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十大魔鬼动词 动词(或谓语结构)是句子的灵魂。无论是对话还是段落,对句意的把握很大程度上依赖对句中谓语结构的理解。 看似简单、幼稚的小词只要搭配不同,其含义便有天壤之别。正是这种动词的多变性,给我们的解题带来了巨大 干扰,因而掌握和突破这些动词显得犹为重要。

1. Catch catch a cold 感冒;受凉 catch fire 着火 catch hold of 抓住 catch on 流行;领会 catch on to 理解 catch one’s breath 喘气;休息 catch one’s eye 引人注目 catch sight of 看见 catch up with 赶上 2. Come come along 过来 come along with 随同 come across 偶尔遇见,偶尔发现 come at 袭击;拜见 come by 从旁走过 come around 到来 come around / round to 赞成;同意 come back 回来 come down with 因……而病倒 come to the point 抓住要点 come into contact with 与……接触 come on 发生,赶快 come out 发行 come into operation 启用 come to a standstill 停止 come to an end 结束 come to light 真相大白;显露 come true 梦想成真 come up to 达到;符合;不辜负 come up with 提出;赶上 come a long way 取得进展;明显提高 come all the way 远道而来;大老远跑来 come in handy 迟早有用 come into being 诞生,形成 come out of 从(某场所)出来;出自 come to one’s mind 想起 come to think of it 回头想起 come what may 无论如何 3. Do do a favor 帮忙 do good to 有益于 do harm to 有害于 do damage 使受到损失 do away with 废除;去掉 do over 重做 do one’s best 竭尽全力 do with 与……有关 do without 将就;没……也行 do dishes 洗碗 do the windows 擦窗 do the kitchen 收拾厨房 do the beds 收拾床铺 do one’s teeth 刷牙 do one’s face 抹粉 do one’s hair 做头发 do one’s tie 打领带 do an article 写文章

do a film 拍电影 do the laundry 洗衣服 do the washing 洗衣服 do a story 报道 do errands 差使;杂事 do justice to… 公平地评价/对待 4. Get get across 穿过;清楚表达;使理解 get accustomed to = get used to 习惯于 get along 进展;相处;度日 get at 暗示 get away with 逃脱 get bored doing 厌倦做某事 get down to 开始处理 get hurt 受伤 get one’s hopes up 使某人产生希望 get even with 扯平 get going 开始 get hold of 掌握;了解 get in the way 挡道 get in touch with 与……建立联系 get somewhere/nowhere 有(无)进展 get off the ground 有所进展;突破 get on one’s nerves 使……。心烦 get over 恢复;克服 get rid of 摆脱 get around to doing 抽时间做某事 get straight A’s (成绩)得全 A get through 通过;完成 get together 集合;聚集;整理 get to the bottom of sth. 弄清真相 get a bite to eat 随便吃点东西 get along without… 可以没有; 可以不需要 get away from 逃离;远离 get back to sb. on sth. 回头再说;稍后再谈 get cut off(电话)被切断 get in great shape 把身体锻炼得很棒 get in the line 站在队中 get into shape 锻炼 get off on the wrong foot 一开头就很不顺利 get sth. on one’s mind 烦恼;担心 get time off from 从……中抽出时间 get to a phone 找得着电话 get/be ready for 准备好 get updates 保持联系 5. Go go about 流传 go after 追求;追逐 go around 足够供应,谣言流传 go beyond 超出;胜过 go by 凭……判断;顺便拜访 go down 下降;下跌;消肿 go Dutch 各付个的 go in (into) 详细调查;从事 go in for 赞成;参加(考试) ;热衷于 go off 消失;变质 go on with = go ahead 继续

go out 出去;泄密;过时 go out of one’s way to do sth.不辞辛苦做... go over 参观;复习;仔细检查 go through 通过;经历;完成 go up 上升;增长;上涨 go all out 全力以赴;竭尽全力 go out of business 歇业;停业 go through a lot of money 花了很多钱 6. Keep keep an eye on sth. 照看;密切注视 keep in mind 记住 keep in touch with 与……保持联系 keep pace with 与……同步前进 keep off 避开 keep on 继续 keep one’s finger crossed 祝……好运 keep track of 追踪;知道;理解 keep up with 跟上;继续 keep up one’s spirits 振作精神 keep cool 保持冷静 keep count on 保持联系 keep sth. in mind 把……记在心上 keep sb. from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 keep sth. to oneself 不与人交往;保守某事 keep one’s opinion / idea to oneself 不把想 法告诉别人 7. Make make a fuss 大惊小怪;小题大做 make advances 取得进展 make an effort 努力 make a night of it 痛快的玩一晚 make a day of it 做了一整天 make a living 谋生 make a comeback 东山再起 make a face 扮鬼脸 make a point of 坚持要 make certain 肯定;确认 make ends meet 收支平衡 make friends 交朋友 make it 成功 make the deadline 赶上最后期限 make a fortune = make big bucks 挣大钱 make no difference 毫无区别 make out 辨认出;理解 make room for 给……腾地方 make sense 有意义 make sure 确保 make the best of 最充分利用 make the most of 尽量利用 make up (for)弥补;赔偿;补考;化装 make up one’s mind 下决心 make purchase 买东西;购物 make the wrong turn 拐错了弯 8. Put put an end to = put a stop to 终止 put aside 撇开 put away 把……放回原处;收起来 put down 把……记下来

put forward 提出 put off 延期 put into practice 实践 put on 穿上;上演 put sth. in order 把……弄整齐 put to use 使用 put up 举起;安顿;参与 put up with 容忍;忍受 put out 熄灭;解雇 put out with 对某人生气 put out by 由于某事而生气 put through to 电话接通 9. Take take action 采取行动 take advantage of 利用 take after 仿效 take care of 照顾 take effect 生效 take change of 负责;管理 take into account = take account of 把…… 考虑进去 take into consideration 考虑到 take it easy 不要紧张;慢慢来 take it for granted 把……当成理所当然 take measures = take steps 采取措施;步骤 take off 起飞 take one’s time doing sth.从容不迫做某事 take over 接管 take part in 参加 take place 代替 take out sth. on sb. 向某人出气 take turns 轮流 take up 占有;着手 take a break 休息,放松 take a close look 仔细看一看 take one’s words for something 信任的话 take sb.’s order 接受某人点菜 take up a collection for… 为……征款; 募捐 10. Turn turn around 转身 turn down 关小;拒绝 turn in = hand in 上交 turn into 把……变成 turn off 关闭 turn on 打开 turn over 移交;再三考虑 turn to 翻到;转向;求助于 turn up 突然发现;找到;出现 turn out 结果是;培养;生产;打扮



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