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Attributive Clauses


一、Read the following sentences and pay attention to the different functions of relative pronouns and relative adverbs.

? 1. This is the man who helped me yesterday. ? 2. The teacher (who/whom/that) you want to see is coming.
3. Charles Smith, who(不用that) was my former teacher, retired last year.

4.I met a boy whose father was an astronaut. ? 5. He has a book whose cover(=the cover of which) is very beautiful.

? 6. I like the book which/that was bought yesterday. ? 7. This is the factory (which/that) we visited last year.
? 8. Last night I saw a very good film,which(不用that) was about the Second World War.

? 9.The time when(=at which) I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult period of my life. ? 10.The school where (=at/in which) I studied was 3 kilometers away from my home. ? 11.The reason why(=for which) he was late was that he missed his train.

二、Make conclusions
? 1.定义:定语从句一般都紧跟在它所修饰 的名词或代词后面,这个名词或代词叫做 先行词;连接主句与从句的词叫关系词。 ? 2.关系词有三个作用:一是连接主句与从 句;二是指代先行词;三是在从句中充当句 子成分。 ? 3.选择关系词的两条重要依据:先行词是 人还是物;在从句中作何种句子成分。

先行 关系 词 词

关系词在定语从句中所充 当的成分


主语 宾语 定语 状语


Who可代 替whom 做宾语


人/物 that

√ √

不能用 于非限 制性定 语从句

人/物 whose 物 which √

先行 关系 关系词在定语从句中所 说 充当的成分 词 词 明
主语 宾语 定语 状语
时间 名词 地点 名词

when where why

√ √ √
主要用于非限制性定语从句和 such…as; the same…as结构中



三、Fill in the blanks with proper

relative words.

? 1. He filled his leather container so that he could bring some back to who an elder _____had been his teacher. (2010广东) who ? 2. Nick’s guests, _____had heard their conversation, asked why they should not buy salt more cheaply if they could. (2013广东)

? 3. Behind him were other people to whom was trying to talk,but _____he after some minutes they walked away and sat near me,looking annoyed. (2011广东) ? 4. Of course whenever they turned to look at him, they had to which look at Mary, ______made her feel like a star. (2012广东)

? 5. Jane paused in front of a where counter ______some attractive ties were on display. (2009广东) ? 6. While she was getting me settled into a tiny but clean room, the head of the village was tying up his horse to my car to pull it to a small town some 20 kilometers away ______there was a garage. where (2007广东)

? 7. Many countries are now setting up national parks______animals where and plants can be protected. (2013 北京,27)
? 8. We have launched another manwhich made satellite,_____is announced in today’s newspaper. (2013天津,6)

? 9. John invited about 40 people to whom his wedding, most of______are family members. (2013重庆,24)
? 10. Finally he reached a lonely island which was completely cut off from the outside world. (2013 山东,35)

? 11. MoYan was awarded the Nobel which Prize for Literature in 2012,______ made one of the Chinese people’s long-held dreams come true. (2013 安徽,29) ? 12. Happiness and success often who come to those_____are good at recognizing their own strengths.(2013湖南,21)

四、Complete the following passage with proper relative words.

? It was the summer of 2012,_______ I when came to Guangning No.1 Senior High School. Our school is a wonderful place, where I can see a lot of _____ beautiful buildings and a large square. which Our classroom, the roof of_____looks like a rocket in the distance, is located in the center of our school.

? The main reason ____ I like our why school is that I can make many friends. I can get along with my classmates here, two of_______ are whom who my best friends. Jack, _______ comes from Tanbu Junior High School, is very active. He likes which various sports, among _______he likes running very much.

? He will run 5 kilometers every day, which _______ makes him look strong. Nick, _______ father is a teacher in whose Lianhe Junior High School, studies very hard. We often talk about the that people and the things _______we see in our school. Nick prefers the food which is made in our canteen. To be honest, I gradually fall in love with our school.

五、According to the given information, complete the following sentences.
? ? ? ? ? 1.(2013年广东) 志愿者的条件: 至少18岁; 做好不回地球的准备; 愿与他人保持良好的关系。

? The volunteers, who must be over 18 and would like to _________________________________ keep a good relationship with other people _________________________________, should be prepared not to return to the

? 2.(2012年广东) ? 第三个学位:80多岁时决定学习法律, 2006年获得硕士学位。 ? In his eighties, he decided to study law, which he obtained his third degree after______________________________ ? in 2006.

? 3.(2011年广东) ? 作者:Amy Chua,美籍华人,耶鲁大学教 授 ? 内容:作者用中国传统方式教育两个女儿 的故事 ? Its author is Amy Chua, a Chinese American and professor at Yale, _________________in her book about who tells stories how she educated her two daughters in the traditional Chinese way.

? ? ? ?

4.(2010年广东) 实施时间:2011年1月1日起 目标:所有室内公共场所无烟措 This decision, which will be carried out from _________________________January 1st, 2011, aims to bring a complete smoke-free indoor environment.

? 5.(2009年广东) ? 对象:眼科医生(eye-doctor)王教授 ? 主题:我国中小学生近视(shortsightedness)问题 ? 基本信息:(1)发生率:略高于50% ? (2)人数:世界第一 ? According to Professor Wang, slightly more than half of the school children in our country are short-sighted, which ranks first in the world. ____________________________.

? 七、写作运用: 请按以下内容要点写一篇有关你 的同学Kate的英语短文。 ? 1. Kate, 我的同学,她的妈妈是我以前的英语老 师; ? 2.Kate容易相处, 我们都喜欢她; ? 3.Kate在这次英语演讲比赛中获得第一名, 她妈 妈很高兴; ? 4.新年就要到了, Kate和她妈妈一起去香港; ? 5.众所周知, 香港是一个购物天堂, Kate打算买她 需要的东西。 ? [写作要求] 1.只能用5个句子表达全部内容; ? 2.尽可能多地使用定语从句。

? I have a classmate called Kate, whose mother is my former English teacher. Kate is a girl who is easy to get along with and we all like her. Kate took the first place in the English Speech Contest, which made her mother happy. New Year is coming, when Kate will go to Hong Kong together with her mother. As we all know, Hong Kong is a shopping paradise, where Kate intends to buy what she needs.

? 1.(2013课标Ⅱ,4)When I arrived, Bryan where took me to see the house I would be staying. whom ? 2.(2013浙江,5)The children, all of_____ had played the whole day long, were worn out.

? 3.(2013浙江,13)The museum will open in the spring with an exhibition and a viewing platform______visitors where can watch the big glasshouses being built. ? 4.(2013江苏,32)The president of the World Bank says he has a passion which for China,______he remembers starting as early as his childhood.

? 5.(2013四川,9)Nowadays people are more concerned about the environment_______they live. where ? 6.(2013江西,33)He wrote a letter______he explained what had where happened in the accident.

2. Complete the following passage with proper conjunctions.

when There was a time 1 ______I was tired of learning English and disliked to speak why English. And this is the reason 2 _____my father forced me to join in a 30-day training in an English club before I went to senior high school. When I first came to the club, 3 ______I met many strangers, I where missed my parents very much. So I packed up my things and wanted to go home.

Fortunately, my guide, 4 ______teacher was whose Li Yang, communicated with me face to face, whom from 5 ______I gained some useful instructions. He also showed me a good partner, and we got along well with each other. Gradually I adapted to the life there. Every day I would like to talk to other teenagers and set down a series of activities 6 _________we did. My father and the guide that/which 7 who/that _______encouraged me to fall in love with English should be appreciated.

Now I feel it interesting to learn English, into 8 ______I put my entire energy. Every which day I will read my words and passages aloud. In class I will join in English discussions. Before I go to sleep, I will recall my passages, through 9 ______I can which memorize a large number of new words. As 10___ our English teacher says, “As long as we form the habit of learning English every day and have perseverance, we will conquer English sooner or later.”



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