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as is shown/indicated/illustrated by the figure/percentage in the table(graph/picture/pie/chart), __作文题目的议题__ has been on rise/ decrease(goes up/increases/drops/decreases),signi

ficantly/dramatically/steadily rising/decreasing from__ in __ to __ in __. From the sharp/marked decline/ rise in the chart, it goes without saying that __.
There are at least two good reasons accounting for __. On the one hand, __. On the other hand, __ is due to the fact that __.In addition, __ is responsible for __.Maybe there are some other reasons to show __.But it is generally believed that the above mentioned reasons are commonly convincing.
As far as I am concerned, I hold the point of view that __. I am sure my opinion is both sound and well-grounded.
There is a widespread concern over the issue that __作文题目_____. But it is well known that the opinion concerning this hot topic varies from person to person. A majority of people think that _ 观点一________. In their views there are 2 factors contributing to this attitude as follows: in the first place, ___原因一_______.Furthermore, in the second place, ___原因二_____. So it goes without saying that ___观点一_____. People, however, differ in their opinions on this matter. Some people hold the idea that ___观点二_______. In their point of view, on the one hand, ___原因一_______. On the other hand, ____原因二_____. Therefore, there is no doubt that ___观点二______.
As far as I am concerned, I firmly support the view that __观点一或二______. It is not only because ________, but also because _________. The more _______, the more ________.
Nowadays, there is a widespread concern over (the issue that)___作文题目______. In fact, there are both advantages and disadvantages in __题目议题_____. Generally speaking, it is widely believed there are several positive aspects as follows. Firstly, ___优点一______. And secondly ___优点二_____.
Just As a popular saying goes, "every coin has two sides", __讨论议题______ is no exception, and in another word, it still has negative aspects. To begin with, ___缺点一______. In addition, ____缺点二______.
To sum up, we should try to bring the advantages of __讨论议题____ into full play, and reduce the disadvantages to the minimum at the same time. In that case, we will definitely make a better use of the ____讨论议题___.
Currently, there is a widespread concern over (the issue that)__作文题目_______ .It is really an important concern to every one of us.
As a result, we must spare no efforts to take some measures to solve this problem. As we know that there are many steps which can be taken to undo this problem. First of all, __途径一______. In addition, another way contributing to success of the solving problem is ___途径二_____.
Above all, to solve the problem of ___作文题目______, we should find a number of various ways. But as far as I am concerned, I would prefer to solve the problem in this way, that is to say, ____方法_____.
It is well know to us that the proverb: " ___谚语_______" has a profound significance and value not only in our job but also in our study. It means ____谚语的含义_______. The saying can be illustrated through a series of examples as follows. ( also theoretically ) A case in point is ___例子一______. Therefore, it is goes without saying that it is of great of importance to practice the proverb ____谚语_____.
With the rapid development of science and technology in China, an increasing number of people come to realize that it is also of practical use to stick to the saying: ____谚语_____. The more we are aware of the significance of this famous saying, the more benefits we will get in our daily study and job..
Your address
Month, Date, year
Receiver's address
Dear ...,
I am extremely pleased to hear from you./ to see your advertisement for the position in .... And I would like to write a letter to tell you that.../ I am confident that I am suitable for the kind of the job you are advertising..../ I feel I am competent to meet the requirements you have listed. On the one hand, .... On the other hand, .... I am enclosing my resume for your kind consideration and reference.
I shall be much obliged if you will offer me a precious opportunity to an interview. I will greatly appreciate a response from you at your earliest convenience/ I am looking forward to your replies at your earliest convenience.
Best regards for your health and success.
Yours sincerely,
Nowadays, there are more and more (某种现象) in (某种场合). It is estimated that (相关数据). Why have there been so many (某种现象)? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows. The first one is (原因一). Besides, (原因二). The third one is (原因三). To sum up, the main cause of (某种现象) is due to (最主要原因). It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing, (解决办法一). On the other hand, (解决办法二). All these measures will certainly reduce the number of (某种现象).
Recently _______, what amazes us most is______________, it is true that__________.There are many reasons explaining__________________________. The main reason is________________.
What is more_________. thirdly_____. As a result____________.Considering all there,____________.For one thing_____,for another____.In Conclusion______________.
1.有一些人认为。。。 2.另一些人认为。。。3.我的看法。。。
The topic of ①-----------------(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two sides of opinions of it. Some people say A is heir favorite. They hold their view for the reason of②-----------------(支持A的理由一)What is more, ③-------------(理由二). Moreover,④---------------(理由三).
While others think that B is a better choice in the following three reasons. Firstly,-----------------(支持B的理由一). Secondly (besides),⑥------------------(理由二). Thirdly (finally),⑦------------------(理由三).
From my point of view, I think ⑧----------------(我的观点). The reason is that⑨--------------------(原因). As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me, the former is surely a wise choice .
Some people believe that ①----------------(观点一). For example, they think②-----------------(举例说明).And it will bring them③-----------------(为他们带来的好处). In my opinion, I never think this reason can be the point. For one thing,④-------------(我不同意该看法的理由一). For another thing,⑤-----------------(反对的理由之二). Form all what I have said, I agree to the thought that⑥------------------(我对文章所讨论主题的看法).
1. 阐述名言或主题所蕴涵的意义.
2. 分析并举例使其更充实.
The good old proverb ----------------(名言或谚语)reminds us that ---------------(释义). Indeed, we can learn many things form it. First of all,-----------------(理由一). For example, -------------------(举例说明). Secondly,----------------(理由二). Another case is that ---------------(举例说明). Furthermore , ------------------(理由三).
In my opinion, ----------------(我的观点). In short, whatever you do, please remember the say------A. If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you”ll necessarily benefit a lot from it.
In recent days, we have to face I problem-----A, which is becoming more and more serious. First, ------------(说明A的现状).Second, ---------------(举例进一步说明现状) Confronted with A, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. For one thing, ---------------(解决方法一). For another -------------(解决方法二). Finally, --------------(解决方法三). Personally, I believe that -------------(我的解决方法). Consequently, I’m confident that a bright future is awaiting us because --------------(带来的好处).
1. 说明事物现状
2. 事物本身的优缺点(或一方面)
3. 你对现状(或前景)的看法
Nowadays many people prefer A because it has a significant role in our daily life. Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. First ---------------(A的优点之一). Besides -------------------(A的优点之二).
But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of the important disadvantages is that ----------------(A的第一个缺点).To make matters worse,------------------(A的第二个缺点).
Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects overweigh the negative ones. Therefore, I would like to ---------------(我的看法).
(From the comparison between these positive and negative effects of A, we should take it reasonably and do it according to the circumstances we are in. Only by this way, ---------------(对前景的预测).)



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