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1. Every few years, the coal workers their lungs X-rayed to ensure their health. A. are having B. have C. have had D. had had 2. This coastal area a national wildlife reserve last year. A. was named B. named C. is named D. names 3. Mother wanted to be a good provider, a role she ______ since her marriage to Father. A shoulders B shouldered C is shouldering D has been shouldering 4. Up to now, the program ________ thousands of children who would otherwise have died. A. would save B. saves C. had saved D. has saved 5. —Have you finished reading Jane Eyre? —No , I ______ my homework all day yesterday. A. was doing B. would do C. has done D. do 6. It is reported that many a new house at present in the disaster area. A. are being built B. were being built C. was being built D. is being built 7. Joseph ______to evening classes since last month, but he still can’t say “What’s your name?” in Russian. A.has been going B.went C.goes D.has gone 8. The palace caught fire three times in the last century, and little of the original building _______now. A. remains B. is remained C. is remaining D. has been remained 9. So far this year we a fall in house prices by between 5 and 10 percent.? A.saw B.see? C.had seen D.have seen 10. —Have you handed in your schoolwork yet?? —Yes,I have.I guess it now.? A.has graded B.is graded? C.is being graded D.is grading

1. The discovery of gold in Australia led thousands to believe that a fortune ______. A. is made B. would make C. was to be made D. had made 2. It took me a long time before I was able to fully appreciate what they __ for me. A. had done B. did C. would do D. were doing 3. If the weather had been better,we could have had a picnic.But it all day.? A.rained B.rains C.has rained D.is raining 4. No decision about any future appointment until all the candidates have been interviewed.? A.will be made B.is made C.is being made D.has been made 5. The moment I got home, I found I my jacket on the playground.? A.had left B.left C.have left D.was leaving 6. They became friends again that day. Until then, they to each other for nearly two years. A.didn’t speak B.hadn’t spoken C.haven’t spoken D.haven’t been speaking

7. The moment the 28th Olympic Games open,the whole world cheered.? A.declared? B.have been declared? C.have declared? D.were declared 8. Although medical science control over several dangerous diseases , what worries us is that some of them are returning.? A.achieved B.has achieved? C.will achieve D.had achieved

1. The church tower which will be open to tourists soon. The work is almost finished. A. has restored B. has been restored C. is restoring D. is being restored 2. —You haven’t said a word about my new coat,Brenda.Do you like it? —I’m sorry I ________ anything about it sooner.I certainly think it’s pretty on you. A.wasn’t saying B.don’t say C.won’t say D.didn’t say 3. I wonder why Jenny ________us recently.We should have heard from her by now. A.hasn’t written B.doesn’t write C.won’t write D.hadn’t written 4. —When will you come to see me,Dad? —I will go to see you when you ________ the training course. A.will have finished B.will finish C.are finishing D.finish 5. The little girl ________her heart out because she ________ her toy bear and believed she wasn’t ever going to find it. A.had cried; lost B.cried; had lost C.has cried; has lost D.cries; has lost 6. —Hey,look where you are going! —Oh,I’m terribly sorry.________. A.I’m not noticing B.I wasn’t noticing C.I haven’t noticed D.I don’t notice 7. Every year a flood of farmers arrive in Shenzhen for the money-making jobs they before leaving their hometowns. A. promised B. were promised C. have promised D. have been promised 8. –Guess what, we’ve got our visas for a short-term visit to the UK this summer. --How nice! You a different culture then. A. will be experiencing B. have experienced C. have been experiencing D. will have experienced 9. I was just going to cut my rose bushes but someone it. Was it you? A. has done B. had done C. would do D. will do 10. Traditional folk arts of Tianjin like paper cutting at the culture show of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. A. are exhibiting B. is exhibiting C. are being exhibited D. is being exhibited 11. You’ve failed to do what you to and I’m afraid the teacher will blame you. A.will expect B.will be expected C.expected D.were expected 12. --I'm sorry, but I don't quite follow you. Did you say you wanted to return on September 20? --Sorry, I myself clear. We want to return on October 20. A. hadn't made B. wouldn't make C. don't make D. haven't made


The hotel wasn’t particularly good,but I in many worse hotels.? A.was staying B.stayed? C.would stay D.had stayed 14. I like these English songs and they many times on the radio.? A.taught B.have taught? C.are taught D.have been taught 15. —Do you think we should accept that offer?? —Yes, we should, for we such bad luck up till now, and time out. A.have had;is running B.had;is running? C.have;has been run D.have had;has been run 16. I don’t believe you’ve already finished reading the book— I it to morning!? A.would lend B.was lending? C.had lent 17. —Tom,you didn’t come to the party last night?? —I ,but I suddenly remembered I had homework to do.? A.had to B.didn’t? C.was going to D.wouldn’t




18. John,a friend of mine,who got married only last week,spent $ 3,000 more than he for the wedding.? A.will plan B.has planned? C.would plan D.had planned 19. —Is there anything wrong,Bob? You look sad.? —Oh,nothing much.In fact,I of my friends back home.? A.have just thought B.was just thinking? C.would just think D.will just be thinking 20. It is said that the early European playing cards for entertainment education.? A.were being designed B.have designed C.have been designed D.were designed 21. — I don’t suppose the police know who did it.? — Well,surprisingly they do.A man has been arrested and A.has been questioned B.is being questioned? C.is questioning D.has questioned 22.—Which hotel are you in? —I in a hotel.A friend I met on the train from the south couple of nights. A.haven’t stayed;has offered B.am not staying;offered C.am not staying;is offering D.do not stay;offers now.?


to put me up for a

23.You much more easily in a foreign company, condition that you have a good spoken on command of English. A.will promote B.promote C.will get promoted D.are promoted 24 By the end of last year,another new gymnasium ________ in Beijing. A.would be completed B.was being completed C.has been completed D.had been completed PART 4 短文改错。 An English lady was finally decided that she really should 1_______ learn to drive, And after many attempts, she past her 2_______

driving test and told her husband that,to release, he 3_______ was going to drive him over to France for a holiday, But 4_______ then a week after the trip, she suddenly announced that 5_______ they wouldn’t take the holiday. “How did you change your 6_______ mind?” he asked her by surprise. “Well,it is all because 7_______ of the business of driving on right.” She said, “I have 8______ been practicing for three weeks now, but I still couldn’t 9______ get used to it-in fact, I’ve nearly killed three peoples。” 10______ PART 5 短文填空。 I _____(come) to study in the United States a year ago. Yet I did not know the real American society until I _____(injury) in a car accident because after the accident I had to see a doctor and _____(go) to court. After the accident, my roommate called a doctor for me. I was very grateful and determined to repay him one day. But the next day, he _____(ask) me to pay him $200 for what he _____(do). I was astonished. He had good reason to charge me, he said. And if I wanted to collect money from the person who was responsible for my injury, I _____(have) to have a good lawyer. And only a good doctor can help me get a good lawyer. Now that he _____(help)me find a good doctor, it was only fair that I should pay him. But every time I went to see the doctor, I had to wait about 50 minutes. He _____(see)two or three patients at the same time, and often stop_____(treat) one so as to _____(see) another. Yet he charged me%115each time. The final examination report consisted of ten lines, and it _____(cost) me $215. My lawyer was all smiles the first time we _____(meet). But after that he avoided seeing me at all. He knew very well the other party_____(be) responsible for the accident, yet he hardly_____(do) anything. He simply waited to collect money. He was so irresponsible that I decided to dismiss him. And he made me_____(pay) him $770.

PART 1 1—5 BADDB PART 2 1-5 CAAAA PART 3 1-5 DDADB 5-10 DAADC 6-8 BDB 11-15 DCDDA 16-20 DCDBD 21-24 BBCD

6-10 BDABC

PART 4 短文改错 1. 答案:去掉 finally 前的 was 解析:lady 与 decide 之间为主动关系 2. 答案:past→passed 解析:此处意为“通过”,应使用 pass 的过去式 3. 答案:he→she 解析:此处应为妻子要带丈夫去法国,应用女性的人称代词 4. √ 5. 答案:after→before 解析:此处应为在此次旅行之间,妻子就因不适应右侧驾驶改变了主意 6. 答案:How→Why 解析:此处为丈夫对妻子突然改变主意不理解,而询问原因 7. 答案:by→in 解析:in surprise 为固定搭配,意为“惊奇地,惊讶地” 8. 答案:right→the right 解析:方位名词前腰加定冠词 9. 答案:couldn’t→can’t 解析:此处应为目前还不是要右侧驾驶,应用现在时。 10. 答案:peoples→people 解析:不可数名词 PART 5 短文填空 came; was injured; go; asked; had done; would have; had help; would see; treating; see; cost; met; was; did; pay



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