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2013 届高三英语一轮复习题型限时训练
第一部分 单项选择 (一)
1. An accident happened at _______crossroads a few meters away from _______bank. A.不填; a B. a; a C.不填; the D. the;不填 2. I think he’s determined th

at he won’t give in — see if you can _______the stubborn man. A. get round B. wipe out C. take over D. rule out 3. He travelled to many mountains and saw many poor children, which _______his life. A. would change B. had changed C. was to change D. was changing 4. Some people haven’t realized something as common as _______to the sun for a long time will do harm to their skin and even cause skin cancer. A. exposing B. being exposed C. having exposed D. exposed 5. Although the huge engine, as tall as 25 meters, is heavy_______, it is powerful and works well. A. carried B. to be carried C. to carry D. being exposed 6. —How much is too much for a schoolbag? —Experts say students should carry_______ more than 10 or 15 percent of their body weight. A. no B. not C. any D. far 7. It is commonly assumed that the growth of GDP and the development of people’s living conditions are not _______cause and effect. A. nearly B. possibly C. purposely D. necessarily 8. —How do the shops make money if they sell at such low prices? —Manufacturers, it seems, are willing to bring down prices _______ big volume purchases. A. under the name of B. on behalf of C. in return for D. in preparation for 9. — I telephoned him twice and I couldn’t get through to him. —I think that the line might have been out of order, _______? A. don’t you B. wasn’t it C. do you D. hadn’t it 10. If the printer_______ break down under guarantee, we would repair it at our expense. A. may B. could C. might D. should 11. Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry next year in Westminster Abbey, _______ Princess Diana’s funeral was held. A. when B. which C. where D. as 12. _______ you call me to say you’re not attending my birthday party, I’ll see you at it. A. Whether B. Though C. Until D. Unless 13. Has the boy who was made use of _______ realized the mistake? A. stealing B. stolen C. to steal D. for stealing 14. —Can you lend me 55 dollars until pay day. —_______Do you think I was born with a sliver spoon in my mouth?
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A. By all means C. It’s out of question. 15. —Jones! Roy has broken the glass. — Such things happen. A. Doesn’t matter. C. What a pity!

B. It’s out of the question. D. Why me?

B. How come? D. What has become of him?

1. He wrote A. a; the —Is that so? —Thank you. A. I don’t believe so. C. What presents do you need? A. care A. that — B. mind B. in which I gave up teaching 2 years ago. B. No, I am. C. No, I am not. D. Yes, I am. B. I’m so glad. D. Many happy returns of the day. C. catch C. by which D. notice students got injured or even killed. D. when

song, which turned out to be rather popular with B. a; a C. the; a

young. D. the; the

2. —Next Monday is my birthday.

3. Before Tom left home, his mother kept telling him to

his manners at the party.

4. School safety has set off alarm bells with frequent serious accidents 5. —You are not a teacher, are you? A. Yes, I am not. —Dress A. what 7. Only when he A. does

6. —What clothes should we wear to attend the ball? you like. B. however B. will do C. whatever C. is doing . C. too D. either D. how D. has done his homework will he go to play outside.

8. —Are you used to your new job? —Well, yes. It’s not as good as I expected, A. though — A. Either A. being my mother C. taking my mother 11.You A. can’t B. should B. but 9. —Will you take the blue shirt or the yellow one? is the right size for me, I’m afraid. B. Neither C. Some B. my mother was D. my mother being C. must D. needn’t D. Any seriouly ill, I refused his invitation.

10.Mr. Smith invited me to attend his wedding ceremony, but

pay too much attention to your reading skill, as it is so important.


12. They are good friends. A. This A. for 14.—You know Jane? —Yes, it was A. that —So A. will B. That B. of

is no wonder that they know each other so well. C. There C. at D. It each time you use it to help you work. D. on

13. You will find what great benefit the computer you own can be

I surfed the Internet last week. B. when C. why D. whom

15.—Jenny looks hot and dry. you if you had a high fever. B. do C. are D. would

1.We were in ______ when we left that we forgot the airline tickets. A.a rush so anxious B.a such anxious rush C.that anxious an rush D.that an anxious rush 2.--- Jones! Roy has broken the glass. --Such things happen. A.What a pity! B.Doesn’t matter. C.How come? D.What has become of him? 3.It is not rare in_____ that people in ______ fifties are going to university for further education. A.90s ; the B.the 90s; / C.90s; their D.the 90s ; their 4.----He was nearly drowned once . ---- When was ______? -----_____ was in 2000 _____he was in middle school . A.that; It ; when B.this ;This; that C.that; This; when D.that; It ; that 5.There is little chance that we will manage to change the law. , it is important that we try. A.Therefore B.Nevertheless C.Otherwise D.Besides 6.They had a pleasant chat _____ a cup of coffee. A.for B.with C.during D.over 7.China’s New Food Act provides for a food recall system to producers have to stop production food isn’t up to standards. A.that; if B.where; if C.which; when D.when; where 8.-- Has Mr. White arrived? -- Yes, already, _______ he wait outside or just come in? A.Shall B.May C.Could D.Must 9.Only one of the places is ________ A.worth to visit B.worth visiting C.worth of visiting D.worth being visited 10.You can hardly imagine the difficulty the woman had ______ her children.



A.brought up B.to bring up C.bringing up D.to have brought up 11.Did ______ on time make the teacher angry ? A.she not come B.she not to come C.not her coming D.her not coming 12.______ it would be silly to argue any longer . A.Was that true B.If that was true C.Should that be true D.Could that be true 13.A brilliant idea occurred to him, ______ to his research in the lab. A.while devoting B.while devoting himself C.while he was devoted D.while devoted 14.—Tom has won the 100-meter race. —__________! He never won it before. A. Congratulations B. What good news C. What a good surprise D. How exciting the race is 15.______, but he insisted that he _____ to school . A.Though he was ill , went B.He was ill, go C.Having been ill, should go D.Having been ill , went

1. — I heard that as many as 100 people were killed in the disaster. —Yes, A. the; a news came as B. 不填;the shock to me. C. the; 不填 D. the; the

2. My father admitted that when A. he 3. The thing that A. considers B. that

comes to pop music, he had little knowledge of it. C. this D. it

is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not. B. cares C. matters D. minds that she played in the film. D. role

4. She was nearly well-known to everyone because of the A. work 5. Her health A. broke up B. section C. scene

under the pressure of work and she had to stay in hospital for a month. B. broke down C. broke out D. broke away in the

6. The company designed a new car last month and about 500 cars of this type factory next month. A. were produced — B. will produce

C. have been produced D. will be produced

7. —Excuse me, do you have the time? . B. No problem C. Yes, I do D. A quarter to ten

A. Of course, I have


8. A 3G mobile phone, A. consider — Tell him he A. shall 10. A. Unless —You A. had read

to be most useful and fashionable, is popular with some teenagers. B. considering C. considered D. to be considered

9. — Mike is often absent from class. answer for it if he goes on behaving like that. B. will C. would D. can

she tells him the truth now, he'll simply keep on asking her until she does. B. Once C. If D. Immediately

11. —Mum, I’ve got a headache. long, dear. Go out and take a break. B. have been reading C. are reading D. read has a great effect on my life. D. when; which

12. I shall never forget the days A. that; which — A. No way.

I spent in Beijing University, C. when; that

B. which; that

13. —Shall we phone Mary and say sorry to her? It was our fault. B. Why not? C. Not at all. D. Not possible.

14. There is nothing more I can try A. persuading

you to stay, so I wish you good luck. C. to persuade D. persuading

B. to be persuaded

15. It is none of your business A. which B. what

other people think about you. Believe yourself. C. how D. when

1. — Sally, was ________ problem solved? — We were trying to think of ________ way out, but it was hard to find one. A. the; a B. a; a C. a; the D. the; the 2. George Washington selected the city the site of the US capital, but the name ―District of Columbia‖ was chosen _______ Christopher Columbus. A. in return for B. in the case of C. in the eyes of D. in honor of 3. — Why, David, you look so tired! — Well, I ________an article and I must finish it tomorrow. A. was writing B. will be writing C. have been writing D. have written 4. — Mum, many friends of mine are going to Hongenshi Park. Can I go too? — ________ Wait till you are old enough, dear. A. Will you? B. Why not? C. I hope so. D. I’m afraid not. 5. ________ made us very pleased was ________ the China Pavillion(中国国家馆) attracted a lot of visitors. A. What; that B. What; whether C. That; that D. Which; that


6. ________ such heavy loss during the financial crisis(金融危机), the businessman didn’t have the courage to go on. A. To suffer B. Suffering C. Having suffered D. Suffered 7. We are interested in the weather because it ________ us so directly --- what we eat, what we do, and even how we feel. A. affects B. benefits C. guides D. effects 8. — Honestly, there are too many people who pretend to be beggars to cheat the passers-by. — That’s true. ________ I see the young and strong beggars, I will pay no attention. A. Unless B. Whether C. As long as D. As far as 9. The information on the internet runs much faster than ________ in the newspaper. A. that B. one C. it D. those 10. — What do you think of the movie we saw just now? — I ________ it --- it will give me terrible dreams. A. shouldn’t watch B. shouldn’t have watched C. may not watch D. can’t have watched 11. When I finally got up to leave, we both knew that a real friendship ________ between us. A. have formed B. will form C. is to form D. was to form 12. I often watch CCTV-9, ________ I have learned a lot of new words and expressions. A. from which B. of which C. to which D. which 13. ________ he driven more carefully, the accident would not have happened the other day. A. Be B. Had C. Has D. Would have th 14. It was ________ that saw a lot of close matches in the 16 Asian Games in November, 2010. A. Guangzhou B. located in Guangzhou C. in the city of Guangzhou D. held in Guangzhou 15. — Right. Thank you for reminding me of the exam. — Don’t mention it! ________. A. That’s all B. That’s a small deal C. Good idea D. Good luck to you
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1. – What about _____ conference you attended last week? -- To tell the truth, it was boring, you know, _____ conference like that. A. the; a B. the; / C. a; the D. the; the 2. I would really appreciate _____if you would like to teach me how to monitor the robots. A. that B. this C. it D. you 3. You know, Bob is a little slow _____ understanding. So I have to be patient _____ him. A. in; with B. on; with C. in; to D. at; for 4. Sometimes it was a bit boring to work there because there wasn’t always _____ much to do. A. such B. that C. more D. very 5. You can never imagine what great difficulty I had ______ your house all by myself.


A. find B. to find C. found D. finding 6. The fact has worried many scientists ______ the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years. A. what B. that C. which D. though 7. Don’t be too _____ about things you are not supposed to know. A. fantastic B. scientific C. curious D. obvious 8. As we know, the problem _____ at the meeting at the coming weekend is very important to us. A. to discuss B. to be discussed C. discuss D. discussed 9. The weather _____ to be very good, which was more than we could expect. A. made out B. went out C. turned out D. carried out 10. Only when I left my parents for Italy how much I loved them. A. I realized B. did I realize C. had I realized D. I had realized 11. It was in the small house _____ he was born _____ he ended his life. A. that; where B. which; that C. where; that D. that; which 12. _____ in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. A. Being founded B. It was founded C. Founded D. Founding 13. I’ll come to pay a visit to you if ______ this weekend. A. it is convenient for you B. you’re convenient C. it will be convenient to you D. you feel convenient 14. —Is this the first time you _______ Chongqing? —No. But the first time I _______ here, the city wasn’t so beautiful. A. visited; came B. visited; have come C. have visited, have come D. have visited; came 15. — ―Don’t you believe me?‖ —―______, I’ll believe _______ you say.‖ A. No; whatever B. Yes; no matter what C. No; no matter what D. Yes; whatever

1. _______ local attempt to control the growth of housing prices is practical. Hopefully, it will take _______ effect soon. A. A; an B. The; / C. A; / D. The; an 2. Changeable weather and a lack of rain have made Hang Zhou’s famous Longjing tea more expensive _______ the harvest will be smaller. A. as B. while C. once D. if 3. Intelligent students can always_______ good solutions to problems. A. put up with B. come up with C. keep up with D. catch up with 4. Zhang Yimou is reported _______ more than 10,000 girls for the role of Jingqiu in his latest work The Love of the Hawthom Tree. A. having interviewed B. to be interviewed C. to have interviewed D. interviewing


5. As a famous actor, Ge You often travels around to _______ the films he stars in. A. shoot B. develop C. broadcast D. promote 6. A serious forest fire broke out in Australia, _______ the government had to take immediate steps to protect the forest. A. for that B. when C. as D. for which 7. Nuclear_______ be really dangerous at times even though it’s a nice energy in general. A. shall B. should C. can D. must 8. — Have you taken the picture of me with the elephant? — Hang in there! I'll take _______ two of you. A. the other B. other C. any other D. another 9. Don’t telephone me at 8 a.m. tomorrow — I_______ a meeting. A. am having B. will be having C. am about to have D. have had 10. Londoners are happy to see Prince William, a member of the loyal family, _______ someone who they can relate to. A. marrying B. to marry C. married D. being married 11. The Sino-U.S. relations, although they have experienced twists and turns in the past, _______ have moved forward. A. in return B. in turn C. on the whole D. on the other hand 12. —Hey! Here is a message on my cell phone, telling me to send money to… —Delete it! It's a trick. Many a person ______ by such tricks. A. has been cheated B. have been cheated C. were cheated D. was cheated 13. When you feed horses, watch that one _______ — it bites. A. particularly B. actually C. usually D. naturally 14. Who does that shop assistant think he is? He behaves as if he _______ the grocery. A. own B. owned C. will own D. has owned 15. — It really makes my blood boil when this sort of things happens. — _______. It’s passed anyway. A. Take care B. That’s a pity C. No problem D. Calm down

1. ---- Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our business management? ---- If you make ______ most of the modern equipment, there will be ______ rise in production. A.不填; 不填 B. the; a C. 不填; a D. the; 不填 2.—I am afraid I've broken your chair. —____.I can easily get it fixed. A.Don't mention it B.That's right C.Not at all D.Never mind 3. ________ it is so hot, I guess we can’t do anything until after dark. A. In case B. Now that C. Even if D. As though 4. Yesterday I took my car to the garage to have them ________ the air-conditioner. A. to check B. checking C. checked D check 5.______side of the street is lined with different shops, ______of which sell electronic products. A. Both; both B. Either; all


C. Neither; either D. Either; both 6._____ repeatedly, the problem still appeared in the beginner's homework. A.Explaining B.Having explained C.Having been explained D.To be explained 7.If you want to book tickets for the 2012 Olympic Games, just call 00952012. It ______ be simpler. A. mustn’t B. won’t C. needn’t D. couldn’t 8.It takes more than knowledge and intelligence to ______ a good researcher. A.make B.turn C.get D.grow 9. Science and technology are advancing so quickly that ______ is a possibility today may be a reality tomorrow. A. that B. which C. / D. what 10. ---Did Linda see the traffic accident? --- No, no sooner ________ than it happened. A. had she gone B. she had gone C. has she gone D. she has gone 11. ________economic, political and cultural differences, it is difficult for China and America to fully understand each other. A. In spite of B. Regardless of C. On account of D. In favor of 12. Last week I took part in the Civil Service Admission Examination, for which I ______ for nearly three months. A. had prepared B. would prepare C. was preparing D. have been preparing 13. --- It is what parents say and do that really matters in children’s character training. --- ___________. A. Properly B. Doubtfully C. Simply D. Absolutely 14. ________ was expected, only five people turned up at the party, ________ disappointed the hostess very much. A. As; what B. As; which C. It; that D. What; which 15. The advice that every child _____well looked after has been considered. A. are B. is C. be D. must be

1.—Tony, where are the cookies? Don’t tell me you _________ them all! Again! —Yes, I did.I couldn’t help it.They were so good. A.had eaten B.ate C.are eating D.have eaten 2.—What experience most __________ who you are, Richard? —My father let me play his guitar when I was three.Thirty-two years later, I still play. A.proved B.impressed C.permitted D.shaped 3.Many of the exhibits were damaged in the fire and _________ were totally destroyed. A.all B.both C.much D.some 4.I remember early spring mornings _________ my grandmother would tell me to sit quietly and then read me books. A.when B.why C.where D.which 5. __________ winter is still with us, and will be for a few more weeks, warm days may still be in the forecast for your area. A.As long as B.Even though C.Now that D.Ever since 6.—You’ve got a stomachache? But we ate at the same place.How come my stomach is fine?


—You have an iron stomach! Mine isn’t __________ strong. A.as B.such C.much D.enough 7.A study __________ by Allan Lucks, director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, found volunteers had better health than non-volunteers. A.was led B.led C.leading D.was leading 8. Maybe it was because he _________ to the radio, but he didn’t notice the dark object in the road until it was too late. A.was listening B.listened C.had listened D.would listen 9.—This dish is really delicious.________ you please say it in Chinese? —Sure, we call it ―doufu‖. A.Might B.Could C.Shall D.May 10.Having checked everything, he sat down to do his homework, __________ he heard a lightening strike the electricity pole in the backyard. A.for B.when C.or D.but 11.—Can you keep an eye on my bag, Jack? I just want to use the bathroom. —__________.It’ll be safe with me. A.I think so B.It’s my pleasure C.Go ahead D.You’re welcome 12.Before they __________ anything, children see the world with fresh eyes.Their responses are honest and imaginative. A.teach B.taught C.are teaching D.are taught 13.Wi th the oil price rising, these days people are trying to stay close to home _________ save money on gas. A.helps B.helped C.helping D.to help 14.Being angry is OK, but knowing how to tell someone _________ made you angry is important. A.that B.which C.why D.what 15.—Wow, what a beautiful hat you are wearing! —___________.My father bought me yesterday. A.Don’t say that B.No, not at all C.Thanks a lot D.You’re kidding
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1.—May I use your new dictionary? —It' s over there.____. A.Feel free B.Never mind C.My pleasure D.It's OK 2.—What about asking these new graduates to take on the task? —I m afraid not.While they are energetic and ambitious, _____ of them seems to be suitable for this demanding job. A.no one B.everyone C.none D.few 3.—Why did you let ____ kids off this time? —I just want to give them ____ second chance.

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A./; the B.the;/ C.the; the D.the; a 4.—Do you feel like going to the cinema tonight? —Sorry, I ' m so tired.I ____an early night. A.have B.am having C.have had D.had 5.—I wonder why he has been acting so strangely these days. —Recent pressure at work may ____ his behavior. A.account for B.call for C.change for D.stand for 6.____ this may sound like a simple process, great care is needed. A.Since B.Once C.Although D.Unless 7.When ____ to feel unworthy, children often work extra hard to please their parents. A.to make B.making C.made D.having made 8.Last year I applied to Princeton University.I ____ they would say yes—but they did, and now here I am. A.never think B.am never thinking C.have never thought D.never thought 9.Jane established a program, ____ young people to take part in activities ____ promote greater concern for the environment. A.to encourage; where B.having encouraged; where C.encouraging; that D.encouraged; which 10.We used to work in the same office and we____ often have coffee together, which I missed so much years later. A.would B.should C.could D.might 11.It's really stupid of you ____ him the news yesterday so that it has been disturbing him all the time. A.having told B.telling C.to tell D.to have told 12.Don't thro w away the old books.Give them to ____needs them. A.whoever B.anyone C.who D.whomever 13.If you sleep less than seven hours, you are three times more to catch a cold. A.possible B.certainly C.probable D.likely 14.—Do you know how I can ____ him? —On his mobile phone. A.learn B.reach C.seek D.touch 15. Having lived in the town for quite a few years, Mr. Johnson no longer felt among the local people. A.out of order B.out of place C.out of control D.out of the question



2012 届高三英语一轮复习题型限时训练

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第一部分 单项选择参考答案 (一)1- 5 BACBC (二)1-5 ADBBC (三)1-5 CBDAB (四)1-5 ADCDB (五)1-5 ADCDA 6-0 ADCBD 6-10 BDABD 6-10DBBBC 6-10 DDCAA 6-10 CACAB 11-15 CDCBA 11-15 ADBBD 11-15DCCCB 11-15 BABCB 11-15 DABAD

(六)1-5 A C A B D 6-10 B C B C B 11-15 C C A D D (七)1-5 BABCD (八)1-5BDBDB (九)1-5BDDAB (十)1-5ACDBA 6-10 DCDBA 6-10 CDADA 6-10 ABABB 6-10CCDCA 11-15 CAABD 11-15 CADBC 11-15 CDDDC 11-15 DADBB

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