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名词性从句语法主题(一) 主语从句导学案
I.Revision 指出下面划线部分在句中做什么成分? A tree has fallen across the road. ____________ You are a student. ____________ To find your way can be a problem. ____________ Smoking

is bad for you. ____________ “How do you do?” is a greeting. ____________ What she said is not yet known. ____________ That we shall be late is certain. ____________ It is certain that we shall be late. ____________ II.Learning subjective clauses Step 1 划出主语从句, 初步识别主语从句 How you got me blind is still a mystery. That she had won the first prize made the girl very happy. When and where we will hold the meeting hasn’t been decided. Whether we go by train or by boat makes no difference. Who will host the meeting is still a serious problem. Whoever comes to China is welcome. Step 2 看以下的主语从句,总结主语从句的位置特点。 分析下列文中的主语从句,并进行小组讨论。 1. What it was to become was uncertain until between 4.5 and 3.8 billion years ago. 2. What is even more important is that as the earth cooled down, water began to appear on its surface. 3. What many scientists believe is that the continued presence of water allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases and acids into the oceans and seas. 4. Why they suddenly disappeared still remains a mystery. 5. So whether life will continue on the earth for millions of years to come will depend on whether this problem will be solved. 先划分句子,归纳出主语从句所在的位置, 根据以上主语从句实例,_____________________________________ Step 3 学习主语从句的主要连接词 1)从属连词:that,whether that 引导主语从句只起引导作用,本身无实际意义,在主语从句中不充当任何成分,但不能省略。 That she left him cut him to the heart. That he will come is certain. Whether 有词义,意为“是否” ,但不担任任何句子成份,不能与 if 替换。 Whether it will please them is not easy to say. Whether life exists on other planets is not clear. 2)连接代词 who, what, which, whatever, whichever, whoever, 有词义,且在句中担任主语,宾语,表语或定语。 What seems easy to some people seems difficult to others. Whose car runs faster should be tested. Which side will win is not clear. Whatever you do in the future is decided by yourself. 3)连接副词 when, where, how, why,有词义,且在句中担任状语。 When they will start is not known yet. Where he would go to study after graduation is still unknown to us. How he became a great scientist is known to us all. Why he did it remains a mystery. Step 4 总结主语从句的规则:给出一组实例,让学生进行讨论,总结出相应规则,并进行练习。 1. Where will the meeting be held is not decided. Where the meeting will be held is not decided. 2. When will the work be finished is unknown. When the work will be finished is unknown. 3. What will he do after graduation is a question. What he will do after graduation is a question. 结论 _______________________________________________________ Exercises 1. _____ do shopping depends on the weather. A. When will we B. When we will C. What will we D. What we will 改写句子 1. When will the scientist give a report? It is still a question. When _________________________________________. 2. Why is they earth becoming warmer? It is an important topic to scientists.

Why _______________________________________________. Ⅲ 单元语法巩固提高练习 一,用正确的关系词填空 1. _____ you don’t like him is none of my business. 2. _____ he said at the meeting astonished everybody present 3. _____ the 2000 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing is not known yet. 4. _____ we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. 5. _____ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights. 6. _____ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language. 7. It worried her a bit ____ her hair was turning grey. 8. The Foreign Minister said, “_____ is our hope that the two sides will work towards peace.” 9. After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth, _______ our astronauts desire to do is walk in space. 10, ________ we shall spend the holiday isn’t decided. 二,找出下列主语从句中的错误,并总结规律 例 1. When will he come is not known. , 规律一、_____________________________________________________________ 例 2. He will not come to the meeting this evening is true. 规律二、_____________________________________________________________ 例 3. If the meeting will be put off has not been decided yet. 规律三、_____________________________________________________________ 例 4. That whether he will help others is a fact. 规律四、_____________________________________________________________ 例 5. When he will come are a puzzle. 规律五、_____________________________________________________________ 例 6. What he needs is that book. What he needs are some books. 规律六、_____________________________________________________________ 例 7. That the earth turns around the sun is known to all. 规律七、_____________________________________________________________ 三,单项选择 1, ________ made the parents proud was that their daughter had been admitted into the Peking University. A. How B. What C. That D. When 2, ________ has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising. A. Who B. The one C. Anyone D. Whoever 3, ________ is known that those actions that people dislike go against the will of people. A. As B. It C. What D. That 4, After five hours’ drive, they reached ________ they thought was the place they’d been dreaming of. A. what B. where C. which D. that 5, ________ anyone should want to kill her was unbelievable. A. Whether B. That C. What D. If 6, ________ the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids puzzled people for centuries. A. How B. What C. Whether D. Where 7, ________ I can’t understand is ________ she wants to change her mind. A. What; why B. Which; how C. That; why D. What; because 8, ----Did you hear the news this morning? ----Oh, yes, _____ was announced on the radio has caused great excitement among pupils. A. that B. what C. something D. all what 9, In some countries, ________ are called “public schools” are not owned by the public. A. which B. as C. what D. that 10, ________ happens in the world makes us happy and sad by turns. A. That B. What C. Which D. Whether 四,英汉互译 1, That China has the world’s largest population is a well-known fact. 2, Is it true that the scientist will give us a lecture next week? 3, When the person was murdered is still unknown? 4, It is clear that they have been fooled. _____ 5, Whatever is worth doing should be done well. 6, 他偷了一部自行车是真的。 7,她准备怎么做这个事情还不得而知。 8,众所周知,光比声音传播的速度要快很多。 9,她考试成绩肯定会很好。 10,据说格林先生已经到了北京。



Step 1 找出下列句子的宾语。 1. He teaches us English. 2. I am afraid that he won’t turn up. 3. Do you agree with what he said ? 4. I think (that) she is beautiful. 5. Do you remember where we will attend the meeting? Tips: 从句在复合句中作__________的名词性从句,通常放在___________、___________ 或_____________之后. Step 2 宾语从句三要素(连接词、语序、时态) 引导宾语从句的连接词 1.由从属连词 that 引导的宾语从句 I hear (that) he will come back in an hour. He said (that) he missed us so much. 练习:1.He believe ________ no one can challenge him. 2.Do not deny _________ you didn’t cheat in the exam. 3.We heard it she would get married next month.(改错) 4.No one would tell you you made a mistake and you would be punished for that.(改错) 5.I think it necessary_______you should read English aloud. 6.He never thought he would come back to the school and ______ he would receive the scholarship. 2.由从属连词 whether, if 引导的宾语从句 (1) I want to know if (whether) he will go to the park with us (2) Ask him if (whether) he can come Tips :if/ whether “是否” ,说明对陈述的事物_______________。常用在 ask, wonder, can(could) you tell me 等后。 注意: 只能用 whether 不能用 if 的情况 1.I’m thinking of whether we should go fishing. 规律一:_____________________________ 2.They asked me whether to go skating. 规律二:_____________________________ 3.Mary asked whether I was doing my homework or not. Tell me whether you’d like to go shopping or tidy the room. 规律三:______________________________ 4.Whether this is true or not, I can’t say. 规律四:______________________________ 练习: 1. I asked her __________ she had a bike. 2. We’re worried about ________ he is safe. 3. I wonder ___________ he is well. 4. I don’t know ________ or not he is well. 5. I don’t know _______ to go. 3.由连接代词 Who,whom,whose,which,what 和连接副词 where,how,why,where 引导的宾从 (1). He asked who could answer the question (2). Do you know whom they are waiting for? (3).Can you tell me how I can get to the station? (4).Could you tell me why the train is late? Tips1: 连接代词作用:充当_________ _________ ___________ ___________ 连接副词充当_________ ________ _________ Tips2.当宾语从句是陈述句时,连词用 _________(一般可省) 当宾语从句是一般疑问句时,连词用 _________ 当宾语从句是特殊疑问句时,连词就用原来的疑________,但一定要用_____ 语序。 练习: 1.Can you tell me ___________she is waiting for ? 2.Please remind me _________ he said he was going, I may be in time to see him off 3.Mary wrote an article on the team had failed to win the game 4. A modern city has been set up in _____ was a wasteland ten years ago. 5. Do you know ____ your parents are pleased ________ you’ve done? 6.It is generally considered unwise to give a child_______ he or she wants. 二、语序 宾语从句的语序: 1. What’s Kate’s e-mail address? Do you know?(合为一句) Do you know what ____________________________? 2. Could you tell me _________? A where is the post office B where the post office is C. how can I get to the park D how I can get to the park 3. Where can I buy some shampoo(洗发水)? Do you know?合为一句 Do you know where ____________buy some shampoo? Tips:宾语从句的语序要用________________语序,即连接词+主语+谓语+其他成分。 注意:在 demand,order,suggest,decide,insist, desire, request, command 等表示要求、 命令、建议、决定等意 义的动词后,宾语从句常用(should)+ 动词原形。 I insist that she (should) do her work alone. 我坚持要她自己工作。 The commander ordered that troops (should) set off at once. 司令员命令部队马上出发。 Exercises:

1.He requested that no one ______________ (hand) in the papers on time. 2.Our teachermaster demanded that every student __________ (wear) the uniform. Exercises: 1. I don’t know ____I can get to the station. 2. I don’t know ____ she will be back or not next Saturday. 3.Could you please tell me _____the post office is? 4. My English teacher said ____my spoken English was very good. 5. This pair of shoes is neither beautiful nor comfortable. I don’t know ___ you want to buy it. 6.Our captain ordered that we __________ (arrive) in the town before 7. 7.______ do you think the public might choose as their favorite singer this year? 三、宾语从句的时态 先看以下例句,然后总结规律 1.I remember you have a novel written by Moyan. 2.I think he has finished the task. 3.I still can not believe that he sold his computer. 规律一:如果主句谓语动词是现在时或将来时,从句谓语动词时态_______________; 4. I thought he had gone to town today. 规律二:如果主句谓语动词是过去时,从句谓语动词的__________________); 5. The teacher told his class that light travels faster than sound. 规律三: 当从句叙述的是真理、自然现象、名言警句、谚语等时,其谓语动词仍用_____________。 巩固提高:1 I know that he__________ (teach) us English. 2 I remember that he _____ (give) a book. 3 He has told me that he _______(leave) for New York tomorrow. 4 He told me that he______(take) part in the high jump tomorrow. 5 I asked the students if they _______ (be) afraid of Bird Flu. 6 He said that Yao Ming _________(be) much taller than him. 7The geography teacher said that the moon ______(move) round the earth. 8 Could you tell me how I ________ (can) get to the drugstore? 9 The old man asked me if I_______(can)show him the way . Step 3.Practice 一、将下列句子合并为一句: 1. Where do they stop on the way? I asked. 2. What will you speak at the meeting? Could you tell me? 3. Do they like to go skiing? He asked. 4. He is doing his homework. He said. 5. He will come back. Tom said. 6. Is she doing her homework? Jim asked. 7. When will he come back? Tom asked. 8. How can I get to the station? Could you tell me? 二、用正确的连接词填空 (1)The children don’t know ___ is in their stockings. (2)We are talking about _________ we admit students into our club. (3)He was deeply displeased by ________had occurred that day (4)He forgot ___ gave this gift to him. (5)The teacher wants to know ___ Mary was late for school. (6)Do you know __ they listened to yesterday evening? (7)He asked me __ told me the accident. (8)I don’t know __ he will come tomorrow. __ he comes, I’ll tell you. (9)I wonder ________he’s writing to me about. (10)I think_________necessary that we take plenty of hot water every day . 四、翻译句子 1.这本新书是关于神州 6 号载人航天飞船是如何升入太空的 ____________________________________________________________________ 2.他很高兴在他生病的时候李明能去看望他 ____________________________________________________________________ 3.我只知道他当时在西方的一个国家读书,可不知道是哪个国家 ____________________________________________________________________ 4.他问我他进来的时候我是否正在读<<老人与海>>. ____________________________________________________________________ 5.他对我们说他感到不舒服。 ____________________________________________________________________ 6.I know nothing about my new neighbor except that he used to work with a company. ____________________________________________________________________ 7.I don’t believe that man is killed by Jim, is he? ____________________________________________________________________ 8.The reporter asked if the government would take necessary measures to put down the to-do.


名词性从句语法主题(三) 表语从句导学案
I.请划出下面各句的表语,并把其种类填写在括号中。 1) He still remains a hero in people’ minds. 3) Mike was out when I called. 4) She looks ugly in her new dress. 5) He gets old. 6) Harry Porter was in his aunt’s house. 7) Their plan is to finish the experiment in a week. 8) The watch is broken. 9) What you sad is quite surprising. 10) The truth is that he has never been abroad. 11) My parents’ doubt is what I will become in the future. 小结:名词性从句在_______ II.划出表语从句及其连词,并总结连词的用法。 1. Her wish is that she could lose weight soon. 2. The question is whether the enemy is marching towards us. 3. It looks as if it is going to rain. 4. The problem was who could do the job. 5. That is what he is worried about. 6. The problem is how he can get food and clothing. 7. That was why the brothers wanted to make a bet. III.学习表语从句的主要连接词。 1.从属连词 that, whether,because, as if/though 1) that__________________________________________________________________。 The trouble is (that) she has lost his money. The problem was that it was too valuable for everyday us. 2) whether 在表语从句中表 ,但不充当句子的成分。 What the doctor really doubts is whether my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. 3)Because(因为),as if/though(好像)在表语从句中____________________________。其中 as if/though 引导表 语从句时常用虚拟语气,也可不用。 2.连接代词 who, what, which, whom, whose, whatever, whoever, whomever, whichever 等引导表语从句,在句中作 ____________________________成分,连接代词不能省略。 The question is which of us should go. The problem was who could do the work. 3.连接副词 when, where, how, why 除在句子起连接作用外,在从句中充当______________,本身具有词义。 Go and get your coat. It’s where you left it. I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella. That’s why I got wet through. V 表语从句要注意的一些语法规则。 1. False: The question is when can he arrive at the hotel. Right: The question is when he can arrive at the hotel. 结论:

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )


2. False: The question is if the enemy is marching towards us. Right: The question is whether the enemy is marching towards us. 结论: 3.主语是表示建议,命令,要求,计划(suggestion, advice, order, request)等名词,表语从句应该用虚拟语气, 即 should 接动词原形,should 可省略 My advice is that he (should) I was late. Why he was late for school is that he was ill. The reason ________ I was late was ________ I missed the train. It/That/This was ________ I missed the train. 5. “That is why...” “That is the reason why...”的辨析 That is (the reason) why I cannot agree That is why 是 why 引导的__________从句,that is the reason 是 why 引导的__________从句. VI 用适当的连接词填空。 1. The question is ________ we will have our sports meet next week. 2. The reason why he failed is ________he was careless. 3. That is _____ we were late last time 4._______your father wants to know is________ you are getting on with your studies. 5. China is becoming stronger and stronger. It is no longer_____ it used to be 6. What the doctors really doubt is ___ my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. 7. She has remained____I stood yesterday for an hour. 8. It’s_____he had understood this question. 9. The problem is______we can get the things we need 10. The question is_____will travel with me to Beijing tomorrow IIV 翻译句子。 1. This was over twenty years ago, but it’s as if it was only yesterday. 2. It is still under discussion whether the old bus station should be replaced with a modern hotel or not. 3. He did not see the film last night. That is because he had to help his little sister with her homework. 4. He had seen the film before. That is why he did not see it last night 5.她考试不及格是因为太粗心了。 6. 问题是谁能够解决这个难题。 7. 他们的困难是要从哪儿找到食物。 8.她说着好像她知道一切。. 9.这就是我昨天没去参加聚会的原因。 (go) early tomorrow. 4.当主语是 the reason, the result 或 why 引导的主语从句时,常用 that 引导的表语从句,不用 because。


名词性从句语法主题(四) 同位语从句导学案
一.同位语:______________________________________________________________ We students should work hard We have two foreign teachers, a Canadian and an American. 二.找出下列句子中的同位语,并说明那些成分可以充当同位语 ⑴ Li Daiyu and her cousin Liu Qian were on a trip to Canada to visit their cousins. ( ) ⑵ Limei, a beautiful girl, is the monitor of our class. ( ) ⑶ They each can get a chance to travel by air. ( ) ⑷ Are you three ready to start? ( ) ⑸ The thought that they could cross the whole continent was exciting. ( ) ⑹ I have no idea when Chaplin’s film will be on again. ( ) 总结: 同位语从句: 在____________ 中充当______________的句子。 同位语从句的作用: ___________ 和__________前面的名词 同位语从句前面的名词叫作______________ 三.同位语从句的先行词,连接词和与定语从句的区别 1. 先行词 ⑴I like it because of the fact that it is informative and its language is beautiful and genuine . ⑵The news that the earthquake happened in Japan shocked Chinese everybody. ⑶Give me your promise that you will come to your party this evening ⑷There was a suggestion that Brown should be dropped from the team. ⑸The proposal that the plan ( should ) be delayed(延迟)will be discussed tomorrow. 总结:不是所有的名词后都可以跟同位语从句。 常可以被同位语从句修饰的名词是 ____________ : ________ ________ _________ _________ _________ 和 __________ __________ _________等 2. 引导同位语从句的连接词 ⑴ 从属连词 :________ ________ 作用:起________作用,无___________, that 无意义,whether “是否” 的意思 The idea that you can do this work well without thinking is quite wrong. The question whether we should call in a specialist was answered by the family doctor. ⑵ 连接代词:_______ _______ ________等作用:充当________ _________ _________ ___________ The question who should do the work is under discussing. She didn’t have any idea what should be done first. ⑶ 连接副词:_______ ________ __________等, 充当_________ ________ _________ I have no idea how she got through the forest. I have no idea when he will come back. 注意:在高中阶段,引导同位语从句的从属连词与其它名词性从句基本一致,但是高考考查基本上是 that 引导 的同位语从句 用正确的连接词填空 1).The question ___________________ we shall have a meeting hasn’t been decided. 2). They told the policeman the fact _________they had nothing to do with the murder. 3) All agreed to his suggestion _________ a bridge across the river be built. 4). The question ______ should do the work requires consideration. 5). The fact ____ she works hard is well known to us all. 6). The fact ____ he was successful proves his ability. 7). I have no idea ____ he will start. 8). He often asked me the question ____ the work was worth doing. 9). Do you have any idea ___ is actually going on in the classroom? 3.同位语从句与定语从句的区别 指出下面句子是定语从句还是同位语从句 We express the hope that they will come to visit China again. Those who want to go please sign their names here. The news that they won the match is true. The news that you told us yesterday is true. The order when we should go back hasn’t reached us. The day when New China was founded will never be forgotten. 总结:区别在于: 1.________________________________________________ 2.________________________________________________ 3.________________________________________________ 4.________________________________________________

填空: ; ⑴ There is some doubt ______John will come on time. ⑵ The news _____you heard is not true. ⑶ The news ______ our team has won is true. ⑷ The thought _________he had no girl friend made him cry. ⑸ Is there anyone _______can answer the question why the cat is laughing? ⑹ The thought came to him ________maybe the enemy had fled the city. ⑺ Several years later,word came _______Napoleon himself was coming to inspect them. ⑻ The king’s decision that the prisoner _________ (be) set free surprised all the people. ⑼ The question who ________(take) his place is still not clear. ⑽ The suggestion that the new rule _________(adopt) came from the president. ⑾ This is our only request that this ____________(settle)as soon as possible. ⑿ All agreed to his suggestion that a bridge across the river__________ (build) 语法填空 You know ( ) we are all busy. Parents are busy working while children are busy studying. So it is already our habit( )four families go out for a trip in two cars during national holidays. ( ) both parents and children can be relaxed in the trips is the wish ( ) we all have. This May Day holiday, we had a trip, too. Before the trip, the problem ( ) we would go was a real headache to us. The reason is ( ) we had visited almost all the scenic spots within driving distance. We discussed and discussed. At last, we got an idea ( ) we would have a barbecue(烧烤) by Taihu Lake, ( ) excited the children very much.




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2016年英语高考名词性从句复习精品导学案_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。最新最全的高考复习导学案 名词性从句学习目标: 1. 学习名词性从句的基本用法,并学会...


小结:what 引导名词性从句时在从句中充当句子成分,如主语,宾语,表语,定语。而 ...经典的名词性从句导学案 8页 免费 2016年英语高考名词性从... 8页 5下载...


3.that 是连接词,本身无___,仅起___作用,不在从句中担任___;引导宾语从句...经典的名词性从句导学案 8页 免费 04 导学案 名词性从句(1... 2页 免费...
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