn't agree with me. They have agreed on the date for their wedding. I agree to the arrangement. What he said didn't agree with what he did. I can't agree with you about that. 3. Though they get along well, there are some things about Amanda and her friends that puzzle Robert. 【知识总结】 : puzzle vt. 困惑;苦思 puzzled adj. 迷糊的,困惑的; 觉得困惑的 puzzle out 经过苦思想出; 猜出 puzzle over 苦苦思考 puzzle about 苦思苦想 迷惑的表情 a puzzled expression 他完全不知道接下去该怎么办。 He was quite puzzled about what to do next. 看到她那样的举止使我感到困惑。 I was puzzled to see her behaving like that. People feel ____, for they simply cannot understand how he could have made such a stupid mistake. A. puzzled B. delighted C. induced D. inspired 选A Practice: 1) He was puzzled about what to do next. 2) The mystery puzzles me. It is puzzling. 3) She puzzled about / over the question all evening, but without luck. 4) He’s trying to puzzle out why the boy refused his help. 4. Boys and girls have different attitudes towards friendship. have/ take a(n)... attitude to/towards; have/take...attitudes to/towards: 对......采取......态度。 当地政府对保护环境持积极的态度。 The local government takes an active attitude to the environmental protection. 对于动物研究是否有利于人类健康,人们有不同的看法。 People take different attitudes towards whether animal research benefits human health. As to whether animal research benefits human health, people take different attitudes.

Encourage students to memorize the important structures and phrases.



拓展提升 学以致用 I.根据句意及首字母提示补全单词 1. The plane r well to the controls. 2. What you say now is not c with what you said last week. 3. What is your a towards this suggestion? 4. R of expense,the couple had their daughter study abroad. 5. Pollution is a w problem now. Ⅱ.根据汉语意思完成句子 6.我的父亲喜欢与医生交朋友。 My father likes to doctors. 7.她遇到了很大的困难,所以需要你的帮助。 She is ,so she needs your help. 8.我们彼此有很多东西可以共同分享。 We have a lot to each other. 9.到了该告诉你真相的时候了。 to tell you the truth. 10.你进来时我正忙于写我的家庭作业。 I my homework when you came in. 11.这部电影是根据史实拍摄的。 The movie historical facts. 12.教学是一门以科学为基础的艺术。 Teaching is an art science. 反馈检测 体验成功 1. (2007·重庆)Leonardo da Vinci(1452-1519) birds kept in cages in order to have the pleasure of setting them free. A. is said to be buying B. is said to have bought C. had said to buy D. has said to have bought 2.—How long are you staying? —I don't know. . A. That's OK B. Never mind C. It depends D. It doesn't matter 3. —I want to know where you will do your homework, at home or at school? —Does that make any__________? A. change B. difference C. importance D. value 4. —Is your brother going camping with us this weekend? —He promised, but he's considering . A. no to go B. not go C. not going D. going not 5. Peter is always forgetting something. Please him of the important interview tomorrow. A. remember B. remind C. repeat D. ask

答案: I. 1. responds 2. consistent 3. attitude 4. Regardless 5. worldwide

II. 6. make friends with 7.in great trouble 8. share with 9. It is time 10. was busy with/doing 11. is based on/upon 12. based on /upon



6. Wang Yan is said abroad, but I don't know which country she will be sent to. A. go studying B. to have gone study C. to go study D. go study 7. I didn't like the man who kept on talking to me, but I couldn't him. A. get along with B. get ready for C. get to D. get away from 8. (2007·北京)—Excuse me, sir, where is Room 301? —Just a minute. I'll have Bob you to your room. A. show B. shows C. to show D. showing

答案: 1-3 BCB 4-8 CBCDA




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