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定语从句练习(1) I. 1. Choose the best answer: The house _______windows were broken is said to be haunted. A. of which B. that C. with D. whose 2. Traffic rules are certainly very important to those ______want to pass the driving test and drive cars onto the roads. A. who B. whoever C./ D. that will 3. She is now a hardworking accountant _____ she was not shortly after she graduated from the financial school. A. that B. who C. which D. what 4. That is the distinguished delegation ______the state feast was given. A. whom B. for which C. that D. in whose honor 5. Global warming is a gradual increase of temperature on the earth caused by gases collecting in the air _____ prevent heat escaping into space. A. and B. which C. where D. and it 6. One’s character is always defined by the way ______the rules are carried out in one’s behavior. A. by which B. in which C. for which D. of which 7. The professor claimed to be an expert in botany, but in actual fact he was quite ignorant on the subject. ______he knows about it is out of date and inaccurate. A. Little B. How much C. The little D. So much 8. No one would have time or energy to read or listen to an account of everything ______going on in the world. A. it is B. there is C. as is D. what is 9. A company can only be as great as the people ______employs, for people are a company’s source of ideas. A. that B. they C. it D. / 10. Before doing homework, you should review important points mentioned in class ______ points ______you remain confused about. A. and…/ B. whose…/ C. and…what D. whose…what 11. I have never been to Madrid, but it is the place ________. A. In which I want to pay a visit most






17. 18.



B. where I’d like to visit C. I most want to visit D. That I want to visit it most The old doorman believed the reason _____ , as he found later, the well-dressed lady made up and let her in. A. when B. why C. which D. for which There seem few cities _____the movie superstar wants to go, for he has been to almost every corner of the world. A. that B. which C. where D. / The knee is the joint _____ the thigh bone meets the large bone of the lower leg. A. when B. which C. that D. where The time is not far away _____modern communication will become widespread in China’s vast countryside. A. when B. as C. until D. before The days are fast coming ______watching films by using the Web is routine. A. that B. and C. when D. if I just want to find out the reason ______she doesn’t like me a bit. A. why B. for that C. which D. so That all the preparations have already been made _____I am not in favor of revising the plan. A. is the reason why B. are the reasons why C. is because D. are because The young man, _______ to have died in some concentration camp, came back safe and sound after the war. A. whom his neighbors supposed was B. his neighbors supposed was C. whom his neighbors supposed D. his neighbors supposed he was The police had a number of witnesses, most of _____ have slightly different descriptions of the suspect. A. whom B. who C. which D. what

21. The client expected the case to be done by June, _____personally I think is yet impossible. A. it B. as C. which D. when 22. The girl heard a sound in the dark, _____ brought her heart into her mouth. A. it B. which C. as D. that 23. The American Academy of Poets, ______ the 1930’s provides financial assistance to support working poets. A. when it was founded B. found in C. which was founded in D. was founded in 24. Yao Ming is the first Asian basketball player to win so many honors in NBA, _____ brings her parents plenty of pride and glory. A. which B. as C. that D. where 25. The weather turned out to be fine after several days of drizzle, ______ we hadn’t expected. A. as B. that C. which D. when II. Translate the following sentences into English: 1. 任何违反规定的人都要受到惩罚。 2. 曾经只生长在中国的许多花卉如今能在世界各处看到。

10. 他们在一起的美好时光一去不复返了。 定语从句练习(2) Choose the best answer: The moon, ______no air around it, grows extremely hot in the daytime and extremely cold at night. A. which has B. it has C. where there is D. what has It was an exciting moment for those football fans that year, _____for the first time in years their team won the World Cup. A. that B. while C. which D. when We went to the Lake District, ______ we visited many places of interest such as Wordsworth’s former residence A. there B. in that place C. where D. when The composer lived more than a decade in Europe, _____ he could be in close contact with other masters. A. where B. when C. which D. that The mayor stood in front of the huge French windows, _____ he could see the heavy traffic coming and going along the busiest street in the city. A. where B. from which C. from where D. through that ______ is generally accepted, economical growth is determined by the stable political situation and the smooth development of production. A. It B. That C. What D. As The scientist was such a great success that there were very few people ______ admire his talents. A. that B. would C./ D. but He said yes_______ he was asked if he could possibly serve as a teacher in the remote area for two years. A. for an moment B. the moment when C. in a moment D. the moment It was not so absorbing a film _____ the review described. A. which B. as C. that D. what More young people die of kinds of common disease ______ is generally realized.

I. 26.





31. 3. 气候太冷而不能种水稻的地方,可以种土豆。 4. 我不能参加你的婚礼的原因是我的宠物狗病了. 5. 他住在一幢屋顶上有一个美丽花园的大楼里。 33. 6. 在许多城市传播的疾病现在得到了控制。 7. 你的思维方式已经落后于时代了。 34. 8. 在所有影响农业生产因素中, 天气是对农民影响最大的一个。 35. 9. 最后小偷把所有他偷的东西上缴到警察局。 32.

A. that B. as C. than D. which 36.______ praise you to your face are likely to speak ill of you behind your back. A. Those B. Those who C. That who D. Who 37.This is not the type of modern car ______ my own is. A. which B. of which C. as D. that 38.The reason _____ I am writing to you to attend the meeting to be held this Saturday afternoon. A. which B. for that C. that D. for why 39.Nothing seems to be improving. I feel all the same _____I did yesterday. A. as B. which C. that D. from 40.When he came back from abroad, the professor told us about the cities and the people ______he had visited. A. that B. whom C. which D. where 41.The number of the spectators present at the final of the European Championship, ______, was well over eighty thousand. A. whom we had expected B. as we had expected C. what we had expected D. we had expected that 42.Things, _____ is often the case, will turn out to be contrary to one’s wishes. A. what B. as C. it D. that 43.Under the leadership of the Party, there are no complicated and difficult problems _____ we can solve. A. which B. that C. but D. as 44.Such tourists ______ have visited Shanghai all think that no visit to Shanghai can be complete without a stroll along Bund. A. who B. that C. / D. as 45.We have referred your claim to our lawyer, _____ we are sure will reply before long. A. whom B. as C. who D. he 46.The machine,______ for ten years, is still working

perfectly. A. I have looked after B. after which I have looked C. after which have I looked D. which I have looked after 47.On such a cold night, the only thing ______ matters is to find some firewood and make a fire. A. that B. which C. / D. we 48.Jane is a fan of Beckham, so any news _____him interests her a lot. A. which concerns B. that concerns C. which is concerned D. that is concerned 49.The park opposite our office contains a lawn, _____ very pleasant to sit on in the sun. A. it is B. which it is C. where it is D. which is 50.The Red Cross in that area is the only organization _____ purpose is to help the sick and the needy. A. that B. of which C. of the D. whose II. Translate the following into English: 1. 我们本想给你一个谁也未曾有过的机会。 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 他是我们办公室里唯一不看报的人。 他竟然考试不及格,真出人意料. 这是我第一次去网吧,在那里人们可以自由地在网上冲浪和聊天。 他所写的几本书销售得要比原来预计的好。 他回到城里最好学校之一的他的母校,在那里他和他的小伙伴度过了 一段美好的时光。



8. 9.

警察寻找的逃犯已经被抓住了。 中国有上百个岛屿,其中最大的是台湾岛。

10. 计算机始终对人类进步产生巨大的影响,它的发明曾是历史上的一件 大事.

定语从句练习(3) I.Fill in the blanks: 1、This is the professor taught me chemistry in 1980 . 2、The hospital was built five years ago has been modernized. 3、This is the boy father died three years ago. 4、The film we saw the day before yesterday is very interesting. 5、Do you know the student was praised at the meeting? 6、1949 is the year the People’s Republic of China was founded. 7、They work in a factory makes radio parts. 8、They work in a factory radio parts are made. 9、This is the vision phone through we can see and talk to our friends. 10、Here are players from Japan, some of are our old friends. 11、She lives in a small village, is only three miles from here. 12、She is going to spend the summer holidays in Shanghai, she has some friends. 13、We’ll put off the meeting till next week, we won’t be so busy. 14、The sun gives the earth light and heat, is very important to the living things. 15、Those want to go to the computer room write your names here. 16、He was often late, made his teacher very angry. 17、Who is the person is standing at the gate? 18、He talked about the teachers and schools he had visited. Ⅱ、Correct the mistakes in the following sentences if there are any: 1、He told us about the countries where he had visited. 2、Egypt is a country where is famous for its pyramids.

3、China is the country where he spent the best part of his life. 4、The days when we spent together cannot be easily forgotten. 5、The house stands at the place that the two roads meet. 6、We shall visit the college where his father teaches there. 7、I know the reason that she looks so worried. 8、He left me the book, that is very useful for me. 9、This is the room which food is kept. 10、April 15, 1976 is the day when we’ll never forget. 11、The man came yesterday is our English teacher. 12、The students are playing football on the playground are of Class Two . 13、This is all which I can do for you. 14、Can you think of anyone who’s house was here? 15、The watch that Mother bought it for me works very well. 16、This is the only book that were borrowed from the library. 17、The day which she had to leave arrived at last. 18、The doctor whom they want to see have come. 19、Do you know the young man whom has been chosen chairman? 20、The park stands at the place that the two rivers meet. 21、A plane is a machine can fly. 22、It is one of the best pictures which have been sold. 23、Those that want to go put up your hands. 24、This is the knife with that the doctor did the operation. 25、Who is the man whom you said hello just now?



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