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必修1 Module 5 A Lesson in a Lab

Module 5

A Lesson in a Lab

1.What are you doing out of bed,Tom?You?re________to be asleep. A.supposed C.thought B.known D.considered

答案 A [句意为: 你不睡觉在干什么, 汤姆?你应该睡觉。 be supposed to do sth 意为: (按规则、惯例等)应该做某事,如:Am I supposed clean all the rooms or just this one?我 是应该打扫所有的房间,还是只这间?be known to be 被知道是;be thought to be 被认 为是;be considered to be 被认为是。] 2.—How do you react________your father's suggestion? —I reacted strongly________it. A.on;to C.against;with B.on;with D.to;against

答案 D [句意:“你如何对待你父亲的建议?”“我强烈反对。”react on“对……起作用, 有影响”;react to“对……做出反应”;react with“与……发生(化学)反应”;react against“反 抗,反对”。] 3.We were astonished________the temple still in its original condition. A.finding C.find 答案 B B.to find D.to be found [考查非谓语动词。句意:发现这座寺庙仍然保持原来的样子,我们感到很吃

惊。在一些形容词,如 happy, kind, surprised, frightened, astonished, shocked, delighted, disappointed 等词后面,常用主动式的动词不定式表示原因,作原因状语。] 4.It may have been unusually cold recently but experts say it's________for this time of year. A.normal B.formal C.ordinary D.common

答案 A [考查形容词辨析。句意:最近天气出奇得冷,但专家说在每年的这个时期冷 是正常的。normal“正常的”;formal“正式的”;ordinary“普通的”;common“常见的,共有 的”。] 5.What our school________is that more than 60% of the students can enter the key universities every year. A.is tired of B.takes proud in

C.is proud of 答案 C

D.is short of

[句意为:我们学校引以为荣的是每年都有超过 60%的学生进入名牌大学。

be proud of=take pride in 为……感到骄傲/自豪。 be tired of 对……厌烦; be short of 缺乏。 ] 6.At the foot of the mountain ________. A. a village lie C. does a village lie B. lies a village D. lying a village

答案 B [全部倒装是将句子中的谓语动词全部置于主语之前,此结构通常只用于一般 现在时和一般过去时。常见的结构有:(1)here/there/now/then/thus 等副词置于句首.谓 语动词常用 be/come/go/lie/run 等表示来去或状态的动词;(2)表示运动方向的副词或地 点状语置于句首,谓语动词是表示运动的动词。] 7.No conclusion________about whether to tear down the old buildings for a theme park until several discussions have been made. A.will be reached C.is being reached B.is reached D.had been reached

答案 A [考查时态。句意:直到进行过几次讨论后才会得出是否会为了建主题公园而 拆掉旧建筑的结论。本句是 not...until 句型。根据 until 从句的时态及语意可推断出进行 讨论这一动作还没有发生,整句话是描述将来的事情,这时从句中常用一般现在时或现 在完成时,主句用一般将来时。] 8.Yao Ming wants to set up a Hope Project School,________poor children in remote areas to receive education. A.aims at helping C.aims to helping 答案 B B.aiming at helping D.aimed to help


教育。此处用现在分词短语作伴随状况,故选 B。] 9.The________expression on his face suggested that he was________at the extraordinary beauty of the picture. A.astonished;astonished C.astonished;astonishing B.astonishing;astonished D.astonishing;astonishing

答案 A [考查以ing 和ed 结尾的形容词。句意为:他脸上惊讶的表情表明这幅画异 乎寻常的美使他感到十分惊讶。 astonished 吃惊的, 惊愕的, astonished look 吃惊的表情。 astonishing 令人感到吃惊的。] 10.Students often think________their holiday is,________they will have.

A.the long;the fun C.the longer;the more fun

B.the longest; the funniest D.longer;funnier

答案 C [考查“the+比较级,the+比较级”结构。句意:学生们经常认为他们的假期越 长,他们就会越开心。另外,注意 have fun 是固定短语。] 11.We may find that learning a foreign language does not have to be______learning our mother tongue, but can in fact be twice_______. A.twice as hard as;as easy as B.as twice hard as;as easy C.twice as hard as;as easy D.as twice hard;as easy as 答案 C [考查倍数表达法。此处的倍数表达句式为:倍数+as+形容词或副词+as,

排除 B、D;第二空格后无其他词,故 as easy as 中第二个 as 应去掉,答案为 C。] 12.What our school________is that more than 60% of the students can enter the famous universities every year. A.is tired of C.is proud of B.takes proud in D.is short of

答案 C [句意:我们学校引以为荣的是,每年都有超过 60%的学生进入名牌大学。be tired of“厌倦”;take proud in“应改为”take pride in; be proud of“为……感到骄傲”;be short of“缺少”。] 13.Mr Brown gave me a very valuable present,________that I have never seen. A.the one C.one 答案 C B.it D.which [考查代词。句意为:布朗先生送了我一个贵重的礼物,我以前从没有见过。

one 是“a very valuable present”的同位语,是定语从句的先行词,如果填 the one 则表示 这个礼物就是我从来没有见过的那个,不符合常理。] 14.—I've studied gardening as a hobby.Could I make some suggestions? —________. A.Go ahead C.Don't mention it 答案 A B.You will make it D.Take it easy


吗?”“请说吧。”go ahead“请说吧”;you will make it“你会成功的”;don't mention it“不客 气”;take it easy“不要紧张”。] 15.—Did you do well in the math examination yesterday? —I'm afraid not.Some problems were not as easy as they________. A.supposed C.were supposed to be B.supposed to be D.were supposed to

答案 C [be supposed to do 意为“应当,理应”,该题 were supposed to 后面要有 be,与 前面的 were 对应。 be 后面省略了 easy。 当不定式中含有 be, have (been)时要保留 be, have (been)。] Ⅱ.完形填空 Who do you think came up with the idea for the Paralympics (残奥会)?The man who organized the sporting events which became the Paralympic Games__1__was a doctor,Ludwig Guttmann. In years old. Ludwig Guttmann__4__a successful career for the next few years.__5__,because Ludwig Guttmann and his family were Jews,life in Germany was becoming very__6__for them.In 1938 Ludwig Guttmann__7__to the UK with his family where he continued his research__8__the best way to treat patients. The Second World War was going on and there were a lot of soldiers__9__in the fighting.Often they__10__the use of their legs and needed__11__and help.The disabled soldiers were often__12__and angry for they couldn?t really live a normal life.Ludwig Guttmann used his new__13__to look after their injuries and he also tried to give them emotional strength. Ludwig Guttmann__14__taking part in sports could help a person?s body as well as his mind and began to use__15__ as a treatment to help his patients.He wanted to give them back their selfrespect and dignity and __16__them to take part in sports. In 1948 the hospital held a sporting event called “The International Wheelchair Games”.By 1952 the event began to__17__bigger with disabled athletes from other countries attending.By 1960 the games were called the International Stoke Mandeville Games and they were held in Rome alongside the__18__Summer Olympics.By 1968 there were 750 athletes from 29 different countries.Ludwig Guttmann himself died in 1980,even__19__the games were called “Paralympics” , but there is no__20__that he is the founder and father of the Paralympic Games.It?s thanks to his hard work that we are all able to enjoy the Paralympics. 1. A.hurriedly B.eventually his teens , Ludwig Guttmann was interested in medicine and worked as

a__2__in a hospital.Then he__3__from medical school and became a doctor when he was 25

C.temporarily 2.A.doctor C.volunteer 3.A.exited C.suffered 4.A.enjoyed C.designed 5.A.But C.Therefore 6.A.ambiguous C.apparent 7.A.moved C.submitted 8.A.of C.about 9.A.dying C.wounded 10.A.made C.reduced 11.A.treatment C.development 12.A.exhausted C.depressed 13.A.materials C.models 14.A.knew C.allowed 15.A.music C.sports 16.A.forced C.allowed 17.A.seem C.run 18.A.yearly

D.compulsorily B.steward D.director B.benefited D.graduated B.accepted D.explored B.However D.Otherwise B.difficult D.diverse B.poured D.flooded B.over D.into B.sacrificing D.destroyed B.lost D.lacked B.movement D.achievement B.challenged D.astonished B.experiments D.methods B.denied D.approved B.medicine D.parties B.encouraged D.drove B.go D.get B.local

C.independent 19.A.before C.until 20.A.evidence C.doubt 【语篇解读】

D.official B.after D.since B.wonder D.problem Ludwig Guttmann 是一位医生,也是残奥会的创始人。

1.B [这个组织了体育赛事并最终(eventually)发展成残奥会的人是一名医生。] 2.C [十几岁时他就对医学感兴趣,并在一家医院做了志愿者(volunteer)。] 3.D 4.A 5.B [25 岁时,他从医学院毕业,成为了一名医生。graduate 毕业。] [接下来几年里他的事业很成功。enjoy 拥有,享有。] [然而(However),由于他和他的家人是犹太人,他们在德国的生活变得非常艰难

(difficult)。] 6.B [参见上题解析。] 7.A 8.D [1938 年他和家人搬(moved)到英国。] [research into 对……的研究,为固定搭配。]

9.C [二战期间,有很多士兵在战争中受伤(wounded)。] 10.B [通常,他们的腿不能走路需要治疗(treatment)和帮助。]

11.A [参见上题解析。] 12.C 13.D [残疾士兵由于不能过正常的生活而感到压抑(depressed)和生气。] [他用他的新方法(methods)照顾伤员,而且尽力给他们情感上的力量。]

14. A [他知道(knew)参加体育运动不仅有益于一个人的身体, 而且有益于他的心灵。 ] 15.C [他开始用体育运动 (sports)这种方式治疗他的病人。 14 空后的“taking part in

sports”是线索提示。] 16.B [他想让他的病人找回自尊和尊严,并且鼓励(encouraged)他们参加体育运动。] 17.D 18.D 19.A 20.C [到 1952 年时,国际轮椅比赛规模开始变大。get 变成,符合语境。] [到 1960 年这项赛事和夏季奥林匹克运动会一样成为官方的(official)赛事。] [他于 1980 年去世,甚至在此项运动被命名为残奥会之前(before)。] [毫无疑问他是残奥会的创始人。there is no doubt that...毫无疑问……。]

III. 阅读理解 OxfordUniversity has introduced confidence classes for female students to get them to compete for jobs in future and win chances to work in best companies. They may be young and gifted, but research at the

excellent institution has found that female undergraduates(大学生)are shying away from applying for jobs in banking, finance, management consultancy( 咨 询 ), engineering and resource management.Partly as a result, starting salaries for women when they graduate are on average £2, 000 to £3,000 lower than their male counterparts. “Women are earning less on leaving Oxford.It is ridiculous, ”said Jonathan Black, the careers service director at the university.“We have high quality and high achieving students of both genders.But it appears that women are selecting lower paid jobs.They accept more prejudice in certain industries and are saying ?I won't struggle for that really high paid job?.We are not trying to push loads of women but we are trying to say, you should feel able to apply for these sorts of jobs.Boys seem to have more selfconfidence and see the bigger picture generally, even though their self?belief is not necessarily based on any greater academic advantage.” The fourday programme at Oxford will help 45 female undergraduates improve their selfconfidence and decisionmaking, think positively and build up their strengths.Confidence training will teach them how to deal with the opposition and challenging situations. Successful female employees from RBS and BP, which are supporting the course, will talk about their lives and careers.RBS's involvement follows a promise by the bank to increase its national percentage of female graduate applications from 35 percent to 50 percent by 2014. Sophie Kelley, 20, studying law at Oxford, is hoping the course will make her more confident in courses and interviews.“I am applying to London's law firms for vacation schemes and it is so competitive,”she said.“The rejection letters don't give any real feedback(反馈),so I'm expecting the programme might give me a hand and some advice.” Notes: ①institution n.社会公共机构,制度,制定 ②counterpart n.与对方地位、作用相当的人(或 物) ③gender n.性别 ④prejudice n.偏见,成见 1.Oxford University brings in confidence classes in order to help________. A.female undergraduates build up their strengths in daily life B.male undergraduates make friends with girls at university C.female undergraduates get success with more confidence D.females fight against challenges in the face of danger 2.What is the worrying situation for female undergraduates?

A.They don't like to work in companies offering low wages. B.Their opportunities are limited and their salaries are low. C.There are fewer females admitted to OxfordUniversity. D.They refuse to work in banking and finance fields. 3.What is the mistaken idea for female undergraduates? A.They themselves don't like working on resource management. B.They themselves think they are superior to boys in all sides. C.They themselves think men and women are born equal. D.They themselves think they are not as good as boys. 4.What can we learn from Paragraph 5? A.RBS and BP will admit females from now on. B.RBS will create more job chances for girls in future. C.RBS will be the only choice for female undergraduates. D.All female undergraduates from Oxford can apply to RBS. 5.What can we learn about Sophie Kelley? A.She hopes to benefit more from the programme. B.She has been rejected by the programme at Oxford. C.She feels the programme is ridiculous in modern society. D.She isn't fit for the world of competition and challenges. 【语篇解读】 牛津大学为了让在校的女大学生在将来进入社会后更有竞争力, 开设了“自 信课程”,帮助她们树立自信,这个活动也受到了一些公司的支持。 1. C [细节理解题。 第一段第一句话的. ..get them to compete for jobs in future and win chances to work in best copmanies 说明该项目的初衷。] 2.B [推理判断题。第二段第一句话的...shying away from applying for jobs in banking...和 第二句话的...£2,000 to £3,000 lower than their male counterparts 说明女大学毕业生 令人担心的情况是就业机会有限,工资低。] 3.D [细节理解题。第三段中的 But it appears that women are selecting lower paid jobs.They

accept more prejudice in certain industries...说明即使女生自己也在一定程度上看轻了自 己。] 4.B [细节理解题。第五段第二句话的...increase its national percentage of female graduate

applications...说明 B 项正确。] 5. A [推理判断题。 文章最后一句话的. ..so I'm expecting the programme might give me a hand

and advice 说明 A 项正确。]


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