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Reading Dying to be thin…(渴望瘦身)

1.How are you? I haven’t heard from you for weeks. Is everything OK with you?
你好。 我好几个星期没有收到你的来信了。一切 顺利吗? 2. Do you still go to the gym every day? I used to go to the gym three times a week, but I don’t work out any more. I know another way to stay slim. 你现在还是每天去健身房?我以前也常常去健身 房,一周三次,可我现在不锻炼了。我知道另外 一种保持苗条身材的方法。

3. Looking good is important to women, isn’t it? Most young women want a slim figure these days, especially here in Canada. 看起来好对女性来说很重要,难道不是吗? 如今,每个女性都想拥有苗条的身材,在 加拿大尤其这样。 4. I’m trying to lose weight because I’m so ashamed of my body. 我正在努力减肥,因为我的身体让我感到 羞愧。

5. Since I’m preparing to act in a new TV play, I’m taking weight-loss pills called Fat-Less, which are quite popular among young women here. 因为我将出演一部新的电视剧,所以我在 服用一种名叫瘦身的减肥眼,这种药在加 拿大女性当中非常的流行。 6. I hope to lose at least 10 kg. I take two pills a day and don’t need to exercise. 我希望至少能够减去10公斤,我每天服用两 片,因此也不用锻炼了。

7. The pills really work! I’m becoming
slimmer and slimmer. I’ve lost 7 kg in the last two months. 在过去的两个月里我就减了7公斤。 8. However, sometimes I don’t feel energetic. 但是,有时我感到精力不充沛。


9. My mother, who you met last year, keeps telling me not to take them because they are dangerous.
我妈妈,你去年见过的,坚持不停地告诉我不 要服用这种减肥药,因为减肥药危机健康。

10. She says health is the most important thing, and I agree, but then I look so slim at the moment.
她(妈妈)说,健康是无价的,我同意这个观 点,可是当时我看上去是多么的苗条啊。

11. Things change so quickly. I’m now in hospital recovering from liver failure.
情况变化实在是太快了!我现在住院了,患的是 肝衰竭,正在恢复中。

12. I regret taking those weight-loss pills. They contain a harmful chemical that caused my liver to fail.
我很后悔服用了那种减肥药。那些药里含有某种 有害的化学物质,导致了我的肝功能衰竭。

? 13. The pills were going to completely destroy my liver if I continue taking them. 如果我继续服用那些药丸,它们将会完全损 害我的肝脏。 14. My mother insisted on sending me to the hospital, where I received good medical treatment. 我妈妈坚持要送我去医院,在那儿我可以接 受好的医疗。

15. It was a really painful experience, but I’m feeling better now. 这真是一次痛苦的经历,但现在我感觉好很 多了。 16. I follow my doctor’s advice and exercise for at least half an hour every day (but I seldom go to the gym!), and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. 我听从医生的建议,每天锻炼至少半个小时 (但我很少去健身房!),吃很多的水果 和蔬菜。

? 17. People should look after their bodies. My mother is right: don’t damage your health for a slim and attractive figure. It isn’t worth. 人们都应该照顾好自己的身体。我妈妈是对 的,不要为了苗条、动人的身材毁了自己的 健康,那样是不值得的。 18. We shouldn’t be ashamed of the way we look, should we? 我们不应该为自己的外表感到羞愧,不是吗?

19. My computer was broken so I couldn’t read your two emails until today. 我的电脑出现了故障,所以直到今天才看到 你的两封电子邮件。 20. I’m so sorry to hear about your problem, but I’m glad you are feeling better and are recovering. 得知你的病情我非常难过,但让感到我高兴 地是,你现在感觉良好,身体正在恢复中。

? 21. You’re right. We shouldn’t be embarrassed about our weight. 你说的对,我们不应该因为自己的体重感到难 为情。 ? 22. I think you look great as you are, and you are a wonderful person. 我觉得你现在这个样子看上去很棒,还有,我 觉得你是一个非常优秀的人。

? 23. I know that the pressure to stay slim is a problem, especially for an actress. 我知道,保持苗条的身材的压力是一个问 题,对一个女演员来说尤其是这样。 ? 24. However, your mother knows best: nothing is important than health. 但是,你妈妈她最清楚不过:没有什么比 健康最重要。

25. It’s the same in China– many people, some of whom are not overweight at all, are always going on a diet or taking weight-loss pills, which are often dangerous.
在中国也是一样的——许多人,其中有些 人一点也不超重,总是在节食,或者吃减 肥药,这些做法往往是危险的。 ? 26. I hope they can learn from your story. 我希望他们能从你的经历当中吸取教训。



Making a booklet on keeping fit 制作保持健康的小册子
1. The truth is, diet and way of life

are often a problem for teenagers. 实际情况是,青少年的饮食习惯和 生活方式往往让成人感到头痛。

2. However, the good news is that you can feel better, look better and have more energy if you eat the right food and exercise regularly. 但好消息是,如果你合理饮食,经常锻 炼,就可以感觉更好,气色更好,精 力越发充沛。

3. Healthy eating along with regular exercise is probably the only way to become fit. 健康的饮食习惯加上经常锻炼是保持健 壮体格的唯一途径。

4. Diets are useless in the long term, yet approximately 20% of the teenagers say they have tired going on a diet and skipping meals to control their weight. 从长远角度来看,只是节食并不能奏效, 然而,大约有20%的青少年声称,他们 都尝试过节食或者到吃饭的时间什么 都不吃,借以控制自己的体重!

5. If you eat properly and exercise regularly, you will lose weight, keep fit, and feel great. 可是如果你摄入适量的食物,并且经常锻 炼,你就会减轻体重,保持健康状态, 感觉很棒。 6. As a teenager, it is important to give your body the energy it needs. 作为一个年轻人,给予你的身体所需要的 足够能量是很重要的。

7. If you skip meals, you don’t get enough energy, and then you feel tired. 如果你不吃饭,你就不能够吸收足够的 能量,你因此就会感到疲惫。 8. For a healthy diet, you should eat mostly rice, bread, vegetables and fruit. 作为一个健康的饮食,你应该主要吃大 米、面包、蔬菜和水果。

9. You also need to drink a lot of water— six to eight glasses a day. 你还需要很多的水—一天需要6—8杯。 10. Water helps your system clean. 水有利于保持人体内系统清洁。 11. Drinking enough water will improve your skin and give you healthy hair. 足量饮水会改善你的皮肤,让你拥有健康的头 发。

12. Exercise is something that can help to make you look good, feel good and be healthy. 锻炼能够让你气色好、感觉好、身体健 康。 13. Experts suggest, that teenagers spend at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a week. 专家建议,青少年每周至少应该锻炼五 次,每次至少30分钟。

14. That is easy to do! 这一点是很容易做到的! 15. Walking and riding your bike count, and so do school sports. 行走和骑自行车算,在学校里进行的体育 活动也算。 16. Often, teenagers give up sport, saying they have no time left after their studies. 常常有这样的情况,有些青少年干脆放弃 体育锻炼,声称学习繁忙,没有时间进 行体育锻炼。

17. Many teenagers are surprised to learn that when you exercise, your body produces some chemicals that make you feel relaxed and increase your ability to concentrate when you study. 但很多青少年吃惊地发现,锻炼过程中 体内会产生某些化学物质,这些化学 物质让人感到放松,增强学习时的注 意力。

18. These chemicals can even help you sleep better at night! 这些化学物质甚至还有助于改善睡眠呢。
19. A good amount of sleep every night is also important for your health. 每晚保证充分的睡眠对你的健康也是很 重要的。

20. When you sleep, your body prepares you for the day to come. 睡觉的时候,你的身体就帮你为即将到 来的一天做好准备。 21. As a matter of fact, loss of sleep can make you look tired, and even cause you to gain weight. 事实上,失眠会使你面容疲惫,甚至身 体发胖。

22. If you follow the suggestions above, you will look and feel much better in no time at all! 如果你能遵守以上建议,用不了多久你 就会气色好,感觉棒得多!

Good staying with you! Thank you!



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