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2014届高考(新课标版)一轮复习:选修八 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions 教师配套课件(共55张PPT)

选修八 UNITS 3~5

句型公式· 妙笔生花
有关写“求职信”的经典句式 1.I learned from the newspaper that your company needs an English secretary.I’m really interested in this position and hope that I can obtain a chance to work in your company.

兴趣,希望获得机会在贵公司上班。 2.Please allow me to make a brief introduction of myself.I’m

Li Hua,a girl born in June,1993.I’m graduating from Beijing
University this coming June with each course excellent. 请允许我简单自我介绍,我是李华,出生于1993年6月。今年六


3.In addition,I’m a girl easy to get along with and I like
making friends too. 此外,我是一个容易相处且喜欢交朋友的女孩。 4.What is most important for me is that I have got a parttime job,from which I got some valuable experience. 最重要的是我从事过兼职工作,从工作中我获得了一些宝贵 的经验。 5.I’ll greatly appreciate it if I’m offered the chance and I’m looking foward to your early reply! 如果给我一次机会我将感激不尽,盼望你早日回复!


6.I would appreciate it if you could take the trouble to provide me with some information and send me the necessary application materials.By the way,my email address is Lihua93@ sina.com. 如果你能给我提供一些信息且送给我必要的申请材料我将感



Unit 3

Inventors and inventions——




基 础 盘 点 自 测 自 评

考 点 串 讲 讲 练 互 动

[核心单词] distinguish 1._________ vi.&vt.显示??的差别;使??有所不同;辨别 product 2.________n.产品 passive 3._________ adj.被动的;消极的;被动语态的 seize 4._______ vt.抓住;捉住;夺 file 5.______ n.文件;档案;文件夹vt.提交;将??归档

bear 6._______ vt.忍受;忍耐;负担 tap 7._____ vt.&vi.轻打;轻拍;轻敲n.轻轻地敲击(声);(水)龙头
current 8._________ n.(水或气)流;电流adj.现在的;当前的 stable 9.________ adj.稳固的;稳定的;安定的 practical 10.__________ adj.实际的;实践的;实用的

competence 11.__________ n.能力;胜任;本领 merciful 12.________ adj.宽大的;仁慈的;慈悲的→mercy n.宽大;仁慈 abrupt 13._______ adj.突然的;意外的→abruptly adv.突然地;唐突地 convenient 14.___________ adj.便利的;方便的,就近的→convenience n. 方便,便利→conveniently adv.便利地,方便地 caution 15._________ n.小心;谨慎→cautious adj.小心的,谨慎的

→cautiously adv.小心地;谨慎地 expectation 16.____________ n.预料;期待;期望→expect v.预料;期待;
期望;认为 innocent 17.________adj.清白的;无罪的;天真的→innocence n.天真,清白 associate 18._________ vt.联想;联系n.同伴,伙伴→association n.社团; 协会;联合;联想

[高频短语] call up 1._________ 给??打电话 now and then 2._____________偶尔;有时 set about 3.__________开始;着手 dive into 4.__________迅速把手伸入;一心投入 set out (to do) 5._______________开始(做)
hang on 6._________不挂断;稍等;紧紧握住 out of order 7.____________次序颠倒;发生故障 get through 8.___________设法联系上(尤指打通电话);(设法)做完;通过

ring back 9.___________回复电话 ring off 10._________挂断电话


Follow it up, explore all around it, and before you know it, you will have something worth ____________________________thinking about to occupy your

mind.跟踪下去, 不断探索, 不知不觉中,你就会发现某种值得思
考的东西占据着你的头脑。 2.分词作状语 Prepared with ①______________ some research findings, I decided on three possible approaches... 经过一番研究准备之后,我决定采用三种可能的方法?? once picked up ②But___________________,they tried to bite me. 它们一被捡起来,就试图咬我。

Pressed by ③___________ my friends and relations, I decided to seize the opportunity to get recognition for my successful idea by sending my invention to the patent office. 由于朋友和亲戚的敦促,我决定抓住这次机会把我的发明送 到专利局去,请他们对我这次成功的思路给予认可。 ④Between the outside and the inside walls of the bowl there when cooled is some jelly, which freezes_______________. 在碗内外侧有一些果子冻,冷却时他们冻得很结实。 Being very stable ⑤__________________,it has proved invaluable in the design of bridges.由于具有良好的稳定性,在桥梁设计中,它被证明是


can you say ①Only after you have had that recognition _____________ that you are truly an inventor.

只有获得了认证,你才可以说是一个真正的发明者。 will you receive ②Nor ________________a patent until a search has been
made to find out that your product really is different from

everyone else’s.直到做了调查后发现你的产品确实与众不同,
这时你才会获得专利。 4.so...that...引导结果状语从句 so strict that The criteria are ______________it is difficult to get new ideas accepted unless they are truly novel. (评定)专利标准是很严格的,除非新的想法真是新颖的,否则 很难被接受。


1.Greatly moved by the movie,________. A.tears came to the audience’s eyes B.the audience could hardly hold back tears C.tears could hardly be held back D.the audience’s eyes were filled with tears 解析:选B。考查非谓语动词。过去分词作状语,其逻辑主语要


2.(2013· 河南省六市高中毕业班联考)Any packet ________ properly will not be accepted by the post office. A.not to address

B.not being addressed
C.not addressed D.not having addressed 解析:选C。考查非谓语动词。写地址与包裹之间是被动关 系,应用过去分词表被动。


3.(2013· 河北省高三教学质检)The GPS,originally ________ by the U.S.military, covers the whole world. A.developing B.to be developed


D.having developed

解析:选C。考查非谓语动词。句意:最初由美国军队研制 的全球定位系统现在覆盖了全世界。the GPS 与develop之间 是被动关系,故用“developed by the U.S.military”这一过 去分词短语作后置定语。


4.(2012· 北京海淀二模)The average Facebook user in the United States has 245 friends,according to a study______in February.


D.to publish

解析:选B。句意:据二月份发表的一份研究表明,美国普 通的Facebook用户有245个朋友。本题考查非谓语动词作 定语。a study和publish之间是逻辑上的被动关系,因此用


5.(2013· 北京东城一模)________equal opportunities,both

Frank and Billy may accomplish the task.
A.Given C.To give B.Giving D.To be given

解析:选A。句意:如果被提供给同等的机会,Frank和Billy 也许都能完成这项任务。本题考查非谓语动词作状语。主 语“both Frank and Billy”与give为逻辑上的被动关系,故排 除B、C两项;D项表示目的,不合句意,故被排除。


[单词精研] 1. convenient adj.便利的;方便的;就近的

(教材P20)They abruptly disappeared into a convenient hole in the wall.




?It is convenient for sb.to do sth.做某事对某人来说 ? (1)?是方便的 ?be convenient to...到达某处很方便 ? ?convenience n.方便,便利;适宜;省事 ? ?2??at one’s convenience在方便的时候;在适宜的地方 ?for convenience为了方便 ?


①(牛津P436)A bicycle is often more convenient than a car in towns.在城镇骑自行车常常比开车更方便。 ② Come and see me whenever it is convenient to you. 只要你方便,随时过来看我。

③(朗文P441)Being able to pay bills over the Internet is a real
convenience.能通过因特网支付账单确实非常方便。 ④(朗文P441)I’ll call in two weeks to arrange a meeting at your convenience. 我会在两周后打电话来把会议安排在您方便的时候。


2. distinguish vi.& vt.辨别;显示??的差别;使??有所不同 (朗文P588)The twins are so alike,it’s difficult to distinguish one from the other. 这对双胞胎太像了,很难分辨出谁是谁。

(1)distinguish between...and...区分/辨别??和?? distinguish...from...使??有别于?? distinguish oneself (as...)(作为??)表现突出 (2)distinguished adj.卓越的;著名的;杰出的

be distinguished for sth....以??而著称

①(牛津P580)At what age are children able to distinguish

between right and wrong?
儿童到什么年龄才能明辨是非? ②As far as I know,she has already distinguished herself as an athlete.据我所知,作为运动员她已享有盛名。 ③Distinguished for its magnificent church towers,the city is

an attraction to visitors from all over the country.
以其宏伟的教堂建筑而闻名遐迩,这座城市吸引了来自全国 各地的游客。


3.bear (bore,borne)


(2012· 高考江西卷· 阅读表达)You may choose any theme you like. However, you should bear in mind an essential point.你可

归纳拓展 (1)bear to do/doing sth.忍受做某事

bear sb.to do sth.容忍某人做某事
(2)can’t bear/stand/tolerate doing/to do sth. 不能忍受做某事 (3)bear/keep...in mind记住 bear a heavy burden 肩负重担

①(2012· 高考广东卷· 阅读理解C) I was a teenage girl, and I
couldn’t bear people to look at me and think I was not like them.作为一个少女,我无法忍受人们看着我,觉得我跟他们 不一样。 ②I can’t bear people smoking while he’s eating. 我无法忍受人们吃饭时吸烟。 ③You must bear it in mind that your parents hope to depend on you to become a good doctor.

④Reasonable as the opinion sounds,it cannot bear the test through analysis.


4. associate



(2012· 高考辽宁卷· 七选五)The first step to making friends is associating with other people. 交朋友的第一步就是要跟他人联系。
归纳拓展 ?associate sb./sth.with sb./sth.把??和 ? ???联系在一起;由??联想到?? (1)? ?be associated with... 和??有关 ?associate with sb. 与某人交往或常打交道 ?
?association n. ? (2)? ?in association ?

联合;联想;交往;协会;团体 with... 与??合伙/合作

①(牛津P104)He is closely associated in the public mind with horror movies. 在公众的心目中,他总是和恐怖电影紧密联系在一起。 ②Closely associated with this development is the beginning

of the case method of teaching and study.
与这一发展紧密相连的就是案例教学和研究的兴起。 ③You must bear it in mind that you should never associate

with bad companions.你必须要牢记千万别和坏人交往。
④We are working in association with a local company to raise money for the homeless.


5. expectation n.预料;期待;期望 (教材P21)This was in the expectation that the snakes would bite again. 归纳拓展 这是为了防止蛇再次咬人。

(1)beyond/out of expectation 出乎意料
in expectation of 预料,期望,指望 in the expectation that... 预计,期望?? (2)live/come up to one’s expectations 不负所望;达到期望


①We know that Mary will do well, but she have succeeded beyond expectation.我们知道玛丽会做得不错,但没想到她竟 取得了出乎意料的成功。

②If you would give me another chance,I believe I can
come/live up to your expectation. 如果你再给我一个机会,我相信我能达到你的期望。 ③People buy a home in the expectation that its price will continue to rise strongly overtime.人们怀着憧憬购置房产,憧


[跟踪训练] Ⅰ.完成句子 admire your distinguished achievements 1.Believe it or not,I ___________________________________ (羡慕你卓越的成就). Would it be convenient for you to help me 2._________________________________________(你方便帮 我)take my luggage upstairs? 3 . He wished to forget everything associated with his former life ___________________________( 跟 过 去 的 生 活 有 联 系 )and start a new life.


can’t bear the pain any longer 4.I _____________________________(再也不能忍受痛苦),if
it continues I’m going to take my own life. instead of high expectations 5.Please give him lots of love _________________________( 而不是过高的期望);otherwise he will be loaded with great pressure.

distinguish right from wrong 6.He’s too young to _____________________________(明辨
是非),and needs your guidance.


Ⅱ.单项填空 1 . (2012· 城 二 模 )In order to achieve high grades 盐

and________yourself in any examinations,there are certain
things you must do. A.distinguish C.bury B.distribute D.promote

解析:选A。考查动词辨析。句意:为了取得高分和在任何 考试中都能表现突出,你必须做一些特定的事情。distinguish oneself表示“表现突出”,符合句意。


2.—Why did Bob cry? —He couldn’t bear________like that before the whole class.

A.making fun of
C.to be laughed

B.being made fun of
D.being made fun


此处应该使用被动形式。若选C,应改为:to be laughed at。
3.I can’t stand ________with Jane in the same office.She just refuses ________talking while she works.

C.working;to stop

B.to work;stopping
D.to work;to stop

解析:选C。stand 作“忍受,容忍”讲时,后跟动词- 形式; ing refuse 后跟动词不定式作宾语,所以C项正确。

4.—When would it be __________ for you to go to the

science museum with me?
—I am free this Friday afternoon.Let’s meet at 2 p.m.at the school gate. A.familiar C.necessary B.pleasant D.convenient

解 析 : 选 D 。 本 题 考 查 形 容 词 convenient 的 用 法 。 convenient“方便的,适宜的”,故选D。


5 . As far as the American children are concerned,the
Christmas is _________ with excitement,happiness and gifts. A.associated C.deal B.get D.satisfied


福和礼物连在一起。associate“联想;联系”,be associated
with“与??联系”,符合题意。be satisfied with“对??感 到满意”;其余两项搭配不当。


[短语精释] 1. call up 给??打电话;使??回忆起

(教材P20)When I called up my mother in the countryside
on the telephone she was very upset. 我给住在乡下的母亲打电话的时候,她感到很心烦。 归纳拓展 call back 召回;回电话;收回处理 call on/at 拜访(on后跟人;at后跟地点名词)

call for 要求;提倡;为??叫喊
call in 召集;召来;来访 call off 取消;延期


①When I was going home to India last year,I called up my
mother to ask if she wanted anything from China. 去年在我回印度的途中,我打电话问我妈妈是否想要我从中 国带些东西给她。 ②That picture calls up memories of a holiday I had when I was a child.那张照片使我回忆起儿时一个假期的情景。 ③(2012· 高考北京卷· 阅读理解D)This is a topic that calls for

not only free expression of feelings,but also the guidance of
reason.这个话题需要的不仅是自由表达思想,同时也需要理 性的指导。

④The Ministry of Education calls on students to exercise for an hour every day. 教育部呼吁学生每天锻炼一个小时。 ⑤(朗文P274)The game was called off because of the bad weather.比赛因天气恶劣被取消。


2. get through 设法联系上(尤指打通电话);(设法)做完;通过 (2011· 高考大纲全国卷· 阅读理解E)She found writing helped her get through the rough days. 她发现写作帮助她度过了那些艰难的岁月。

get across 被理解;使人了解 get away with被放过;(做坏事)不受惩罚

get down to (doing) sth.开始认真地做某事
get in touch with与??取得联系 get on/along well with...与??相处得好,进展顺利

get over爬过??;克服(困难);从??中恢复过来

①(朗文P868)When she finally got through,the manager wasn’t there.当她终于打通电话时,经理却不在那儿。 ②(朗文P868)Are you willing to stand by him and get him through this difficult time?

③“She’s anxious to get across that there are things in the papers that are wrong.”he says. “她很想让大家知道,报纸上的有些报导是失实的。”他说。


④For such a serious mistake he was lucky to get away with a fine. 他犯了那么严重的过失,却侥幸只交罚款了事。 ⑤If we can get over present difficulties,then everything

should be all right.


Ⅰ.选词填空 now and then;set out;dive into;hang on;get through;

call up
called up 1.Your letter ________________the days when we worked together on the farm ten years ago. hang on 2.If you________________for a while I will go and see if I can find your mother. 3.—Have you finished your homework yet? set out —Not yet,I______________ to do it just a few minutes ago.


4.It’s the love and responsibility that have driven him to

get through ________________many hardships and survive.
dived into 5.The beggar ____________his pocket and took out several coins. 6.The teacher was angry with Tom because he looked out of now and then the window _______________.


1.—Please forgive me to________you________so late,but I have something urgent.

—That’s all right.What’s the matter?
A.call;by C.call;in B.call;off D.call;up

解析:选D。考查短语辨析。call up给??打电话。句意:
——请原谅我这么晚给你打电话,但是我有急事。——没关 系,什么事?call by顺路来一下;call off取消;call in顺路(到某 处或某人的家)。


2.(2013· 湖北襄阳四中高三月考)A well-written composition ________a good choice of words and clear organization among other things. A.calls on B.calls for

C.calls up

D.calls off

解析:选B。句意:一篇好的作文需要选词准确,结构清晰。 call on/upon 访问(人),号召,要求; call for要求,需要,叫(某人) 来; call up 召唤,使想起, 提出, 打电话给;call off 放弃, 使转移 走,取消。


3.(2013· 湖北省荆州中学高三第一次质检 )After that, he

knew he could ________ any emergency by doing what he
could to the best of his ability. A.get away with C.get through B.get on with D.get across


去做他就能够渡过任何意外。get away with侥幸逃脱,做(坏
事)不受惩罚;get on with与??相处;get through穿过,完成, 渡过;get across使??被理解。


4.—Have you________? —No.I had the wrong number. A.got in C.got off B.got away D.got through

解析:选D。句意:——你打通电话了吗?——没有,我拨错 号码了。get in进入,抵达,收获;get away走开,逃脱;get off(从

??)下来,出发,下班,逃脱惩罚;get through完成,度过,通过,讲


[句型精析] 1.(教材P20)Prepared with some research findings,I decided on three possible approaches:...

[句法分析] Prepared with some research findings为过去分词短语作状语, 相当于谓语动词为被动的状语从句,该动作和主句的主语之间 存在着逻辑上的动宾关系。


①Seen from the top of the hill,the park looks more beautiful. =When it is seen from the top of the hill,the park looks more beautiful. 从山顶往下看,这座公园看起来更加漂亮。

②Encouraged by the progress he has made,he works harder.
=As he is encouraged by the progress he has made,he works harder. 由于受到所取得进步的鼓舞,他工作更努力了。


2.(教材P25)“Follow it up,explore all around it,and before you know it,you will have something worth thinking about to occupy your mind.”

得考虑的某些东西占用你的大脑。” [句法分析] 祈使句+and+陈述句=If...,+主句 祈使句+or+陈述句=If...not...,+主句


①Work harder and you will succeed in your studies. =If you work harder,you’ll succeed in your studies. =Working harder,you will succeed in your studies. 如果你更加努力学习,在学习上你就会成功。

②Study hard,or/otherwise you’ll fail in your exams.
认真学习,否则你会考试不及格。 =If you don’t study hard,you’ll fail in your exams.

③It is really very dangerous.One more step,and the baby will fall into the well.


[跟踪训练] 1.(2011· 高考辽宁卷)Bring the flowers into a warm room __________ they’ll soon open. A.or B.and



解析:选B。句意:把这些花搬进一间暖房,它们很快就会 开放。本题考查“祈使句+and+陈述句”这个特殊句型.该 句型中的祈使句相当于if引导的条件状语从句。本句还可 改为:If you bring the flowers into a warm room,they’ll

soon open.。

2.(2012· 高考湖南卷)Close the door of fear behind you, and you ________ the door of faith open before you. A.saw C.will see B.have seen D.are seeing

关闭你身后的恐惧之门,你就会看到信念之门在你的面前打 开。本题用了“祈使句+and+简单句”句式。在该句式中, 祈使句在语意上相当于if条件句,后面的简单句常用一般将来 时。故选C项。


3 . (2013· 春 市 第 一 次 调 研 )Start out right away, 长

________you’ll miss the last train.
A.and C.while B.but D.or

解析:选D。考查连词。从句意“马上动身,否则你会赶不 上最后一班火车的”可知,此此应选or,表示“否则”。


4.________twice,the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we chained our dog. A.Being bitten C.Having bitten B.Bitten D.To be bitten

件,除非我们拴住我们的狗。过去分词作原因状语。主句主 语the postman与bite构成被动关系,排除C项;D项为动词不定 式作目的状语表示还未发生;A项表进行;B项表示之前两次被 咬,故选B。





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【广东专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(三十八) [选修8 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions]【广东专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(三十八) [选修8 ...

...课时作业:选修8 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions

【福建专用】2014届高三英语一轮复习方案课时作业:选修8 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions 隐藏>> 课时作业(三十八) [选修 8 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions]...

...作业:选修8 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions Word...

2014届高三人教版英语一轮指导活页作业:选修8 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions Word版含解析_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。选修 8 Unit 3 Inventors and in...

...选修8 Unit 3 《Inventors and inventions》(新人教...

2014年高考语文新课标I卷...1/2 相关文档推荐 2014高考英语一轮复习重... ...选修8 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions 要点梳理 高效梳理·知识备考 ●重点单词...

...:Unit 3 Inventors and inventions](新人教选修8)

【江西专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(八):Unit 3 Inventors and inventions](新人教选修8)_高中教育_教育专区。【江西专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习...

...:Unit 3 Inventors and inventions(新人教版选修8江...

2012年高考全国卷(新课标版... 2013年高考英语一轮复习课... ...高考英语一轮复习课时作业38:Unit 3 Inventors and inventions(新人教版选修8...

...大一轮复习教案:选修八 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions

2018版高考英语(人教通用)大一轮复习教案:选修八 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions_高中教育_教育专区。Ⅰ.高考单词→识记· 思考· 运用 1.核心词汇 ①abrupt ...

...复习学案选修八Unit 3 Inventors and inventions

人教新课标2010年高考一轮复习学案选修八Unit 3 Inventors and inventions。人教新课标2010年高考一轮复习学案选修八 年高考一轮复习学案选修八 学案选修 人教新课标...

...作业:选修八 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions Word...

2018版高考英语(课标通用)大一轮复习课时作业:选修八 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions Word版含答案_高考_高中教育_教育专区。课时作业(十八) Ⅰ.阅读理解 A ...



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