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1. Friends Just as a band or gang of superheroes needs members who have different talents and powers, a circle of friends should have exactly the same thing. 71 . They also help us to keep broader perspective on life. You need different types of friends in the same way that you need food from different food groups. The friend who is cooler than you The world changes quickly and some people are just that little bit better at keeping up with what's hip (非常时尚的) than we are,like those friends who know that no one ever says "hip" any more, for instance. We like to be around these people, because they're a beacon of cool. Cool things just flock (成群) to them. These are the people who help you to open your eyes. 72 The friend who you long to be Oprah Winfrey once said: "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher". And we all need to live life a little bit closer to Oprah. 73 . This friend is only an important role model if they behave in ways that are genuine. They will see the best in you and give you important feedback on both your strengths and weaknesses. The friend who doesn't know any of your other friend We like killing two birds with one stone by catching up with several groups of friends at once. 74 Therefore, he can offer objective advice so it is a bonus that your friendship exists without orbiting around your other ones. There is a level of privacy to this friendship that doesn't exist in friendship circles. It will be easier to share some of your hopes and dreams, fears and concerns knowing that they are not going to be discussed when you're not around. The friend who is painfully honest Your friends will not always tell you what you want to hear, but they'll certainly tell you what you need to know if they are really that into you. 75 . They're also there to keep you away from mixing paisleys and stripes (麻烦事). They are those who do it with good intentions and for your own benefit. A. When you meet troubles some friends are always away from us. B. These people enrich your life by exposing you to things that may have otherwise have passed you by. C. But there are times when you need to make a call to a friend who is completely

uninvolved and removed from a situation. D. These people know you better than you know them and accept them unconditionally. E. It’s important to have diversity and to be able to look for support from a variety of sources. F. When you’ve got a crisis on your hands or need to make a quick decision they are your go-to. G. These people challenge you to be the best version of yourself. 71.E 72.B 73.G 74.C 75.F


Tornadoes Tornadoes are essentially funnels of air rotating as fast as 300 miles per hour. Of course, not all tornadoes are so dangerous. ___71____ Such small tornadoes occur in many places around the world, even in southern Taiwan, where several are usually reported every spring. It is, however, the big tornadoes that receive the most attention. ___72____ There can be flocks of dead birds dropping out of the sky, chickens still alive but with all of their feathers gone, pieces of straw stuck in trees. In a 1999 US storm, violent winds from one tornado lifted a church into the air and dropped it onto a house. In the same storm, a baby was whipped from its mother’s arms and, miraculously, found alive in a nearby tree. ____73____ Although scientists now know a great deal about tornadoes, they still cannot determine exactly when and where one will form. In addition, the path of a tornado can also be impossible to predict. It is unlikely to move in a straight line, and will often turn quickly. A tornado might blow down a line of houses, then suddenly lift up and leave one home unhurt, then touch back down and destroy the rest of the line. To better understand tornadoes, scientists have developed special heavy—duty vehicles and weather—monitoring equipment that allow them to make close—up observations of these dangerous storms. Radar equipment is put on trucks and driven near a tornado, where it records wind speeds and other weather data. ____74____ In addition, better communication and warning systems are also helping to reduce deaths and injuries in many tornado—prone areas. Radio and television warnings as well as sirens help to alert people to potential danger. Public awareness is also important. When tornadoes do occur,people must act quickly. They should move immediately to a safe place such as a basement or under a strong stairway and cover themselves with blankets or heavy coats. ____75____

A. Scientists often have to drive the radar hundreds of miles to chase down a tornado—a job that can be quite dangerous! B. These bring not only death and destruction,but also stories of strange phenomena. C. Many more are small storms that form quickly and disappear,causing little or no damage. D. A tornado can arrive so unexpectedly that a matter of seconds can mean the difference between life and death. E. Driving the radar hundreds of miles to chase down a tornado is a best job that can be quite dangerous. F. What makes tornadoes so dangerous is not just their great power but also their unpredictable nature. G. Either big storms or small ones can form quickly causing damage to some degree. 71—75: C B D A F

3. The word addiction usually makes you think of alcohol or drugs. ___71___ Some people are compulsive (难以自制的) shoppers. Others find it impossible to pull themselves away from their work. Still others spend countless hours watching TV or playing computer games. ___72___ Many people enjoy going to malls or stores more and more every day, but it’s more than a common hobby for some of them. They have turned into shopaholics. They are people who simply enjoy shopping and walking around spending money without being able to stop doing it. They are hooked on shopping and usually buy things that they don’t need. Even though they don’t have enough money, they buy everything they want. The question is why do they have this addiction? There isn’t a specific answer. Some people go shopping when they are sad, worried, upset or lonely and they want to feel better. They use this activity as a way to forget their problems. Shopaholics say that they feel more important and better after they buy something. ___73___ Shopaholism seems to be a harmless addiction, but it can bring out problems. Some of them can be psychological. If this is the case, people addicted to shopping should go to a support group to help them break this habit. However, the process, like for most addictions, is long, and they suffer a lot. ___74___ They just think about satisfying their feelings, so they spend money they don’t have. ___75___

A. B. C. D. E.

Once you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, it is difficult to get rid of. Over the years, shopping has become a very common activity. They also tend to have this addiction when they feel guilty. However, in modern-day society we are seeing some new kinds of addictions. People addicted to computer games consider the games as great ways to amuse themselves. F. They get deep in debt, and they can even go bankrupt (破产) and get sent to prison. G. It can also cause financial problems. DBCGF 4. Are Societies Ageing Too Fast? An ageing society is one in which the population of people over the age of 60 is increasing. The global population at present is about 6 billion with 1 person in every 10 aged 60 or above. __71__. This will mean that for the first time in human history the population of older persons will be larger than the population of children! What are the causes of this population change? __72__. And another is that birthrates have dropped as people, especially women, are educated. Measures to slow population growth like China’s one-child policy, have also contributed to lowered birthrates. The increase in the aged population is not just an interesting trend, however; it also has severe implications for the future of global economies. People traditionally retire at 65 and live on government pensions. __73__. Another concern is that as medical expenses increase with age, the demands of the growing aged population will eventually cause medical systems to face bankruptcy(破产). __74__. They suggest that because people are living longer, they ought to work longer, while governments need to establish a sound social security system. They also suggest that individuals start saving as soon as possible to ensure a financially secure retirement. People should also develop good health habits in their youth to ensure an active and productive old age. __75__. By finding cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer, medical bills and the need for care would be drastically reduced. Finally, an important step to ensure a bright future for all is to do away with negative stereotypes that see valuable members of society only as pensioners or patients. It’s high time we stopped seeing ageing as a disease and started playing our parts in securing the future of our ageing societies. A. Due to ageing problem, cities are facing more challenges. B. Experts insist that steps should be taken now to prepare for the future.

C. As people grow older, a huge financial burden will be placed on the government. D. Biomedical research is another tool we can use to deal with the problems of ageing societies. E. One reason is that dramatic health advances have added 20 years to the average life-expectancy. F. The United Nations projects that by 2050, it will be 1 in every 5. G. As is known to all, good habits lead to good health. 71-75 FECBD 5. Are you a team person? Are you at your best as part of a small, tightly united group of dedicated workers? If so, the future may hold more for you than you think. 71 That’s happening in those areas of business and data processing where one person and a computer can replace a team of workers. 72 High technology has led to a new type of teamwork in a number of fields, including advertising, scientific research, engineering design, architecture and ocean exploration. Through computer networking, scientists, engineers, and technicians at different locations — often thousands of miles apart --- can work on the same project at once. 73 Examples? An engineering team can now design and try out a robot system --- a new manufacturing process, or an entire factory — before it is built. An architectural team can do the same with a building or a bridge. A medical team can simulate a dangerous operation before performing it on a patient. Of course, computer-assisted team effort doesn’t end with investigation and simulation. 74 “CAD-CAM --- computer-aided design and manufacture --- is breaking down barriers between traditional design and manufacturing functions.” explains Dr. Prakash Rao, an engineering manager at General Electric. “Interdisciplinary(跨学科的) teams and engineers follow a product from concept to production. Everything is interconnected like a network.” 75 A team that produces robots may use them to explore space and ocean depths. For high-technology teamwork, the future seems limitless. A. They can exchange ideas, try out different designs, and test their results. B. It now usually continues into actual design, manufacturing, and testing. C. In the future, team work will be highlighted by the introduction of new technology. D. Sometimes, a computer-aided effort can extend beyond production.

E. But, elsewhere, teamwork is very much alive. F. It ends in the products which are extensions of the traditional design. G. High technology, some predicted, would make team work a thing of the past. 71. G 72. E 73. A 74. B 75. D 6 Chinese are very generous when it comes to educating their children. Not caring about the money, parents often send their children to the best schools or even abroad to England, the US or Australia. They also want their children to take extra courses or activities where they will either learn a musical instrument or ballet, or other classes that will give them a head start in life. ___71____ So parents will spend unreasonable amount of money on education. ___72_____ However, what most parents fail to see is that the best education they can give their children is usually very cheap. Parents can see that their children’s skills vary. Some children are skilled in some areas while poor in others. ____73____ The problem is that parents are only educating their children on how to take multiple-choice tests and how to study well, but not teaching them the most important skills: they need to be confident, happy and clever. Parents can achieve this by teaching practical skills like cooking, sewing and doing other housework. Teaching a child to cook will improve many of the skills that he will need later in life. ___74___ It is an enjoyable but difficult experience. A good cook always tries to improve his cooking, so he will learn to work hard and gradually finish his job successfully. The result, a well-cooked dinner, will give him much satisfaction and a lot of confidence. Some old machines, such as a broken radio or TV set that you give your child to play with will make him curious and arouse his interest. He will spend hours looking at them, trying to fix them; your child might become an engineer when he grows up, ___75____ And that is more important. A. The Chinese believe that the more expensive an education is, the better it is. B. These activities are teaching a child not only to read a book, but also to think, to use his mind. C. What most parents fail to realize though, is that today’s children lack self-respect and self-confidence. D. Even poor couples will buy a computer for their son or daughter.

E. The more cost in education, the better the result will be. F. Cooking demands patience and time. G. Parents should teach their children the most important skills: they need to be confident, happy and clever. A D C F B

7. On a typical hot August day in Xianyou County, Fujian Province, Zeng Demei, a retired worker in his seventies, hurries down a busy street. In his hand is a black leather bag. Zeng opens his bag, taking out two forms. ___71___. Each of the forms contains detailed information of a student. On his arrival two hours later, a woman greets him and leads him to her office where another man is waiting. They are the two village officials. They inspect the forms handed to them by Zeng and immediately recognize the girls. ___72___. “It’s a pity but it doesn’t matter.” says Zeng, who wastes no time in deciding to look for the remaining child, Su Qiuju. After half an hour, they stop outside a small house made of mud brick. A middle-aged man and a girl in a faded pink dress greet them. Su Qiuju is eight years old. She was forced to drop out of school after both her parents died. She is now living with her uncle who cannot afford his own children’s education. However, the year of education Su Qiuju did complete was a successful one. ___73___. When they are about to leave, Zeng says, “I must find a supporter for this girl to sponsor her education.” Zeng has made it his retirement task to help children complete their schooling. Back in 1999, Zeng took part in a campaign started by the local women’s organization to help students from poor families. ___74___. His task had begun and since then he has spent his time persuading his friends and neighbors and others to donate money. “To me, children’s education is the most important. ___75___. I have to find sufficient funding before the school opens in September.” When asked how long he will keep up his vital work as the community’s guardian angel, he has a simply reply. “Not until my eyes can’t see and my feet can’t move.” A. They were having problems with their schoolwork B. These are for the two girls he’s going to visit this morning C. They live in a small village not very far, though only one of the girls is still living at home D. She displayed a talent for handwriting, writing her three-character name neatly and beautifully

E. The thought of students dropping out of school bothers me so much that I can’t get to sleep at night. F. Of course, some people question why I would want to give up my retirement to go to so much trouble. G. He was so overcome by the tough situation of many poor children, that he donated all his money to help out a girl. BCDGE 8 As the population in the United States grows, many people move from the cities, and the services that they need, such as shopping centers and stores, move with them. The suburban areas outside of the cities become more crowded, and more housing is needed. _____71_____ The new residents need services; therefore, developers build more shopping centers, restaurants and housing on the land in the rural areas. The rural areas begin to shrink. ______72____ This effect is called suburban sprawl. According to the organization Sprawl City, by the year 2050, the United States will have 110 million fewer acres of rural countryside. Why do people leave the urban areas? They want large houses and yards, lower crime rates, and better schools. They are looking for a better quality of life. Sprawl is becoming an increasing problem, and environmentalists are against the growth into the rural areas. _____73_____ They say that sprawl contributes to the decline of natural habitats for wildlife. As cities spread, suburban development may damage the water quality when chemicals go into the water. Wildlife, such as birds, disappears from the area. _____74_____ For example, there is one grocery store in rural community, and the store owners provide friendly, personal service to the town residents, but they can’t compete with the prices and services offered at the chain stores. When the rural residents begin to shop at the chain stores, the rural center begins to die. People who support the chain stores say that there will be more tax revenues (税收) for the town, lower prices for residents, and new jobs. However, some people are against the chain stores. _____75_____ Is your area experiencing sprawl? A. As a result, there is less open space in the rural areas. B. Then the suburbs begin to extend into the rural areas. C. Gradually, other stores and restaurants move into the area.

D. Community organizations are also fighting the development. E. They argue that there will be more traffic and only lower-paid jobs. F. A rural community might have one movie theater that shows two movies. G. Besides environmental changes, sprawl also brings changes to rural communities. 71—75 BADGE




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