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高中英语错题集 (2)

高中英语易错题集锦(10) 一.句式错误
118. I think basketball is _______. I like to watch it. A. boringB. boredC. excitingD. excited 答案:C 动。) 119. The math problem is so hard that ________ students can w

ork it out. A. a fewB. a littleC. manyD. few 答案:D (选择 A、C 的同学要注意语境,这里指没有什么学生能做出来。) 120. Though she talks ______, she has made ________ friends here. A. a little, a fewB. little, fewC. little, a fewD. few, a few 答案:C (选择 A 的同学要注意语境, 这里指虽然她不怎么说话,但她有一些朋友.) 121. He never does his work _______ Mary. A. as careful asB. so careful asC. as carefully asD. carefully as 答案:C (选择 A 和 B 的同学要注意 work 是行为动词,要用副词来修饰.) 122. If it ________ tomorrow we’ll go to the park. A. will not rainB. doesn’t rainC. is not rainingD. didn’t rain 答案: B (选择 A 的同学要注意 if 引导的条件状语从句主句用将来时, 从句用一般现在时.) 123. The radio says the snow ______ late in the day. A. stopsB. will stopC. has stoppedD. stopped 答案: B. (选择 A 的同学要注意语境, late in the day 表示 ―晚些时候‖, 要用将来时) 124. The nurse told the children the sun ______ in the east. A. risesB. roseC. will riseD. has risen 答案: A ( 选择 B 的同学要注意, 虽然主句中用了 told, 但 太阳从东方升起是真理性事实, 应用一般现在时表示.) 125. – Are you sure you have to? It’s been very late.-- I don’t know ______ I can do it if not now. A. whereB. whyC. whenD. how 答案: C ( 选择 D 的同学要注意语境, 根据语境知道这里强调 的是必须先在做,否则就没有时间了) 126. 70.- Could you tell me _______ she is looking for?-- Her cousin, Susan. A. thatB. whoseC. whomD. which 答案: C (选择其它三项的同学要注意语境,这里是指找 Susan 这个人) 127. When are the Shutes leaving for New York? -- Pardon? -- I asked ___________. A.when are the Shutes leaving for New York B.when the Shutes are leaving for New York C.when were the Shutes leaving for New York D.when the Shutes were leaving for New York 答案: D ( 选择 B 的同学注意到了宾语从句的语序,但同时要注意时态要用相应的过去时.) 128. Would you please tell me ________ next, Mr Wang? A. what should we doB. we should do whatC. what we should doD. should do what 答案: C ( 选 择 A 的同学要注意宾语从句的语序为陈述语序.) 129. Alice has gone to the classroom and she didn’t say ________. A. when did she come back C. when would she be back C. when she came back 答案:D D. when she would be back (选择 C 的同学要注意语境,这里要用过去将来时.) (选择 C 和 D (选择 D 的同学要注意 basketball 本身很令人激动,excited 表示被什么所感染而激

130.I’m sorry I broke your coffee cup.-- Oh, really? __. A. It doesn’t matterB. I don’t knowC. it’s OK with meD. You’re welcome 答:A

的要注意中文的干扰.D 是用来回答别人的致谢的.)

二.单项错题集 151、——What is the man over there? ——I don’t know for sure. But I think he can be ____ but a teacher. A、anybody B、anything C、nobody D、nothing 152、One of the requirements for a fire is that the material ____ to its burning temperature. A、is heatedB、be heated C、would be heated D、do heat 153、——What can I do for you, sir? ——I want ____. A、a dime’s worth of candy B、candy a dime’s worth C、a dime worth of candy D、a dime-worth candy 154、As the proverb ____, an enemy in disguise is a wolf in sheep’s ____. A、runs; dress B、says; clothes C、speaks; cloth D、goes; clothing 155、——So you are not spending your holiday in Wuhan this year. ——No, ____. A、everywhere in WuhanB、somewhere in Wuhan C、somewhere but in Wuhan D、anywhere but in Wuhan 156、When he realized the police had seen him, the man ____ the exit as quickly as possible. A、made up B、made forC、made out D、made off 157、In the traffic accident, his father came close to ____. A、be killed B、being killed C、kill D、killing 158、 The heroic story that the university student had saved a peasant’s life hit the ____ in ―China Youth Daily‖. A、results B、efforts C、rewards D、headlines 159、I don’t want to be interrupted, for my paper is due tomorrow. If ____ asks where I am. Just say I’ve gone out. A、someone B、anyone C、everyone D、no one 160、In ____ world, where computers rule our work and life online searches have became ____ necessity. A、a; a B、a; the C、the; a D、the; / 161、——Have you heard the new benefit system is to take effect? ——Yes. That’s great, yet some worry it may ____ laziness. A、encourage B、develop C、cause D、prevent 三.英语易错题:情态动词陷阱题
1. ―I thought you wouldn’t mind.‖ ―Well, as a matter of fact I don’t, but you _____ me first.‖ A. should ask B. should have asked C. must ask D. must have asked 2. ―I called you yesterday. A woman answered, but I didn’t recognize her voice.‖ ―Oh, it _____ my aunt Jean.‖ A. must be B. must have been C. might be D. can have been 3. That car nearly hit me; I ______. A. might be killed B. might have been killed C. may be killed D. may been killed

4. It’s a very kind offer, but I really _____ accept it. A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. don’t 5. The police still haven’t found her, but they’re doing all they _____. A. may B. can C. must D. will 6. You _____ practise the drums while the baby is sleeping. A. needn’t B. mightn’t C. mustn’t D. won’t 7. You _____ him the news; he knew it already. A. needn’t tell B. needn’t have told C. mightn’t tell D. mightn’t have told 8. As she’s not here, I suppose she _____ home. A. must go B. must have gone C. might go D. might be going 9. Are you still here? You ______ home hours ago. A. should go B. should have gone C. might go D. may have gone 10. ―I called you yesterday. A woman answered, but I didn’t recognize her voice.‖ ―Oh, it _____ my aunt Jean.‖ A. must be B. must have been C. might be D. can have been 11. I _______ have met him a long time ago. Both his name and face are very familiar. A. may B. can C. would D. should 13. ―Shall we go shopping?‖ ―Sorry, we _______ buy anything now because none of the shops are open.‖ A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. shouldn’t 14. They often go to the restaurants for meals. They _____ be very poor. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. may not D. needn’t 15. I didn’t see her in the meeting room this morning. She ______ have spoken at the meeting. A. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. needn’t D. couldn’t 17. He ______ the test again, in which case, his mother will be very disappointed. A. might fail B. must have failed C. should fail D. could have failed 18. ―Why didn’t she come to the meeting yesterday?‖ ―I’m not so sure. She ______ ill.‖ A. should be B. should have been C. must be D. might have been 19. Why did you just sit and watch? You _______ me. A. could help B. should help C. could have helped D. must have helped 20. ―You ______ your teacher for help. He is kind-hearted.‖ ―Yes. A whole day _______.‖ A. can ask, will waste B. must have asked, had wasted D. shouldn’t have asked, would be wasted C. could have asked, was wasted out.‖ A. must B. might

21. ―Is there a flight to London this evening?‖ ―There _______ be. I’ll phone the airport and find it C. would D. can 22. ―Show me your permit, please.‖ ―Oh, it’s not in my pocket. It ______.‖ A. might fall out B. could fall out C. should have fallen out D. must have fallen out 23. ―Look at these tracks. It _______ be a wolf.‖ ―Don’t be so sure. I think it _______ be a fox.‖ A. must; could B. may; might C. need; must D. could; need 25. ―Did Jim come?‖ ―I don’t know. He _______ while I was out.‖ A. might have come B. might come C. mush have come D. should have come 四.书面表达热点分析及句型应用 随着人们环保意识的增强及政府各项措施的落实, 各地的空气质量得以明显提高。 请根据下 图图示写一篇海报,介绍你市空气质量的改善。其中应包括:数字反映出的空气质量变化情

况;变化的原因(如:绿化、减少污染的措施等)和对今后的展望。 注意:1. 要准确使用语法和词汇;使用一定的句型、词汇,可适当增加细节以使行文连贯。 2.词数:100 个左右。开头已给出,不计词数。

Our city started the Blue Sky Project in 1998, when it saw only 100 days of blue skies but 141 heavily polluted days. With the efforts of the government and citizens over these years, the air condition of the city has gradually improved. The number of blue skies climbed to 229 in 2004 while the heavily polluted days were greatly reduced to 17. The progress continued each year with an increase of 5 –-7 good days and decrease of 8—12 bad air days until the end of 2007, though there was an exception in 2006 with 24 days heavily polluted. The changing numbers are due to the fact that people become more and more aware of the environment around them. In addition, the government has continued with its measures. Air quality monitoring, traffic control and tree planting are just some of the ways to improve the conditions. We believe that the city will see more blue skies and fewer air–polluted days later and more people will be able to enjoy the blue skies in our city.

12 Some students don’t like talking about their parents often as if their parents love them very much. Are you going on well with your parents? You and your parents will be very happy if you can be friend. Here are some way to have a good talk with them. Find a good time to talk, like when you’re eating with dinner, going out for a walk and watching TV. Tell them something you’re interested in, or ask them about their lives when they are young. They love to talk about our past! Meet them face to face and listen to them carefully. Be honesty, and your parents well trust you more.




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