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第四讲 动词的时态和语态 考点一 一般时态

1.(2014· 高考新课标全国卷Ⅰ)Nearly five years ago,and with the help of our father,my sister and I ____________(plant) some cherry tomatoes(圣女果) in our bark garden. 2 . (2014· 高 考 新 课 标 全 国 卷 Ⅱ)My dream school ____________(start) at 8: 30 a. m.and ____________(end) at 3: 30 p. m.. 3.(2014· 高考重庆卷)You’d better write down her phone number before you ____________(forget) it. 4.(2014· 高考北京卷)—What time is it? —I have no idea.But just a minute,I ____________(check) it for you. 考点二 进行时态 1.(2014· 高考北京卷)—Hi,let’s go skating. — Sorry , I ’ m busy right now.I ____________(fill) in an application form for a new job. 2.(2014· 高考四川卷)She ____________(phone) someone ,so I nodded to her and went away. 3.(2012· 高考陕西卷)—Can I call you back at two o’clock this afternoon? —I’m sorry, but by then I____________(fly) to Beijing. How about five? 考点三 完成时态 1.(2014· 高考大纲全国卷)The reports went missing in 2012 and nobody ____________(see) them since. 2.(2014· 高考浙江卷)Sofia looked around at all the faces: she had the impression that she____________(see) most of the guests before. 考点四 完成进行时(现在完成进行时,过去 完成进行 时) 1.(2014· 高考湖南卷)Since the time humankind started gardening, we ____________(try) to make our environment more beautiful. 2. (2011· 高考新课标全国卷)When Alice came to, she did not know how long she ____________(lie) there.

考点五 被动语态 1 . (2014· 高 考 天 津 卷 )We won’t start the work until all the preparations ____________(make). 2 . (2014· 高 考 大 纲 全 国 卷 )Unless some extra money____________(find),the theatre will close. 3.(2013· 高考北京卷)—So what is the procedure? —All the applicants____________(interview)before a final decision is made by the authority.

Ⅰ.用括号内动词的适当时态和语态填空 1.(2014· 四川成都第一次诊断)—Will you be available at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon? —No.I____________(attend)a lecture then. 2.(2014· 江西红色六校二联)—Didn’t the guard see him breaking into the bank? —No,he____________(look)in the other direction. 3.(2014· 湖南六校 4 月联考)—What a heavy rain! —Yes.I____________(plan)to take an umbrella with me, but I didn’ t. 4.(2014· 潍坊 5 月模拟)—I wonder if Tom will go for an outing tomorrow. —Tom?Never!He____________(hate)it. 5.(2014· 山东临沂 5 月模拟)—Did you watch the game between Taishan and Guo’an on Sunday morning? —No,I____________(prepare)my lessons for the coming exams. 6.(2014· 湖南四校第二次联考)Please remember to send a short message to me when you____________(arrive)at the university safely. 7.(2014· 四川攀枝花高三模拟)—Do you often go to the Internet bar? —No,but when I was in senior high,as a computer game addict, I____________(go)there many times. 8.(2014· 成都四校联考)—I hear you worked very late yesterday. — Yes , it had been completely dark by the time I____________(leave)the office. 9 . (2014· 甘 肃 河 西 五 市 一 联 )—I thought you____________(leave)for vacation tomorrow. —I had planned to,but I have a very important meeting to attend

tomorrow. 10.(2014· 北京海淀期末)—I’ll be down in two minutes! —OK.I’ll wait until you____________(be)ready. 11.(2014· 北京海淀期末)—Can I come over in an hour? —Sorry,I____________(clean)the house. 12.(2014· 山东威海期中)—You’ve left the light on. —Oh,so I have.I____________(go)and turn it off. 13.(2014· 济南 3 月模拟)The train we____________(wait) for so long was crowded,so we decided to catch a later one. 14.(2014· 济南模拟)She could have been in time for the interview, but her flight____________(delay). 15.(2014· 北京海淀期末)—Have they got our car repaired? —I don ’t know.But it____________(repair)when I called them yesterday. 16.(2014· 山东济宁模拟)We all think he ____________(punish)by the traffic police. 17 . (2014· 山 东 潍 坊 高 三 联 考 )It is reported that his new book____________(publish)by that company will be sold next month. 18 . (2014· 北京海淀区高三期末检测 )—____________(be) you ready for the hiking? —Yes.Let’s go! 19.(2014· 河北保定市高三调研)I____________(give) a lesson in the classroom when you called,so it was inconvenient for me to answer it. 20.(2014· 黑龙江高三八校联考)—You seem to know each other quite well. —Sure! We____________(work)in the same company for 5 years in the 1990s. Ⅱ.单句改错(请改正下列句子中的时态和语态的错误) 1.All students in rural Chinese primary and junior middle schools will provide with a free Xinhua Dictionary.____________ 2. Yesterday I suspected of stealing something, which made me feel extremely terrible.____________ 3.The detective fixed his sharp eyes upon the box,wondering whether he saw it somewhere before.____________ 4.Have a try and you would see you can do it.____________ 5.A large number of students in our school are from the contryside, and the number grows all the time.____________ 6 . When you come back an hour later , I will finish the

work.____________ 7.What a disappointment!I expect that you would fix my iPad yesterday.____________ 8.The students who fail to reach the score will not admitted to the university.____________ 9 . I am attending my training class at 9 next Sunday morning.____________ 10.We must stick to our goals in life in spite of the environment if we were to succeed in future.____________ Ⅳ.语法填空(用括号内所给词的适当时态、语态填空) Once, a rich man 1.____________(be) near death.He was very upset because he 2.____________(work)so hard for his money that he hoped could take it with him to heaven.So he 3.____________(pray)to God he might be able to take some money with him. An angel heard his pray and appeared.“Sorry,but you can’t take your wealth with you.”The man 4.____________(beg) the angel to speak to God to see if he might break the rules.The angel reappeared and said that God could allow him to take one suitcase.Excitedly,the man 5.____________(gather) his suitcase and filled it with pure gold bars. Afterward , he died and showed up in heaven to greet St. Peter.Seeing the suitcase,St. Peter said, “Hold on,you can’t bring that here ! ”The man explained that he 6.____________(have)God’s permission.St. Peter checked it out , came back and said , “ You are right.You 7.____________(allow) one carryon bag , but I 8.____________(suppose) to check its contents(内容) before letting it through.” St. Peter 9.____________(open) the suitcase to inspect the things that the man found too precious to leave behind and exclaimed(感叹), “You brought pavement?As you can see,the great street of the city of heaven 10.____________(make) of pure gold!” 第五讲 非谓语动词 考点一 非谓语动词作状语

1.(2014· 高考四川卷)—I hope to take the computer course.

— Good idea.____________(find)out more about it , visit this website. 2.(2014· 高考江西卷)____________(spend)nearly all our money, we couldn’t afford to stay at a hotel. 3 . (2014· 高 考 天 津 卷 )Clearly and thoughtfully____________(write) , the book inspires confidence in students who wish to seek their own answers. 考点二 非谓语动词作定语 1.(2014· 高考重庆卷)The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras____________(return)to our shop for quality problems. 2. (2014· 高 考 山 东 卷 )There’s a note pinned to the door____________(say) when the shop will open again. 3 . (2014·高 考 北 京 卷 )There are still many problems ____________(solve)before we are ready for a long stay on the Moon. 考点三 非谓语动词作主语 1.(2014· 高考湖南卷 )____________(understand)your own needs and styles of communication is as important as learning to convey your affection and emotions. 2. (2014· 高考山东卷)It’s standard practice for a company like this one____________ (employ)a security officer. 3.(2011· 高考上海卷)It’s no use____________(complain) without taking action. 考点四 非谓语动词作表语 1.(2014· 高考福建卷)For those with family members far away,the personal computer and the phone are important in staying____________(connect). 2 . (2013· 高 考 重 庆 卷 )The engine just won’t start.Something seems____________(go) wrong with it. 3 . (2014· 高 考 安 徽 卷 )While waiting for the opportunity to get____________(promote),Henry did his best to perform his duty. 考点五 非谓语动词作宾语 1 . (2014· 高 考 陕 西 卷 )It’s quite hot today.Do you feel like ____________(go) for a swim? 2.(2014· 高考北京卷)The film star wears sunglasses.Therefore,he can go shopping without ____________(recognize).

3.(2014· 高考江西卷)When it comes to ____________ (speak)in public,no one can match him. 考点六 非谓语动词作宾补 1.(2014· 高考四川卷)The manager was satisfied to see many new products ____________ (develop)after great effort. 2.(2013· 高考陕西卷)Let those in need____________(understand) that we will go all out to help them. Ⅰ.用所给动词的适当形式填空 1 . (2014· 开 封 一 模 )She was sitting in the park , just____________(stare)at some fallen leaves on the lake. 2 . (2014· 昆 明 市 质 检 )Let’s listen to an American English conversation ____________(see) if we can find out what this means. 3.(2014· 长春第一次调研)Inside the building,the students saw nothing but broken walls and doors and pieces of the building____________(lie) all over the place. 4.(2014· 石家庄质量检测二)I was walking alone on the beach when I heard someone____________(call)out for help. 5.(2014· 河北保定一模)Betty:Did you hear the weather forecast? Robot : No.I was watching a football match and forgot____________(stop) it for the weather forecast. 6 . (2014· 南 昌 一 模 )An explosion happened in the mine , ____________(leave)twentytwo miners trapped. 7 . (2014· 江 西 红 色 六 校 二 联 )Most of her spare time____________(occupy),she still kept on her research in the library. 8.(2014· 湖南长沙重点中学二模 )Unfortunately, we rushed the fallen old man to hospital , only____________(tell)that we were responsible for him. 9 . (2014· 四 川 川 中 名 校 高 三 联 考 )—Bruce has recently been promoted to the sales manager. — Oh , ____________(consider)his great contributions to the company,he is really worthy of the position. 10. (2014· 四川绵阳高中第一次诊断)US house prices have risen by 12.4% over the 12 months to the end of July , completely____________(ruin)his plan to buy another apartment. 11. (2014· 烟台 3 月诊断)Volunteering, ____________(see)as a way of building character , is popular among young people in western

countries. 12 . (2014· 四 川 川 中 名 校 高 三 联 考 )All the tickets____________(sell) out when they arrived ,they went away, disappointed. 13.(2014· 湖南长沙重点中学二模)____________(found) in 1955, the Sea Launch group was made up of four companies from Norway, Russia,Ukraine and the United States. 14.(2014· 湖南六校联考)The little girl showed no anxiety before the competition.She seemed____________(prepare) for it pretty well. 15 . (2014· 陕 西 二 联 )Yan’an , a city____________(locate) in northern Shanxi Province,has seen great progress in its tourism industry over the past few years. 16. (2014· 湖南重点中学 3 月联考)At the party, the pretty girl wore a very attractive skirt to make herself____________(notice). 17. (2014· 湖南长沙四校高考模拟卷二)When the monitor spoke in front of the class,the clas 18.(2014· 湖南长沙四校高考模拟卷二)—Where is Jimmy? — Just now I saw him sitting under the tree , ____________(absorb)in his video games. 19.(2014· 安徽安庆二模)—Shall we put off the match because of the bad weather? — No.Rain or shine , the match will be held as____________(schedule). 20. (2014· 四川成都第二次诊断)At break, Mr.Connery got down to dealing with the matters____________(arise)from his class. Ⅲ.语法填空(用所给动词的适当形式填空) I can’t believe I made it into San Francisco at long last!This morning,I went to the airport 1.____________(catch) my 10:00 am flight.I got there early to go through security.Since I had an electronic ticket, I then went straight to the 2.____________(board) gate.When I got there, I couldn’ t believe my eyes.The flight 3.____________(put) off for two hours! I made a decision to look at the flight monitors 4.____________(see)if there was an earlier flight to San Francisco.I saw that there was another flight which will leave in 40 minutes , so I 5.____________(run)to the boarding gate of that flight.When I got there, I asked the gate agent if I could get on that flight instead.She said that I needed to stay in the gate area and wait for my name 6.____________(call) if they had a seat available.So ,I waited,and

waited,and waited. The gate agent began 7.____________(call)out names.Guess what? The last name 8.____________(call) was mine.The last seat left on the plane was a middle seat and I usually prefer a window,but I was just happy 9.____________(get) on board.I didn’t want my vacation to get 10.____________(delay) because of a late flight. 第六讲 情态动词和虚拟语气

考点一 情态动词的基本用法 1. (2014· 高 考 江 苏 卷 )It was sad to me that they , so poor themselves,____________ bring me food. 2.(2014· 高考北京卷)____________I have a word with you? It won’t take long. 3 . (2014·高 考 重 庆 卷 )I’ve ordered some pizza , so we ____________ worry about cooking when we get home tired. 考点二 情态动词表示推测 1.(2014· 高 考 江 西 卷 )Life is unpredictable; even the poorest ____________become the richest. 2 . (2013· 高考安徽卷 )It ____________ be the vocabulary that caused you the problem in the exercise because you know a lot of words. 考点三 情态动词+have done 1.(2014· 高 考 陕 西 卷 )My book , The House of Hales , is missing.Who ____________have taken it? 2 . (2013·高 考 辽 宁 卷 )Harry is feeling uncomfortable.He ____________have drunk too much at the party last night. 考点四 虚拟语气在条件句中的应用 1.(2014· 高考北京卷)We ________(be) back in the hotel now if you didn’t lose the map. 2. (2014· 高考湖南卷)If Mr.Dewey ________ (be) present, he would have offered any possible assistance to the people there. 考点五 虚拟语气在其他从句中的应用

1.(2014· 高考重庆卷)It was John who broke the window.Why are you talking to me as if I____________(do) it? 2 . (2014·高 考 陕 西 卷 )We would rather our daughter ____________(stay) at home with us,but it is her choice,and she is not a child any longer. 3. (2013· 高考浙江卷)Eye doctors recommend that a child’s first eye exam ____________ (be) at the age of six months old. 4.(2012· 高考辽宁卷)Jack is a great talker. It’s high time that he ____________ (do) something instead of just talking.

Ⅰ.用适当的情态动词填空 1 . (2014· 湖 南 长 沙 二 模 )Sometimes smiles around the world ____________ be false,hiding other feelings like anger,fear or worry. 2.(2014· 浙江杭州第一次质检)You’d better pull your car over to the side of the road if you ____________ answer a phone call. 3.(2014· 湖南六校 4 月联考)—Mary doesn’t mind lending you her edictionary. —She ____________.I have already borrowed Jane’s. 4.(2014· 河北衡水中学调研)Liza ____________ well not want to go on the trip—she hates traveling. 5. (2014· 浙江名校联盟第二次联考)You ____________ have taken so much cash with you,you know that shop accepted checks. 6.(2014· 石家庄二检)—____________ someone help me get my computer linked up to the Internet? —OK,but wait a few minutes. 7. (2014· 湖南株洲三校一模)The giant panda looks very mild.But it ____________ be very fierce when you annoy it. 8. (2014· 湖南湘南五校联考)—Mike failed the English exam again. —What else did you expect?Don’t you think he ____________ have spent more time in studying English? 9 . (2014· 安 徽 合 肥 第 一 次 教 学 质 量 检 测 )The players from Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club have been doing very well recently,so they ____________ win the final match. 10.(2014· 湖南长沙四校高考模拟卷二)The fire was so big that it was several hours before firefighters ____________ get it under control. Ⅱ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.(2014· 甘肃河西五市联考)I would rather ____________ (go) to

work after my graduation,but my father would rather I ____________ (go) abroad for further education. 2.(2014· 江西重点中学联考)—Why are you so depressed,Shelly? —I lost the contest narrowly, or I ____________ (gain) the award of 10,000 dollars. 3.(2014· 嘉兴二测 )I wished the children ____________ (sleep) when we returned home,but in fact they were still awake. 4.(2014· 湖南十二校联考)—Shall we go to the movie tonight? — No , I ’d rather you ____________ (stay) at home with our baby.You’d better not leave it to the babysitter at night. 5.(2014· 安徽六校教育研究会高三联考)—Why do we get up so early? —If we ____________ (miss) the flight we would have to stay here for another day. 6. (2014· 江西上饶二模)—Helen, are you going to the airport to see Jack off the day after tomorrow? —If he ____________(leave) tomorrow,I would go. 7.(2014· 浙江金丽衢十二校第二次联考)But for the encouraging cheers from the audience,our team ____________ (not win) such an important match. 8 . (2014· 西 安 一 检 )I was busy the other day , otherwise I ____________ (come) to help you. 9.(2014· 北京海淀区期中)Who does that shop assistant think he is?He behaves as if he ____________ (own) the grocery. 10. (2014· 温州二模)I fail in the exam again.If only I ____________ (take) my teacher’s advice! 11.(2014· 马鞍山两校第二次联考)—Mike,it’s a pity you didn’ t come to last night’s concert.It was really great! —Really?If I ____________ (not be) so busy,I would have gone with you. 12 . (2014· 江西南昌三模 )I ____________ (go) to my cousin’s birthday party last night,but I was not available. 13.He agreed to our suggestion that we ____________ (put) on a play at the English evening. 14.But for the help from the doctor,the little boy ____________ (lose) his life. 15.Had I known about this computer program,a huge amount of time and energy ____________ (save).

Ⅲ.语法填空 A doctor entered the hospital in a hurry after being called in for urgent surgery.He answered the call , 1.____________ (change) his clothes and went directly to the surgery block.He found the boy’s father 2.____________ (pace) in the hall waiting for the doctor. Once seeing him,the dad said 3.____________ (angry), “Why did you take your time to come?Don’t you have 4.____________ sense of responsibility?” The doctor smiled and said, “I am sorry, I wasn’ t in the hospital and I came with the 5.____________ (fast) speed after receiving the call... And now,I wish you 6.____________(calm) down so that I can do my work.” “ Calm down ? What if your son is in this room right now ? 7.____________ you calm down?”the father yelled. The doctor smiled again and went into the room. The surgery took some hours after which the doctor went out happily, “Thank goodness!Your son 8.____________ (save)!”And without waiting for the father’s reply, he carried on with his way running. “If you have any questions,ask the nurse!” Later, the nurse told him that the doctor, whose son died yesterday in a car accident , was at the funeral when they called him for the surgery.And now he was running 9.____________ (finish) his son’s funeral. Never judge anyone because you never know how their life is or 10.____________ they’re going through.



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