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school life复习

Unit 1 school life
一、 单词掌握(夯实基础,打好地基) 课本重点单词(抓好课本,拿住基础分) : _____________n&vt 经历,体验 earn vt _____________ __________n&vt 尊敬,敬重 ___________ vt 致力于; __________n 文学 literary adj _____________ ___________ adj 一般的,普通的;平均的 ____________ n 难事;斗争;努力 vi 奋斗,努力;挣扎 encouragement n _______ extra adj _________________ ___________ vt 捐赠 independent adj 独立的 ____________n 教授 ____________ vt 通知,告知 run vt __________ _________ vt&vi 批准,通过;赞成,同意 ___________ n 负责,掌管 __________vt 选择,挑选 vt 使承担责任,收费 __________ n 诗人 composition n ___________ (能力提升,轻松做阅读) : _______n 有趣(注意:这是一个不可数名词,不可以说成 a fun) funny adj 有趣的 fix 固定,修理 ________vt 赢 得,获 得 ,取 得 ;实 现,成 就 ______________ n 成 就 drop vt 放弃 recently adv ______________ development n 发展 anyhow adv 无论如何 continue vt&vi 继续,持续 somehow adv 不知为什么,不知怎么的 develop vt 培养,养成 somewhat adv 稍微,有点 一. 短语与词组(基础提升,成就我的天下) : inform sb_____ sth 通知某人某事 __________________ 由··组成 · ____ the first day 在第一天 next ______在··的旁边 · ______ one thing 首先,第一点 make ______ use of 充分利用 _______ the internet 网上冲浪 make ______ use of 充分利用 devote _______致力于,献身于 make use of 利用 donate _______捐赠给·· · _______average 平均 the best way________··的最好方法 · have effect ______对··有影响 · according_____ 根据·· · any time ___________ _____ doing sth=_____doing sth 一··就 · escape ______ sth 退出做某事 compare _______与··相比较 · ______________ 免费 __________负责 (介词短语) used to do____________ ____________负责(动词短语) be used to doing__________ ____________ 受··管理,被照顾(介短) · be used to do_____________ come up with__________ ______________________ 做关 于··的演讲 · _______________忘记做过了某事 regret to do sth__________________ _______________忘记(去)做某事 regret doing sth__________________ ___________________记起做过了某事 ___________________记起去做某事
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二. 词形转换(掌握方法,轻松填单词) achieve(vt)___________(n) develop(vt)__________(n) nature(n)_________(adj) please(v)_________(n) require(vt)___________(n) 三. 语法与用法(掌握规则,看透考题) Experience 1 经历(此时这一名词为可数名词,可用复数) 2 经验(此时这一名词为不可数名词,不能用复数) 单词连接:________________(adi)有经验的 such as 如,像·· ··这样的 1. such as 引导的是同位语,后面不能加逗号,但是 for example 是作插入语 单元语法 定语从句之关系代词 1.定语从句:在复合句中修饰某一名词或是代词的从句 2.关系代词的种类及用法 that:在句子中做主语、宾语抑或是表语,先行词一般是人或是物 which:在句子中充当主语、宾语、表语抑或是定语,先行词一般是物 who:在句子中做主语抑或是宾语,先行词是人 whom:在句子中做宾语,先行词是人 whose:在句子中做定语,先行词所指人或是物 as:在句子中做主语、宾语抑或是表语,先行词一般是人、物抑或是事 注意:当一些句子中没有关系代词时,要能看出此时的先行词在句子中做宾语, 并且已经省略 例:The girl they are talking about is Amy=The girl whom they are talking about is Amy。 八种只用 that 不用 which 的情况 1.先行词是不定代词的时候,例 all、much、little、something、anything,此时 用 that 不用 which 2.先行词前面有 only、any、few、no、all、very 修饰时,用 that 不用 which 3.先行词是形容词最高级时抑或是它的前面是形容词最高级修饰时,用 that 不 用 which 4.先行词是序数词抑或是有序数词修饰时,例 the first time,此时用 that 不用 which 5.先行词既有人又有物时,用 that 不用 which 6.当主句的主语是疑问词 who 或 which 时,用 that 不用 which 7. 当先行词在主语中作表语而关系代词也在主语中作表语时, that 不用 which. 用 四、Read the following passage carefully and complete the passage by filling in each blank with one word that fits the context. Wei Hua was an exchange student in _____ UK. Going to UK was an enjoyable and exciting experience for her. She found she could get up later _____usual in China. _____ the first day, the headmaster not only told them about the rules of the school ____ also the best way _____ win respect from the school. This sounded like her school in China. The homework was not as_______as what she used to get in China. She felt lucky as all her teachers were very helpful and she enjoyed all her subjects. She spent an hour each day reading English books in the library. Not only could she
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e-mail her family and her friends for free, but also she would learn _____ to buy and prepare food. She was happy to experience this _____ way of life. 五、 Read the passage on Page 90 of Workbook Module 1 and finish the blanks 每 ( 空不超过 3 个单词)

Wearing school uniforms Help us feel like part of a group agreement Become too ___2___ to look smart Feel ___3____ and do not need special care School uniforms look very boring 1 Disagreement ● a shirt and trousers for boys, and a blouse and a skirt or a dress for girls ● ___4____ are also boring, like grey,

black,white and brown. ____5_____ Wear our favourite clothes only at home or at the weekend
六、Read the passage on Page 91 of Workbook Module 1 and finish the exercises 1. What worries the students most in the last year?(no more than 7 words) ______________________________________________________________ 2. What does the author think of Mrs Walker? (no more than 1 words) ______________________________________________________________ 3. Does the author have lessons together with Jane all the time?( (no more than 3 words) ______________________________________________________________ 4. Why might students go to school early?(no more than 6 words) _________________________________________________________________ 5. Why Sandra like doing after-school zctivities? __________________________________________________________________
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七、双向翻译: (61)Going to a British high school for one year was a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me. I was very happy with the school hours in Britain, (62) 因为学校在上午九点开始上课,在下午 3:30 分放学。This means I could get up an hour later than usual as schools in China begin before 8 a.m. On the first day, all students went to attend assembly. (63)我坐在一位名叫 Dianne 的女孩旁边。We soon became best friends. During the assembly, (64) the headmaster told us about the rules of the school. He also told us that (65) the best way to earn respect was to devote ourselves to study and achieve high grades. This sounded like my school in China. (61)_____________________________________________________________ (62)_____________________________________________________________ (63)_____________________________________________________________ (64)_____________________________________________________________ (65)_____________________________________________________________ 情景作文(同步渐进 MODULE 1 P31)






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