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新概念英语第三册Lesson 1

Warming up
?Discussion & Speech
Do you like animals? Can you tell me some stories between you and animals ?

I. Background knowledge
Puma (美洲狮), is also called

cougar or mountain lion, living mainly in America, belongs to cat branch animal, like lions, tigers or leopards,

Puma (mountain lion) 美洲狮


Jaguar (美洲虎)

Leopard (豹)

Listen and Answer
Listen to the story. You will be allowed to listen twice. Try to get the whole story in the first time. When you listen again, take notes. Then you will be given one minute to answer the question asked at the beginning of the recording.

Where must the puma have come from?

Book 2-Unit 3

【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
◆puma n. 美洲狮 ◆spot v. 看出,发现 ◆evidence n. 证据 ◆accumulate v. 积累,积聚 ◆oblige v. 使…感到必须 ◆hunt n. 追猎;寻找 ◆blackberry n. 黑莓 ◆human being 人类 ◆corner v. 使走投无路,使陷入困境 ◆trail n. 一串,一系列 ◆print n. 印痕 ◆cling (clung, clung ) v. 粘 ◆convince v.使…信服 ◆somehow adv. 不知怎么搞地,不知什么原因 ◆disturb v. 令人不安 打扰妨碍

Language points
Para. One
1. A puma at large ? at large 这里是介词短语,此处表示 “在逃, 逍遥法外” 、“行 动自由”的意思。 e.g.The escaped prisoners are still at large (逃犯还没有落网) 2. When reports came into London Zoo that a wild puma had been spotted forty-five miles south of London, they were not taken seriously. 当伦敦动物园接到报告说,在伦敦以南45英里的地方发 一头野生美洲狮时。这个从句中以that引导的从句是 reports的同位语,用于进一步说明报告的内容。

同位语从句和所修饰的名词在内容上 为同一关系,对其内容作进一步说明。
? e.g. ? The news that they had won the game soon spread over the

whole school. 他们比赛获胜的消息很快传遍了整个学校 ? The general gave the order that the soldiers should cross the river at once. 将军下达了战士们立即过河的命令。 ? We'll discuss the problem whether the sports meeting will be held on time.我们将讨论运动会是否会如期举行的问题。

? When reports came into London Zoo that a wild puma had

been spotted forty-five miles south of London…… ? People who claimed to have seen the puma…… ? The puma was often observed at one place…

★spot v. 看出,发现 pick out, see, recognise, catch sight of spot=see : 强调结果、辨别出、看见、识别、发现 find : 强调发现的结果 find out:查出事实真相 discover:做出重大发现 notice:注意到 observe:观察 watch:观察活动中的人或画面 A tall man is easy to spot in the crowd. He has good eye for spotting mistakes. n. 斑点 There is a white spot on the shirt.

on the spot
1.立刻,马上(at once ,immediately) Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave on the spot. 2.at the place of the action 在现场 Wherever she is needed, she is quickly on the spot.

? As the evidence began to accumulate, experts from the

Zoo felt obliged to investigate, for the descriptions given by people who claimed to have seen the puma were extraordinarily similar.
? 拆分句子: ? When the evidence began to accumulate, experts felt

obliged to investigate. ? Because the descriptions were extraordinarily similar. ? The descriptions were given by people. ? Those people claimed to have seen the puma.

? As the evidence began to accumulate, experts from the

Zoo felt obliged to investigate, for the descriptions given by people who claimed to have seen the puma were extraordinarily similar.

★evidence n. 证据.(不可数名词) When the police arrived,he had already destroied the evidence. evidence=proof in evidence: 显而易见的 He was in evidence at the party. ★accumulate v. 积累.强调积累的过程 As the evidence accumulates, experts from the zoo felt obliged to investigate. gather vt. 聚集,把某人召集在某处 collect 搜集,采集 assemble 集合,集会,vt.装配 hoard vt. 大量的储存 hoard up=store up The squirrel hoards up nuts for the cold winter

★ oblige v. 使……感到必须 feel obliged to 这是一个固定词组,经常用来做书面语,同 must,have to,have a duty to do 必须有义务、责任做……事 = to force sb to do sth 迫使,(有义务)做 feel obliged to do sth 有义务做…. be obliged to do sth 被迫做…. e.g. I felt obliged to invite him to dinner. Parents are obliged to send their children to school. I felt obliged to invite them to dinner.

adv. extremely 很,十分,特别, 极其;离奇地;出奇 The task requires extraordinary patience and endurance... 那项任务需要非凡的耐心和毅力

?Para Two
? The hunt for the puma began in a small village where a

woman ( picking blackberries ) saw 'a large cat' only five yards away from her.
? It immediately ran away when she saw it, and experts

confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered. confirm 证实; 确认 We have confirmed the report.

★hunt n. 追猎;寻找 run after 强调追赶、追求 seek/pursue 追寻 chase 追赶 hunt for search 搜寻某处为了寻找到某人或某 ★corner v. 使走投无路,使陷入困境 n.角落 at the corner of the street in the corner of the room on the corner of the desk 经常使用被动语态 The thief was cornered at last The problem cornered me.

?it left behind it a trail of, 它身后留下一串……。 a trail of作left的宾语,behind it是状语,提到 宾语之前是为了使句子结构更紧凑。
puma fur was found clinging to bushes中,clinging是现 在分词,此处作主语puma fur的主语补足语。下文中 As no pumas had been reported missing…一句中, missing也是现在分词作主语补足语。

? Cling , clung, clung
? ~ to sth 黏住,附着

The wet shirt clung to his back. ? ~ to sb (感情上的)依附,依恋 At the party we found that shy girl clinging to her mother all the time. ? ~ on to 抓紧,紧握 She clung on to her baby.

? Complain of /about sth 抱怨,控诉 ? Complain that …

He began to complain about the weather. Some children complain that their parents nag at them.
? on + 名词:强调动作正在进行

on the rise:在上升 on the increase: 在增加 on the watch: 在观看 on the match:在比赛中 on the fishing trip:在钓鱼的途中

? ★convince v. 使……信服 convince sb.of sth. 和宾语从句that搭配使用 没有宾语的情况下要采用主系表结构: ? be convinced

? in the possession of sb==in sb's possession 归某人所有

拥有某物 ? take possession of 拥有 The beautiful car is in my possession / in the possession of me. I am in possession of the beautiful car.
? in possession of sth. ? It is disturbing to think that 一想到………就心里不安 It is disturbing to think that I failed my examination.

1. Retell the story
2. Write a summary of this text

Summary writing 摘要写作 In not more than 80 words describe how experts came to the conclusion that the animal seen by many people really was a puma. Do not include anything that is not in the passage.



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