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牛津英语模块六Unit 2 Happiness reading 1(Reading and writing)

? Happiness is our highest well-being. ? 幸福是我们的最高福祉。punches. They know from Happy people roll with the ? It is peace and gentleness and lightheartedness. experience that everything changes. ? 幸福是一种平和,柔顺和无忧无虑的状态。 幸福的人不役于时,他们从经验得知,万物皆变。 ? It is being thankful may vanish tomorrow - today's Today's good fortune for all the little special things which happen turn out to be to us every day. crises mayaround us and tomorrow's good fortune. ? 幸福是对每天发生在我们周围或者我们身上的那些小小 今天的好运也许明天就会消失,而今天的危机可能会转化 的善行心存感激。 成明天的好运。is to be able to get a perspective when ? To be happy To pursue dark and you The only way to get things lookjoy is to lose it.start to lose hope. it is to follow steadily the path of duty, without thinking of joy, ? 幸福是在事情变得糟糕的时候,在你将要绝望的时候 and then, like sheep, it comes most surely, unsought. 仍然能够看到希望。 ? Happiness is looking for the gifts, which are always 追逐快乐就意味着丧失快乐。得到快乐的唯一路径就是 there, even when they seem hidden. 紧紧跟随责任的途路,丝毫不去考虑快乐与否,就象虔诚 ? 幸福其实就是寻找上天赐予我们的礼物的过程,虽然你 的信徒一样,然后,不必你去寻求,快乐自会找上门来。 可能看不见这些礼物,但它们其实就在那里。


What is happiness to you ?

To me, happiness is…. To me, happiness means… To those who…, happiness means…

Read Para 1 to find out what happiness is. Being surrounded by 1. family and friends Achieving success in 2. something A day without 3. suffering or just being alive
(Those who have been injured or struggle with a physical disability)

Reading strategy

Ask questions


Answer questions

Find the related information
Interviewer: Host Interviewee: Dr. Brain Topic: Happiness

Sang Lan

Skim and find key information

1. What does Dr Brain want to tell us He wants to show people can find happiness even during timesexample of Sang Lan? through the of a personal catastrophe.

2. What is Sang Lan’s personal catastrophe?

Skim: Structure
Before Accident
Sang Lan’s story

About the accident While in hospital Back to China

Scanning for details

Before Accident
? Sang Lan’s best event was the vault(跳马 ) ____________ ? being described as energetic _____ and _______, happy hard-working __________ ? devoting herself to _________ gymnastics ? trying to make her parents ____________ proud

About the accident
? Time:
1998 ? Place: America, Goodwill Games

? Event: She made a mistake while practising a vault. ? Result: She fell and broke her neck. She would never walk again.

While in hospital
Other people’s reaction Sang Lan’s reaction and attitude Many famous visitors like Leonardo DiCaprio went to (1)______ her up. cheer She was always in good (2)_______ and spirits thought about (3)_______ she could do to get what better. She was happy for her teammates’ successes (4)__________ and was proud of the things she had (5)_______________. accomplished Hearing she would never be a gymnast, she sorrow was able to overcome her (6)________ and alive felt thankful to be (7)______ and lucky to learn have the rest of her life to (8 )______new things.

Back to China

graduated from… hosted …
Her primary goal is to advocate better treatment for disabled people

brave optimistic


determined hard-working

personality of Sang Lan



A General Introduction of Sang Lan
Sang Lan is a girl whose story is special and has inspired many people. She was born … and began learning ….

During one of her practice vaults, ….
However, after she was rushed to hospital, she … Her story tells us that real happiness…


Can you think of any other inspiring people who struggle with disability but stay positive and still feel happy?

Stephen Hawking


Christopher Reeve 克里斯托弗· 里夫

From their stories, we can see that real happiness is/means___________ being alive _______________________________ helping ourselves and others _______________________________ enjoying our life _______________________________ staying positive and optimistic _______________________________ trying our best _______________________________ being determined and never giving _______________________________ up … _______________________________ _______________________________.

On happiness Happiness is ______, a tree with joy, sweetness, and excitement as its fruits. Happiness is _______, a house with gentleness, comfort and love as its furniture. Happiness is _________, a teacher who teaches us to love, to sacrifice and own …

Happiness is a hope plus the faith of you and me. spring Happiness is ________'s wind, summer _______’s flowers, _________'s fruits, autumn and ______'s snow. winter Happiness is shapeless and invisible at all, We need to touch it with full hearts.

幸福是一只蝴蝶, 当你追赶它的时候, 总是抓不到; 但当你静静地坐下来, 它就会轻轻地落在你 身上。


1. Cherish what you have and try to
enjoy happiness around you. 2. Finish your writing about Christopher Reeve.

How to stay happy in our daily lives?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Set goals. Smile more. Learn to share. Ready to help others. Have a good sense of humor. Willing to forgive. Enjoy the family. Respect the weaker. Money is not everything.

Life is a gift, life is happiness, each minute might have been an age of happiness. ----Tostoevsky
People don’t lack strength, they lack will. ----Hugo



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