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动词的 ing 形式作表语,定语,宾补和状语

一、动词-ing 形式作表语
1. 表示主语的内容 ,可以转换到句首作主语 ①Her job is keeping the lecture hall as clean as possible. 她的工作是尽量使报告厅保持干净。

③The man visiting Japan is

my uncle 正在访问日本的那个男人是我的叔叔。

(=who ) (= keeping the lecture hall as clean as possible is her job) 2. 表示主语具有的特征、性质和状态(动词 ing 相当一个形容词) The problem is quite puzzling. 这个问题很令困惑。 3.常用来作表语的现在分词有 astonishing, amusing, confusing, disappointing, boring, encouraging, inspiring, moving, tiring, interesting, surprising 等。 全析提示:动词-ing 形式作表语时,其逻辑主语往往是句子中的主语,但用作表语的-ing 形式也可带有自己的逻 辑主语。 What worries me most is her staying too late every night. (staying too late every night 的逻辑主语是 her)

三、动词-ing 形式作宾补
1、动词-ing 形式作宾语补足语常放在宾语后 面,表示一个正在进行的主动性的动作,强调一个过程或一种状态。 When we returned, we found a stranger standing in front of the house. 2、当主句转换为被动结构时, 原来作宾语补足语的动词-ing 形式便转换为主语补足语。 They found the film very exciting. = The film is found very exciting. 3、能用-ing 形式作宾语补足语的几类动词: 1) 表示感觉和心理状态的感官动词, (常见的有 see, hear, feel, smell, find, notice, observe, look at, listen to 等) sb + + doing sth(作宾补) I felt somebody standing behind me. 2) 表示指使意义的动词使役动词, (常见的有 have, set, keep, get, catch, leave 等)+sb/ sth + doing sth (作宾补) We kept the fire burning all night long.我们让火整夜燃烧着。 I won‘t have you running about in the room. 我不允许你在房间里跑来跑去。 4、see, hear, feel, watch 等动词之后用-ing 形式 和动词不定式作宾语补足语的区别: We heard the telephone ring. We heard the telephone ringing. 前者表示动作正在进行,后者表示(或强调)动作的全过程。

二、 动词-ing 形式作定语
1 单个的动词-ing 形式可以作前置定语,一般具有两种含义。 ① 说明被修饰名词的用途和性能。 a reading room = a room which is used for reading 阅览室 running shoes =shoes for running 跑鞋 a working method =a method for working 工作方法 ② 表示所修饰的人或物的动作或状态,在意思上接近一个定语从句,可以表示正在进行的动作,也可表示经常 性动作或当时的状态。 developing countries = countries that are developing 发展中国家 an ordinary-looking house = a house that looks ordinary 看起来很普通的房子 a puzzling problem = a problem that puzzles somebody 困扰人的问题 2 作定语的动词-ing 形式如是一个短语,则应放在被修饰词的后面,做后置定语,相当于一个定语从句。 ①They lived in a house facing south. 他们住在一所朝南的房子里。

四、动词-ing 形式作状语
动词-ing 形式可以作状语,在句中表示时间、原因、结果、条件、让步、行为方式或伴随情况等。动词-ing 形式 作时间、原因、条件、让步状语时多位于句首;作结果、伴随情况状语时常位于句末。 1 表示时间,相当于一个时间状语从句。 ①Having made full preparations, we are ready for the examination. 我们已经作好了充分准备,现在可以应考了。

(=which) ②Do you know the boy playing basket? 你认识在打篮球的那个小男孩吗?

(= After...) 2 表示原因,相当于一个原因状语从句。 ②Being ill, he didn't go to school yesterday. 由于生病,他昨天没有上学。


(= Since...) 3 表示结果,相当于一个并列谓语。 ③His father died, leaving him a lot of money. 他父亲死了,留给他许多钱 .

4. —Did you meet anyone ______ at the party? —No, in fact, I found the party rather ______. A. interesting; boring C. interesting; bored B. interested; boring D. interested; bored

6. Don’t leave the water_______ while you brush your teeth. (…and…). 4 表示条件,相当于一个条件状语从句。 ④Working hard at your lessons, you will succeed. 如果你努力学习,就一定能成功 . (If…) 5 表示让步,相当于一个让步状语从句。 ⑤Knowing all this, they made me pay for the damage. 尽管知道了一切情况,他们还是要我赔偿损失。 A. run B. running C. being run D. to run

7. The _______ boy was last seen _______ near the East Lake. A. missing; playing C. missed; played B. missing; play D. missed; to play

8. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found _______ in the kitchen. A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smoked

(Although) 6 表示行为方式、伴随情况或补充说明,相当于一个并列结构。 ⑥He lay on the grass, staring at the sky for a long time. 他躺在草地上,长时间地望着天空。

(…and…) 练习题 1. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs. 1) When he woke up, he found himself ________ (lie) in hospital. 2) The tall building _________ (build) now will be a hospital. 3) The man ________ (wear) a sad look said, "I've lost my wallet." 4) There was a terrible noise __________ (follow) the sudden burst of light. 5) The missing boy was last seen _________ (play) near the river. 6) In parts of Asia you must not sit with your feet _______ (point) at another person. 2.-ing 形式作补语练与析 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 2. It was so cold that they kept the fire ______ all night. A. to burn B. burn C. burning D. burned

3. He looked around and caught a man ______ his hand into the pocket of a passenger. A. put B. to be putting C. to put D. putting



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