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高中英语必修四 Unit 4 Body language Language points

Unit 4 language points


She represents herself as the _____________________________

kindest mother in the


represented China in the He ____________ conference. 他称自己是专家。 to be an representedhimself ________ He ___________ expert.

curiously 2. _____________adv. 好奇地

curiosity _______________n. [U]好奇心
be curious about sth 对(某事)感到好奇 _______________

be curious to (do) 很想(做);渴望(做) ________________

with curiosity _________________ 好奇地 out of curiosity 出于好奇 _________________

curious to know 1) I’m ___ _______________
what he said.

我极想知道他说了什么 .
2)A student should always be

curious ____________to learn.

3)The letter wasn’t addressed
to me but I opened it out of curiosity ____ . 4)The child ______ very is curious about the origin of _____________ mankind.


向……靠近;接近 ; 3. approach vt._ ______________
入门,接近;方法,途径 n._______________________________
approach to (doing) sth.做??的方法/途径 __________________

at the approach of ________________在快到……的时候

(1) A new year ________________. is approaching 新年快到了。 approach to (2) I like her _________ ___ the problem. 我喜欢她解决这个问题的方法。 approach of winter, (3). With the __________ spring will not be far.

5.major adj;主要的;主修的[作定语]

vi. (与in连用)(在大学里)攻读,主修,


a major road
a major city


the major part
major subjects majority



the majority of+可数名词;

1) This is a major road. 这是一条主路。 ___________________________ 2) Water plays a major role in our
水在我们的生活中起着重要的作用。 life. ____________________

3) Her major is History.
她的专业是历史。 __________________________

4) She majored in French at university.
他在大学主修法语。 _________________

可能的 1. likely _______ It’s likely that...=sb./sth. be

be likely to do... ……是可能的
likely是指从外表、迹象上进行判断有可能发 生;possible指客观上有可能,但往往含有希 望很小的意味,It is possible (for sb) to do sth,It is possible that… ;probable的可能性 比possible大,表示“很可能,十有八九”, It is probable that…。

She is likely to ring me tonight. _______________________________
It is likely that she will ring me tonight. ____________________________

2)Look, dark clouds are gathering.
It is ______ to rain soon. A. probable B. possible

C. likely

D. perhaps

2. general adj.一般的;大体的 n.将军;普通; 概要
一般地;大体上;通常; in general ___________

= generally speaking 1) Washington was a famous
华盛顿是一位著名将领 . general. ____________________

In general, I prefer a __ comedy to 2)___ ____ ,___ ____ ____ ___ a tragedy.

3). The plan has been generally ___________accepted.

;为……辩护 1.defend vt. 保卫,防卫 _____________ ‘ n.________________ defence 保护……不受(伤害)


defend...from .. ___________________

defend the child (1) We should ______ from harm. ______

defend the (2)Their duty is to ______

from its enemies. country ______

补充: at ease _______________ 舒适;快乐;自由自在 轻易地;毫不费力的 with ease _____________
feel\look at ease 感到 / 看上去心情放松 _____________

1) The policemen tried every means

possible to put the missing child at ease.
__________________________________ 2) He didn’t feel completely at ease in the strange surroundings. 他在陌生的环境没有完全放松。 _________________________________

3) The girl answered all the questions ______ ___ ______ with great ease (非常轻松地).

丢脸 lose face __________
做鬼脸_______________ face to face 面对面地_________________
make faces

lose heart 灰心,丧气_____________ lose weight 减肥________________

lose one’s life 献出生命,丧生_____________
lose one’s temper; 生气,发脾气____________
lose ______in face Don’t ____ public.


①Thousands of people

______________ (丧失生命) lost their lives
in Japan earthquake. ②Don’t be afraid of

losing face ____________ (丢脸).

turn one’s back to ______ 背对 对充耳不闻,置若罔闻
turn a deaf ear to ____________

瞧不起,轻视 turn one’s nose up at ________________ 闭目不看,视而不见 close\shut one’s eyes to _______________

高考必会构词法 major? __________n.大多数
represent? __________n.代理人

adj.典型的 curious? __________n.好奇心
introduce? __________n.介绍

touch? __________adj.情绪激动的
learn? __________adj.有学问的 strange? __________n.陌生人

speak? __________n.发言、演说
? __________adj.口语的 express? _________n.表达 表情

action? __________v.行动表演?

? __________adj. 活跃的;积极的?
__________n.活动 general? __________adv.一般地;通 常地 avoid? __________adj.可避免的?


misunderstand? __________n.

误会? __________n.理解;明白 similar? __________n.相似性
? __________adv.类似地

agreement? _________v.同意 ? __________n.不同意

? __________v.不同意 punish? __________n惩罚


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