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Module 3

Module 3 1At the party the foreign teacher was r__________ to sing some songs. 2. He is a s__________ person. Once he has made up his mind, he will not change. 3. Though we have learned English for two years, we can’t communicate with native speakers p__________. 4 The goods will be t_______ to Hong Kong by ship 5. I advised him not to join them. F________ he accepted my advice. 6. Being a fan of Liu Dehua, she buys every music r_______ that is produced by him. 7. What’s your a_______ to wearing jewelry to school. 8. At last we were persuaded to _____________ (骑自行车)around China. 9. Writing travel j_________ makes you think more and enjoy more. 10. I am so _________ (熟悉) with him that I recognized his voice the moment I picked up the telephone. 11. I was struck by the beauty of the West Lake, so I stopped to admire the beautiful ____________.(风景;景色) 12.Petrol is the most important ________________ (产品)of many Middle-East countries. 13.We are all ____________ (疲惫不堪的) after the long journey. No one wants to move a further step. 14.They _____________( 惊吓) the white bird away by rising to their feet suddenly. 15.The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was one of the greatest sports ___________ (事件;赛事) in human history. 16.We stood on the platform until the train disappeared in the ___________________.(远处, 远方) 17.He __________________ (抛弃) his wife and went away with all their money. 18.I kept what the old headmaster said at the graduation __________________(典礼, 仪式) in my mind. 19.I thank you very much indeed for this_________________(接见,面谈),which gives me the chance to know your school better. 20.Kate is __________________(老练的,内行的) in teaching small children. 21.At_____________dog has led the way for the blind for many years. 22.I was talking to a friend of yours , who is an e____________. 23.I would rather have roses on my table than d____________around my neck. 24.We have to find the right ___________(产品)for the market.

1.The problem is so difficult that it is over my _________ (理解)。 2. The great development of China is in great need of high _______ (技术) 3.When Mr. Wang stepped into the lecture hall, many scientists were having a hot _____ (学术)discussion. 4. Welcome to the department of _________ (地理) 5. How were the manager and his assistant different in ________ (举止) 6. He didn’t get the high school _______ ( 文凭) because he was caught cheating

in the final examination. 7. Ms. Su gives us a lot of ______ ( 鼓励) , which, of course, makes us feel good in her class. 8. Canada is divided into p________ instead of into states like America. 9. We try to find a new learning and teaching m_______ with no need of reading books. 10. With the teacher’s help, the naughty boy became e________ about science. 11. What i__________ Ms Green most was the beauty of the West Lake. 12. Mr. Wu made several c________ to my composition. 13. You can get a lot of i________ on the internet. Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.He made several ________ (纠正) in red ink. 答案 corrections 2.The teacher's words were a great ________ (鼓励) to him. 答案 encouragement 3.We are in the ________ (享受) of a happy life. 答案 enjoyment 4.Love can clear up ________ (误会) between people. 答案 misunderstanding 5.She speaks English with great ________ (流利). 答案 fluency Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.We grew ________ (厌倦) with the subject. 答案 bored 2.He gave us ________ (说明) to finish this as soon as possible. 答案 instructions 3.Is American school system ________ (相似) to Chinese school system? 答案 similar 4.Give these tickets to Alice and Mary.They are ________ (热心的) fans of that movie star. 答案 enthusiastic 5.Would you please tell me the best ________ (方法) of solving this math problem? 答案 method 6.Arthur seemed ________ (尴尬的) by her question and turned red. 答案 embarrassed 7 . She was ________ (吃惊的 ) at the first sight of this beautiful birthday

present. 答案 amazed 8.During the conversation,what ________ (使印象深刻) me most was her fluency in English. 答案 impressed 9.The problem is beyond my ________ (领悟). I have to say I find no way to solve it myself at all. 答案 comprehension 10.The book contains much useful ________ (信息) about the school system of Australia. 答案 information 1.This brochure (小册子) on behaviour is very useful for ________ (青少年). 答案 teenagers 2.Last year, the Greens ________ (搬家) to Shanghai. 答案 moved 3.Helen is the most diligent shop ________ (助理) that I have ever seen. 答案 assistant 4.Today the ________ (文凭) is very important for the college students to get their jobs. 答案 diploma 5.Many beautiful fish are ________ (消失) fast because of the water pollution. 答案 disappearing

66. What’s your first 67. How can you keep yourself 68. I felt a bit (印象) of your new Chinese teacher? (精力充沛的) all day? (紧张的) when the plane took off. (立刻). 69. As soon as they received the call, they set off 70. I sent him an e-mail to 71. The thief has 72. My teachers are very

(感激) his timely help when I was in trouble. (承认) stealing the purse. (耐心的) with us. (科学的) experiment.

73. It took us two months to do the 74. The party was well

(有组织的) and everyone had a good time.

75. We were asked to write a one-page 66. impression 67. energetic 71. admitted 72. patient 68. nervous 73. scientific

(摘要) of the report. 69. immediately 74. organized 70. appreciate 75. summary

1.He told amusing (可笑的) jokes after dinner. 2.He had been nervous (紧张的) about inviting us. 3.You'll just have to be patient (耐心的) and wait till I'm finished. 4.She's very strict (严格的) about things like homework. 5.My f irst impression (印象) of him was favorable. 6.The name was changed to avoid (避免) confusion with another firm. 7.Tom said he came to China because he liked Chinese literature very much. 8.The scientist did many scientific experiments to get a result. 1.At the formal (正式的) party, I felt very awkward and out of place. 2.Some students get themselves relaxed (轻松的). 3 . St udy requires patience.Similarly ( 同 样 地 ), making friends calls for patience, too. 4.Young teachers often have trouble in keeping discipline(纪律) in class. 5.Doing enough translation (翻译)exercises can improve y our composition. 6.Before the final examination, we should do a lot of revision (复习). 7.Every day we have a free period (时期), in which we can learn freely. 8.Every student i s looking forward to a long summer vacation (假期). 1.The programme reviews the most importan t e________ of 2004.? 2.He presented me some s________ when I left his place.? 3.I have to pick up my daughter from the k________ after work.? 4.It is a long d________ from Hainan t o Beijing .If you take a train,you will feel very tired.? 5.T hey decided to take a train j________ to Beijing.? 6.Shortly after graduation,Johnson had a job i________ with the manager and later became a member of our company.? 7.I don’t like attending marriage c________.? 答案:1.events 本句意为“这个节目回顾了 2004 年的重要事件” 。? 2.souvenir s 本句意为“当我离开他那里时,他给了我几件纪念品” 。? 3.kindergarten 因是接女儿且“k”开头,所以是“幼儿园” 。? 4.distance a long distance from...to...意为“从??到??路程很远”,符合题意。 ? 5.journey take a train journey to some place 意为“乘火车去某地”,符合题意。? 6.interview have an interview with sb.意为“与某人面谈”,符合题意。? 7.ceremonies ceremony 为可数名词,因其前没有冠词,所以用复数。 Ⅰ.单词拼写

1.He is an e________man.He works until midnight every day. 2.He is a good teacher.He is very ________ (严格的)in his work. 3.You may not like her,but you have to a________ that she’s good at her j ob. 4.Don’t be ________(紧张的).The doctor just wants to help you. 5.She had read many of the major works of ________(文学). 6.The group produced a monthly ________(总结)of their research. 7.He is a very strict teacher,but the students ________ (尊敬)him. 8.The t________ of the meeting is “Man and Nature”. 9.How much r________ do you do before an examination? 10.They’ll spend their summer v________ in the mountainous areas. 答 案 : 1.energetic 2.strict 3.admit 4.nervous 5.literature 6.summary 7.respect 8.topic 9.revision 10.vacation

66. It’s a long 67. Some 68. A new 69. The beautiful year. 70. South Africa is famous for producing 71. Wish you a happy 72. John looked very 73. The (旅程). (恐惧的)as he spoke. (钻石). (距离) to the train station from our school. (被遗弃的) clothes were found by the police in the forest. (体育场) is being built in our hometown. (风景) attracts thousands of visitors to come here every

(疲惫不堪的) climbers were rescued at last. (沙漠).

74. It’s very dangerous to lose one’s way in the 75. Are you sure to pass the job 66. distance diamonds 71. journey 72. frightened 73. exhausted 74. desert (面试)?

67. abandoned 68. stadium




75. interview

1.We were struck by the beauty of the West Lake, so we stopped to admire the beautiful scenery (风景). 2.Children should be trained (训练) from an early age in table manners. 3.Some experts (专家) think that language learning is much easier for children as their tongues are more flexible. 4.Camels (骆驼) are much better than horses for traveling in the desert area. 5.The abandoned (被遗弃的) disabled children should be taken good care of by the whole society. 6.The distance from the farm to the town is five kilometers. 7.Coffee is Brazil's main product.

8.I didn't sleep until midnight last night for drinking too much black coffee. 9.This summer I will make a long journey from Beijing to Guangzhou. 10.The hunter shot at the eagle, bu t he missed it. 1.I got a letter asking me to go for a job interview (面试) next day. 2.When a child is four years old, he goes to kindergarten (幼儿园) where he learns to read as well as plays games. 3.Thousands of football fans crowded into the stadium (体育馆) to watch the match. 4.I have an apartment in downtown (市中心的) Manhattan. 5 .We brought back a few souvenirs (纪念品) from our holiday in Greece. 6.The children loved being taken to the circus to watch animals perform (表 演). 7.The woman was frightened at the sight of a snake crawling (爬行) towards her. 8.Children love cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. 9.Having worked for eight hours in the office, I felt exhausted. 10.Over 2,000 people attended the official openi ng ceremony of the Olympic Games.


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