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必修1Unit 1 Friendship重点词汇和知识点复习

必修 1Unit 1 Friendship 重点词汇和知识点复习 I.重点词汇 ★upset vt.使心烦/生气;弄翻 adj.心烦意乱的;不适的 upset sb.使某人生气/心烦 upset sth.弄翻某物 be upset with sb.对某人生气 be upset about sth.为某事感到心烦 ★ignore vt.忽视,不顾,不理睬 运用:请用 ignore

完成下列句子 ⑴ I said hello to her, but she ___________ (不理睬我) completely! ⑵ You can’t _______________ (忽视这个事实)that China is still a developing country. ― My children are always arguing. --- ____________.A. Just ignore them B. That’s right C. Are you sure D. How old is the boy ★calm adj. 冷静的,平静的; vt.使平静,镇静 calm down 平静下来,镇静下来 calm...down 使平静/镇静下来 keep calm 保持冷静 运用:根据提示,完成下列句子 ⑴ Please ____________ (冷静下来)and let me know what has happened. ⑵ The doctor has given her some pills ____________________ (使她镇静下来). ⑶ _________________________________ (保持冷静是最重要的)when handling the urgent matter. ★.concern vt.(使)担忧;涉及;关系到 n. 担心;关注;(利害)关系 Concerned adj.担心的;忧虑的 concerning prep.关于;涉及 ⑴ I am not ____________with that matter any longer. ⑵ Protecting the environment isn’t just the business of a few people. It’s a matter that ____all of us. ⑶As far as I am concerned /In my opinion (在我看来),too much time in front of TV is a waste of time. 1.__________ that he was no qualifications in business management , Ken plans to grasp the necessary skills by taking a part time course. A. Concerning B. Concerned C. Being concerned D. to concern 2).____________English is concerned, he is first in our class. A. As B. As soon as C. As far as D. Now that ★settle vi.安家;定居;停留 vt.使定居;安排;解决 ⑴ After having a long journey,she will be coming over as soon as I’ve _________ (settle) down. ⑵ Having been taught by my headmaster, I still find it rather strange that I haven’t yet settled _____ my new job. ⑶ It is said that the first _________ (settle) of this country are prisoners. ★suffer vi.感到疼痛/痛苦 vt.遭受,经历(痛苦,损失等不愉快的事),(否定句)忍受 ___________n.患病者,受苦者,受难者 ___________n.疼痛,痛苦,折磨,苦难 ______________[搭配]受……苦,患(病) ★recover vi. & vt. 痊愈;恢复;重新获得 __________n.恢复;复苏 ⑴ The patient was quite beyond the possibility of __________(recover). ★pack v.捆扎;包装;打行李 n.包裹;小包 pack sth. up 将(东西)装箱打包 ★disagree vi.不同意,不一致,有分歧 disagreeable adj.不合意的,令人不快的 disagreement n.分歧,争论,意见不一 ⑶ Some kinds of meat disagree______ me. ⑷ Experts disagree ____ how much the program will cost. ⑸ I disagree _____ him _______ what we ought to do next. II.重点词组 1.add up 把加起来 add up to 总计共达 add to= increase 增加 add A to B 把 A 加 到 B 上 ⑴ __________6,7 and 8 and you’ll get 21. ⑵ The street lights ____________ the beauty of the city. ⑶ The number of people who saw the film in China ______________ about 25 million. (4) Don’t ________ fuel ______ the flames. 1.There have been several new events _______ to the program for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. ( 2006 年北 京) A. add B. too add C. adding D. added

2. The heavy snow _____ our difficulty with the project. A. added up to B. added C. added up D. added to 3.Please ______ the numbers and I’m sure they will ______ more than 1000. A. add up ; add B. add up ; add up C. add up; add up to D. add; add up 2.fall in love with 爱上(动作,不可与时间段连用) be in love with 相爱(状态,可与时间段连用 ⑴ My friend has _________________ a beautiful girl. ⑵ He broke up with his girlfriend,who ________________ him for 3 years. 3.in order to (do)为了(可位于句首) in order that(+从句)为了(可位于句首) so as to (do)为了(不能位于句首) so that(+从句)为了,结果(不能位于句首) ⑴ ______________________________achieve his goal,he started to work very hard. ⑵ She repeated the instructions slowly ____________________ we could understand. ⑶ My father works hard ____________________________________________ support us. ⑷ He left quietly ___________________ wake us. ⑸ Nothing more was heard from him______we began to wonder if he was dead. 4.be/get tired of 对……厌烦 be tired from 因……累了/疲劳 联想:be fed up with 对……感到厌烦 be bored with 对……极其厌倦 ⑴ He was tired __ doing the same work every day. ⑵ You must be tired ______ the long flight. Please take a rest today. ⑶ The teacher is not good at teaching. No wonder the children grow bored ______ his lesson. 5.go through 经历;经受 ⑴ It is doubtful that many of us would have to ______________________________ (经历这种痛苦) today, but it does happen. ⑵ 他一生中经受过多次严峻的考验。He has _______________ many severe tests during his lifetime. 比较:get through 通过;接通电话 get through with 完成 go through1) 经历,经受 2) 磨穿某物 3)仔细检查 4)顺利完成 go about = set out to do sth. 着手干某事 go against 反对, 违背 go by 经过 go over 检查 go on with sth, 继续 go without sth. 没有某事也行 go wrong 出毛病 go away / out 出去,离开 go after sb./ sth. 追求某人 go in for.. 参加(考试或比赛) ; 1) It’s ten years since the scientist _______ his life’s work of discovering the valuable chemical. A. set out B. took off C. turned up D. went about 2) The early pioneers had to ______ many difficulties to settle on the new land. A. go back on B. go through C. go into D. go along with 3) I can’t ______ the letter in an hour . A. pass through B. go through C. take through D. come across 4) You have no idea what I’ve had to ______ during the last few months. A. come through B. go through C. cut through D. look through 6.get along/on with 与……相处;在……(方面的)进展 get on with 还有“(在中断后)继续干”之意 ⑴ She__________________________________________ (将会继续工作)after her dinner. ⑵ He does well in his studies. Besides, he _________________________ (和同学相处融洽). ⑶ I’d like to know____________________________________ (你的学习进展如何)? 7.on purpose 故意 拓展:do sth. on purpose 故意做某事 do sth. with/for the purpose of 为了 ……的目的而做某事 ⑴ She closed the door ____________. ⑵ He took along one of his pictures_______________________ finding a job. 8.join in 参加;加入

join in sth.参加/加入做某事 join sb. (in sth./doing sth.)和某人一起做某事 比较:join the army/the party/the club/the league 入伍参军/入党/加入俱乐部/入团 attend the meeting 参加会议 attend the lecture/the lesson 听讲座/听课 ⑴ He stared at them without __________the conversation. ⑵ If you _____the club,you have to obey its rules. ⑶ And what’s more,she is going to_____ us in an informal discussion tomorrow evening ⑷ Our teacher suggested that we ____________ the lecture. ⑸ How many countries ___________________________ the last Olympic Games? 1.Will you _____ us in the discussion about the students burden of studies? A. attend B. join in C. take part in D. join 2. When did you ______ the physical training team? A. join B. take part C. attend D. join in 3.A student began to sing a song , and soon someone else __________. A. joined B. joined in C. took part in D. took 4.Did John _____ the general cleaning yesterday afternoon? A. join B. attend C. take D. take part in 9.set down 记下(=write down); 放下(=put down) 比较:settle down 定居/安心下来 ⑴ After he _________ (记下)my name,the man let me in. ⑵ If you feel too tired, you can____________ (卸下担子). ⑶ His parents __________ (定居)in the U.K. 10.face to face 面对面地(face 此处是名词)face-to-face adj. 面对面的 联想:face sb.面向/面对某人 make a face 扮鬼脸/做鬼脸 lose face 丢面子 look sb. in the face 凝视某人 ⑴ I want to ___________________________________________________ (面谈). ⑵ I don’t like her to_________________ (凝视我).⑶ He made me__________________ (当众出丑). III.常用句型 1. 原句:I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky,the song of the birds,moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound.我记得非常清楚,以前,湛蓝的天空,鸟儿的歌唱,月光和 鲜花,从未令我心迷神往过。(L2,P2) 句型 1:There was a time when ...(定语从句)曾经有段时间…… ⑴ 曾经有段时间弟弟非常厌倦学习。______________________________________ ⑵ 在中国,曾经有个时期很多高中生想到国外留学。 In China,_____________________ many senior students wanted to study abroad. 2.原句:I happened to be upstairs at dusk when the window was open.我碰巧在楼上,窗户是开着的。(L9,P2) 句型 2:...happen to do...when...当……的时候……碰巧…… 说明:表示“碰巧做某事”也可用 It happens/happened that...句型。 ⑶ 我去参军时,恰巧那年收成不好。 _____________________________________________that year when I joined the army. 3.原句:I didn’t go downstairs until the window had to be shut.直到不得不关窗时,我才下楼。(L10,P2) 句型 3:not ... until 直到……才…… 说明:1.倒装式:not until 放在句首,主句要半倒装;2.强调式:It is not until ... that ...。 4.原句: It was the first time in a year and a half that I’d seen the night face to face.这是我一年半以来第一次目 睹夜晚。(L11,P2) 句型 4:it is/will be the first time that... have/has done 这是某人第一次做某事 说明:⑴ 其中的 it 可用 this 或 that 替代; ⑵ first 根据实际情况可改为 second,third...等; ⑶ 当 is 改为 was 时,that 从句中的 have 改为 had。 比较:It is (about/high) time that sb. did sth.是某人该做某事的时候了(=It is time for sb. to do sth.)。 ⑴ 我告诉导游这是我第一次到台湾旅游。 I told the guide that _________________________________________________________. 5.I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about

everything to do with nature.我不知道这是不是因为我长久无法出门的缘故,我变得对一切与大自然有关的 事物都如此狂热。(P2 L10) 结构分析:I wonder 是主句的主语和谓语,if 引导一个宾语从句,宾语从句中 because 引导一个原因状语从 句,而同时用了强调句型来强调原因状语从句。 强调句型归纳总结: (1)结构和用法: It is/was + 被强调部分 + that/who + 句子的其他部分。 强调句型用来强调__________、_________、__________等谓语以外的其他句子成分。如果句子用的是过 去时态,强调结构就用 was;如果句子用的是现在时态,强调结构中就用 is。当被强调部分是指人时,可 以用 who 代替 that。 It is Mr. Li who/that teaches us English.(强调________) It is English that Mr. Li teaches us. (强调________) It was yesterday that I met Mr. Li in the street. (强调____________) It was in the street that I met Mr. Li yesterday. (强调____________) (2)强调句的一般疑问句:把 is/was 提前,即:Is/Was it + 被强调部分 + that + 其他成分? ______________________that we knew each other?我们是在北京认识的吗? (3)强调句的特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词 + is/was + it + that + 其他成分? __________________________________________? 他是什么时候离开这儿的? Translation: 1.他告诉我说他和他的同学相处得很好。(get along/on with) 2. 中国父母对孩子如此关心,以致他们愿意为 孩子包办一切。(be concerned about) 3.当感到心烦意乱时,我喜欢出去遛狗。(while + doing ; upset) 4. 班主任直到学生平静下来才离开。(not---until---;calm down) 5.让我们同甘共苦吧。(share in ) 6. 他们一见钟情。(fall in love with) 7. 这是他第二次犯同样的错误。(It is the second time that ---) 8. 他粗暴无礼,我再也不能不闻不问了。(ignore) 9.他总是故意的刁难我。(on purpose) 10. 正是由于他的失误, 他错过了这枚金牌。(It is/was---that) ? 1. He told me that he was getting along well with his classmates. ? 2. The Chinese parents are so concerned about their children that they will do everything for them. ? 3. While feeling upset, I like to walk the dog. ? 4. The head teacher didn’t leave until the students calmed down. ? 5.Let’s share in joys and sorrows. ? 6.They fell in love with each other at the first sight. ? 7. It is the second time that he has made the same mistake. ? 8.I can’t ignore his rudeness. ? 9. He has always put me to a lot of trouble on purpose. ? 10. It was because of his fault that he missed the gold medal. 曾有一段时间我和小东相处得很好。我们相互关心。当一个人不安时,另一个人想方设法安慰他。我们同 甘共苦。但之后他爱上一个女孩,这占了他如此多时间以至他的成绩越来越差。于是在一次测试中他要抄 袭我的答案。我拒绝了他并告诉他考试作弊是不诚实的行为。那是我第一次无视他的请求,他如此生气以 至自此以后他总是有意刁难我。我不知道是否是因为爱,他变化如此之大。我们本可以是好朋友的。 There was a time when I was getting along well with Xiao Dong. We were concerned about each other. When one felt upset, the other would try to calm him down. We shared in joys and sorrows. But then he fell in love with a girl, which took him so much time that he was worse and worse at study. Then in one exam, he wanted to copy my answer, I refused and told him it was dishonest to cheat in the exam. It was the first time that I had ignored his request. So angry did he get that he has always put me to a lot of trouble on purpose since then. I wonder if it was because of love that he changed so much. We could have been friends.



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