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Welcome Lifestyles
the way a person or group of people live, including the place they live in, the things they own, the kind of job they do and the activities they enjoy.

A b

usiness manager

A shepherd

Singer and actor

A basketball player

Lesson 1 A Perfect Day?


sports programmes


TV series

the news

talk music programmes shows

What are your favourite kinds of TV programmes? Why?

Brian Blakey

Bob Black

true or false?
F ?1.Brian is not satisfied with the
kind of lifestyle. T ? 2. Brian’s wife goes out to work and supports the family. T ? 7. Brian has more than a TV set. F ? 8. Brian ‘s wife often complains the money that Brian makes is not enough.

Brian Blakey At noon News

In the afternoon
In the evenings

Old films
TV series or sport and the news A good play on BBC

At nine thirty At night until two More films a.m.

true or false?
day and night. T ? 6. Bob almost has no time to spent with his family. ? 7. It seems that Bob prefers doing T a lot of things all day to doing nothing. F ? 8. Bob’s wife often quarreled with Bob for him doing nothing.

F ? 5. Bob is poor so he has to work

At noon

Bob Black

In the afternoon
In the evenings

At nine thirty At night until two a.m.

have meetings and make phone calls deal with urgent matters do paperwork and some personal emails read documents at home

? What does a couch potato refer to? ? What is workaholic?

What does a couch potato refer to? A couch potato is someone who

watches lots (some would say too
much! ) of television. “沙发马铃薯”。它不是马铃薯的 变种, 而是现代社会里的产物, 指浪 费太多时间看电视的人。

A person who works very hard and finds it difficult to stop working and do other things.

He is a workaholic.
醉心于 工作的人



Which lifestyle do you prefer? Which one is healthier? What can Bob or Brian do to improve their lifestyles?

Language points
1. switch on=turn on接通, 打开(电器) First you should switch the machine on. 首先你要接通机器电源。 switch off =turn off切断(电流等) He switched it off because he didn’t like the television programmes. 他把电视关了, 因为他不喜欢那些电 视节目。

switch over交换位置, 转换。 You drive first and then we can switch over. 你先开车, 然后我们换着开。 2. take up占据(时间、空间)

This table takes up too much room.

Her time is fully taken up with writing.

take up还可以表示:开始学习某项课程;
向…提出;开始做某项工作; 拿起武器; 打断某人等。如: A few years later I dropped medicine and took up physics. 几年以后我放弃了医学, 开始学习物理。

He said he would take up my difficulties with the headmaster. 他说他要向校长提出我的困难。 When can you take up your duties, Doctor White? 怀特医生, 您什么时候可以开始工作?

She took me up suddenly when I suggested that the job be only suitable for a man. 我提出那工作只适合男人做, 她突然不 容分说地把我打断了。 He called on the people to take up arms to defend their freedom. 他号召人民拿起武器保卫自由。

3. fill vt./vi使充满;注入 Flowers filled the garden. 花园里开满鲜花。 The doctor filled the bottle with some medicine. 医生往瓶里装入一些药物。 be filled with充满 Her eyes are filled with tears. 她眼里满含泪水。

时间状语从句 4. When I get home at about ten, I look at some documents that I bring 定语从句 back from the office so that I can be ready for the next day’s work. 目的状语从句 5. be /get bored厌倦, 厌烦 I’m getting bored and homesick. 我感到厌倦了, 有点想家。 I’m bored with the subject anyway. 不管怎么说我对这个题目有点烦。

Use the following phrasal verbs in the correct form to complete the sentences below.
switch on, switch off, switch over, take up, fill with, complain about, bring back 1. As the mother of four children, my days are filled _________ with cooking and cleaning!

switch on, switch off, switch over, take up, fill with, complain about, bring back

2. Doing research and writing reports ______ take up a large part of my day. 3. I don’t enjoy watching TV with my switches over to brother as he always ____________ the programmes that he wants to watch.

4. Please ________ switch off the TV when you go to

switch on, switch off, switch over, take up, fill with, complain about, bring back

on the light. It’s really dark in 5. Switch ________ here! 6. I try to do the homework that I

__________ bring back from school as soon as I get home. 7. Mona is never happy. Listen, she’s complaining about her lunch! now ________________

Match the sentences with the rules. Find more examples in the texts for each use.
1. For lunch, I have biscuits and a glass of milk. a) 2. I like the main news at six o’clock. b) The Present Simple tense describes: a) an activity that is repeated regularly. b) a present state, a feeling or opinion.

What tense is used in the following sentences? Complete the rule.

1. Brian Blakey is sitting on his sofa.
2. Brian’s wife is working as a secretary. The Present ___________ Continuous describes:

a) an activity happening now.
b) a present activity that happens regularly but only during a short period of time.

1. The house belongs to my aunt but she ____ here any more. (2006全国I) A. hasn’t lived B. didn’t live C. hadn’t lived D. doesn’t live 2. As you can see, the number of cars on our roads ____ rising these days. (2006全国II) A. was keeping B. keep C. keeps D. were keeping

3. Look at the timetable. Hurry up! Flight 4026 __ off at 18:20. (2006四川) A. takes B. took C. will be taken D. has taken
4. Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane ____. (2006福建) A. takes off B. is taking off C. has taken off D. took off

Keep a diary about your weekend.



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