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2002 届高三九月错题集
1. ____ a teacher of the people, one must first be their pupil. A. Being B. Having been C. To be D. To have been 2. The students each ____ a “Concise English Chinese” dictionary. A. has B. have C. having D. to have 3. ____ no need ____ too much sleep. A. There’s … to have B. There’s … have C. It’s … to have D. It’s … having 4. It was ____ done that Linda jumped up with joy. A. so beautiful B. such good C. such well D. so beautifully 5. All ____, the meeting began. A. sat B. seated C. seating D. had sat 6. I ____ to go with you, but I was busy. A. have hoped B. had hoped C. hope D. would hope 7. The plane departs at 8:00, so we have to be at the airport ____ 7:00 at the latest. A. until B. after C. by D. around 8. ____ beauty of ____ picture does not depend only on its subject but on its style. A. The … a B. / … the C. The … the D. / … a 9. The policeman questioned the ____ workers on the scene about the ____ thief. A. retiring … escaped B. retired … escaping C. retired … escaped D. retiring … escaped 10. Scientists do not always have the same ideas. One thing ____ they can’t agree is the origin of the universe. A. with which B. where C. that D. on which 11. The excitement of diving into the sea is hard to explain to ____ hasn’t done it. A. anyone B. those who C. whoever that D. someone who 12. As soon as everyone ____ the examination ____, the test papers were given out. A. taking … was seated B. took … seated C. taking … seated D. taken … was seated 13. I ____ there since I wasn’t asked to, but I did. A. needn’t have gone B. didn’t need to go C. couldn’t have gone D. couldn’t go 14. Anderson is the tennis player ____ will win the final in the tennis season. A. who we expect B. whom we expect C. who we expect that D. we expect him 15. The feature report, ____ long in length, still attracted many readers, who couldn’t stop once they started reading it. A. though B. though which was C. as it was D. as though 16. Having lived in France for many years, they still enjoyed the foods ____ in their homeland. A. which were used to having B. they were used to having C. which used to have D. they were used to have

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17. We have built all sorts of houses that ____ families of various sizes. A. fit B. match C. suit D. settle 18. Television sets and air –conditioners can be the cause home accidents if they are not ____ properly. A. installed B. equipped C. treated D. switched 19. Take care not to leave matches of cigarettes within the ____ of little children. A. reach B. range C. limit D. distance 20. Many diseases can be ____ if water sources are kept clean. A. avoided B. prevented C. neglected D. ignored 21. We choose to live in the downtown area for the ____ of convenience. A. cause B. reason C. result D. sake 22. With the development of science, today’s beliefs may be changed as new information becomes ____. A. available B. convenient C. possible D. adequate 23. What he said is ____ but practical since ____ depends on “if”. A. anything … everything B. nothing … everything C. everything … anything D. none … everything 24. ____ they go swimming in the sea, they will be excited. A. For the first time B. The first time C. First time D. This is the first time that 25. They were the only men who received votes ____ me. A. except B. beside C. except for D. besides 26. It’s difficult to ____ him because he is so irregularly built. A. suit B. fit C. suit for D. fit for 27. Nowadays violence ____ largely in too many Hollywood pictures. A. illustrate B. fastens C. fortunes D. features 28. Many people were against Darwin’s theories because they did not wish to believe that men were ____ related to animals. A. specially B. especially C. directly D. indirectly 29. The importance of Willis Lamb’s research was ____ when a Nobel Prize was awarded to him in 1955. A. realized B. recognized C. understood D. found out 30. If you want to get there by tonight you have no ____ but to go by plane. A. selection B. alternative C. choose D. evidence 31. There have been many changes in ____ history of ____ English language. A. a … the B. the … / C. / … the D. the … the 32. Although Susan lacked business ____, her small restaurant was ____. A. experience … success B. experience … a success C. experiences … a success D. experiences … success 33. Many years ago, Rebecca ____ in the flat with her grandma for a long period of time. A. had been living B. lived C. had lived D. has been living 34. All the students expected there ____ more revision before the final exams. A. be B. to be C. being D. having been

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35. I’d rather the patient just ____ in bed for at least two weeks. A. stay B. stays C. stayed D. will stay 36. He was determined to do good, not to any ____ person but to a country. A. individual B. personal C. private D. single 37. A hearty meal and a sound sleep will surely ____ you. A. rescue B. relieve C. repair D. refresh 38. We can visit you on Saturday of Sunday; our plans are fairly ____. A. different B. flexible C. general D. effective 39. The two brave fighters gave their lives for freedom of the motherland. ____ were not afraid of death. A. Both of them B. They both C. All of them D. They all 40. The party is put off till next weekend, because we ____ a party without Linda. A. are objected to have B. object to having C. object to have D. are objected to having 41. ____ in thought, he almost ran into the taxi in front of him. A. Lost B. To lose C. Losing D. Having lost 42. I ____ you ____ here. When did you come? A. didn’t know … are B. don’t know … are C. didn’t know … were D. didn’t know … would be 43. The dramatist was not recognized as a great mind ____ his death. A. from behind B. till to C. till after D. back to 44. Ancient Egyptians knew of means to ____ dead bodies. A. preserve B. protect C. relieve D. recover 45. I suggested that they both come to dinner with me some evening, which they welcomed with ____. A. courage B. entertainment C. enthusiasm D. excitement 46. We are aware that, ____, the situation will get worse. A. if not dealing with carefully B. if dealt not carefully with C. if not carefully dealt with D. if not carefully dealing with 47. ____ a half hour at lunchtime, there were no breaks in the factory. A. Except for B. Expect C. But for D. In addition 48. One should not ____ from his friends when they need his help. A. turn away B. turn off C. turn down D. turn out 49. After checking the cleaner for hours, I was able find a ____ in the plug. A. mistake B. wrong C. sickness D. fault 50. When the clock ____ seven, I ____ Mary on the shoulder to wake her up. A. hit … hit B. struck … struck C. knocked … knocked D. struck … patted

Keys: 1. CBADB 21. DAABD 41. ACCAC





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2002 届 10 月错题集
1. What impressed me most was that they never ____. A. lost hearts B. lost their heart C. lost heart D. lost their hearts 2. Do you know the man ____ blue ____ beside the headmaster. A. dressed … sitting B. dressed … seating C. in … sat D. in … seated 3. ____ of suggestions may discourage her. A. A list too long B. Too long a list C. A too long list D. A list of too long 4. I ____ take the job. No one ____ stop me. A. will …shall B. will … may C. should … will D. shall … may 5. The day we had looked forward to ____ at last. A. coming B. come C. came D. comes 6. ____ made her father very angry. A. Sissi’s married Victor B. Sissi has married Victor C. Sissi’s marrying with Victor D. Sissi’s marrying Victor 7. The young man was elected to a new leading ____ yesterday. A. post B. job C. profession D. career 8. There was a clear ____ of the boat in the quiet waters of the lake. A. mirror B. reflection C. reaction D. opinion 9. When the canal was ____, the ship went through. A. clear B. clean C. effective D. silent

Keys: 1. CDBAC





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