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法很多,经常出现,而又不易掌握。主要 表现在词性多,词义广,用法灵活。现将 其用法归纳如下: Ⅰ. as 作副词,表示程度,意为“同样地”。在
“as…as”, “not as…as”结构中的第一个as是 副词,

作“和/与…(不)一样”解。e.g ①Jack is as tall as his father. ②He doesn’t speak English as/so fluently as you.


Ⅱ. As作连词,主要引导以下状语从句:
1. 引导时间状语从句。与while意义相近,强调 两个动作同时发生;或某事一发生,另一事立刻 发生。e.g ① He shouted aloud as he ran along. ② I was startled as he opened the door. ③ We get wiser as we get older. 2. 引导原因状语从句,与because的用法相近。 e.g ① As it was getting very late, we soon turned back. ② We must stop writing now, as I have rather a lot of work to do.

3. 引导方式状语从句,作“正如,好象,按照” 解。主要的句式有as if(as though);just as;just as…as . e.g ① When at Rome, do as Romans do. ② We do farm work as the old peasant teaches us. ③ When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it were broken. ★ ④ As(it is)in your country, we grow wheat in the north and rice in the south. 正如(像) 你们国家一样,…… 。 4. 引导条件状语从句。主要句式有: as long as /so long as 只要

e.g As long as you study hard, you will make great progress. 5. 引导让步状语从句;作“虽然,尽管”解。 这时从句常用倒状语序,即把从句中的表语,状 语或动词原形放在as之前。e.g ① Child as she is, she knows a lot. ★ → Though she is a child, she knows a lot. ② Busy as he is, he insists on studying. → Though he is busy, he … . ③ Try as he might, Tom could not get out of the difficulties. → Though he might try, Tom could not get out of the difficulties.

Ⅲ. As作关系代词
“the same …as/the same as”等结构中, 常译作“像……一样的人或物”,“凡是…… 的人或物”。e.g ① He wished to be such a man as Lei Feng was. ② My bike is the same as yours. 2. 引导非限制性定语从句,用来指代它前面的 整个句子(即先行句),意思是“这一点”。这个 分句可以放在句首,句中,或句末。e.g ③ This elephant is like a snake, as anybody can see.

1. 引导限制性定语从句,用在“such… as”,

④ As is well known, oceans cover more than 70% of the earth. 3. 若非限制性定语从句位于句首,句中或句末, 则用as来引导。e.g ① As we expected, he completed his task with great success. ② The compass was invented in China, as we know now. 4.若非限制性定语从句中的谓语动词是 be said be known,be expected, be reported , be announced等结构时,不论是在句首,句中, 句末,都必须as用来引导. e.g As is known to us, Taiwan is a part of China.

1. 作 “如,像”解。e.g ① They got united as one man. ② She spoke of me as her closed friend. 2. 作“充当,作为”解。e.g ③ As a writer, he was famous. ④English is spoken as the first language be most people in Australia. 3. As作为介词,常和以下动词连用。 regard…as/be known as/consider…as use…as/ describe…as/be remembered as work as/ act as/be honored as/ e.g We regard the sun as the source of most forms of energy.

Ⅳ. As作介词

Ⅴ. 含as的固定词组
1. as soon as→引导时间状语从句。 So/as far as I know→在句中作插入语。 意思是“据我所知”。 e.g As/So far as I know, he will come here next Monday. 2. As well as→并列连接词组,意思是:“和, 同”。当其连接两个并列主语时,谓语动词 应与前面的主语在数上保持一致。也可以和 短 语not only…but also进行替换。 e.g ① My parents as well as my elder sister enjoy music. 试比较下面句子。 My elder sister as well as my parents enjoys music.

② Tom studies Japanese as well as Chinese. → Tom studies not only Chinese but also Japanese. ★★ 3. as well→译为“也,还”经常放在句尾。与 too, also同义词。e.g Come here early, and bring your brother as well. 4. So as to do sth./so…as to do sth.→引导 目地或结果状语。e.g He studies hard so as to pass the exam. He was so strong as to carry the heavy box. 5. such as→意为“例如,诸如”可用来引入 同位语,举一例或数例说明它与之同位词 的词 所含的具体内容。

e.g There are different forms of energy, such as heat energy,light energy, sound energy and etc. 6. as to(=as for/as regards)关于,至于 as much as/as many as “ 多达…,达 到… 至多” e.g There is no doubt as to his honesty. He can earn as much as 500 dollars a day. 7. as a result/as a result of(由于……的结果) as a whole(就整体来说)/as follows(如下 ) as usual (照常)/as a (general) rule(通常) as a matter of fact(事实上)/as above(如上) as soon as possible/as early as possible as quickly as possible

More examples:
① She died as a result of the accident. ② The reasons are as above(as follows). ③ The machine runs as usual. ④ As a matter of fact, air is a gas. ⑤ His father gets up early as a rule. ⑥ You should improve your English as soon as possible. ⑦ When sound travels through air, the air, as a whole doesn’t move. ⑧ Today our life has been much better as compared with that before liberation. 和解放前比起来我们今天的生活好得多了。



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