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(江苏专用)2013高三英语二轮复习 主题36“记” 社会生活课件


核 心 单 词

1. disabled adj.残疾的 2.blind adj.瞎的;盲的 3.____ adj.结实的;坚固的;坚定的 firm independent 4.___________ adj.独立的 5.outgoing adj.外向的 心理(上)的 6.psychological adj.__________ 坚忍不拔,坚持不懈 7.persevere v.__________________ 8.________ adj.自信的 confident achievement 9.___________ n.成就 10.________ n.雄心;野心 ambition

11.success n.成功
尊严;高贵的品质 12.dignity n._________________ 协助;援助 13.assistance n.__________ 14.encouragement n.鼓励;奖励 15.punish vt.惩罚、处罚 congratulate 16.____________ vt.祝贺;庆贺 17.annoy vt.使……不悦;惹恼 18.accept vt.接受;接纳 respect 19._______ vt.尊敬 20.overcome v.控制(感情);克服

特别关注 achievement(3年2考)★★★★★ make an achievement in在……方面取得成就 achieve success/one's ambition/goal/target/aim/objective获 得成功/实现抱负/达到目标

①Flying across the Atlantic for the first time is a great
achievement.首次飞越大西洋是一项巨大的成就。 ②He will never achieve anything if he doesn't work harder. 他工作不再努力些将一事无成。

核 心 短 语

1.give up放弃 2.make fun __取笑 of 3.adapt...__使……适合 to 4.young people with ambition有抱负的年轻人 to 5.be beneficial __对……有益

6.sit around闲坐着
7.rather than而不是 8.have difficulty(in)doing...做……有困难 9.overcome difficulties克服困难 10.congratulate sb on sth就……向某人表达祝贺 __

11.call on sb to do sth号召……做…… 12.learn from sb向某人学习 13.make a living谋生 for 14.have a talent ___对……有天赋

15.take part in参加
16.receive many awards for因为……获得很多奖 17.compete for为……而竞争 18.not only...but also不但……而且 19.live as rich and full a life as others do像其他人一样过 着丰富多彩的生活 20.make up one's mind to do sth下决心做某事

核 心 语 句

1. Being blind,she never sat around feeling sorry for herself. 虽然双眼失明,她却没有闲坐在那里,自怨自艾。 2.On the contrary,she had learned to adapt to her disability and lived as rich and full a life as others.相反,

的生活。 3. Luckily,she gained so much encouragement from her

parents and teachers,which made her overcome all the
difficulties she met with.幸运的是,她从父母和老师那里 得到了许多的鼓励,这使得她克服了她所遇到的困难。

4.Helen is as patient a teacher as I have ever met. 海伦是我所遇到的最有耐心的老师。

5.We consider it rude for the disabled to be made fun of
by others.我们认为取笑残疾人是一种很粗鲁的行为。 6.Every time he comes to Guangdong,he will buy a lot of books for the disabled children in Welfare Centres.每次 他来广东,都会买很多书给福利院的残疾儿童。

7.She has received many rewards for her wonderful

8.If you have any difficulty in fulfilling the task,you can ask others for help,but remember,never give up.如果 你有任何困难完成不了这项任务,可以向其他人寻求帮 助,但请记住永远也不要放弃。

美 文 连 线

招聘求职★★★(3年3考) (2010· 辽宁卷)你校学生会需招聘一名留学生做英语学 习顾问,请你以短文形式写一则招聘启事。内容主要包 括:1.母语是英语,汉语流利者优先。2.解答英语学习问


English Advisor Wanted

The Students' Union of our school decides to invite an
international student to work as an English Study Advisor next term.The main responsibilities of the advisor include

helping students to practice their oral English,answering
their questions,and helping organize activities such as singing English songs,English evenings,or lectures on interesting topics.

The applicant should be a native speaker of
English.Fluency in Chinese is preferred.The advisor is expected to work 4 hours per week. If you are interested,please call Li Hua at 13011223344 for an interview.Payment for the service will be discussed during the interview. The Students' Union


②第二段说明岗位任职要求。 ③第三段说明联系方式和薪酬问题。

①高级词汇和短语:responsibility,oral,fluency, prefer,be expected to do ②语篇过渡语:such as

【佳作习得】 完成句子 Those who want to take a trip to the Great Wall—————

答案 are expected to gather at the school gate

名 师 招 招 鲜



汇灵活运用和词汇识辨能力;③对主要信息的捕捉和表述能 力。语篇所涉及的各题大致化分为:

要求学生根据表格问题快速在文中查找锁定相关信息,用文 中的原词或其适当形式填空。 B.变通题:考查转换信息的能力

识重组,对所找到的信息进行加工分析换位转述,转换成另 一种表达方式。常见的转换方式有:①另选其他词来释义:

如Marry was born in China. →Mary's________is China.分析:
抓住关键词born,将该词转换为名词,答案为:birthplace; ②同义词和反义词间的转换:如He didn't pass the final

examination.→Mary's________is China.分析:抓住关键词
born,将该词转换为名词,答案为:birthplace;②同义词和 反义词间的转换:如He didn't pass the final examination.→He________the final examination.分析:抓住 关键词pass,将其转换为反义词,再注意时态一致,答案为: failed;

③句子结构转换:如Tom couldn't agree with his boss's
decision more.→Tom________his boss's decision.分析:抓住关 键词agree with,将此动词短语转换为一个动词support,答案 为:supported;④前缀和后缀转换:如The lady was not happy.→The lady was________.分析:抓住关键词not happy, 转换为一个形容词,答案为:unhappy;⑤词性转换:例如 Positive,negative,and neutral messages that you receive from others all play a role in determining who you

are.→Messages from others help you________who you are.分析:
抓住关键词determining,将此动名词转换为动词原形,因有 词组help sb do...答案为:determine/define/know/understand。

C.概括归纳题:考查综合概括表达信息的能力 要求学生快速查找信息,找共性并归纳出文章的大意或行 (栏)的小标题,考查学生概括能力以及提炼文章主旨及重


解题步骤与方法 1.快速阅读分析图表。通过对图表的阅读分析既了解要 解决的问题又能预测文章的内容和结构,带着问题快速阅 读文章。 2.扫读文章。快速阅读,抓有效信息,把握主旨大意和 结构。无需过多考虑个别词句的含义,更无需对其进行深 入细致分析,带着任务阅读,关注有效信息。最终完成解


3.研究空格,找准答案源,初定答案。仔细分析研究表 中的空格,准确判断所填单词的词性、词形。精读与空 格相关的段落,寻找答案源,认真斟酌,选定或变形或



4.认真复查,核对答案。检查主要包括大小写检查;语法 检查,看动词形式是-ing,-ed还是原形,是否要双写;看 词性是否用错,是名词、形容词、副词,还是动词;词汇 检查时看拼写是否有错,等等。 总之,学生一开始只要能做到有计划、有方法、有目的练 习,就能习得一定经验,快而不是心急乱快,既能把握文 章大意,又能准确定位答案,持之以恒的训练就能夺得高 分。


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