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“The Vampire Diaries” is an American TV series. The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert , who falls in love with vampire Stefan Salvatore , and soon finds herself caug

ht in a love triangle between Stefan and his elder brother, Damon. The series also focuses on the lives of Elena’s friends and other inhabitants of the town named Mystic Falls.

? They are stronger and faster than human ? They won’t get old if they drink blood ? They have special skills :read and change human’s mind,hear sound farway,heal themselves… ? They could walk outside in the daytime wearing mystic rings, without getting hurt from the sunshine . Therefore, inhabitants of the town don’t belive there are vampires living around.

Main actors

Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce

a doppelganger :they have same apperance but they are different guys.

Elena is a seventeen-yearold girl and is the main protagonist of the series.she has a habit that is writing the diary everyday. Katherine, a very cruel, selfish vampire. Just like evil she seduced both stefan and demon .

Stefan Salvatore
Damon‘s younger brother. a moral and benevolent vampire . He was turned by Katherine Pierce in 1864. Stefan is 500 years old, but physically has the youthful appearance of a teenager.and he has the same habit as elenaWriting the dairy everyday

He came to the mystic falls In order to find the doppelganger –elena Luckily,they fall in love with each other at first sight.

Damon Salvatore Stefan’s older ,stronger and marvelous vampire brother He is the bad guy in many people’s eyes. But as the season progressed,more and more people are attracted by him.

He also loves Elane.but he doesn’t have the courage to chase her at first .
So the only thing he can do is protect his princess from getting hurt by others .

Bonnie Bennett a witch She posses psychic abilities. When she touched people on their arm or hand, she gets a vision about the past.

Her lover is Jeremy Gilbert, who is her best friend, Elena's, brother

Caroline Forbes A vampire she was turned by Damon She is one of Elena’s best friends. Her nickname is barbie for her fair Skin and blond hair.

? 掐指一算,片中的吸血鬼都是 活了少则几百年,多则几千年 的超级“老年人”了。这些个 “吸血鬼”老爷爷们的心智似 乎和花样年华的人类女主差不 多,被世间情爱折腾得钻心裂 肺、痛彻心扉。不和年轻妹子 谈恋爱的吸血鬼,不是好吸血 鬼:于是忘年恋是吸血鬼主题 影视剧的主旋律... ? May-December relationship 忘 年恋 eg: When someone speaks about the "May-December Romance", they're referring to a romantic relationship in which one partner is considerably older than the other partner. 当别人说起忘年恋的时候,他 们是指恋爱双方中有一方的年 纪比另一方大很多的情况。

? 恋爱如果是两个人谈 似乎少了点戏剧效果。 于是只要是谈恋爱, 就必须要给男主角女 主角编出一个情敌出 来! ? romantic rival 情敌 eg: Stefan discovered his romantic rival is his brother. Stefan发现自己的情敌 是自己的哥哥。

? 不管是做“鬼”的还是 抓鬼的都喜欢和自己的 兄弟结伴出现, Damon&Stefan、 Klaus&Elijah... ? sibling 兄弟姐妹 eg: They look like the same, so you can guess t hey are the sibling. 他们长的很像,所以你 可以猜测出来他们是兄 弟姐妹。

? 小时候的电视剧说僵尸怕 阳光、怕蒜头、怕十字架... 但是随着时代与时俱进, 吸血鬼们也跟上了时代! 这年头的吸血鬼神马都不 怕了~喝酒、抽烟、吃汉堡、 晒太阳...除了木桩依旧还 能戳死吸血鬼以外... ? stake 木桩 Let them chain me up. And let them drive a stake through my heart. 让他们把我锁起来,用木 桩插进我的心脏。

? At first ,elena likes stefen confirmedly,but the plot changed since elean became a vampire. ? Set aside the reason first ,it is quite a good news for many fans including me who like demon. ? Ok ,let’s enjoy the video.

The series’s appeal

1.Mystic magics and skills in the series are unique and funny. 2. Fascinating and intricate story. 3.All the characters are handsome and beautiful.




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