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英语必修4备课课件:Unit 4《Body language》Section Ⅲ Language(人教版)

Section Ⅲ

Learning about Language & Using Language

Ⅰ.重点单词 一、将下列单词与所对应的英文解释连线 1 . false A . the position or level that someone holds in an organization 2.fist B.not right,true or real 3.function C.to put your arms around someone and hold them tightly to show love or friendship 4.hug D.the special activity or purpose of a thing 5.rank E.the hand when tightly closed 答案:1.B 2.E 3.D 4.C 5.A

二、根据所给词性和汉语意义写出英语单词 1. truly adv.真正地,真实地,真诚地→ true 的,真实的→ truth n.真相,事实 2. respectful adj.恭敬的→ respect respectable adj.体面的,可敬的 angry 3. anger n.怒气,怒火→ angrily adv.生气地 4. face n.脸→ facial adj.面部的 5. simply adv.仅仅,只,只不过→ simple


v.& n.尊敬→



的,完全的→ simplify vt.使简化

根据汉语意思补全短语 1. at ease舒适;快活;自由自在 2. lose face丢脸 3.turn one’s back to背对

4.look away


5. in most cases在大多数情况下 6.be respectful to sb.尊敬某人

7.give a hug to


8.be wrong about 对??误解 9. at a distance在远处,有些距离 10.base on 以??为基础/根据

ease n.& vt.(P30) (1)n.安逸,安心;容易,轻易

[归纳拓展] at ease舒适,不费力气,放心,轻松(=at one’s ease) put /set sb.at ease使某人感到轻松自在 with ease轻而易举地;轻松自在地

①Children seem to master computer games with ease.

②When you feel nervous,you’d better listen to some light music to put yourself at ease. 当你感到紧张时,你最好听一些轻音乐使自己放松一 下。

③I did my best to make him feel at ease.

[易混辨析]at ease/with ease at ease with ease “安闲,舒适”,相当于comfortably。 “容易地”,相当于easily。


ease sb.of sth.减轻某人的疼痛等 ease one’s mind使某人放心(安心) ease sth.松开某物

④We should learn to ease ourselves of the pressure from

work and life.
我们应该学会缓解来自工作和生活的压力。 ⑤It would ease my mind to know you had arrived safely. 知道你已安全到达我也就放心了。 ⑥He eased his tie.



①我确信我可以轻而易举地通过考试。 I’m sure I can pass the exam ________ ________. ②我们在老师家里感到轻松自在。 We ________ ________ ________ ________ in our

teacher’s house.
答案:①with ease ②are quite at ease

lose face丢脸(P30)

①He said that he would never do it,because to do so would
be to lose face. 他说他绝不会做这种事,因为这么做会很丢脸。 ②He was afraid of failure because he didn’t want to lose face with his classmates.

③To know the truth,you’d better have a talk with him face to face. 要知道真相,你最好跟他面对面地谈一谈。

④The naughty boy often makes faces in class,which makes his teacher angry. 那个调皮的男孩经常在课堂上做鬼脸,这令他的老师非 常生气。

face n.脸;面;体面;面子 v.朝??;向??;面临 save face保全面子;有脸面 in the face of面对??;在??面前 face to face面对面;相对

2.完成句子 ①面对危险,小女孩表现出了极大的勇气。 The girl showed great courage ________ ________ ________ ________ danger.

She has to ________ ________ ________ that her life has changed forever. 答案:①in the face of ②face the fact

turn one’s back to sb./sth.(P30) (1)转身背对某人/某物

① When on stage , try not to turn your back to the
audience. 在舞台上时尽量不要背对观众。 ②When my son didn’t want to listen to me,he turned his back to me.


(2)背叛(某人),抛弃(某物) ③Her boyfriend turned his back to her when she was badly ill.

④ Why did you suddenly turn your back to our appointment? 你为什么突然背弃我们的约定呢?

turn a deaf ear to对……充耳不闻(置若罔闻) turn one’s nose up at...瞧不起(轻视)…… shut /close one’s eyes to... 对……闭目不看(视而不见)

⑤The moment he entered the room,he turned on the radio. 他一进入房间就打开了收音机。 ⑥The weather turned out fine. 结果天气很好。 ⑦ Would you turn down the music ? I’m doing my homework.



3.完成句子 ①She ________ ________ ________ ______ ________(背 叛了他)when he needed her. ②Tom ______ ______ ________ ________

________(对??充耳不闻)my advice.
答案:①turned her back to him ②turned a deaf ear to

up and down上上下下,来回(P30)

①Johnson looked her up and down and decided to ask her
out. 约翰逊上上下下打量了她一番,决定让她出去。 ②Going up and down the stairs will be good exercise for me.

③She walked up and down the road but didn’t decide where to go. 她沿着路来来回回地走也没能决定去哪儿。

in and out进进出出 day and night日日夜夜 here and there处处;到处 now and then不时地;偶尔

sooner or later迟早
more or less或多或少

4.完成句子 ①他沿着站台来来回回地走着。

He was walking ________ ________ ________ the platform.
②小女孩上上下下地打量着陌生人但是没让他进去。 The little girl looked ________ the stranger ________ ________ ________ but didn’t let him in. ③我到处都找过了,还是没找到那本书。 I looked for the book ________ ________ ________ but failed. 答案:①up and down ②at;up and down ③up and down

in most cases在大多数情况下,往往

①Journalists have a sixth sense of news in most cases.
在多数情况下记者们对新闻有第六感觉。 ②All people I know will vote for him and in most cases, me too. 我认识的人都投他的票,我多半也会随大流。

③The weather is changeable here,so you’d better take an
umbrella in case. 这儿的天气变化无常,你最好带把伞以防万一。


as is often the case这是常有的事
in any case无论如何,总之 in case假使,如果,万一 in case of万一……,如果发生 in no case决不(放句首时,用倒装句)

in that /this case如果是那样/ 这样的话
just in case以防(万一)


①无论如何,你必须在八点前到达车站。 ________ ________ ________,you’ll have to be at the

station by 8:00.
②要是他来,请通知我。 ________ ________ ________ ________,please let me

③如果下雨,他们就不能去了。 ________ ________ ________ rain,they can’t go. 答案:①In any case ②In case he comes ③In case of

It is possible to read others around us,even_if they do not intend for us to catch their unspoken communication. 即使我们周围的其他人并不打算让我们理解他们未曾表

even if=even though“即使”,是连词词组,用来引导 让步状语从句。

①Even if I leave now,I’ll be late,too.
即使我现在离开,我也会迟到的。 ②Even if we could afford it,we wouldn’t go abroad for our vacation. 即使我们付得起这笔钱,我们也不出国度假。

③She talks as if she were a queen.

[归纳拓展] as if /though可以引导表语从句,也可引导方式状语从 句。从句中可以使用虚拟语气;as if /though后可接不定式。

6.用even if或as if填空 ①I wouldn’t lose courage ________ I should fail ten times. ②Why doesn’t she buy me a drink?It isn’t ________ she had no money!

答案:①even if ②as if


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