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外研社版高一英语必修1 Moudle1

外研社版高中英语 必修一 module1 ? 重点短语、词组
1. be similar to sth. sb. 与某物相似 在……方面相似 对某人的态度 远离;远远不;完全不 把某人介绍给某人 开心,玩得高兴 嘲弄;取笑 对某人/事热心 热情地 指导某人做某事 按照说明 在某人的指导下 换句话说 简言之;总之
期望某物 盼望/期待做某事

be similar in … 2. attitude to/towards 3. far from
4. 5.

introduce..sb.. to..sb. have fun = have a good time make fun of


be enthusiastic about sb./sth. With enthusiasm = enthusiastically

7. give sb. instructions to do sth. follow the instructions under sb’s instructions 8. in other words in a/one word
9. look forward to sth. look forward to doing sth.

10. A


impressed with B

A 对 B 印象深刻 使某人铭记某事

Impress sth on sb. = impress sb with sth. Sth have/ leave/make a deep impression on sb. 某事给某人留下深刻印象 11. make progress
12. be disappointed with sb. 13. mind doing 14. on the screen 15. be divided into

取得进步 对某人失望 介意做某事

被分成 把某物分成(若干部分) 把 A 与 B 分开 一点儿不像,丝毫不像

divide sth into … separate A from B 16. be nothing like
17. in a fun way

18. be bored 19. feel good about doing sth 20. So it is with A / It is the same with A

感到厌倦 感到做某事快乐 A 也是如此

? 一般现在时的六种用法: 1 )表示现在经常或反 复发生的动作或存在的状态,常和 often , always, usually, sometimes ,every day , once a week 等时间状语连用。 Eg. He takes a walk after supper every day .

My mother works at the same company as my father . 2)表示主语的特征,性格,能力等 Eg. Mr. Smith hates fish and never eats any . 3)表示客观事实或普遍真理 Eg. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west . The Yangtze River flows into the Pacific Ocean. 4) 一般现在时表将来, 表示安排或计划好的将来发生的动作。 常用于转移动词。 例如: go,come,arrive,leave,start,begin 等。 Eg. The plane takes off at 10 a. m. Do we start this afternoon? 5)在时间或条件状语从句中表示将来的动作.(即主将从现) Eg. I can’t leave unless my boss agrees . We’ll go to the park if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. 如果明天天下雨,我们就去公园。 Please tell him about it as soon as he comes back. 他一回来,就请把这件事告诉 他。 6)代替过去时表示某些文学作品的情节描述,或用来引述书刊材料 Eg. The little boy goes up to the policeman and says , “There’s a car accident over there .” ? 现在进行时的四种用法:

1)表示正在进行或发生的动作 Eg. It’s raining hard outside now . 2)表示现阶段正在进行,而此时未必正在进行或发生的动作 Eg. These days they are working hard to finish the task in time . We are studying Spanish this semester. 3)某些动词的现在进行时,如:go ,come ,leave ,start ,arrive ,line ,return ,sleep ,stay ,do , have 等也可表示一个最近按计划或安排要进行的动作. Eg. Christmas is coming . We are leaving on Friday . We are having a holiday next week . 4)表示反复发生的动作,常与 always, forever ,all the time 等副词连用,表示反复出现 的或习惯性的动作,含有不满、抱怨、厌倦或赞赏等感情色彩。 Eg. She is always finding fault with others. Why are you constantly asking such a stupid question? PS: 通常某些表示看法、认识、知觉、感觉、情感、愿望或某种状态的动词一般不用现在进 行时。如:be, belong, believe,feel,find,hate, have, hear, hope,like, look, love, suppose, see, think, wish 等,例如: I believe he can pass the exam.( ) I’m believing he can pass the exam. ( ) ? 倍数的表示方法/ 倒装句 倍数表示法常用的三种形式: 1. A + is… times + as + 形容词原级 + as + B 2. A + is… times + 比较级 + than B

3. A + is… times + the size / length / height / width / depth of B 下面用这三种结构翻译同一个句子: 这个房间是那个房间的三倍。 1. This room is three times as big as that one. 2. This room is twice bigger than that one. 3. This room is three times the size of that one. (1)倒装句 So have I. 我也是 这是一个以 so 开头的完全倒装,表另一人也如此。 He likes English. So do I. She has improved English. So have I. neither 或 nor 引导的倒装句表否定。 He doesn’t like math, neither do I. I don’t know about it, nor/neither do I care. 但 so 用于部分倒装表示与说话者有相同的观点。 It’s a sunny day, so it is. 今天是个晴天,对,确实是。 [课堂语法专练] 1. Water at 100℃ and at this time the glass filled with it . A. boiled; breaks B. boils; will break C. is boiling; is to break D. will boil; breaks 2. —What is wrong with the car? —It work whose engine anyhow. A. won’t; won’t start B. doesn’t ; won’t start C. doesn’t; won’t be started D. won’t; is starting 3. —Does Tom live here? —Yes, but he here now. A. doesn’t live B. hadn’t lived C. isn’t living D. will live 4. hard? Why don’t they stop working? A. Isn’t it raining B. Hasn’t it rained C. Won’t it rain D. Wasn’t it raining 5. —I the failure was your fault. —Yes, I see, you only want to learn the details. A. didn’t think B. was not explaining C. am not suggesting D. haven’t expected 6. Don’t speak loud. Father . A. will sleep B. is sleeping C. has slept D. sleeps 7. I don’t really work here! I until the new secretary arrives. A. just help out B. have just helped out C. am just helping out D. will just help out 8. It seldom here but it heavily these days.

A. snows; snows B. snows; is snowing C. is snowing; is snowing D. is snowing; snows 9. —How did you like the lectures? —I thought they were . A. interested B. interest C. interesting D. of interestes 10. She said nothing. And tears came to her eyes. A. surprised B. surprising C. exciting D. Excited

第一部分 基础与词汇 1.There is ___like a holiday to make us feel relaxed. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

2. He didn’t think somebody would disagree with him, ___? A. would he B. wouldn’t he C. did he D. didn’t he

3. He hasn’t yet been well trained ,but still under____. A. instruct B. instructive C. instructions D. instruction

4. Do you feel very tired ? You don’t seem ____today A. by yourself B. to be yourself C. of yourself D. with yourself

5. What is his attitude ____ the plan? A. to B. for C. in D. by

6. The people here eat ____vegetables this year as they did last year A. more than twice C. twice as many as 7._____ by the movie, he saw it once again. A. Impressing B. To impress C. Impress D. Impressed B. as twice as many D. more than twice as many

8.One of my books ____ .I have looked for it everywhere but still ____. A. has lost ; don’t find C. is missing; haven’t found 9. –Can I help you ? --Yes , I bought this TV here last week ,but it ___. A. doesn’t work B. didn’t work C. don’t work D. can’t work B. is missing ; don’t find D. has lost; haven’t found

10. He was deeply ____ by the ____ novel.

A. moving ; moving

B. moved ;moving

C. moved; moved

D. moving; moved

11. Our city _____ 2000 square miles. A. covers B. takes C. uses D. goes

12. There are two libraries here , ____ lies near our house. A. the larger C. the larger of them B. the larger one that D. the larger of which

13. ---You forgot your pen when you went to have an exam. ---My God, ____. A. so did I B. so I did C. I did so D. I so did

14.By the policeman arrived , the thief ____. A. was disappeared B. has disappeared C. had disappeared D. had been disappeared

15. ______I know , the two friends live in the same village. A. As long as 第二部分 提升练习 (一) 完形填空 My Experience in a Free School At first I couldn’t believe it! There were no 1 in rows; no bells rang; no one had to go to 2 . Although we all lived “in”, 3 made us go to bed at a certain time; there was no “light out”. The 4 thing was that practically all the students went to class, 5 very few people stayed up late at night. Only the new people stayed up or 6 class. The new ones always went wild 7 , but this never lasted long. The freedom took some getting used to. Our teachers treated us like 8 ; never did we have to play “stand up”, “sit down”, “speak out”. I don’t 9 one student who didn’t try his best. The subjects were the same as those in 10 school, but what a difference in the approach (方式) ! For example, in botany (植物学) we had 11 classes in the spring or fall, but instead we 12 two gardens, a vegetable garden and a flower garden. 13 in winter we each studied a few particular things about what we had grown. In maths the students built three different kinds of storerooms-small ones 14 ,but usable. They did this instead of having lessons in the classroom. They really had a 15 time too, designing everything, drawing the blueprints, figuring out the angles(角度)and so on. I didn’t take 16 I can’t stand it! Besides, I could do the basic things with numbers. That’s 17 ! On the whole I think I am a 18 person for having gone to the school. I can read and write as well as anyone else my age, and I can think better. That’s probably a real big 19 between the free school and regular-the amount of 20 . 1. A. desks B. lights C. students D. building 2. A. home B. bed C. class D. work B. As far as C. As well as D. As good as

3. A. anybody 4. A. sad 5. A. and 6. A. attended 7. A. from then on 8. A. workers 9. A. hear from 10. A. night 11. A. all 12. A. planted 13. A. Still 14. A. as well 15. A. funny 16. A. maths 17. A. dull 18. A. careful 19. A. problem 20. A. reading

B. nobody B. last B. but B. took B. at first B. pupils B. feel like B. regular B. short B. studied B. Then B. after a while B. great B. care B. interesting B. better B. chance B. gardening

C. teachers C. good C. so C. missed C. once more C. gardens C. think about C. small C. no C. drew C. Yet C. of course C. convenient C. botany C. enough C. busier C. difference C. teaching

D. parents D. strange D. yet D. studied D. just then D. grown-ups D. know of D. real D. indoor D. toured D. Next D. as a result D. thoughtful D. notice D. dangerous D. lovely D. change D. thinking

(二)阅读理解 During the summer holidays there will be a revised (修改过的) schedule (时刻表) of services for the students. Changes for dining-room and library service hours and for bus schedules will be posted on the wall outside of the dining-hall. Weekly film and concert schedules, which are being arranged(安排), will be posted each Wednesday outside of the student club. In the summer holidays, buses going to the town center will leave the main hall every hour on the half hour during the day. The dining-room will serve three meals a day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the two meals from noon to 7:00 p.m. on weekends. The library will continue its usual hours during the week, but have shorter hours on Saturday and Sunday. The weekend hours are from noon to 5:00 p.m. All students who want to use the library borrowing services must have a new summer card. This announcement will also appear in the next week’s student newspaper. 1. The main purpose of this announcement is to . A. tell students of important schedule changes B. tell students of new bus and library services C. show the excellent services for students D. ask students to renew their library cards 2. At which of the following times will the bus leave the main hall? A. 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 B. 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 C. 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00 D. 8:00, 9:30, 11:00, 12:30 3. In the summer holidays, the library will have . A. no special hours B. special hours on weekdays C. special hours on weekends D. special hours both on weekdays and weekends

4. We may infer that during the summer holidays A. the student newspaper will sell more copies B. there will be a concert or a film once a week C. many students will stay in the university D. no breakfast will be served on weekends 第三部分 写作练习 完成句子


1. ① I had a lot my stay Africa. 我在非洲期间有许多有趣的经历。 ②The veteran teacher has accumulated . 那位老师积累了丰富的教学经验。 2. ①My proposal . 我的建议与他的相似。 ②We get just fine as we have . 我们相处得很好是因为我们有许多类似的爱好。 3. ①I want to the management of your hotel. 我想得到一些有关你们宾馆管理方面的资料。 ②He for further Shanghai. 他写信给我,想知道有关上海的进一步情况。 ③Can you us this matter? 你能告诉我们有关此事的消息吗? 4. ① number students going to the class picnic. 很多学生打算去班级野餐。 ② number jobs increasing. 工作的数目在增加。 5. I want you that piece of work. 我要求你把那件作品改得更好些。


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