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人教新课标Book6 Unit4 Global warming Language points

人教课标 高二 选修 6 Unit 4

1. So how has this come about and does it matter?

come about 是不及物短语,意为“发生”。 Please tell me how the accident _____. I am still in the dark. A. came by B. came out 得到,获得 出来, 露出 C. came to D. came about 达到

It’s already 10 o’clock. I wonder how it ____ that she was two hours late on such a short trip.

A. came over
C. came about

B. came out
D. came up

【点拨】 选 C。句意为:已经十点了,这么短 的路途她竟然晚了两个小时,我真不 知道这是怎么回事。come over顺便来 访;come out出现,出版;come up走 近,上来,提出。

2. result in 导致, 造成 = lead to

e.g. The earthquake resulted in the death of many people.
David’s carelessness resulted in his failure.

result from 起因于,由于 e.g. 1. The development of the city results from its tourist attractions. 2. We have to deal with problems resulting from unemployment.

用适当的介词填空。 from 1. Max’s success resulted _____ accepting the advice of his teacher.

2. The excellent class atmosphere resulted
____ the increase in knowledge gained in

by students.

3. consequence
e.g. What will the consequence be? 这会有什么后果呢? in consequence 因此 as a consequence 结果 as a consequence of 由于……的结果

4. range 种类;范围

e.g. This is outside the range of our study. 这不属于我们研究的范围。
in /within range 在射程之内 out of / beyond range 在射程之外

This restaurant has become popular for its wide ______ of foods that suit all tastes and pockets. (湖北2010) A. division B. area C. D. circle C range 【点拨】 句意为:这家饭馆的食品种类丰富,可 以满足不同口味和收入的顾客,因此深 受大家的喜爱。

5. quantities of

quantities of 大量的,其后既可以跟可
数名词,也可以跟不可数名词。 e.g. Rose owns quantities of books.

In summer, quantities of fruit and vegetables are preserved in the fridge.

当“quantities of / a quantity of + 名词” 作主语时,谓语动词的数取决于quantity 的数,而与所修饰的名词无关。 e.g. 1. There is a large quantity of snow in this area. 2. There are quantities of snow in this area.

我们在高一学过amount这个词,也可 构成a great amount of,表示“大量 的”, 其后通常跟不可数名词。当 “an amount of / amounts of + 不可数


根据汉语提示,补全下列句子。 have been sold 1. Large quantities of beer _____________
(已被售出) in this shop.

Quantities of / A quantity of students 2. __________________________________
result in __________ (大量的学生) crowded into the library.

6. tend 观察tend在下列各句中的词性、含义及 用法。
1. Janet tends to get very angry if you can’t satisfy her demands. 2. David tends towards obesity.

3. Sofia was tending to her son in the bedroom.
4. The nurse skillfully tended the soldiers’ wound. 5. Mary will tend the garden while you’re on vacation.

从以上例句我们可以看出,tend 既可 作及物动词也可作不及物动词。 作不及物动词时,意为“易于”,构 成tend to do sth. 结构,意为“易于做某事” 趋向 (句1);“______”,后常接towards或to (句2);“照顾”,构成tend to sb. / sth. 结构(句3)。 照顾,护理 作及物动词时,意为“____________” (句4、句5)。

将下列句子翻译成英语。 1. 他们表演的舞蹈风格多样,但多半倾 向于民族舞。 The sort of dance they perform varies, but tends to folk style. 2. 这里春天雨水很多。 It tends to rain a lot here in spring.

7. ... causing the global temperature to go up. go up 上升;增长;升起。

【考例】 — Do you think that housing price will keep ______ in the years to come? — Sorry, I have no idea. (江苏2007) A. lifting up B. going up B C. bringing up D. growing up

【点拨】 选B。句意为:你认为房价在未来几年 内会持续上涨吗?lift up拿起,举起; bring up抚养,培养,提出;grow up 长大,成长。

8. Even if we start reducing the amount of carbon dioxide ... even if /though 即使 used to emphasize that, although something may happen or may be true, it will not change a situation

The engineers are so busy that they have zero time for outdoor sports activities, _____ they have the interest. (安徽2010) A. wherever B. whenever C. even if D. as if C 【点拨】 选C。句意为:这些工程师太忙了,以至于 虽然他们有兴趣进行户外体育运动,但是 没有时间。

1. There is no doubt that the earth is

becoming warmer and that it is human
activity that has caused this global

warming rather than a random but
natural phenomenon. 本句的主句是There is no doubt,从句 是两个由that引导的同位语从句。

There is no doubt that ...是固定句型,意 为“毫无疑问……”,that引导的是同位 语从句,用来进一步补充说明doubt的具 体内容。 [考例] Some researchers believe that there

is no doubt ______ a cure for AIDS will be
found. (广东2005)

A. which

B. that C. what

D. whether

[点拨] 根据固定搭配there is no doubt that ... 可知选B。 There is no doubt that ….

There is some doubt whether ….
主句为肯定句时,doubt后使用连词 whether。主句为否定句时,doubt后则 使用连词that。

it is ... that ... 在此句中构成强调句型,
强调的是主语human activity。强调句型


[考例1] It is not who is right but what is
right ______ is of importance. (重庆2007)

A. which

B. it

C. that

D. this

[点拨] 根据强调句型的判断方法:将it is和 that去掉后,此句成为Not who is right but what is right is of importance,是一个完整的句子,故 此题是一个强调句型。

[考例2] I don’t mind her criticizing me, but ______ is how she does it that I object to. (江西2007) A. it B. that C. this D. which [点拨] 去掉it is和that后,本句相当于...,

but I object to how she does it,是个完


2. Without the ‘green house effect’, the earth would be about thirty-three degrees Celsius cooler than it is. 如果没有温室效应,地球会比现在冷 33℃。 ▲这是一个含蓄虚拟条件句

应该注意有时假设的情况并不以条件 从句形式表示出来,而是通过一个介

短语有:without, but for, but that,

otherwise, or, but等。

e.g. Without your help ( = If we had not had
your help), we could not have succeeded.


e.g. But for electricity (= If there were no
electricity), there would be no modern


e.g. He was having a meeting with his
students; otherwise he would have come. 他当时正与他的学生进行讨论,否则的 话他就来帮我们了。

e.g. He felt very tired yesterday, or he
would have attended the party.

他昨天很累, 不然他就参加那个聚会了。

3. It was a scientist called Charles Keeling who made accurate measurements of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 1957 to 1997. 是一位名叫查尔斯· 奎林的科学家把 1957至1997年期间大气层中二氧化碳 的含量作了精确的统计。

该句是一个it was ... who强调句。a scientist called Charles Keeling是被强 调部分,其中called Charles Keeling为


4. On the other hand, there are those, like George Hambley, who are opposed to this view, believe that we should not worry about high levels of carbon dioxide in the air. 另一方面, 还有一些人,对这一观 点持反对态度,像科学家乔治· 汉布利, 他们认为我们不必担心空气中高含量的 二氧化碳。


are those,like scientist George
Hambley 作句子的插入语,who引导的


语从句。句子的主要部分可以表示为: ...
there are those who believe that ...

on the other hand: used to give another opinion or fact that should be considered as well as the one you have just given 另一方面 also on the one hand ... on the other hand

I want to go to the party, but on the

other hand I ought to be studying.


I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母 或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式。 quantity 1. A large q______ of rice is badly needed here. 2. Students are from a wide r______ of range backgrounds. 3. She studied hard, and in consequence c____________ she passed the exam. 4. The park attracts 4 million visitors p___ per year.

fuel 5. What sort of ____ (燃料) do these machines need? 6. The _____ (数据) is still being analysed. data So don’t be so worried. 7. The earthquake was a terrible ___________ (大灾难). catastrophe phenomenon 8. A rainbow is a natural ___________ (现 象) especially after a heavy rain. 10. The ______ (曲线图) of export graph indicates a new success of the company.

II. 根据句意, 选择适当的单词或短语填空 1. climate; weather a. It’s very difficult for her to get used to climate the dry and cold _______ there. b. How we wish the sunny _______ could weather keep up for another several days! 2. come about; come across a. I’ve never ___________ anyone quite come across like her before. b. Please tell me how the accident came about ___________. I am still in the dark.

3. quantity; quality quality a. Much of the land was of poor _______. quantities b. Buy vegetables in small __________, for your immediate use. 4. result in; result from a. The accident ___________ the death of resulted in three people. resulted from b. His failure ______________ not working hard enough.

III. 每空一词, 使两个句子的意思相同。 1. It was very late, but they went on working. It was very late, but they ________ kept on working. 2. We don’t doubt that he can do a good job. There is no doubt that ____________________ he can do a good job. 3. Their carelessness led to the failure. Their carelessness __________ the failure. resulted in

4. I don’t know how the accident happened. I don’t know how the accident came about _________. 5. The factory turns out a large number of paper products. large quantities of The factory turns out ________________ _________ paper products. / a lot of 6. Although they raise the price, he’s going to buy the farm. He’s going to buy the farm even if/ though ____________ they raise the price.

IV. 根据括号内的提示将下列句子翻译 成英语。 1. 他的粗鲁导致了孩子和他的争吵。 (result in) His rudeness resulted in the child’s quarreling with him. 2. 他们不知道这个变化是怎样产生的。 (come about) They didn’t know how the change had come about.

3. 他以优质的服务使生意逐步兴隆起

来。(build up) He built up his business by good service.
4. 邻居们让他们停止制造噪音, 但他们 仍然继续。(keep on) The neighbours asked them to stop making a noise, but they still kept on.

5. 不用担心, 我们已经储藏了很多食 物。(quantities of) Don’t worry. We have stored quantities of food already. 6. 那个老人瞥了一下他的手表, 然后看 了看天空。(glance at)

The old man glanced at his watch and then looked at the sky.


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