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高一北师大版Unit4 lesson4 导学案及答案

Unit 4 Lesson Four Virtual Tourism
姓名 一. 单词(英汉互译) 班级

1.观光,游览 3.海滨,海边 5.定居地 7.海港 9.阳光 11.位置,场所 13.正式的 15.zone 17.locate 二.短语 1.位于,坐落于 3.多元文化 5.无核区 7.也,和 9.阳光充足 11.protest again

st 12.enjoy an amazing view 13.the city of sails 14.the average temoerature 15.regular international flights 三.精讲精练 1.population

2.指南,导游 4.定居 6.中央的,中心的 8.景色,风景 10.定期的;规则的 12.钢,钢铁 14.吸引人的,有魅力的 16.volcano 18.average

2.工商业中心 4.追溯到 6.自从那时 8.气候温和 10.做水上运动

(1) population 做主语时,谓语动词用单数形式,但前面有百分之几或几分之几 时,谓语动词用复数形式。 One fifth of the population here like this kind of sports.

(2) population 做主语时,用 what 来提问,而不用 how many ?或 how much? What is the population of Henan province? (3)表示人口多少时,用 large 或 small 来修饰。 China has the largest population in the world. (4)have a population of 表示“有多少人口” 即学即练: About 6% of the population in New Zealand A.are B.is C.make up D.is from that of theirs. Asians.

Ten years ago the population of our village was A. as twice large as B.twice as large as C.twice as much as 2.regular adi. ①规则的,有规律的;固定的;正常的 He's got no regular job. 他没有固定的工作。 Everything seemed quite regular when the fire broke out. 起火的当时,一切似乎都很正常。 ②定期的,定时的 He made a regular visit to his parents. 他定期看望父母亲。 ③经常的,习惯性的 Laura was one of his regular customers. 劳拉是他的老顾客之一。
3. as well as

D.as twice much as

[寓词于境] 仔细阅读下列句子,注意 as well as 在不同句子中的用法。 1. Action as well as thought is necessary. 2. Hatred is blind as well as love. 3. How to build up a happy family involves social as well as economic factors. [辨析] as well as 可解释为“也,又,和……一样”,是介词,其意义相当于 besides; as well as 还可以用作比较结构,表示“和……一样好”。 [例句] This computer works as well as that one.

这台电脑运作得和那台一样好。 [即学即练] 将下列句子翻译成英语。 1. 徒步旅行除了好玩外,还是一种良好的运动。

2. 他讲英语跟他的老师一样好。 四.当堂检测 I.用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Could you tell me the 2. The village is a 3. The education. 4. (tour) has become one of the biggest (locate) of the hospital? (settle) of just fifty houses. (centre) government of China will pay more attention to

industries in China since 1990s. II. 根据汉语意思和英文提示完成下列句子,每空一词。 1. 中国的人口超过 13 亿。 China ______ ______ ______ ______ over 1, 300, 000, 000. 2. 众所周知,泰山位于山东的中部。 As is well known, Mount Tai ______ ______ ______ the middle of Shandong Province. 3. 在国外工作了许多年以后,他最终决定回国定居。 After working for so many years abroad, he finally decided to ______ ______ in his country. 4. 电话和电子邮件在我们的日常生活中起着重要的作用。 Telephone, ______ ______ ______ e-mail, plays an important part in our daily life. 五.经典句子背诵 1It has a population of just under a million people and is located on North Island.

2.It is also the most exciting city in New Zealand with people of many different cultures living there. 3.The history of the city goes back 650 years when the Maoris settled in the area. 4.In 1985, the New Zealand government made the whole country a nuclear-free zone and since then Auckland has been a centre for protest against nuclear teating in Asia Pacific. 5.In the city, you can enjoy an amazing view from the Sky Tower, which is the city’s tallest Tower. 6.It has a warm climate with plenty of sunshine. 7.There are regular international flights.

Unit 4 Lesson 4 导学案参考答案 二.1. be located 2.an centre for business and industry 3.different cultures 4.go back 5.a nuclear-free zone 6.since then 7.as well as 8.warm climate 9.plenty of sunshine 10.do water sports 11.反对 12.欣赏令人惊异的景色 13.帆之城 14.平均气温 15.定期国际 航班 三.1.A B3.即学即练⑴Hiking is good exercise as well as fun. ⑵He speaks English as well as his teacher. 四.I.1. location 2. settlement 3. central 4. Tourism 4. as well as

II 1. has a population of 2. is located in 3. settle down


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