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Unit 1 M3 Vocabularies 1. 发生 take place 2. 饿死 starve sb to death/ die of starvation 3. 盛装打扮 dress up : 穿衣 dress sb./oneself in…= sb be dressed in… 4. 允许(某人)做 permit sb to do/permit doing 未经许可

without one’s permission 请求允许 ask for permission 5. 调大音量 出现 到场 turn up 调小音量;拒绝 turn down 打开 turn on 关上 turn off 上交 turn in/ hand in 轮流 in turn 结果是 turn out to be… 转向某人寻求帮助 turn to sb. for help 6. 溺水的孩子 a drowning child 被淹死 get drowned 7. 出发;使 爆炸 set off 回家 set off for home 动身出发 set out 着手做 set out to do / set about doing 写下 set down 把…放置一旁, 不理会, 留出 set aside 8. 收获 harvest sth 大丰收 have a good harvest 9. 庆祝( 动词) celebrate (名词) celebration 10. …的起源 the origin of… 11. 宗教的 religious 宗教 religion 12. 纪念,追念 in memory of 13. 我坚信 I hold a strong/ firm belief in sth. /that 或 I strongly/ firmly believe that… 14. 恶搞 play a trick on 15. 你一到济南,就给我打电话。 On your arrival in Jinan, please call me. 16. 获得独立 gain one’s independence 不劳无获 No pains, no gains. 17. 搜集信息 gather/collect information 18. N 奖品 vt 授予 award 19. 因。 。 。钦佩某人 admire sb for sth 20. 充满活力的 be energetic / be full of energy 21. 期待早来信 I am looking forward to your early reply. 22. 日夜 day and night 23. 玩的开心 have fun (with) 多开心 what fun it is! 24. N 习惯,风俗 custom 25. 守诺言 keep one’s word 26. 屏住呼吸 Hold one’s breath 27. 很显然 It is obvious that 28. 提醒某人某事 remind sb of sth/to do/ that… 29. v 原谅 forgive,(forgave,forgiven) 30. 哭泣 weep (wept , wept) Unit2 Vocabularies 1. N 你要重视日常饮食 You must pay attention to your daily diet. 节食 go on a diet/ be on a diet vt. 寻求平衡 strike a balance between A and B. 保持平衡 keep one’s balance 失去平衡 lose one’s balance 均衡的 balanced: adj. a balanced diet

2. 苗条的 slim 3. 减肥 lose (one’s) weight 增肥 gain weight/ put on weight 4. 出于好奇 out of curiosity 对。 。 。好奇 be curious about 5. 生的, 未加工的 raw 6. 被放过,做坏事不受惩罚 get away with sth/ doing sth. 7. 打折 discount: n. 打折扣 at a discount 8. 撒谎 tell a lie/lies 9. 顾客们 customers 10. 赢回 win…back 11. 长处和弱点 strengths and weaknesses 12. 咨询: vt. consult 查字典 consult a dictionary/ look up a word in the dictionary 13. 消化 v n digest 《读者文摘》Readers’ Digest 14. 谋生 earn one’s living / make one’s living/ make a living 15. 欠债 in debt ;run into debt 还清债务 pay off the debts 16. 怒目而视 glare at: 瞥一眼 glance at/ take a glance at 盯着看 stare at: 17. 暗中监视 spy on: a) 把。 。 。限定在一定范围 limit sth./sb. to… 时间、速度限制 the time limit/ speed limit 有限的 limited 18. 有益于(三种表达) benefit sb/sth ; be of great benefit to sth/doing ; be beneficial to sth 19. 叹息 v n sigh 20. 把理论与实践结合 combine theory with practice 21. 消减 cut down 降低成本/花销 the cost/ expenses 砍树 cut down trees 22. 不久之后 before long 23. 不久,他就回来了。It won’t be long before he comes back. 24. 感到沮丧 feel frustrated 25. 我们被鼓励锻炼, 平衡膳食, 并享受生活, 这对健康有益无害。 We are e encouraged to take exercise and eat balanced diets, which does more good than harm to our health. 26. 自此以后( 完成时)ever since ever after 搭一般过去式 27. 自此以后他过着艰难的生活。 He has had a hard life ever since./ He lived a hard life ever after.

Unit 3 Vocabulary 1. bring up children 抚养孩子 提出问题 bring up a question 2. n 小说 I like reading novels. adj 新颖的 novel 3. 冒险 探险 adventure He lives a life full of adventure 4. (戏剧)一场 scene 犯罪现场 the crime scene 美丽的风景 the beautiful scenery(不可数) 5. 闲逛 wander around/about 跑题 wander from the point 6. 好奇 wonder 难怪 It is no wonder that 7. 一个因公出行的商人 a businessman travelling on business 8. 前进; (祈使句)可以,往下说 go ahead 一直往前走 go straight ahead

May I go now? Yes, go ahead. Don’t stop, go ahead with your story. 9. 过错,缺点 fault 是我的错 It’s my fault. 吹毛求疵 find fault with 10. 他不易相处, 总是对别人吹毛求疵。 He is not easy to get along with, he always likes to find faults with others. 11. Vt 认出 发现 n 污点 spot(spotted, spotted) 当场 on the spot. 12. 通道,文章 passage: 13. 导致, 作出解释 account for: 因为 on account of 因为天气不好我们推迟外出。 We delayed our outing on account of the bad weather. 14. 报道 n. The policeman gave an account of the traffic accident. 说明 Can you give the teacher a full account for your absence. 账户 open an account/ close an account 15.寻求 seek(sought, sought) 16. 寻求帮助/建议 seek help/ one’s advice from 追求成功 seek for/after success 17. 耐心 patience 有耐心 be patient with 18. 与此相反 on the contrary 19. 在。 。 。对立面 adj: be contrary to: 20. 大量的(修饰不可数名词)an amount of:/ a large amount of: 。 。 。的数量 the amount of: 21. 信封 envelope 22. 难以置信 unbelievable 23. 冒险 take a chance 24. 礼貌举止 manner 25. 粗鲁的方式 in the rude manner 就餐礼仪 table manners: When you eat, mind your table manners. 26.有礼貌 It’s good manners /good manners to do: 打扰别人无礼貌。It is bad manners to interrupt others. 27. 尖叫 v scream 28. 真诚的,真的 genuine 29. 发布命令, 发行,出版 issue (an order) 30. indeed: adv.真正的 A friend in need is a friend indeed. 31. 衣衫褴褛 in rags 32. 至于你 as for you 33. 关于 as to There is some doubt as to whether the proposal is practicable. 至于上次来信你提到的问题 As to the question you raised in the last letter, 34 鞠躬 bow n. take a bow (to sb.) make a bow (to sb.) v. bow to sb. 35.你可以去你想去的地方,做你喜欢做的任何事。 You may go whenever you want and whatever you like. Unit Four Vocabulary 1. 教育系统 the education system 2. 全球变暖 the global warming 3. 及时 in time 按时 on time 不时 at times 一次 at a time 一度曾经 at one time 一直 all the time 提前 ahead of time 4. 大气层,气氛 atmosphere

5. 介词 不像 unlike sb/sth 6. 对。 。 。 有害 be harmful to 7. 下蛋 lay eggs 8. 存在 exist: vi existence: n. 存在 come into existence 9. 产生;分娩 give birth to 10. 轮到。 。 。某人 in one’s turn in one’s turn to do… 依次 in turn/ by turns It is one’s turn to do 11. 因此 adv thus/ therefore 12. 二氧化碳过量 too much carbon dioxide 13. 阻止 prevent…from…keep ….from…stop…from… 14. N 迷 vt 使迷惑 puzzle 让人迷惑的 puzzling 迷惑的 puzzled A puzzling question puzzled me. 15. 挡住光线 block out 16. 气候变化 the change of the climate 17. V N 拉力, 拖 pull 停车 pull over 驶入(出)站 pull in(out) 18. 感到高兴 cheer up 欢呼声干杯 cheers 19. 既然(连词)now that 20. (战争灾难瘟疫) 爆发 break out 车抛锚,崩溃 break down 突破 break through 谈判中止,断绝关系,婚姻破裂 break up 21. 筋疲力尽的 exhausted He returned home, exhausted. 22. 当心,密切关注 watch out 23 这是一个我们最喜欢的话题 It is a favorite topic for us to discuss 24 他们是否中止婚姻仍待观察。It remains to be seen whether their marriage will break up.

Unit 5 Vocabulary 1. 首要的 prime 最初的 primary 2. 多文化的 multicultural 3. 而非 rather than 是你做的而不是你说的至关重要。 It is what you do rather than say that matters. I want to go there in summer rather than in winter. 宁愿做而不做 would do…rather than do would rather do…than do… prefer to do rather than do 4. (不可数)行李 baggage / luggage 5. V 围绕 surround be surrounded by… adj: 周围的 surrounding 周围环境 n. surroundings 6.平静下来 calm down

what you

7. 定居,平静下来 settle down 安心做 settle/get down to doing 8. 设法做 manage to do /succeed in doing 9. 看见 catch sight of come into one’s sight out of one’s sight/ in one’s sight 一看见 at the sight of… 一见钟情 love at first sight 10. 对。 。 。有天赋 have a gift/talent /genius for 11.测量 measure sth Vi. sth. measures… 12. 采取措施做 take measures to do… 13.边界 border 14.轻微的 slight 15.城市的 urban 郊区的 rural 16.v 混合 mix 把。 。 。混到。 。 。 mix sth. with sth. 混到一起 mix up sth. be/get mixed up 17.n 混合 mixture 18.v 确认证实 confirm 19. 富有的 wealthy 财富 wealth 20.在远方 in the distance 21 n 传统. tradition 传统的 aditional by tradition 22vt 使。 。印象深刻. impress sth. on/upon … The manager impressed the importance of the meeting on its staff. 对。 。 。印象深刻 be impressed by/ with… 给。 。 。留下深刻印象 leave a deep impression on sb/leave sb a deep impression 23 对。 。 、满意 be pleased with sb 24.大约 approximately/ about / or so 25. adv /adj 在附近 nearby 26. 去市中心 go downtown 人教版英语必修 4 词组归纳总结




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