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2016届高考英语 专题六 动词的时态和语态(全国通用)

专题六 动词的时态和语态

A 组 三年模拟精选(2015~2013)(改编) 1.(2015·太原期末)Then the driver stood up and asked, “ suitcase at the last stop?” 解析 考查一般过去时。此处是询问过去发生的事情应该用一般过去时,谓语是实义动 anyone lose a

/>词 lose,所以要用助动词 Did。 答案 Did 2.(2015·西铁一中二模)Her mother was excited.“Your father has at last decided to stop smoking, ” Jane (inform).

解析 考查一般过去时的被动语态。因 Jane 与动词 inform 之间为被动关系,再结合前 面的 was excited,根据时态一致的原则,此处也要用一般过去时。 答案 was informed 3.(2015·福州八中质检)Being too anxious to help an event develop often (result) in the contrary to our intention. 解析 考查一般现在时。从句子结构分析,动名词短语 Being too anxious to help an

event develop 作主语,result 是谓语动词,应当考虑时态;根据句子意思“急于求成, 往往事与愿违” ,是客观真理,应当用一般现在时,故填 results。 答案 results 4.(2015·保定六市六校联盟)By April 2008,over 10 million articles on Wikipedia. 解析 考查过去完成时的被动语态。句意:到 2008 年 4 月份,1 千多万文章已经登在维 基百科上。和时间状语 by April 2008 连用谓语动词要用过去完成时,而且主语 articles 和动词 put 之间是被动关系。 答案 had been put 5.(2015·河南六市联考)Tai Chi 解析 (call) “shadow boxing” in English. (put)

考查一般现在时的被动语态。句意:太极在英语中被称为 shadow boxing。主语

Tai Chi 与动词 call 之间为被动关系,且这是一个客观事实,故要用一般现在时的被动 语态形式。

答案 is called 6.(2015·山西太原五中月考)A comprehensive study (report) that of the

nearly 3,000 cyclist-motorist crashes that occurred between 2000 and 2010, about 20 percent were hit-and-runs. 解析 考查时态。句意:一个调查报道说,在 2000 到 2010 年至少发生了 3000 起事故, 百分之二十的逃逸率。根据后面的 occurred 可知此处要用一般过去时。 答案 reported 7.(2015·吉林一中月考)For thousands of years,the festival eating Zongzi and racing dragon boats in honour of Qu Yuan. 解析 考查时态。由时间状语 for thousands of years 可知,谓语动词要用现在完成时, 表示端午节一直以来都以吃粽子和赛龙舟的方式进行庆祝。 答案 has been marked 8.(2015·内蒙古包钢一中月考)I'm so sorry,but sometimes the bus can (delay) by some problems. 解析 考查语态。the bus 和 delay 之间是被动关系,故用被动语态。 答案 be delayed 9.(2015·海南中学月考)Now college graduates own business,which sounds really good for us. 解析 考查时态和语态。句意:现在大学毕业生正在被鼓励自主创业,对我们来说这听起 来不错。根据时间状语 now 可知是正在进行时,学生与鼓励之间是被动关系,故用现在进 行时的被动语态。 答案 are being encouraged 10.(2015·宁夏银川一中月考)So far I 35 years. 解析 用。 答案 have adopted 11.(2015·广东揭阳一中、潮州金山中学联考)So the questions must with carefully,the same way you would handle any other hot potato. 解析 考查语态。主语 questions 和动词 deal with 之间是被动关系。 (deal) 考查时态。根据时间状语 so far“到目前为止”可知,该状语要与现在完成时连 (adopt) and taught children for over (encourage) to start their (mark) by

答案 be dealt 12.(2015·内蒙古师大附中月考)As a child,I lived in a poor family...the worst impression is that I (feel) hungry all the time.

解析 考查时态。根据时间状语 all the time 可知此处要用进行时态,表示“一直”, 这里是过去的事情,所以用过去进行时。 答案 was feeling 13.(2015·黑龙江双鸭山一中月考)Sandy:What about his sister,Kate? Did she pass? Tom:Oh,yes.It seems she (get) good marks.

解析 考查时态。答句意为“好象她得了高分”。发生在过去的事要用一般过去时。 答案 got 14.(2015·河南洛阳一高月考)I think Chinese people choose chopsticks,rather than knives and forks,because Chinese people,under the influence of Confucianism, (consider) knives and forks as symbolizing a type of violence traditionally. 解析 考查时态。中国人在儒家思想的影响下,传统地认为刀和叉是暴力的象征。此处表 示对现在造成的影响和结果,故要用现在完成时。 答案 have considered 15.(2015·辽宁锦州市质量检测一)He jumped out of the car, and pushed him up against the parked car. 解析 考查一般过去时。他从汽车里面跳了出来,抓住一个男孩。和 jumped,pushed 构 成并列谓语,故要用一般过去时。 答案 seized 16.(2014·河北邯郸市一模)Simon:Right.And how many people are coming? Did you say about 8? Linda:Yes,they said 8 at first,but (change) to 6 this morning. (seize) a boy

解析 考查一般过去时。他们一开始说是 8 个人,但是后来改成了 6 个。根据时间状语 this morning 可知此处要用一般过去时。 答案 changed 17.(2014·山西太原五中模拟)He goes to a Buddhist monk for advice and expects to (tell) how to live a more simple life.

解析 考查被动语态。此人到庙里拜见高僧寻求指点,期望被告知如何过更简朴的生活。 expect sb to do sth 期望某人做某事, 因为 he 和 tell 之间为被动关系, 故要用 be told。 答案 be told 18.(2014·辽宁锦州市质量检测一)“He me”. 解析 考查一般现在时的被动语态。 句意: 他受伤了, 对我来说他太重了。 he 和动词 hurt 之间是被动关系,且说的是客观事实,故要用一般现在时的被动语态形式。 答案 is hurt 19.(2014·黑龙江大庆一中段考二)He (work) hard at his lessons every (hurt),and he's too heavy for

evening for months.He wants to go to Oxford University next year. 解析 考查现在完成进行时。 这几个月他一直在努力学习。 用现在完成进行时表示最近一 直在做的事情。 答案 has been working 20.(2014·黑龙江哈三中一模)If you (happen) meet a girl online who is

intelligent,kind,honest,and you get a good feeling of her,won't you have the desire to get to know her in person? 解析 考查动词的时态和固定表达。条件状语从句要用一般现在时表将来,happen to do sth 碰巧做某事。 答案 happen to 21.(2014·山西太原五中模拟)There (be) more than 100 million references

to the word “tuhao” on social media since early September this year. 解析 考查现在完成时。九月份上旬以来, “土豪”一词在中国社交网络上出现了 1 亿多 次。和时间状语 since early September this year 连用,要用现在完成时。 答案 have been 22.(2014·黑龙江哈三中二模)All the discoveries in human history have (make) as a result of curiosity. 解析 考查被动语态。the discoveries 和动词 make 之间为动宾关系,空格前的 have 表 明句子用现在完成时,故要用现在完成时的被动语态。 答案 been made 23.(2013·深圳模拟)Besides,shopping at this time of the year was not a pleasant

experience : people stepped on your feet or elbows(肘部).

(push) you with their

解析 考查一般过去时。根据连词 or 可知,动词 push 与 stepped 并列,所以也要用一般 过去时。 答案 pushed 24.(2013·韶关重点中学六次月考)The machine (equip) with securing

cameras and alarms and looks like a mini shop with a brick front,a grey roof and a display window. 解析 考查一般现在时的被动语态。 这个机器配备有安全摄像机和警报系统。 be equipped with 配备有??。因为主语 The machine 是单数,再结合后面的 looks like 可知,此处 要用一般现在时,故要用 is equipped。 答案 is equipped 25.(2013·佛山月考)In recent years,the commercial pressure from supermarket chains (force) village shops across the country to close.

解析 考查现在完成时。句意:近几年,来自超市连锁店的压力已经迫使乡村商店关门。 in recent years 相当于 recently,和现在完成时连用,因为主语是 pressure,所以谓 语要用单数形式。 答案 has forced B 组 一年创新导向 1.(关注一般过去时表过去的事实)—You've got your flat furnished, haven't you? —Yes,I 解析 some used furniture and it was a real bargain.


便宜。从后面的 was 可知,买家具是过去的动作,故用一般过去时。 答案 bought 2.(关注现在完成时和过去完成时的区别)John and I (be) friends for eight (meet)

years. We first got to know each other at a Christmas party. But we each other a couple of times before that. 解析

根据第一空后面的“for eight years”可知,第一空应用现在完成时;根据第二

空前面的“got”及后面的“before that”可知,meet 这一动作发生在 got 之前,故第 二空应用过去完成时。

答案 have been;had met 3.(关注过去进行时表过去一段时间内正在进行的动作)—Hey,Gary,did Linda see you come in? —I don't think so. She (review) her lessons then.

解析 句意:——嗨,加理,刚才琳达看见你进来了吗?——我认为没有。她当时正在复 习功课。根据答语第二句中的 then 可知应用过去进行时。 答案 was reviewing 4.(关注各种时态的被动语态)A lot of attention (pay) to greenhouse gas

emission. Look at those posters for environmental protection. 解析 句意:温室气体的排放得到了很多关注。看那些关于环境保护的海报。根据“Look at”可知此处指的是现在的情况, 且 pay 与 attention 之间构成逻辑上的动宾关系, 故用 现在进行时的被动语态。 答案 is being paid 5.(关注不用在被动语态中的词)—Does China have cultural relics? —Yes,it is admitted that many cultural relics in the world,such as the Great Wall,the Potala Palace and the Mogao Grottoes, (belong) China.

解析 belong to 不用于被动语态和进行时态。“许多世界文化遗产, 如长城、 布达拉宫、 莫高窟等属于中国”,这是一个客观事实,应该用一般现在时。从句的主语是 many cultural relics,所以谓语动词要用复数形式。 答案 belong to C 组 语境对点演练 Ⅰ.语篇填空 用括号中动词的适当形式填空。 Welcome to our school.I'd like to introduce you to plans for our school.A lot of work 1 (do) in the past few years.The library 2 (complete) and is ready 3 (build)this year.But 4 (collect)

for use.But we still have to do more work.A new biology lab

we don't have enough money for the equipment.Students in all grades money.The money which is collected

5 (spend) on new equipment.At present,a plan 7

6 (make) for a party at the end of the term,at which wonderful performances (put)on.

The gardens of the school

8 (improve) this year.New trees 10

9 (plant) which

will soon give shade in summer.The whole school

(paint) during the summer

holidays.In fact,our school is becoming more and more beautiful. 答案 1.has been done 2.has been completed 3.is being built 4.are collecting 5.will be spent 6.is being made being planted Ⅱ.语法填空 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 (2015·珠海模拟)It was a city in Hubei Province.On International Children's Day,some orphans(孤儿)from the Wuhan Welfare Institute for Children 1 (take) 7.will be put 8.are being improved 9.are

10.is going to be painted

to the park.An elderly westerner was with them.The children were eager to tell him everything that was going on.They held him by the hand and never hesitated to call 2 3 Grandpa.This man was Professor William Dorrity from Florida,the USA.In 2003, Professor Dorrity and his wife retired,they came to Wuhan and started to work

as volunteers at the Welfare Institute. The Dorritys have been working hard 4 (improve) the conditions at the Welfare

Institute since they came.They often take children on day-trips, 5 (bring) along with them all kinds of food for the kids to enjoy.They recently bought audiphones for four orphans 6 hearing problems and small tape recorders for three blind suffers

children.They also bought a wheelchair for ten-year-old Tan Jun, 7 from a brain problem.With the for 9

8 (arrive) of spring, the Dorritys took the children we

outing.“We love China and we love children, ”Dorrity said, “ 10

are happy to do this.” 【语篇导读】 本文主要讲一对来自佛罗里达州的夫妇退休后在武汉儿童福利院做义工 的故事。 1.解析 考查被动语态。孤儿被带到公园,所以用被动形式。 答案 were taken 2.解析 考查代词。call 后接双宾语。 答案 him

3.解析 考查连词。“当(when)Dorrity 教授和他的妻子退休时”或“在 Dorrity 教授和他的妻子退休之后”。 答案 when/after 4.解析 考查动词不定式。动词不定式表示目的,表示“为了改善情况努力工 作”。 答案 to improve 5.解析 考查非谓语动词。they 和 bring 是主动关系,所以用现在分词表示伴随 状况。 答案 bringing 6.解析 考查介词。有听力障碍的孤儿。 答案 with 7.解析 考查定语从句。who 作 suffers 的主语,指代 Tan Jun。 答案 who 8.解析 考查词形转换。结构:the+n.+of。 答案 arrival 9.解析 考查冠词。take sb for an outing 意为“带某人去郊游”。 答案 an 10.解析 考查连词。我们爱中国,我们爱孩子,所以很高兴这样做。 答案 and/so


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