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passage3 Canada

Passage 3: Canada

1. Lead-in Do you know something about Canada? Where does it lie? 2.Study reading Main idea of the text: It mentions the general view about Canada: the making of Canada, official language, industry, agriculture and political system.


The flag of Canada
the national flower


Canada is in northern North America

The Pacific Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean


Canada is usually divided into six geographical regions: the Appalachian Mountains, the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands, the Canadian Shield, the Canadian Interior Plains, the Westen Cordillera, and the Canadian Arctic.

Canada is famous for the size and number of its island.The largest island in Canada is Baffin Island (507,451 sq km) and it is also the fifth largest island in the world.

1History—Aboriginal peoples 原著民时期 2 History—European colonization 欧洲殖民时期 3 Confederation and expansion

4 Early 20th century 20世纪早期

Aboriginal peoples
?Aboriginal peoples in Canada include the First Nations第一民族,Inuit因纽特人 , and Métis梅蒂人 . ?The First Nations are the various Aboriginal peoples in Canada who are neither Inuit nor Metis.

?The Métis ,a culture of mixed blood, originated in the mid-17th century when First Nation and Inuit married European settlers. ?The Inuit had more limited interaction with European settlers during the early periods.

European colonization
?The Royal Proclamation (1763) carved the Province of Quebec out of New France . ?To accommodate English-speaking Loyalists in Quebec, the Constitutional Act of 1791 divided the province into Frenchspeaking Lower Canada (later the province of Quebec) and Englishspeaking Upper Canada (later Ontario), granting each its own elected Legislative Assembly. ?The desire for responsible government resulted in the aborted Rebellions of 1837. The Durham Report subsequently recommended responsible government and the assimilation of French Canadians into British culture. ?The Act of Union 1840 merged Canada into a united Province of Canada. Responsible government was established for all British North American provinces by 1849.

Government Organisation
The Canadian government is a combination of parliamentary democracy (议会民主制) and constitutional monarchy(君主立宪制 度). Governmental powers are divided between central or federal government and the provincial and territorial government.

United States


Central government is parallel to the local governments

The central government has more powers than the local governments






Prime Minister

Supreme Court of Canada

The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

Main Parties
? the Conservative Party of Canada (governing party) 加拿大保守党 ? the New Democratic Party (the Official Opposition)

? the Liberal Party of Canada 加拿大自由党 ? the Bloc Québécois 魁人政团

? the Green Party of Canada 加拿大绿党

Canada is rich in resources:
Forestry Mining Agriculture Fishing centers Land supplies

East and west coasts

The People

The estimated population in 2006 was 33,098,932,which is roughly the same as that of Shanxi province in China.And it has a population density of 3.6 person per sq km. (187th country in the world ).Canada is made up of many immigrants.

The English


The French Other Europeans The Aboriginal and Inuit The other races

27% 20% 11.5% 1.5%

Different kinds of people

Canada is well-known for its efforts to protect the environment, leading the world in ecological preservation.
The attitudes toward environment
First, the Canadian government focused on protecting forests and grasslands.

Second, land and cultural sites became the targets of protection in succession.

Since 1960s, Canada has concentrated its attention on the balance of ecology.

The changes caused by the development of the country.

Canadians like sweet and sour, non-fat and not-to-hot food and ungreasy soup. They do not add apices while cooking. Aside from the fried or roasted beef, mutton, or chicken steak, they also like game, but they do not eat entails or fat.


Ottawa –the capital city
It locates on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario.

Founded in 1826 as Bytown and incorporated as “Ottawa” in 1855, the city has evolved into a political and technological centre of Canada. The name "Ottawa" is derived from the Algonquin word adawe, meaning "to trade". Initially an Irish and French Christian settlement, Ottawa has become a multicultural city with a diverse population.


Toronto - the largest city in Canada .
It is located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. With over 2.5 million residents, it is the fifth most populous city in North America. It is one of the top financial centres in the world. Toronto's leading economic sectors include finance, business services, telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, media, arts, film, television production, publishing, software production, medical research, education, tourism and sports industries.

A wide variety of sports are played in Canada. Ice hockey曲棍球 is Canada’s official winter sport and continues to be the most popular sport and one in which teams representing the country have had the most international success.

Next to hockey, curling冰上溜石 is quintessentially标准的 Canadian sport

Lacrosse长曲棍球 is Canada’s oldest sport and official summer sport

There are also many other sports popular in Canada

Festival in Canada
Victoria Day
Canada Day Christmas Day Thanksgiving Day Remembrance Day Boxing Day

May 24th
July 1st December 25th The second Monday in October November 11th December 26th

Maple Syrup Festival Carnaval de Québec Canadian Tulip Festival

Canadian traditional festival

2.Study reading Main idea of the text: It mentions the general view about Canada: the making of Canada, official language, industry, agriculture and political system.

B. account for(数量、比例)占,是…的原因, 解释, ? Please account for your disgraceful conduct.

C.to a lesser extent更少的比例,更小的程度 D. constitutional monarchy君主立宪的国家 E.The Commonwealth of Nations 英联邦 ? Commonwealth of Nations is a free association of independent countries that were once colonies of Britain. ? 英联邦(大英国协)是由一些曾经是大不列颠殖民地 的,而现在已经独立的国家的一个自由组织

F.Governor general总督
? Attorney General .检察长 ? post Master General, 邮政总局局长 ? secretary general秘书长 G.the British North America Act

H. The Prime Minister总理,首相

I.Canada:the Senate参议院 the House of Commons下议院 USA:the Senate参议院 House of Representative众议院 English: the House of Lords贵族院(上议院) the House of Commons下议院 J.single-member constituency 单议席选区;单议席选举组别 ? 双议席选区;双议席选举组别 ? double-member constituency ? 多议席选区 ? multi-member constituency

k. the Liberal Party自由党
the Progressive Conservative Party进步 保守党 l. the people's courts人民法院

? supreme court 最高法院
? high courts高等法院

? intermediate court中级法院
? grass-roots court基层法院

specialized courts专门法院: ? forest courts, maritime courts, railway transportation courts , martial courts. ? 森林法院、 海事法院、 铁路运输法院、 军事法院 ? 民事法院或刑事法院 Civil or criminal court ? 巡回法院 初等法院 地方法院 ? Circuit Court ? Lower courts ? District Court

Exercise III

? 1. as poor as a church mouse一贫如洗 ? 2. as active as quicksilver反应极快 ? 3. as awkward as a bull in a china shop 动辄得咎,毛手毛脚的闯祸人,鲁莽闯祸的 人 ? 4. as bare as winter trees光秃秃的 ? 5. as large as life明明白白,栩栩如生,与 原物一般大小,亲自 ? 6. as bright as the dazzling snow雪亮, 亮得刺眼

? 7. as brave as a lion非常勇敢;勇猛如狮 ? 8. as black as coal\ night\ a crow ? 墨黑, 极黑,黑如煤炭\昏黑,漆黑\像乌鸦一样 黑 ? 9. as blue as the sky像天空一样蓝 ? 10. as blind as a bat as blind as a bat adj. 近乎全盲的(眼力不行的, 鼠目寸光 的) 喻视力非常差

Exercise IV:
1. The bread and butter is good 这种涂有黄油的面包好。 The bread and butter are good 这种黄油和这种面包好。 2 A needle and thread was given to her. 给了她一根穿了线的针。 A needle and a thread was given to her. 给了她一根针和一根线。 3. The Party secretary and dean has come 党支书兼系主任来了。 The Party secretary and the dean has come 党支书和系主任来了。

4.A TV set and antenna is on the table 一台插着天线的电视机 A TV set and an antenna are on the table 一台电视和一根天线。 5.They cleared land 开垦土地 They cleared the land 他们(船)离岸出海 6.He left office. 辞职了 He left the office. 离开了办公室

7.We work by day. 白天工作 ? We work by the day. 计日工作,以天计算工资

8.She is in dock.

She is in the dock.


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