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必修4 Module 3外研社高中英语必修四单元3各知识点

Module 3 Body Language and Non-verbal



Ⅰ.单词盘点 根据词性和汉语意思写出词汇 aggressive (adj.)攻击的;挑斗的;挑衅的 1. __________

involve vt.)包括 2. _______(
3. _____ stare (vi.)凝视;盯着看 panic (v.)恐慌;惊慌 4. _____

request (n.)请求;要求 5._______ favour (n.)恩惠;善意的行为 6. _______ live adj.)现场的 7. _____( communicate (vi.) ( 用 语 言 、 信 号 ) 传 递 信 息 ; 交 流 8.______________ communication (n.) 交流;沟通 →________________ unconscious (adj.) 无意的;不知不觉的→__________ conscious (adj.) 9._____________ 意识到的;自觉的

vary (vi.) 变化→________ variety (n.) 种类→________ various (adj.) 各种 10._____ 各样的

traditionally (adv.) 传 统 地 → ___________ traditional (adj.) 传 统 的 11._____________
tradition (n.) 传统 →___________ threatening adj.) 恐吓的;具有威胁的→__________ threaten (v.) 12._____________( threat (n.)威胁 威胁→_______

performance (n.) 表演→_________ perform (v.)表演;运行;表现 13.____________ performer (n.)表演者 →____________ judge judgement (n.) 判断;意见 →_______ judge (v.) 判断 →_______ 14.__________ (n.) 裁判;法官

society (n.)社会;社团;交往 social (adj.) 社会的→________ 15._______

【品词自测】根据所给词的适当形式填空 unconscious ①The old man was lying on the ground ___________.Then conscious three young people came up to him.When they were __________ that the old man was in danger, they called the emergency consciousness ,and the service.Soon the old man regained _____________ three young people felt relieved.(conscious)

variety of animals and plants in the world.They ②There are a ________ vary in shape and size and exist in many parts of the world.But _____
various reasons, some of them are dying out.(vary) for ________



shake hands with _______________ in the distance _____________ on guard _________


make a deal ____________
hold up/lift up _____________


give away __________

8.偶然地 9.变成空白 10.向??问好 11.打开(灯、无线电等) 12.请求某人帮忙

up and down ___________ by accident __________

go blank ________
say hello to __________ switch on _________

ask sb.a favour ______________


When in Rome (在罗马时),Do as the Romans Do. 1.______________
what we call “body language” 2.Indeed, body positions are part of __________________________ (我们称之为“体态语”的). five fingers 3.One person then holds up his hand, palm outwards and__________ spread (手掌向外,五个手指分开). _______

is fascinating for anyone to study (对于任何 4.Body language _______________________________

every time you take a sip 5.In Russia you should make a toast _______________________ from your glass 你每次从你的杯子里抿一小口时). ______________(

【仿句自测】根据下面句式仿写句子 ①what引导名词性从句 仿写:他为自己在过去的二十年中所取得的成就而自豪。

He feels proud of what he has achieved in the past twenty years. ______________________________________________________

②主语+be +adj.+动词不定式(主动形式表被动意义)
仿写:他的声音很容易分辨。 His voice is easy to recognize. _____________________________ ③every time引导时间状语从句 仿写:每次他做错事,父亲都要责骂(scold)他。

His father will scold him every time he does something wrong. ______________________________________________________

request hold up

三年3考 三年1考

要 点

give away


1.vary vi.变化;不同 vt.改变;变更 (1)vary with vary in vary from...to... (2)variety n. 随??而变化 在??方面有差异 从??到??不同 种类

a (great/wide)variety of/varieties of

(3)various adj.


①The experts advised the students to vary their diets. 专家们建议学生们要饮食多样化。 ②Cultures vary from country to country. 文化因国家不同而不同。

③The food prices often vary with many market factors. 食品的价格经常随着许多的市场因素而变化。 great/wide a _________ ④The store provides the customers with __ variety ___ of goods every day. ________ 这家商店每天为顾客提供各种各样的商品。

2.involve v.包括;需要;包含;使卷入;使忙于;涉及

involve sb./sth.in (doing) sth.


be/get involved with sb./sth.


be/get involved in


①Our new job involves teaching 20 children in a primary
school. 我们的新工作包括在一所小学教20个孩子。 ②The school often involves the children in all kinds of afterschool activities.

学校经常让孩子们参加各种各样的课外活动。 got _________ involved ___ in the debt crisis. ③European countries ____ 欧洲国家陷入了债务危机。

【点津】 involved作前置定语时,意为“复杂的”;作后置定 语时,意为“涉及??的,与??有关的”。 例如:the involved plot 复杂的情节;a lecture involved in global warming 与全球变暖有关的讲座。

3.panic v.&n.恐慌;惊慌 (1)in (a) panic get into/be in a panic (2)panic at panic sb.into doing sth. 惊慌地 陷入惊慌 因(看到/听到)??而惊慌 使某人惊慌失措地做某事

①The crowd panicked at the sound of the explosion.

②The banks were panicked into selling pounds. 银行因恐慌而抛售英镑。 a in ___ ③Hearing the gunshot, the citizens fled out of the city ____ panic _____.

got _____ a into ___ ④The lift went out of order and the people in it ____ panic ______. 电梯出现了故障,里面的人乱成一团。

【点津】在拼写该单词时要特别注意, panic 为不规则动词, 其过去式和过去分词为panicked, 现在分词形式为panicking。

【真题链接】 [2011湖北,21]“Tommy, run! Be quick! The house is on fire!” the mother shouted, with_________ clearly in her voice. A. anger C. regret B. rudeness D. panic

【解析】选D。考查名词词义辨析。句意:“汤米,跑!快点! 房子着火了!”妈妈大喊道,声音里明显带着恐慌。anger生气, 愤怒;rudeness粗鲁;regret遗憾,后悔;panic恐慌,惊恐。

4.request v.& n.请求;要求 (1)request sth. request sb.to do sth. request that-clause (2)make a request for 要求得到某物 要求某人做某事 要求?? 要求??

at the request of sb./at one’s request 应某人的要求

requested ____ her ________ father ____ to buy her some new ①The girl ___________ clothes. 女孩请求父亲给她买一些新衣服。 ②They request that all the cleaning work should be finished this morning.

③She bought the new computer at the request of her three children. 她应三个孩子的要求购买了新电脑。

【点津】(1)request (n.&v.) 接从句时,从句中的谓语动词用
should加动词原形,should可以省略。 ( 2 )另外,表示“建议”的词 , 如 suggest, suggestion, advise, advice, recommend, recommendation, demand, require,


5.favour n.恩惠;善意的行为;赞成;偏袒

(1)ask a favour of sb.=ask sb.a favour 请某人帮忙,照顾 do a favour for sb.=do sb.a favour 给某人以恩惠;帮助某人 in one’s favour in favour of (2)favourable adj. favourite adj. 有利于某人 支持;赞同;有利于 赞同的;有利的 最喜爱的

①Can I ask you a favour? 请你帮个忙行吗? favour and pass me the dictionary? me ___ a ______ do ____ ②Could you ____ 请帮忙把那本字典递给我好吗? ③Given more favourable conditions, the city will develop much faster than ever. 如果给予更多有利条件,这座城市会比以往任何时候发展得都 快。

④The exchange rate is in our favour today. 今天的兑换率对我们有利。

in _______ favour ____ of the new teaching ⑤Most of the teachers are ___


【 真 题 链 接 】 [ 2011 湖 北 , 30 ] When asked about their opinions about the schoolmaster, many teachers would prefer to see him step aside _______ younger men. A. in terms of B. in need of

C. in favor of

D. in praise of


师都愿意看到他靠边站,为更年轻的人让路。” in terms of
“就??而论”;in need of “需要”;in favor of“赞成”;in praise of “表扬,赞扬”。由句意可知选C。

6.on guard (保持)警惕;警戒;站岗 off guard 不警惕,不提防

guard against
keep guard


①You should be on guard when a stranger stands in front of your door. 当陌生人站在你家门前时,你应该有所警惕。 ②Don’t be off guard! You mustn’t tell anything to him. 不要失去警惕!你一定不要告诉他任何事情。 against guard ________ ③Check your work thoroughly in order to _______ mistakes. 彻底检查你的工作,以防出错。

【拓展延伸】on guard 中的介词on:

介 词 短 语 on guard 中 的 介 词 on 意 为 “ 处 于 ?? 情 况 中 ; 处
于??状况中;处于??过程中”,有类似用法的短语还有: on duty, on leave, on holiday, on business, on a diet, on fire, on sale等。

7.hold up举起;使停顿;延误;支撑;抢劫
①The policeman held up his hand, signing to the driver to park his car by the road. 警察举起手,示意司机把车停在路边。 ②The train was held up by the heavy snow. 火车因为大雪延误了。

③A young man ran off with some valuable treasures after
holding up a jewel shop. 一名年轻男子在抢劫了一家珠宝店后携带一些昂贵物品跑掉了。

【拓展】补全“hold+adv./prep.”构成的短语: back hold ______ on hold ____ on to hold ______ out hold ____ 阻止;抑制;隐瞒;踌躇 不挂断电话;继续;坚持 紧紧抓住; 保持;保留;不放弃 伸出;坚持;维持

8.give away 暴露(自己的情况);泄露(秘密);赠送 ①It is very dangerous to give away personal information on the


②Although she was pretending hard to be young, her grey hair and loose skin gave herself away. 尽管她极力装出年轻的样子,但灰白的头发和松弛的皮肤暴露 了她自己。 ③He decided to give away most of his possessions to charity. 他决定将其大部分财产都捐赠给慈善事业。

give up give in (to) give out give back give off give rise to

放弃;交出;让出 ___________________
让步;屈服;投降 __________________ 分发;发出;公布;用尽 _______________________ 归还;恢复 ___________ 发出(光等) _____________ 使发生;引起 _____________

9.Body language is fascinating for anyone to study.

此句是“主语+be+adj.+to do”结构。

在“主语+be+adj.+to do”结构中,动词不定式要用主动形式表

语,因此当不定式为不及物动词时,动词之后要接相应的介词。 适 合 于 这 种 结 构 的 形 容 词 比 较 多 , 如 amusing, cheap, dangerous, difficult, easy, important, nice, pleasant等。

①The girl is easy to get along with.

②The picture is unpleasant to look at.


【真题链接】 [ 2010 四川, 11 ] In many people’s opinion, that company, though relatively small, is pleasant ______. A. to deal with C. to be dealt with B. dealing with D. dealt with

【解析】选A。考查“主语 +be+adj.+to do”结构。在此结构中 要用动词不定式的主动形式,故正确选项为A。

(2)every time引导时间状语从句 (3)what引导的名词性从句

1.Though_______ of the danger ahead, he took on the task

without hesitation.
A. being aware B. was aware

C. to be aware

D. aware


be动词时,可将从句中的主语和be动词省略,故要选D,相当于 Though he was aware of the danger ahead...。

2.We are so disappointed that he always turns a deaf ear to our warnings ______ we remind him not to drive after getting drunk. A. by the time B. every time

C. the first time

D. for the first time


是充耳不闻。by the time 到??时候为止,其主句经常为过去 完成时或将来完成时;every time 每次;the first time 第一次; for the first time 首次;第一次,只能在句中作状语,不可在句 中引导状语从句。

3.[2012长沙模拟]The world’s two biggest burger chains, Mc Donald’s and Burger King, are planning big expansions to

supply _______ they believe is the nation’s increasing appetite
for fast food. A. what C. that B. which D. when

【解析】选A。考查连词。句意:世界上最大的两个汉堡连锁 店——麦当劳和汉堡王餐厅,正打算扩大,为供应这个国家对

快餐的愈来愈大的需求。此处what作主语,they believe是插入
语。干扰项是B, which表示“某个范围内的哪一个”,放在此 处不合适。


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