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名词性从句(主语从句,表语从句,宾语从句 ,同位语从句) 1. that 引导的名词性从句,that 在从句中不充当任何句子成分,没有词义。that 引导宾语从句时常可省略,但如果引导两个以上宾语从句时,that 不省。引 导主语从句时常可用 it 作形式主语 That light travels in straight lines is known to

all.众所周知光是以直线运行的。 (主 语从句)=It is known to all that light travels in straight lines The reason for his absent was that he was ill.他缺席的原因是他病了。 (表语从句) I think( that) you are right.我认为你是对的。 (宾语从句) The news that our football team has won is true.我们足球队赢了的消息是真的。 (同 位语从句) 注意区别:The news( that/which) he told me is true.他告诉我的消息是真的。 (定语 从句) 2. what 引导的名词性从句,what 在从句中必须要作主语,宾语,表语,常译作 “所---的”或“什么”,what 一般不引导同位语从句 What we need is water.我们所需要的是水。 (主语从句) What we need are useful books.我们所需要的是有用的书。 (主语从句) This is what I want to say.这就是我想说的。 (表语从句) Please tell me what she is saying.请告诉我她在说什么。 (宾语从句) 3. how,where,when,why,等引导的名词性从句,保留疑问词的原意,或译为-“-的地方” “---的时候” Do you know how he came here?By bus.你知道他是怎么来的吗?乘公共汽车。 (宾 语从句) When he comes is a question.他什么时候来是个问题。(主语从句)=It is a question when he comes。 This is where he lives.这就是他住的地方。 (表语从句) 4. whether,if 引导的名词性从句,vt.+whether/if, 其余情况用 whether 不用 if,注意: vt.+whether or not They asked whether/if we need any help.他们问我们是否需要帮助。 (宾语从句) I don`t know whether I should take his advice or not.我不知道我是否要接受他的劝 告。 (宾语从句) The question is whether we should accept their invitation.问题是我们是否接受他们 的邀请。 whether we should accept their invitation is a question. 我们是否接受他们的邀请 还是个问题。 (主语从句) When we will start depands on whether we have enough money.我们什么时候出发 取决于我们是否有足够的钱。 (宾语从句) 5. whoever 引导主,宾从句=anyone who--whatever 引导主,宾从句=anything that--Whatever is left over may be put into the refrigerator, where it will keep for two or three weeks.(2011安徽卷28)=Anything that is left over may be put into the refrigerator, where it will keep for two or three weeks.

Whoever walks around in such a heavy rain will catch a cold.任何在这样的大雨中行 走得人都会患感冒。=Anyone who walks around in such a heavy rain will catch a cold..(主语从句) I will give the ticket to whoever is interested in music.我将把票给对音乐感兴趣的 人。= I will give the ticket to anyone who is interested in music.(宾语从句) Who will go makes no difference.(主语从句) whoever 引导状语从句时等于 no matter who whatever 引导状语从句时等于 no matter what No matter what you may say, he won`t listen.=Whatever you say, he won`t listen.无论 你说什么他都不会听。 He won`t listen to whatever you say.= He won`t listen to anything that you say.他不 会听你说的任何话。 特别注意:1.所有疑问词引导的名词性从句,从句中必须用陈述句语序。 2.疑问词引导的名词性从句常可用疑问词+to do 来表示 I don`t know what I shall do.=I don`t know what to do. When to hold the meeting is not known.=When we`ll hold the meeting is not known. The question is how we should get there.= The question is how to get there. 3.The reason is that---The reason why I can't come is that I have to work late. 4.第五条基础差的学生不必出现

一.基础题 1. ________ makes mistakes must correct them. A. What B. That C. Whoever D. Whatever 2. The reason why I didn't go to Shanghai was ________ a new job. A. because I got B. because of getting C. I got D. that I got 3. He asked me ________ with me. A. what is the trouble B. what wrong was C. what was the matter D. what trouble it is 4. When and why he came here ________ yet. A. is not known B. are not known C. has not known D. have not bee 5. I don't doubt ________ he'll come. A. that B. if C. what D. whether 6. ______ surprised me most was ______ such a little boy of seven could play the violin so well. A. That…what B. What…that C. That…which D. What…which 7. The city is no longer ________.

A. what it is B. that it used to be C. which it was D. what it used to be 8. He insisted that he ________ in good health and _______ to work there. A. was, be sent B. is, is sent C. be, was sent D. be, send 9. We thought _______ strange that Tom did not come yesterday. A. that B. it C. this D. what 10. Last Sunday he made a promise ________ he was free he would take me to Qingdao. A. if B. that C. that if D. whether 11.The question is ____the film is worth seeing. A. if B. what C. whether D. how 12.The reason ____ I have to go is ____ my mother is ill in bed. A .why; why B. why; because C. why ; that D. that; because 13. ___ I can’t understand is ___ she wants to change her mind. A. What; why B. Which; how C. That; why D. What; because 14. ____ his dream of going to college will come true is uncertain. A. That B. Whether C. If D. Even if 15. It is known to us ___ where there is pollution, there is harm. A. which B. where C. what D. that 16. I have the information ____. A. of what he’ll come soon B. that he’ll come soon C. of that he’ll come soon D. his coming soon 17. --- I saw your neighbor break your window with a basketball. --- ____ it made me nearly mad. A. That he broke B. What he broke C. He broke D. His break 18.It remains a question ____ we can get so much money in such a short time. A.how B. that C. when D. what 19. They lost their way in the forest and ____ made matters worse was ___ night began to fall. A. what; that B. it; that C. what; when D. which; what 20. Before a problem can be solved, it must be obvious ______the problem itself is. A. what B. that C. which D. why 基础题:1---5CDCAA 6---10BDABC 11----15CCABD16---20BAAAA 二.高考题 1. __________ Barbara Jones offers to her fans is honesty and happiness. (2011 北京 卷 22. ) A. Which B. What C. That D. Whom 2. Before a problem can be solved, it must be obvious ___the problem itself is. (2011 湖南卷 31. ) A. what B. that C. which D. why 3. There is clear evidence _____ the most difficult feeling of all to interpret is bodily pain. (2011 上海卷 35. ) A. what B. if C. how D. that 4. The message you intend to convey through words may be the exact opposite of

_____ others actually understand. (2011 上海卷 38. ) A. why B. that C. which D. what 5. I am afraid he’s more of a talker than a doer, which is ______ he never finishes anything. (2011 山东卷 26. ) A. that B. when C. where D. why 6. We’ve offered her the job, but I don’t know______ she’ll accept it. (2011 山东卷 33. ) A. where B. what C. whether D. which 7. The villagers have already known ______ we’ll do is to rebuild the bridge. (2011 江西卷 26. ) A. this B. that C. what D. which 8. It was never clear _______ the man hadn’t reported the accident sooner. (2011 江 苏卷 26. ) A. that B. how C. when D. why 9. His writing is so confusing that it’s difficult to make out _____it is he is trying to express. (2011 安徽卷 33. ) A. that B. how C. who D. what 10. Our teachers always tell us to believe in ________ we do and who we are if we want to succeed. (2011 四川卷 10. ) A. why B. how C. what D. which 11. (2011 北京卷) The shocking news mad me realize ________ terrible problems we would face. A. what B. how C. that D. why 12(2011 辽宁卷 23). Twenty students want to attend the class that aims to teach ______ to read first. A. what B. who C. how D. why 13. (2011 辽宁卷 32) When the news came _____ the war broke out, he decided, to . serve in the army. A. since B. which C. that D. because 14. 2011 天津卷 13) Modern science has given clear evidence ______ smoking can ( . lead to many diseases. A. what B. which C. that D. where 15. (2011 陕西卷 15) like to start my own business–that’s ____ I’d do if I had the .I’d money. A. why B. when C. which D. what 16.(2011 重庆卷 34). It is not always easy for the public to see _______ use a new invention can be of to human life. A. whose B. what C. which D. that 17.When changing lanes, a driver should use his turning signal to let other drivers know _______ . (上海卷) A. he is entering which lane C. is he entering which lane B. which lane he is entering D. which lane is he entering

18.Before the sales start, I make a list of ___ my kids will need for the coming season. (山东卷) A. why (09 湖南 28) A. whichever abroad.(2006 江苏) A.whether B.where C.if D.that B. however C. whatever D. whoever B. what C. how D. which it takes to save her life.

19.She is very dear to us. We have been prepared to do

20.We haven`t settled the question of ______it is necessary for him to study

高考题:1---5BADDD6---10 CCDDC11----15ACCCD16---20BBBCA



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