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英语:高三一轮复习超级课件 Unit4《Sharing》(新人教版选修7)

英语:高三一轮复习超级课件 Unit4《Sharing》(新人教版选修7)

? 佳作选登 ? [话题] 谈谈你对城市处理垃圾问题的看法 ? [体裁] 议论文

? As is known to all,it is very fundamental to deal with the rubbish in cities.For one thing,rubbish may result in a lot of pollution.It may pollute the air,the water and the places we live in.For another,it may do harm to people's health.

? Therefore,a series of effective measures have been taken by the city government to deal with the problem.In the first place,laws have already been made to prevent pollution caused by rubbish.Besides,in our city,rubbish is well dealt with.First,it is sorted.Then old newspaper and glass are recycled.The harmful wastes are buried and the waste water is cleaned before it goes into the river to make sure that it is safe.

? But that's not enough.As for the problem of dealing with rubbish,I think we still have a long way to go.It is the responsibility of all to do our bits to prevent rubbish from polluting the environment so as to save our city and our living place.

? ? ? ? ?

? ?经典例句 [亮词] 1.result in导致;造成 2.do harm to...对??有害 3.in the first place首先 4.make sure确保;确信 5.have a long way to go.有很长的路要走。

? [典句] 1.As is known to all,it is very fundamental to deal with the rubbish in cities.众所周知,处理城市垃圾是一项根 本任务。 ? (变式)?What is known to all is that it is fundamental to deal with the rubbish in cities. ? 2.It is the responsibility of all to do our bits to prevent rubbish from polluting the environment so as to save our city and our living place.

? 为了保护我们的城市和生存环境,尽力阻止垃圾污染环境 是我们每一个人的责任。

? 1.(2011·天津模拟)The young man couldn't afford a new car.________ he bought a used one. ? A.Besides B.Otherwise ? C.Instead D.Still ? [解题指导] 句意:那个年轻人买不起新车,便买了一辆 二手车。本题考查副词辨析。instead相反,取而代之; besides此外;otherwise否则;still仍然。根据句意C项正确。 ? [正确答案] C

? 2.(2011·江苏高考)It sounds like something is wrong with the car's engine.________,we'd better take it to the garage immediately. ? A.Otherwise B.If not ? C.But for that D.If so ? [解题指导] 句意:汽车的发动机听上去好像出了问题。 如果这样的话,我们最好马上把车开到修理厂。if so假如 这样的话,符合题意,所以选D。otherwise否则;if not如 果不??;but for that要不是那个的话,均不符合题意。 ? [正确答案] D

? 3.(2012·厦门模拟)Helen has just been in Denmark for 5 days and is trying to ________ the weather here. ? A.adjust to B.agree with ? C.rely on D.fit to ? [解题指导] 句意:海伦已经在丹麦呆了5 天了,正尽力适应这儿的天气。本题考查 动词词组辨析。adjust to调查以适应;agree with同意某人的话,rely on依靠;fit to适合。 根据句意A项正确。 ? [正确答案] A

? 4.(2012·唐山一模)Mrs Black was so ________ for the news of her lost child that she was almost driven mad. ? A.sorry B.dying ? C.sad D.careful ? [解题指导] 句意:布莱克夫人是如此渴望 知道她丢失的孩子的消息。以致于快疯掉 了。本题考查be dying for“渴望/极 想”??的用法。 ? [正确答案] B

? 5.(2012·长沙模拟)Some blood types are quite common, others are regionally ________,and still others are rare everywhere. ? A.distributed B.contributed ? C.obtained D.convinced ? [解题指导] 句意:一些血型很常见,而有一些呈地区分 布,但仍有少量血型很罕见。本题考查动词辨义。 distribute分布;分配,contribute;贡献;有助于,obtain 得到;获得,convince使信服;确信。根据句意可知A项 正确。 ? [正确答案] A

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅰ.重点单词 muddy adj.泥泞的;泥土般的→ mud n.泥 1. concept n.观念;概念 2. weekly adv./adj.每周(的)→monthly 每月(的) 3. 4. relevant adj.有关的→ relevantly adv.相关地 5.remote adj.遥远的;偏僻的 participate vi.参与;参加→ participant n.参加者 6. privilege n.特权;优待 7.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

arrangement n.安排;排列→ arrangevt.安排 8. 9.comb vi.梳(发)n.梳子 voluntary adj.自愿的;志愿的→volunteer v.自愿; 10. 志愿 n.志愿者 purchase n./vt.买;购买 11. 12. sew vt.缝制vi.缝→ sewing machine 缝纫机 13.political adj.政治的;政党的→ politiciann.政治家 14.security n.安全;保护;保障→ secure v.保护 15.operate vi.工作;运转vt.操作→ operation n.操作; 运转;手术

? ? ? ? ?

adjust vi/vt.调整;使适合→ adjustable 16. adj.可调整的 distribute vt.分配→ distribution 17. n.分配分布状态 otherwise conj.否则adv.用别的方法;其他方面 18. 19. donate vt.捐赠→ donation n.捐赠;捐赠物→ donator n.捐赠人

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅱ.重点短语 1.hear from sb.收到某人的来信 2.be dying to do/ for 极想干?? to 3.adapt ... ...适应?? 4. for sure/certain肯定地 other 5.the day不久前的一天 6. make a/no difference有/没影响 to 7.adjust oneself 调整自己适应

? ? ? ? ?

8.participate in (doing) sth.参与?? 9.dry out (没水之物)完全变干 10.dry up (井/河流)干涸 11. in need在危急中 12. in a clinic在诊所里

? Ⅲ.重点句型 ? 1.But last weekend another teacher,Jenny,and I ? did did a village which is the home of one of the boys, Tombe.但是上个周末,我和另一个老师珍妮,确实拜访了 一个村庄,其中一个男孩汤贝的家就在那里。 ? 2.The gift you give isnot something your loved one keeps ? but a voluntary contribution towards the lives of people who really need it. ? 你送的礼物不是给你所爱的人留念的,而是给那些确有生 活需要的人的一项志愿性捐助。

? ? ? ? ? ?

1.adjust vt & vi. 调整;使适应 adjust...to...使??适应?? adjust to (doing) sth.适应/习惯(做)某事 make adjustments作调整 adapt sth.to...使某物适合?? adapt (oneself) to(使某人自己)适应

? ①This kind of desk can be adjusted to the height you need. 这种书桌的高低可以按照你 的需要调节。

? ②She has adjusted to (living in) the new environment. ? 她已适应了(住在)新环境。 ? ③You'll quickly adjust yourself to student life. ? 你将会很快适应学生生活。 ? ④He made a quick adjustment to the new environment. ? 他很快就适应了新的环境。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2.donate vt. 捐赠;赠送 donation n.捐款,赠送,捐赠(物) make a donation to charity向慈善事业捐赠 collect donations (for)(为??)募捐 receive a donation收到募捐 donate sth.to sb./sth.向??捐赠某物 donate sth.to do sth.为了做某事而捐赠某物

? ①Local people lined up to donate blood for the brave girl. 当地群众排队给这位勇敢的姑 娘献血。 ? ②All donations will be gratefully received. ? 我们将十分感激地接受所有的捐赠。 ? ③Please make a donation to UNICEF. ? 请向联合国儿童基金会捐款。

? 3.be dying to do/for sth. 渴望/极热做某事

? ①I'm dying to get started. ? 我迫不及待地想开始。 ? ②He is dying for a piano.他渴望得到一架钢 琴。 ? ③Is that the result you long to see? ? 那就是你渴望看到的结果吗?

? 1.Your digital camera could be ________ to take pictures in a rainy day. ? A.reminded B.adjusted ? C.treated D.accustomed ? 解析:adjust vt.调整;使适应;remind提醒; 使想起;treat对待;治疗;accustom习惯于。 根据句意,可知应选B。 ? 答案:B

? 2.(2012·南昌模拟)I'm dying ________ the result of the competition. ? A.of B.from ? C.for D.as ? 解析:be dying for...渴望/极想?? ? 答案:C

? 3.He ________ his blood to the blood center once a year. ? A.manages B.makes ? C.donates D.convinces ? 解析:donate v.捐赠;赠送;manage管理; 对付;convince使信服;说服。根据句意可 知选C。 ? 答案:C


But last weekend another teacher,Jenny and I did visit a village that was the home of one of the boys,Tombe.但是上个周末,我和另一个老师, 珍妮,确实拜访了一个村庄,那是其中一个名叫 Tombe的男孩的家。 ? do/does/did+动词原形可构成强调句。 ? 这种强调句只有一般现在时和一般过去时,且只 对肯定的谓语动词进行强调,没有否定式和疑问 式。do在句中要重读。注意在祈使句中使用时, 往往不表示命令,而表示强烈的请求,有时表达 更加客气的语气。

? ? ? ?

①He did accomplish the task in time. 他的确准时完成了任务。 ②I do hope you have a merry Christmas! 衷心祝福你圣诞快乐!

? An awful accident ________,however, occur the other day. ? A.does B.did ? C.has to D.had to ? 解析:did表示对过去事实的强调 ? 答案:B



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