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2011 学年高三一轮复习测试试卷(二) 英语) 学年高三一轮复习测试试卷( (英语) (英语 必修二
满分(120) 一、语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. — Sir, can I hand in my paper tomorrow? — No. Never till tomorrow what can be done today. A. put up B. put down C. put forward D. put off 2. you have finished your work, why not have a good rest? A. So that B. Now that C. In order that D. After that 3. Smith, you have to be about how long the tiring project is going to take. A. pleased B. excited C. realistic D. enthusiastic 4. It is believed that in England it is easy to tell a person’s class his speech. A. by B. for C. on D. with 5. To my , I found my nephew dressed in a girl’s skirt this morning. How funny it is! A. joy B. surprise C. sorrow D. regret 6. No one likes to make friends with Shylock, who thinks of only himself and doesn’t other people. A. care for B. look down on C. care about D. think little of 7. John and I only see each other , as both of us are busy with our work. A. seldom B. always C. frequently D. occasionally 8. Many students lost marks in the exams they did not read the questions carefully. A. though B. because C. if D. so 9. Her boss that she had made a lot of personal phone calls with the office telephone at work and fired her later. A. observed B. forgave C. promised D. denied 10. It is no use over the spilt milk. I think what you need do now is to make an apology to her. A. cried B. cry C. to cry D. crying 11. Susan suggested to the New Zealand for the coming summer vacation. A. to go B. going C. went D. go 12. Jack, remember all the lights when you leave the classroom. A. turned off B. to have turned off C. turning off D. to turn off 13. I really your telling me about that good news ahead of time. A. dislike B. appreciate C. consider D. imagine 14. Henry, the most careful man on the earth, failed the test? A. The news is not a surprise. B. I agree with you! C. You can’t be serious! D. Two heads are better than one. 15. — You seem unhappy today, Jane. — I lost my new bike yesterday. A. How’s that? B. What’s on? C. What a pity! D. Did you sleep well last night?

二、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) My grandfather had a small farm and also worked as a factory laborer. He was well respected for honoring his 16 . That’s what made it so hard one autumn when difficult 17 closed in on him. When harvest time came, he’d 18 together his old one-row corn picker (玉米收割机) for the season. He had 19 to harvest a few ribbons of corn on a friend’s farm, 20 after harvesting his own corn, my grandpa’s little corn picker broke 21 . Then the chance of being able to help out his friend got even smaller; the factory where my grandpa worked began to 22 overtime. In order to keep his job there he had to leave the farm before dawn and didn’t get home until well after 23 . One autumn night, he and his wife sat at the kitchen table drinking black coffee, trying to 24 out a way. “There’s 25 you can do,” said my grandma. “You’ll just have to tell him that you can’t 26 with the corn this year.” “Well, that just doesn’t seem 27 for me,” said my grandpa. “My friend is 28 on me. I can’t exactly let my friend’s harvest rot in the field, can I?” “If you don’t have the 29 , you just can’t do it,” she said. “Well, I could do it the 30 we used to do it. I could harvest it by hand,” he said. “When do you think you’d have 31 to do it?” she asked. “With the over-time you’ve been working you’d be up all night...besides it’d be too 32 .” “I know one night could do it,” he said. “There’s still one more full moon in October.” As it 33 , the harvest moon had yet to pass. It’s called the harvest moon 34 it gives farmers more light and more time to collect their crops. So a few days later, after a long shift (轮班) at the factory, my grandpa made his way to the field. The weather was cold but clear, and the moon was brilliant. He 35 through the night to keep his word. 16. A. field B. wife C. job D. word 17. A. situations B. friends C. results D. neighbors 18. A. mix B. add C. piece D. work 19. A. advised B. insisted C. promised D. refused 20. A. and B. but C. so D. or 21. A. down B. up C. out D. in 22. A. consider B. cancel C. reduce D. require 23. A. midnight B. lunch C. sunset D. sunrise 24. A. figure B. give C. turn D. put 25. A. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything 26. A. compete B. agree C. deal D. help 27. A. special B. suitable C. strange D. natural 28. A. living B. looking C. depending D. focusing 29. A. instruction B. information C. equipment D. permission 30. A. way B. idea C. thought D. spirit 31. A. mind B. trouble C. time D. courage 32. A. expensive B. dark C. late D. cold 33. A. believed B. happened C. seemed D. concluded

34. A. where B. when C. though D. because 35. A. worked B. slept C. walked D. drove 三、阅读理解(共 20 小题:每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A I could fill a book with embarrassing situations I’ve been in over the years. These moments used to haunt (萦绕) me and my face would turn as red as a big tomato. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens, working at a hotel that things changed for me. I took a year off in between high school and university, because like many people my age I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do, and I didn’t want to waste $5,000 on a university tuition (学费). I tried to keep silent at my new job, avoiding the other employees. All of them don’t care about me except for one girl. She kept at me, telling me stories of her weekend and how she loved snowboarding, something I was interested in as well. She was the type of warm personality where people were immediately drawn to her, and soon enough I found myself looking forward to our coffee breaks and snowboarding after work. The more I hung out with her, the more I realized that this girl, who seemed to have it all together, was in fact just like me, except for one major difference. She laughed at herself. One night after work we were snowboarding and she fell down carelessly resulting in a mouth full of snow. Instead of getting embarrassed she jumped right up laughing loudly at how ridiculous she must have looked. As time went on, her warm personality began to wear off (逐渐消失) on me and soon enough I had a mini-breakthrough. I’m not saying that I no longer find myself in embarrassing situations; I’ve just learned how to handle them differently. Just a few months ago I walked out of a bathroom unaware of the fact that my skirt was tucked (塞) in my underwear. But instead of rushing back to the bathroom I calmly pulled it out and continued on my way shaking my head and smiling. 36. According to the first paragraph, the author . A. wants to write a book about her embarrassing situations B. had more embarrassing situations in her life than others C. used to feel quite ashamed of her embarrassing situations D. still can’t feel at home with her embarrassing situations 37. Why did the author work at a hotel before going to university? A. She wanted to make enough money for her higher education. B. She wanted to change her personality before going to college. C. She wanted to get some work experience. D. She wanted to find a clear aim for her higher education. 38. When she fell down carelessly resulting in a mouth full of snow, the girl . A. just laughed and joked about herself B. tried to hide her pain through laughing C. was quite upset and didn’t know what to do D. couldn’t help becoming excited 39. It can be inferred from the last paragraph that . A. the author was embarrassed when her skirt was tucked in her underwear B. the author hated herself getting into embarrassing situations C. the author was able to handle the embarrassing moment calmly

D. the author felt lucky that she could avoid another embarrassing moment 40. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Learn to laugh at yourself B. How to avoid embarrassing situations C. My friendship with a girl of warm personality D. Working at a hotel changed my life B Do you remember how you learned to walk when you were a toddler (初学走路的孩子)? I believe no one could ever remember how one learned to walk when he/she was a toddler. According to an article in American Baby Magazine, in February 2000, a baby’s long-term memory can be for as long as twenty-four hours at six weeks old and up to four months at sixteen months old. When I took a ride in the time machine, I could only go back to as far as when I was about the ages of 3-4. Anything before that was like a blank piece of paper. The inability to remember how one learned to walk could be a very important reason why some gave up so readily when they are faced with challenges in life. Had they remembered the time when they were learning to walk, they would not be so ready to give up without a fight. If you would allow me, please move back in time with me to about one year ago when my twin nephews (侄子) were learning to walk. Even before they learned to walk, they had to learn to fall while trying to stand up on their own legs. Most time when they tried to stand up, they fell. It might take them a while to want to stand up again after they fell, however, they never waited too long to give it another shot. The question is, if everyone has been through this stage, shouldn’t we have this same determination to rise up every time we fall too? I believe everyone has this determination — when we remember how we had stood up every time we fell. The next time when you are facing some challenges, do try to remember how you had learned to walk. 41. In the first paragraph, the author intends to tell us . A. we have all forgot how we learned to walk as a baby B. he could have good long-term memory earlier than others C. he could remember how we learned to walk as a baby D. a baby’s long-term memory is unreliable 42. Why does the author describe how his twin nephews were learning to walk? A. To help readers call up their sweet memories. B. To further explain a baby’s long-term memory. C. To give the readers some inspiration. D. To help readers recall how they learned to walk. 43. What is the most important thing in how his twin nephews learned to walk, according to the author? A. Practice. B. Courage. C. Encouragement from adults. D. Determination. 44. The purpose of the author in writing this passage is to . A. prove when babies begin to have long-term memories B. describe how we learned to walk as babies C. call on us not to give up easily when meeting challenges D. ask us to keep up sweet childhood memories

45. The passage above is most probably taken from . A. a science report B. a research paper C. a personal journal D. a persuasive article C This is the third time that the Kaiser Family Foundation has studied media use in our kids’ lives. Each time, the study can be summed up in one word: MORE. All this media has a great impact on our children. If they’re spending more time watching TV, playing video games, listening to music, and going online than they are with their parents or teachers, whose messages about life are they absorbing? Yours? Or the media’s? Our kids are creatures of media and technology. Parents must realize that all this media profoundly (深远地) impacts kids’ emotional, social, and physical development and that parenting must extend to the media and technology worlds. It’s critical that we teach kids to understand the messages they get from popular entertainment and to use the technology at their fingertips in responsible and productive ways. The Kaiser report points out that there’s a huge jump in media in the 11- to 14-year-old age group. Kids this age pack in just under 9 hours of media a day. Emotionally, kids this age are beginning to become independent from their parents, and they look to their peers (同伴) for what’s socially acceptable. Media acts as a super peer — thus, early teens aren’t simply enjoying mindless entertainment, they’re absorbing messages about life that may not be the ones you, as parents, want them to know. One of the study’s most serious findings was that kids who spent more time with media reported lower grades in school. Nearly half of all heavy media users said that their grades were most Cs or lower, compared to fewer than 25 percent of lighter media users. Similarly, the kids who reported the heaviest media use also reported that they were more likely to get into trouble and that they were often sadder or more bored than those who use less media. 46. Studies by the Kaiser Family Foundation show that . A. kids are using media more and more heavily as time goes on B. kids of different ages use media for different purposes C. media can have little influence on kids D. media can influence kids in a positive way 47. Our kids are creatures of media and technology because . A. kids grow up with media and technology B. media has a great impact on our kids C. kids nowadays can’t do without media D. kids can use media and technology skillfully 48. The author believes that parents should . A. avoid control over kids using media B. give kids enough freedom to use media C. direct kids to use media in the right way D. have a better knowledge of media than kids 49. The last paragraph tells us that . A. kids can get great personal contentment from media B. lighter media users can avoid trouble most of the time C. heavy use of media is a common problem among kids

D. kids who use less media are happier and do better in school 50. We can conclude from the passage that . A. the author fully supports kids using media B. kids are very likely to form their outlook under the influence of media C. parents have no way to prevent kids enjoying mindless entertainment D. the author doesn’t give his own opinion on kids using media D The Internet has become one of the greatest threats to rare species, fuelling the illegal wildlife trade and making it easier to buy everything from live lions to wine made from tiger bones, conservationists said today. Trade on the Internet poses (造成) one of the biggest challenges, said Paul Todd, a campaign manager for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. “The Internet is becoming the main factor in the global trade in protected species,” he said. “There will come a time when country to country trade of large shipments between big buyers and big sellers in different countries is a thing of the past.” The IFAW has carried out several surveys of illegal trade on the Internet and found that thousands of species are sold on auction (拍卖) sites and chat rooms, mostly in the US but also Europe, China, Russia and Australia. Most of the illegal trade is in African ivory but the group has also found rare birds along with rare products such as tiger-bone wine and fur from protected species like polar bears. “As the Internet knows no borders, it causes several new problems regarding the protection of endangered species. The Internet itself isn’t the threat, but it’s another way to market the product,” said Ernie Cooper, who conducts the investigation into the newt (蝾螈) for TRAFFIC Canada. “The Kaiser’s spotted newt, for example, is expensive and most people are not willing to pay $300 for a newt. But through the power of the Internet, tapping into the global market, you can find buyers.” The red and pink coral, of which there are 32 species, is harvested in Mediterranean waters and turned into expensive jewelry in Italy, Taiwan and China, according to the sea conservation group SeaWeb. It is the most widely traded and valuable of all precious (珍贵的) corals but has no international protection, resulting in an increasing international trade in the species, the group says. 51. The passage is focused on . A. the protection of rare species B. the role of the Internet in protecting rare species C. the threat the Internet poses to rare species D. illegal trade of rare species in the world 52. How do you best understand the underlined sentence in the second paragraph? A. Large-scale trade of protected species across countries will be banned in the future. B. It will be difficult for people to buy rare species in great numbers in the future. C. Trade of protected species will be done mainly on the Internet in the future. D. Trade of protected species will be done within a country in the future. 53. The Internet is regarded as one of the greatest threats to rare species because . A. people can learn more about rare species on the Internet B. the Internet makes it easier to buy and sell rare species C. no one can identify the illegal traders on the Internet

D. rare species are sold at lower prices on the Internet 54. The newt is taken as an example to show that . A. it is sold at a higher price on the Internet B. it is rare and thus becomes more expensive C. few people are willing to buy it for $300 D. the Internet helps to find more potential buyers for it 55. We can learn from the last paragraph that . A. protection of rare species will become more difficult without the Internet B. there are altogether 32 species of red and pink coral across the world C. trade of precious corals is against the international law D. international trade in rare species can be out of control 四、书面表达(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 阅读表达(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面的短文,并根据短文后的要求答题(请注意问题后的字数要求) 。 [1] If you are searching for the best gift to give a friend who is sick, then you have come to the right place. Someone who is sick does not need unhealthy things. [2] Someone who is sick will appreciate flowers. It is not just any flower but it should be “get-well-soon flower”. Get-well-soon flowers mean that you want your friend to recover as quickly as possible. There are cheap online flower delivery services that can help you deliver these flowers through a local florist to the sick person. [3] A friend who is sick must have lost a lot of the required nutrients (营养) to keep his or her system healthy. It is no secret that sick persons rarely have the appetite to eat. As the case may be, it is not every edible (能吃的) thing that the doctor or nurse will allow you to give that person. But a basket of varieties of fruits can by the hospital management and the ill person. Just get a basket of fruits containing fresh apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples, etc. You can order the fruit basket online and have it delivered to the person in hospital. There are online delivery services that offer this service for the cheapest price you can get. [4] A get-well-soon card is an inexpensive way to offer a sick friend a gift without spending too much. You probably see these cards are placed on the top of the cardboard of your sick friend. It is one of the most popular and inexpensive gifts. [5] If the sick person is a child, teenager or a woman, then a teddy bear will not be a bad idea. It will be funny to give a matured man a soft teddy bear. This gift is usually given to kids or female persons. 56. What’s the main idea of the passage? (within 10 words) 57. List three kinds of gifts you can send to your sick friend from the text. (within 15 words) ① ② ③ 58. Fill in the blank in paragraph 3 with proper words. (within 4 words) 59. Which sentence in the text is the closest in meaning to the following one? You can use online flower delivery services to send flowers to your sick friend from a local flower shop. 60. Translate the underlined sentence in Paragraph 4 into Chinese.

第二节 写作(满分 30 分) 随着人们生活水平的日益提高,越来越多的人开始关注他们的健康问题, 而保持健康的生活 习惯就显得尤为重要。请你结合自己的生活经历,谈谈你对此观点的看法。写作要求如下: 1. 内容充实完整,语句连贯通顺; 2. 词数 120~150。

参考答案: 1-15 DBCAB CDBAD BDBCB 16-35 DACCB ADCAB DBCCA CBBDA。 36-55 CDACA ACDCD ABCDB CCBDD 56. Tips to select gifts for a sick friend. 57. Get-well-soon flowers; A basket of fresh fruits; A get-well-soon card 58. not be rejected. 59. There are cheap online flower delivery services that can help you deliver these flowers through a local florist to the sick person. 60. 你不需要花太多的钱, 给生病的朋友送一张“早日康复”祝福卡, 就是一种很便宜的方式。 参考范文 As the living standard improves, more and more people are paying much attention to their healthy conditions. Different people usually have different ways to keep healthy. In my opinion, the most important thing is to from healthy habits in our daily life. Firstly, we should keep a balanced diet. Now life is becoming better, people eat more meat, fish, eggs and other food containing more fat. However, to keep healthy we had better eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Just as a saying goes, “An apple a day keeps a doctor away.” Secondly, I think friends play an important part in one’s life. Studies show that people with a wide range of social contacts get healthier than those who don’t. We will feel happy when we share beautiful things with others. What’s more, taking exercise every day helps us build a strong body.



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